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  1. Liverpool fan here, rumor has it that Milner may rejoin Leeds after we win the PL (yes I'm saying we will win it now, held off until last week haha), can't blame him. Just as long as we get him back as a 1st team or academy coach when he retires So there's a good transfer for you. Would love to see Leeds and Forest come up, hope you two don't have to face each other in playoffs.
  2. Apparently FM 2020 is just not going to be unable to get this one right. I have not played since the end of December until tonight, though I had been playing and actively giving feedback since beta day 1 till then. I'm 46 and have been playing this game since the very first release of CM and this one has been the most frustrating ME I can remember, maybe because you can see the next level of immersion just over the hill and out of reach. Here is an example of what I have been talking about. (I had to crop it down and record it playing in the media player to get it down from 4K to get
  3. I stopped playing back in Dec 29th when I posted this https://community.sigames.com/topic/509712-why-was-the-we-are-aware-of-it-and-we-are-working-on-it-issue-with-wide-attacking-players-not-mentioned-in-the-me-state-of-the-union-post/?tab=comments#comment-12202608 So I was excited to see a patch today and mentions of gameplay improvements. I didn't get to make it far enough to evaluate unfortunately (though I saw the same terrible wide play as before in what I did see, but Origi finished his 1v1 chance) To reiterate this is my very first match with the latest patch
  4. Just in case some didn't follow the title, the issues with players attacking the box from wide areas were acknowledged and at the forefront of ME discussions when I went away from the game earlier this month after having worked on helping to fix ME issues since day one of the early beta release. After seeing nothing change in regards to the behavior of wide players and attacking the box, I took a break. Hence why I've just seen the post about the match engine from Neil Brock. I was quite gutted to see no mention of this problem. Is it still aware of and still being worked on? I am aware
  5. I didn't think the language was an issue because it is automatically edited out as soon as you post it, didn't think anyone could see it? It instantly appears as ***** as soon as you hit post. Anyway I did not intend to cause an issue over language and I wouldn't want it to be an excuse to ignore the issues with the match engine that have remained broken since day one of the beta release. It comes from frustration and disappointment. In fact the issue has actually regressed to the state of FM19, I suspect out of the developers not wanting to spend anymore time trying to correct it,
  6. Try playing your season in comprehensive mode, the ME will do your head in. I can longer play with Liverpool, I'm playing as Stuttgart in Bundesliga 2, just so all the poor decisions by attacking players, especially attacking from wide areas are more believable.
  7. This has been doing my head in, its like the value of each point of agility has been massively reduced making players not be able to stop a ball and stay on it even while jogging. I'm glad others have posted pkms because frankly I got burned out trying to help get the behavior of wide players to be remotely realistic when attacking around and inside the box only to see it revert to the way it was in FM19 where they just simply smash the ball into the first defender that gets near them.
  8. It won't happen until they fix the behavior of wide attacking players. Or unless you play him as a striker in a 4-2-3-1. Note, there is massive difference in what a player in any position will do when you simulate matches and/or play them at high speed at 'key' or 'text' only settings versus watching and actually managing every match on 'comprehensive'. I can give you 3 tactic packages custom made for Liverpool that will see you out-shoot opponents 30-40 -1 and outscore them 3-1 all the way to the title, but Salah, or any wide attacking player won't score near to what they do IRL (using f
  9. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time, surprised they haven't introduced this in some way. There certainly needs to be a set of instructions for when your team does not have the ball, 1 for when it's in their half, 1 for in yours, and a set of instructions when your team has the ball in your half and one in their half. In transitions it is not needed, during transitions is when players are transitioning from one formation and mentality to another. I'd like to see a hardcore mode where there is less control over the players and the team once the game has start
  10. What's this? ^^^ RE OP: I lost interest in my Liverpool save despite winning all my games so far because of the IF/WB behavior, but after but one day off I started a Ranger's save today after the patch and saw improvement, plus saw staff posting letting us know they are aware of our issues and have obviously worked on them, so I'm back on board determined to help.
  11. I sent three PKMs yesterday via a moderator about this. Here's the thing, you guys at SI should just fire up a game and use inside forwards/attack, cut inside/shoot more often and WBs with attack instructions and watch the match on comprehensive and you will see this happen over and over. I lose count in a match. Also, left footed IF on the right side ie Salah, will never, ever take a shot with their strong (left only even) foot, they will drive to the corner of the goal and shoot with weaker foot or they dump it off outside the box killing the move. TAA as wingback does the same thi
  12. I always get one or two in the first ten minutes, current match going on and I picked up one at 1 minute 4 seconds
  13. Yep, AM R/L and FB/WB R/L drive to end line and shoot at post or net no matter what instructions or role, doing my head in, among other things
  14. Nice workaround that hopefully you soon won't have to do anymore
  15. Thank you for bringing this up, I even stop praising training performances in the 9's because I will inevitably get this. I only use the praise shout in game for incredible goals/assists and for goals that draw us level or are the winner, that's the only time the players aren't rude a-holes.
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