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  1. What's this? ^^^ RE OP: I lost interest in my Liverpool save despite winning all my games so far because of the IF/WB behavior, but after but one day off I started a Ranger's save today after the patch and saw improvement, plus saw staff posting letting us know they are aware of our issues and have obviously worked on them, so I'm back on board determined to help.
  2. I sent three PKMs yesterday via a moderator about this. Here's the thing, you guys at SI should just fire up a game and use inside forwards/attack, cut inside/shoot more often and WBs with attack instructions and watch the match on comprehensive and you will see this happen over and over. I lose count in a match. Also, left footed IF on the right side ie Salah, will never, ever take a shot with their strong (left only even) foot, they will drive to the corner of the goal and shoot with weaker foot or they dump it off outside the box killing the move. TAA as wingback does the same thing all the time. For some reason the IF left side player never even gets into the box, he passes before hand 90% of the time, but drives to the end line before entering the box if he tries. Also no one will cross early, even when set to defend, cross deep and double instructed to cross early, they just keep dribbling all the way to the end line, then do the stop-start stutter step until they run out of space. I'm about to take a break for awhile and change my review on Steam because I am not enjoying the matches, and I'm undefeated in the league with the best goal difference by far, but the immersion is gone.
  3. I always get one or two in the first ten minutes, current match going on and I picked up one at 1 minute 4 seconds
  4. Yep, AM R/L and FB/WB R/L drive to end line and shoot at post or net no matter what instructions or role, doing my head in, among other things
  5. I have been trying to get my PKMs to your attention. I uploaded them in another thread on this issue because yesterday I suddenly was unable to post new content, asked two mods about it and they responded once each with nothing helpful.
  6. FYI the AI will hit long balls from the left or right towards and ahead of a player running in between your CBs, if you try a wide defensive spread using team instructions, but I can't ever get my players to do so. Also, narrow defending is so superior to standard and wide that the latter are useless.
  7. The new engine looks great, lots of improvements, but this, the central pass/through ball issue and left/right sided attacking player behavior is the big thing right now. Whether inside forward/RMD,inverted wingers etc, they will not cut across the box and shoot with their left (left foot only ie Salah) or right foot coming from the left, even when there is no one in the space ahead of them. I think you guys needed an extra week to work on this ME. I can't post new threads, otherwise I'd report this, I did post two pkms in the thread about inside forwards.
  8. I don't have the option to make a new thread so please upvote this post and quote it to keep this thread active. Here are two pkm's of inside forwards doing dumb things, shooting at terrible angles and specifically Mohammed Salah will not cut across the box and shoot with his left foot. I have tried everything, every instruction and I play all my matches on comprehensive. I didn't realize that the only way to save a match was before you exit the match screen, you cannot go back and reload the game to watch highlights and then save it, I asked about this but wasn't answered so I'm assuming there isn't a way, if there is I have other matches. Late in the Wolves match Salah is in the box on the right side, there is a defender between him and the endline, Salah is facing the left side of the box, all the defenders are bunched up on the left side and he has acres of space to just drive forward in the direction he is facing and shoot with his left foot like he ALWAYS does IRL. What does he do? Passes it out of the box to his left. This is game breaking and I did have 'work the ball into the box' turned off because it was causing everyone to pass away from goal anywhere near the box. All right/left side attacking player behavior is really screwed up atm. I think you guys needed a month between beta release and full release to be honest. Yes the ME is better, but it is still a long way from being releasable. Liverpool 3-0 Wolves.pkm Norwich 0-5 Liverpool.pkm
  9. 'Work the ball into the Box' is broken atm, I have not used it since this and they pass normally, I was livid during this match. Firmino passed it backwards outside the 18yd box when one on one with the stationary keeper by the 6 yd box. Is there a way to save match after you've exited it? I went back and reloaded the replay and don't see an option
  10. Nice workaround that hopefully you soon won't have to do anymore
  11. Thank you for bringing this up, I even stop praising training performances in the 9's because I will inevitably get this. I only use the praise shout in game for incredible goals/assists and for goals that draw us level or are the winner, that's the only time the players aren't rude a-holes.
  12. I was using the catch all version of right back, he's on the right, he's a back. Yes from the start I've used him as a complete wing back and that's his best role in the game. I play every match on comprehensive and always have, I'm not a speed player, and if he goes all season without a single left footed long ball when he is under direct passing and expressive instructions, there's a tweak needed. When the editor comes out I'll probably bump him to 12 to be honest. Btw, different subject, Curtis Jones is light skinned, but he's looking way too white atm.
  13. I understand, and I am aware of how balance and technique especially impact weaker foot passing, but it's not that he plays a couple of regular left foot passes now and then, he hits full on Hollywood passes across the park without thinking about it. To me, an EPL level player with an 8 out of 20 left foot is so right footed, that he is going to switch to his right for anything other than dumping the ball off to the nearest player. Trent is a right back in a system that gives him loads of space to use is great right foot crossing, so he's not needing to use his left much, but he is beyond comfortable on his left as he is capable of hitting pinpoint 60 yarders. I just used Arsenal as an example (and West Ham) because it showed that he was using his left for goal assists from way out a year ago, so this isn't something he's just starting to develop. If you guys weren't under data lock already I'd take the time to make a video of his sweet left foot I suppose at this point the best thing would be to compare what he demonstrates, from now to your next data update, what he can do with his left, against other right sided players who have a left foot rating 5-7 points higher than him. I know it's a hard thing to battle the data skew and points drift, but he is a world class right back and I know there is some lower league unknown RB out there with a 14 left foot lol. Glad to hear he's gotten a CA increase. I certainly feel less guilty now using the editor to nudge players a bit, I trust my judgement and honest intentions, as I've played since I was 5 and I'm now 46. I don't just do it for LFC players, by this time of year after seeing how everyone is performing, I just target the obvious ones in need of a boost, for example I had already had a couple of Sheffield players down for a nudge upwards
  14. Whoa mate, 8 out of 20? Is way off the mark, I had no idea it was that low. Trent has played as a center midfielder since he was a kid, he's always passing with his left when he cuts inside and he's played a number of world class left-footed long balls over the top to feet last season alone, the long drive to Mane at the Emirates was better than his switch to Robbo on Sunday. The fact that he doesn't work to get it onto his right before he passes short or medium range is the biggest tell that he is comfortable with his left and the fact that he uses his left when he has time to switch to his right, for long balls shows he's accomplished with it. "He predominately uses his right foot" Right, well he is playing at right back, but he also will always use his left for passes -other than the typical right wing cross into the box- if he's already got the ball there and is oriented to it, he does not work to get back onto his right before attempting a pass, long or short. He even stays on his left when he does have time to switch. "Man City aside I've not seen him use his left foot for too many cross field passes". He's used it quite a few times for long balls. In the Arsenal game last year he'd cut inside, dribbled towards the centre, had plenty of time to switch it onto his right but chose to stay on his left and curled a beautifully perfect ball over the top dead onto Mane running through on goal. It's the type of left-footed pass that even most of Europe's most gifted playmakers might not have attempted, and Trent played it to absolute perfection. He specifically began working on his left foot more than normal when Kevin Stewart left to go to Hull in 2017, as that was something Liverpool does with all their right backs. Yet Trent was merely building on a lifelong use of his left at that point, he'd always wanted to be an either foot player when training and learning as a midfielder. Trent and Klopp know the midfield is his eventual position. Geez, his sumptuous through ball against West Ham last year as well. These are just off the top of my head. How many examples would you need to adjust this upwards by 7 points or so? Who is an example of a EPL player with a weaker foot rating of 13-14? You've got Arsenal legends (two of them) recently calling for him to take over England's midfield and one of them specifically mentions his two footed ability lol, so yeah 8? Cmon m8! You know he used his left a number of times against the gunners last year actually, I remember he received the ball in the right-back slot under pressure from Aubameyang, but rather than turning onto his right foot and hammering the ball up the touchline -as you may expect from nearly every right back under pressure in his own third- he calmly turned inside and played a brilliant left-footed pass to Fabinho, who in turn sent Salah away on goal.
  15. There is not enough use of 'anticipation' 'aggression' 'bravery' and 'workrate' to create a replication of some of the aggressive hard players who aren't agile, fast or expressive but give players that are a hard time.
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