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  1. Salah is the model Raumdeuter on attack IRL, if one watches where he positions himself during the buildup, he is looking for through balls and balls over the top into space beyond him while he is high and wide. By playing along the line, this best allows him to use his speed, if he sat deep the only option would be to play to feet as a through ball would see him starting his run at a disadvantage. Balls to Salah's feet while he is deep happen when Liverpool have just recovered the ball via a high press, but when they have been in possession for a bit, he is higher than Bobby or Mane and he
  2. Look, since you guys are actually acknowledging this, I will provide PKMs and timestamps, its just going to be instances of players crossing the ball like they always have. It will have to be later today or tonight in my free time. FYI, it has nothing to do with runs or run frequency, it's the ball carrier refusing to cross early/from deep.
  3. So they want PKMs that show an absence of something? It is self evident if they start up any new game on their own. I've put in a lot of free hours over the years helping them fix their game. I would normally charge $40 an hour for that. Sort it out SI.
  4. Last night playing as Stuttgart, I won 4-0, but all the goals came from corners. I never use play for set pieces btw. I won 25 corners total; 26 crosses blocked, 20 went out for a corner. The other 6 stayed in play. The other 5 corners were from deflected shots. 20 corners from wide players driving to the byline, against all instruction and traits, and smashing it into the defender a foot away. This was a standard 4-3-3, positive, high press and cross deep, cross early instruction for team.
  5. I know what you are trying to say, but WBs are not overpowered, they're just as useless as anybody else in a wide position, well, except for winning corners over and over. If you use WBs and use the overlap instruction the winger will always come inside or hold the ball up for the WBs. Set your WBs to defend or use individual instructions to have them stay behind the wingers, set your wingers to stay and run wide etc. Regardless of who is highest up on the wing, they will dribble towards the byline and smash it into the nearest defender for a corner. No amount of player traits+team instruct
  6. That cross by TAA to assist Liverpool's 4th was an early cross on floor from deep. NEVER HAPPENS IN FM and apparently isn't a bug.
  7. This has been an issue since somewhere around the Upper Paleolithic Epoch. It was acknowledged as an issue sometime in the early Industrial Era. Far too many crosses are blocked period, but yes too many go to corners. The core issue is the crossing player hits the ball right into the defender directly in front of him 99.99% of the time, as if 'Play for Set Pieces' is in effect at all times. Wide play and crossing remain the biggest immersion killer for the FM series.
  8. For those that think it happens in the 3D match, prove it with video, and that means instructions set to early crossing and player instructions set to deep crossing, cross more and I want to see it happen multiple times in one match in the 3D engine. Even once and I'll be impressed. Many teams use early and deep crossing as a major element of their tactics, but we cannot replicate that in FM, never have been able to. The last two years during beta, an early cross would happen occasionally. As soon as the full release update came out, boom, it's gone. I do not have proof of this, but m
  9. What should actually happen is those players simply do not press after a point because they don't have the legs, it should also reduce the amount of runs made and their defensive work rate should drop off, all this should occur before condition issues for any but the most determined and fit players at the semi-pro and lower league levels. High intensity pressing is very effective and has been before the evolution into gegenpressing, but the rate/level at which it must be executed to achieve that effectiveness should not be available to lower league/skill teams long term because of fitness a
  10. Just go ahead and remove the 'Cross Early' instruction illusion. I don't believe there is any such function written into the match engine code.
  11. Wide players will also smash it into the defender right beside them over any other option, and if they get into the box with no opponent near them and all they need to do is square to a teammate, they will pass it backwards out of the box or dribble to the corner post and shoot at said corner post. Whose a betting man? I have real money that says these things will still happen.
  12. Liverpool fan here, rumor has it that Milner may rejoin Leeds after we win the PL (yes I'm saying we will win it now, held off until last week haha), can't blame him. Just as long as we get him back as a 1st team or academy coach when he retires So there's a good transfer for you. Would love to see Leeds and Forest come up, hope you two don't have to face each other in playoffs.
  13. Apparently FM 2020 is just not going to be unable to get this one right. I have not played since the end of December until tonight, though I had been playing and actively giving feedback since beta day 1 till then. I'm 46 and have been playing this game since the very first release of CM and this one has been the most frustrating ME I can remember, maybe because you can see the next level of immersion just over the hill and out of reach. Here is an example of what I have been talking about. (I had to crop it down and record it playing in the media player to get it down from 4K to get
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