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  1. I think this should be part of a revamp of tactical decisions for the staff and manager to decide ahead of match. Defending narrow or wide? Shifting to the ball side? Create numerical advantage on the ball side? Who to exempt from this to find space for counter? When to start pressing and where? For how long or until XYZ happens? Cut passing lanes? vs whom and when?
  2. What do you think this is EA's FIFA? You're really asking a lot here Seriously though, this request should have loads of likes, but I personally believe the ME for 2023 is already 90% set and any suggestion here that they like (if that even happens) will be for 2024. Most fans don't notice things like what you mentioned in regards to how certain players are restricted in different ways by the opponent. If they notice it it is only when that player is being tightly man-marked old school style. Even many Liverpool fans think Klopp's gegenpressing is pure impulse opportunism, when in fact it involves a lot of opponent specific sequences in which blocking passing lanes is a very crucial component. One of the most used features is creating a bait in the form of giving up an easy pass to an unmarked player that is in fact the pressing target. There are also several triggers in the press that other LFC players watch for and react to and the group begins their press at specific times in relation to their teammates. Lallana got a lot of game time in the early Klopp days because of how quickly he learned the gegenpress system. It took Fabinho a long time to master it. It is quite complex and while I didn't expect FM to have mastered the replication of it (and other complex systems out there) I at least expected them to make an attempt at replicating it. Just creating an intelligent approach to blocking passing lanes during a press by teammates would be a huge step forward. Man City play more long balls vs Liverpool than against any other side, domestic or European, because of how well Klopp's men press. Would love to see pressing become part of the tactical battle in FM that it is IRL and blocking passing lanes is an essential part of that. Sadly I think we are at least 5 to 7 versions of FM way before we see anything like that.
  3. Just go ahead and remove the 'Cross Early' instruction illusion. I don't believe there is any such function written into the match engine code.
  4. Wide players will also smash it into the defender right beside them over any other option, and if they get into the box with no opponent near them and all they need to do is square to a teammate, they will pass it backwards out of the box or dribble to the corner post and shoot at said corner post. Whose a betting man? I have real money that says these things will still happen.
  5. Liverpool fan here, rumor has it that Milner may rejoin Leeds after we win the PL (yes I'm saying we will win it now, held off until last week haha), can't blame him. Just as long as we get him back as a 1st team or academy coach when he retires So there's a good transfer for you. Would love to see Leeds and Forest come up, hope you two don't have to face each other in playoffs.
  6. Apparently FM 2020 is just not going to be unable to get this one right. I have not played since the end of December until tonight, though I had been playing and actively giving feedback since beta day 1 till then. I'm 46 and have been playing this game since the very first release of CM and this one has been the most frustrating ME I can remember, maybe because you can see the next level of immersion just over the hill and out of reach. Here is an example of what I have been talking about. (I had to crop it down and record it playing in the media player to get it down from 4K to get under the 9MB limit for the post) It crashed not long after this, first crash I've had in FM 2020 (posted .dmp in bug forums) First off, thank you for continuing to try to improve the ME. Various Match Engine (version 2039) changes including (but not limited to): - Improved one-on-one finishing - Recalculations regarding clear-cut chances - Tweaks to penalty kick conversion rates - Lowered frequency of players overrunning ball and losing possession - Improved realism of player recoveries from slide tackles - Improved crossing variation and instruction behaviour - You're having a laugh on this one mate! - Improved defensive tracking from long balls - Improved heading accuracy - Improvements/tweaks to referee behaviour - Throw-in positional adjustments - Various other balancing tweaks/improvements You know what is crazy? The best I have ever seen FM behavior from these positions was in the very first beta release of 2020! Yet the very first patch changed it and they went back to smashing into the nearest defender. Why???? Look at the acres of space Mo and Trent have to go past and then cross, or drop the shoulder and drive in past them. Never will they do it, never. And then the Inter defender slide tackling his teammate for a corner kick. No words on that. Especially Trent here when he picks the ball up, he's already at pace and the defender just gifts him the space beyond him with his poor initial movement, but oooh nooo Trent is already winding up for a blast, perfectly timed to HIT THE DEFENDER. My 11 year old nephew would've skipped right past that defender having read the space, the speed of everything happening and the options, seriously. This isn't like an bizarre heliacal event that is hard to track down, fire the game up, play with two IF/RMD/IW and tell them to cut inside, or not, to sit narrower, or not, shoot more often, or not, cross more or less, or not, cross low, pre-match talk- cross low, individual personal instructions- cross low, and they will never cross low, or none of the former, and any other combination of instructions (channels, get forward, have a bevvy) and they just continue to blast the ball into the first defender that gets near them. They will even wait until they get close and then smash it into them. I am using Liverpool not only because they are my team IRL (since '96!) but that they are the simply the best team on the planet at the moment. If I was using Rangers or Stuttgart (my other saves) one could use the 'the players just aren't that good' argument. FM 2020 Wide Attack Play.mp4 You can use the slider and go frame by frame since I rerecorded it at 30fps and you can see the defender begin his slide tackle before Salah begins his cross attempt, so Mo should have easily skipped past him. Or, has the game already calculated that Salah will cross and the defender gets the jump on him by being able to 'see the future'?
  7. It won't happen until they fix the behavior of wide attacking players. Or unless you play him as a striker in a 4-2-3-1. Note, there is massive difference in what a player in any position will do when you simulate matches and/or play them at high speed at 'key' or 'text' only settings versus watching and actually managing every match on 'comprehensive'. I can give you 3 tactic packages custom made for Liverpool that will see you out-shoot opponents 30-40 -1 and outscore them 3-1 all the way to the title, but Salah, or any wide attacking player won't score near to what they do IRL (using formations that accurately mimic Klopp's 3 major systems) if you watch every single match on 'comprehensive'.
  8. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time, surprised they haven't introduced this in some way. There certainly needs to be a set of instructions for when your team does not have the ball, 1 for when it's in their half, 1 for in yours, and a set of instructions when your team has the ball in your half and one in their half. In transitions it is not needed, during transitions is when players are transitioning from one formation and mentality to another. I'd like to see a hardcore mode where there is less control over the players and the team once the game has started. Everything has to be shouts and hand signals after that, things that can be realistically expressed to players playing in a loud stadium. Passing a short handwritten note is the most detailed it can get. Currently one can change every position/player specific micro-instruction for all 11 players at one time, that's 40-50 instructions made by a manager on the touchline! Changing between 3 known and practiced and memorized formations is realistic, and adding the additional 'when in possession in our half/in theirs' and a 'when not in possession in their half/ours' would just require a little more work. I'd also like to see a greater level of control over pressing instructions (pregame and at the half) using the formation map on the tactic screen.
  9. What's this? ^^^ RE OP: I lost interest in my Liverpool save despite winning all my games so far because of the IF/WB behavior, but after but one day off I started a Ranger's save today after the patch and saw improvement, plus saw staff posting letting us know they are aware of our issues and have obviously worked on them, so I'm back on board determined to help.
  10. Nice workaround that hopefully you soon won't have to do anymore
  11. Thank you for bringing this up, I even stop praising training performances in the 9's because I will inevitably get this. I only use the praise shout in game for incredible goals/assists and for goals that draw us level or are the winner, that's the only time the players aren't rude a-holes.
  12. It looks fixed to me, haven't had it happen, seeing a lot more variety in passing from the wide players around the box, what about you guys??
  13. The series has come a long way and 2019 is far and away the best one yet. However the biggest immersion breaking thing that still happens in FM is the winger or full/wing back getting alongside the box and blindly crossing it directly into the defender who is right next to him and it deflects into row z. Every. Single. Time. I don't see that happening in any game I watch. Why can't he stop himself as fast as his agility and balance allow and then drag it back and dump it off to the midfielder showing for the ball, or after stopping, feign that pass and then knock it past and try to create a sliver of space to get the cross in. It is so frustrating (read- sometimes I lose interest to keep playing and as soon as the game ends I save and exit and don't play again for a week or so) to have premier league players bash it into the defender. I have tried every instruction to stop this from happening, early crosses, cross from deep, cross less etc, it only reduces the frequency of crossing, not the 100% rate that they cross right into the defenders body. Players with 16 or more crossing should really be bending a whipped cross in round a defender as well, this is one way to get it round a defender close to you, but even Trent Alexander-Arnold smashes it into defenders every single time. I score from crosses, but its because they happen when I've gotten someone completely unmarked, it's most effective with my asymmetrical overload formations. When a wide player is marked or being closed down, he just smashes it into the defender 100% of the time. Even with 'cut inside' and 'cross less' instructions and being told to 'cut inside more' in the tactical brief, Salah when in that position will also bash it into the defender for a corner. I average more corners a game than happen in an entire EPL weekend. It's frustrating because I know it can be better. I want to see players, when running vertically along the box trying to get past the defender to cross, realizing that it isn't going to work (anyone with decision over 11) will stop and pass it back into possession, or if the player has the ability, to attempt to cut inside and turn the defender. The move that has gotten Salah and Hazard and others so many goals is never replicated in FM. Please surprise us and increase the range of actions taken around the box, especially by wingers, (definitely by inside forwards!) and wing/full backs. Thanks for reading
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