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  1. How do you pick your 7 subs?

    1. GK 2. striker/amc (most of my strikers can play both) 3. player who can play on both wings effectively 4. CM (more creative) 5. CM (more defensive, or I use this spot for a younger player of any position who will get subbed in if i build a big lead, to get some experience) 6. FB (who can play on both sides unless one of my starters can) 7. DC I suppose I could go without a GK, since injuries and red cards rarely happen for my starting keepers, but I like to keep it a little real.
  2. I've had the last three versions of FM through Steam and never had a single problem with it.
  3. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    Started juve save.... Made several staff changes... Players in: Iker Mounain (sp?) Demba Ba, Kouwne (sp?), Immobile, Puloso and a couple other youngsters. Players out: Quagliarella (loan with option), Matri, Pepe, Giach... think I sold another player but can't think of him off of the top of my head. I can't seem to score a lot on the tactics I have created. I am undefeated in my three matches so far, but in each one I am dominating possession and shots but I'm not able to break through until the last 10-15 mins. (Iker got injured on international duty and is out for 4 months) I could really use some suggestions on how to set up my tactics. Here is what I tend to use: Vucinic - Ba Giovinco Marchisio - Vidal Pirlo Puloso (wb) Chiellini - Barza - Bonnucci - Lichtsteiner (wb) Buffon I use shorter passing, rather high d-line... zonal marking... pretty much everything else is default. Any tips on how to tinker with the team instructions would be appreciated. I also have another formation which is a straight 4-3-3 with 3 strikers btu I haven't used that one too much.
  4. Come on guys, recommend more staff.
  5. Won't sign for Juve. lol
  6. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    For some reason FM13 will not let me play as Juventus. All other Italian clubs are fine and I can select them. But Juve seems to be greyed out when I try to start a new game. Any ideas?
  7. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    What's the point of bringing in Verratti on loan? Juve are stacked in the midfield and bringing in a loan player will just take away game time from guys already at the club. Doesn't seem to make any sense.
  8. Nostalgia.

    Cavani Mata - Neymar - Hazard Ramires - Verratti Cole - Sakho - Luis - Ivanovic Cech
  9. Own Goals

    Good question... I thought there was a place to find things like this but so far I have been unable to find it...
  10. Next opponent scouting / match prep question....

    No thoughts or comments?
  11. Full Screen Mode for Mac

    I have a 13" MBP and I agree with you completely. This would be a great addition to the game. Would make it a lot easier to drop out of the game to post on a forum or whatever.
  12. This seems to have happened to Ballotelli in my save. City rarely use him. I haven't looked at him in a while, so I would have to check again.
  13. I have a scout assigned to scout the next opponent. I play as Chelsea. Whenever I play a mid table or lower table team the scout will give me advice on what area to do extra prep, and it's always "attacking movement." But when I am about to play the likes of City, United, Arsenal, Pool they have no advice whatsoever. In this situation I usually just choose defensive positioning. But my question is, am I doing something wrong, or is that just how it is?
  14. Own Goals

    I'd assume you have low composure defenders, maybe? but IDK what decides own goals in the MI. I would wait until the season is over then check the stats and see how many you gave up and see if the majority are from one player or what. 18 games isn't really enough to judge, could just be ****** luck.
  15. FM2013 Not more steam please

    I have nerver had a problem played FM11 or 12 on Steam.