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  1. Hi. Im experiencing my board blocking outgoing transfers and their expectations for what the club can recieve for the players is extremely unrealistic. Have others experienced the same issue? I have attached two examples. They are in Danish Kroner. 1 million danish kroner is equal to 100k british pounds. In the "Nielsen" image I have a player who is valued at 1,9 million pounds. I accept to sell him for 2,7 plus clauses. My board wants at least 7,0 million pounds. In the "Torp" image I have a player who is valued at 3,1 million pounds. I accept to sell him for 12 million pounds (which is a ridiculous great deal for danish standards!). My board wants at least 24 million pounds.
  2. Hi Knap. Thanks for all the work you are doing! Im having fair amount of succes with the argus 3-5-2 as a Danish top team. The only issue is that I am suffering quite a bit of through balls. Over my defence. Do you have a way to solve it? My team is built for 3-5-2 so I want to stick to the formation.
  3. Does anyone know why the second team is not part of a tournament and why the assignes coach is not planning any friendlies?
  4. Do you mean a ST and a AF? What SUS tactic can you recommend? This one maybe: !FM19ARGUSknap343P96SUS
  5. Hi Knap. Im trying out the newest tactic from this post (!FM19.1.5TIMEKnap343PressP110.fmf), and I have a question: When you get a player send off what do you do?
  6. Ill try that! Thanks. Around half of the red cards I get is direct.
  7. I warn, yes. The cards have been given to 5 different players. (As I write, I got another player sent off after 16 min.) The cards are spread over these positions: 2 for central defenders, 2 for backs and 2 for central midfield. How do you adjust the tactic,when a player is sent off?
  8. Hi knap. Im having a fair amount of success using this tactic with danish side Brondby. Im topping the league after 19 games og my second season. (I used another tactic in my first season, unsucessful). The only issue I am experiencing is the discipline. After 19 games I have recieved 49 yellow cards and 5 red cards. Do you have some kind of tweak or tip to make it better?
  9. Can you recommend a SUS tactic, when using the "goodbye" tactic as the primary tactic?
  10. As a lot of others in here Im looking for a laptop that can handle fm18/19 with a larger database and 10+ leagues. Will the attached specs do the job? Im from Denmark, and the specs are from a danish reseller, but I guess the specs explain themselves.
  11. Hi FuSS. Thank you for your tactics. By using the latest one I managed to win the double in the danish Superliga with Brøndby in my first season. I have some questions that I hope you can answer: 1. In a club with a limited budget for wages, transfers and scouting I have struggled to find a suitable striker. The ones I have at the club is not familiar with the role as a complete forward. So the question is: have you tried different roles for the striker with succes? 2. I have drawed and also lost a few games to opponents I have dominated in possesion and chances. Some games I have had 5-8 clear cut chances and then end op drawing 0-0, 1-1 and also losing with one goal. Do you have a way to handle the tactic when you play against an opponent that you should clearly beat? 3. Do you have any tips on how to handle training? I use the balanced training in medium and I train each player in the role he plays on the pitch. Thank you again for your work!
  12. Is it possible to fix the German national team (fake.inc) when you have already started playing?
  13. I've used that one for my entire game, its great for developing att. but still my players are very tired, don't you have that problem?
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