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  1. After reading through all the intro I did not expect the first season to end like that! A shame, but onwards and upwards. Staying in South America?
  2. I understand that if you follow the youth teams very closely you may be frustrated by some of the ratings. But my comment was more in general terms, because if you were to follow the opinions of everyone in the forum, all teams would be full of youth players with world class potential. I'm sure that many of these Arsenal prospects that are supposedly so great and young and already playing for u23 won't ever get more than a handful of starts in the premier league.
  3. I'm proud to say I went back to the save and started turning things around. After trying to play good football and failing, I've resorted to the main tool of the lower league manager: hoofball
  4. As an indecisive person myself, my advice is to just start the save and enjoy the game. The newgen bug does nothing if you play slow and in the lower leagues anyway.
  5. It is not the most bugged release ever. This is also an incredibly complex game wiht a lot of moving parts released in the middle of a pandemic and while the world of football is significantly changing. Expecting no bugs is simply unrealistic.
  6. My native language is Spanish but I play in english because I can understand it well. The only time this was slightly problematic was when the Carrilero role came out. In Argentina (and I'm guessing in other Spanish-speaking countries) it is usual for the wingback or midfield winger to be referred to as the Carrilero, which is completely opposite to what the Carrilero role is in FM. I only played in Spanish for a bit when I discovered FM with FM07, so no idea how the Spanish version handles this Carrilero thing.
  7. In FM lower league teams play better than they do in real life, but it has always been like that. Having said that, the quality is lower than in the top leagues. For example, terrible defenses can get undone by long balls in a way that a top defense wouldn't. What you say about screamers: IRL lower league teams score a bunch of goals from the edge of the penalty box, so it is right that they do in FM as well. Remember that at low levels the goal is very big for the crap keepers who can barely get off the mud, so any shot on target has a chance to score. In FM these long shots will look fl
  8. Cracking thread! I thought about quitting after seven underserved losses in a row taking me to the bottom of the table in the Vanarama North, but now I'm inspired to try and turn it around. Brackley hired me as they were in a relegation battle and I promised a mid-table finish, but I've yet to deliver the first win. Mid table won't be happening, but hopefully I can save them from relegation and get a second year. I also play mostly by LLM rules, but the lazy version. Trying to restrict myself to players living close to the club or things like that looks like too much work.
  9. If you were to rate youth prospects by those type of comments, every team would have like 10-15 prospects with world class potential every year. Oyegoke may well turn out to be much better than FM 21 thinks, but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to the researchers. Especially when Arsenal is already full of youth prospects with potential to be great premier league players (including Patino, Flores and Azeez. In my save their potential looks pretty high).
  10. If you think the tactic system is over complicated in any one area, you can always go with what the tactical presets give you. Reducing everything to just three options (low, mid, and high block) would be terrible and very limiting for most players and the pressing intensity you may want is completely independent of the type of block.
  11. What do you mean ambiguous? You literally have a pitch showing where your players would be positioning themselves depending on what type of line you choose. You want your last line of defense sitting close to your penalty box or closer to midfield? Your forwards pressing the entire pitch, three quarters, or to have them get back to your own half? It is presented really well
  12. Saka is clearly underrated because he is a star already, but every other youngster in Arsenal is either fine or overrated, so no need to hold off on youth-focused saves. Martinelli, Saliba, Nelson, Nketiah and ESR have MAD ratings, Niles would be good engouh to start if Arsenal didn't have really good fullbacks ahead of him, and Willock is rated realistically, in my opinion. Saka and maybe Balogun are the only ones who should be better, but that is somewhat compensated by how good they made everyone else.
  13. In FM it doesn't make sense to go less pressing too often because the ME doesn't punish teams that press a lot as much as it should. But like I said, in certain formations or for weak teams that absolutely need to maintain a solid defensive shape, it can work. You won't see it in the forum because people mostly post tactics that seek to dominate, but I have certainly used tactics that relied on less urgent pressing and had relative success. Usually while managing teams that were relegation candidates, but not exclusively. In FM21 I'm managing Arsenal and beat Liverpool 1-0 while playing a
  14. I believe it makes sense when you are playing certain formations that can be left vulnerable when a defender presses at the wrong time. For example, a flat 4-4-2 can be easily destroyed if your central midfielders break shape and your wide midfielders are not narrow to provide support. I've tried flat 4-4-2 with less pressing and did well. You give the opposition opportunity to get forward so you can get them on the counter, while also maintaining a good shape that is not easy to break. It is not like the players will be completely passive when defending with less pressing.
  15. International tournaments coinciding with competitive club matches in top leagues and cups sounds like a bug. Are those players called for a tournament? or just called for friendlies? Because you can retain them if it is friendlies.
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