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  1. How dare you leaving us on this cliffhanger?!?! Great career though.
  2. Playing time, about 40-50 hours. I watch all matches in full (maybe key highlights if losing by two goals or more and I can't take it anymore).
  3. This looks absolutely great. Freedom to set up the line of engagement when in defense and more control over how the team responds in transition should be really helpful for anyone looking to set up effective counter-attacking tactics.
  4. Was a lot of fun finally getting my tactic to work as I wanted and see such a great run. But it was before the update. Time to slide down the table it seems
  5. Edited post. The game can be rage inducing at times, but it's great overall. Don't be a whiner like me and accept that you're going to lose sometimes.
  6. I relate a bit to the OP in that I used to get a lot of enjoyment out of overperforming with lower league sides, but can't manage to do so anymore since FM 16. I used to feel like a manager god for promoting many terrible teams with tactics always created by me, but now I think I didn't gain promotion even once in the last two FMs. The main issue for me isn't the losing, but the fact that I lose despite outplaying the other team in chances created and possession almost every time. Even if I play with a bad team, a defensive tactic and try to win with counters, the result is always my team with 56%-57% possession, playing mostly in the other team's half of the pitch, and losing while conceding 1 or 2 shots on goal. Maybe I should just give up trying to promote stupid weston-super-mare.
  7. I'm not copying the tactic. I believe it's buggy behaviour but haven't had time to raise the issue yet (compiling the pkms is a pain). Anyway, don't want to spam cleon's thread anymore with this. Just thought I would comment on the issue deisler mentioned.
  8. I've been having this issue as well. I believe it's not the tactic, it's defenders reacting incredibly slowly on long balls. They also misjudge the ball trajectory by shocking margins. At least in my case, if you have a poacher, any random hoofing of the ball can create a 1v1 because of these issues. It doesn't help that when you have possession of the ball, CBs move forward towards the half of the pitch(no matter how defensive your tactic is), which leaves room behind for a long ball when the opposition regains possession.
  9. Just for a final tip regarding on who to scout, given that you can only scout a couple of players, usually the better ones are being followed by other teams and have the "wanted" tag. If a free player gets interest from the better teams in the division or from teams in the national, they should be good enough to start. By the way @Takamaru, remember that it should be easier to get good players once the first season is over, because at the start of the game the pool of players available is rather small and you'll hardly get to sign anyone above your initial reputation. The gold mine is the U23 release list from bigger teams.
  10. There's no easy way to find great players without club, because the scouting system is now much more realistic. Don't expect to go around scouting 200 players in a couple of clicks like you could before. In my case, playing with Weston who start with only 1 defender on the team and no money for scouts, I just went to the player search, filtered down to those who have at least slight interest in signing, and scouted for one week some 6-7 players. You'll have to decide on who to bring on without knowing too much of their attributes. With players on loan you can find some hidden gems as well. In my case, I could tap two older players who are fine for the division just by paying 20% of their wages. From the second season on it should be easier if you target youths from teams with good youth setups.
  11. On defense, try putting Rashford and Lingard in the ML and MR positions (replace with players better suited for those positions of course). With that you should at least see a well positioned defense most of the time. Also, use simpler roles, especially in midfield. Three playmakers is overkill. You'll have too many players trying risky passes, so you won't have possession. Lukaku is probably better off as a DLF support. Having him as target man will result in many long balls to him, but he'll struggle to gain control against the great CBs of Madrid. Don't use the offside trap if you expect to be defending on your own half. Finally, Real is the much better team. You'll probably lose and be dominated most of the matches you play against them.
  12. Best to worst: FM 17 5pts FM 15 5pts FM 14 4pts FM 13 4pts FM 16 1pt (crosses)
  13. If the opposition plays an isolated striker (no AMs), then tight marking and closing him down can be effective, in my opinion.
  14. Hi Chip. I've been toying with flat 4-4-2 since the beta was released, so I'll give you my opinion on some of the things you commented. First, in regards to the fullbacks issue, if you play fast and direct, you don't give them time to join the attack in most cases. As you can see in the TC, clicking on hit early crosses even disables the option to look for overlaps. That along with your direct style pretty much diminishes their attacking role. Second, I've also used a CM-D in center fearing than an opposing AMC may kill my setup. But as you say, with that role the player sits too deep, leaving your CM-S pretty much alone in the middle when attacking. To me, the solution is to have the defense drop deeper, so that you close the space between CDs and CMs, and then turn your CM-D into something. For me, a box-to-box CM-S pairing has worked well, but I do play with a counter mentality. Third, I believe your pair of strikers could be easy to mark because they lack some movement. Personally, I would change the poacher to an advanced forward. Finally, it would be expected for you to have some trouble against the bigger teams who attack patiently, due to having two players up front who won't join the defense. In my game I sub-out one striker for a DM or an AM to have more numbers in midfield, but this has severely affected my chances to score.
  15. Kazza, I don't know the answer to your question, but I don't think this is the correct pace to post it. I believe you'll have better luck if you open a thread.
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