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  1. Who is complaining about not instantly destroying teams? Don't go around building straw men. The people complaining about the number 10 role have actually provided some evidence about things not working properly.
  2. Can you upload the save to google drive or something and point me to a few games where you are seeing goals from through balls and play through the middle? My goals all come from crosses and long balls from the defense, so I would like to see how to achieve numbers similar to yours
  3. Hey @Weller1980 and @Johnny Ace if the next ME edition (hopefully released before Nov 19) has the same problems with the AMC position, I suggest we collaborate on a thread in the ME bugs forum to raise examples I hate how hard it has been to have an "Enganche" style AMC create goal scoring opportunities with through balls to central forwards or wide forwards cutting inside diagonally. I also feel there are not enough runs through the middle trying to create chaos before a through ball.
  4. You probably need to be asking the board to improve youth facilities, youth recruitment and junior coaching. I don't know if hiring more/better coaches for youth teams would work as well.
  5. SI staff have confirmed that this behavior is a bug and will be corrected in the full release day patch
  6. Are you fining players for poor performance or warning them for playing badly? Are you selling a lot of players and bringing in new ones? It is not common for players to revolt over nothing, But if you are fining players, or interacting with them angrily after bad games, maybe that is what's killing morale, especially if your man management and level of discipline are low.
  7. In that dynamics page, if you go to "happiness" the game will tell you exactly how players feel about the different things they can be unhappy about.
  8. The game tells you why players get angry. If you want help, you should check in the game why your players are getting angry, and then maybe forum people can tell you how to avoid that.
  9. Hey, for those like me who have been discontent with the ME 2000, I think you should read this from SI staff: It may seem naive to some, but now I feel much better about the release date update. Miles already said this will be the best FM ever. Let's hope they can deliver
  10. That's why I said an in-game toggle for injuries should consider a reasonable range. I would image a 20% change in the amount of injuries should not lead to massive changes in other areas. In fact, I would say many of the things you mentioned are programmed for a realistic level of injuries already. I think the struggles many players have to manage squad happiness regarding playing time is in part because the low level of injuries (and of red cards since we are here) reduces the need for you to play backups. Teams have large squads of 30-ish players or more, but chances are you won't need to use more than 22-23 due to the low level of injuries. In fact, I see that once I'm out of cup competitions, I rarely need more than 16 or 17 players.
  11. The game could probably include the option for players to choose the level of injuries they want in their game, within a reasonable range of course (turning off injuries should not be an option). The OOTP baseball simulator that is similar to FM in many ways has this option. Probably worth raising in the feature suggestions thread
  12. By default the game assigns roles on corners and set pieces based on player positions, when it would be much better if there was a way to assign these roles automatically based on jumping reach. For example, when defending corners the game automatically leaves the striker as an advanced player and the two fullbacks marking the posts, though many times the lone striker or the fullbacks are tall players well suited to defending the corner. Also, you can go a long way to set up your set-piece and corner formations by, for example, putting a central defender to mark a tall player, but if you play with a substitute central defender who may happen to be rather short, you would have to review everything again. One way to implement my idea could be to have an option to assign roles based on jumping reach ranked from 1 to 10, with the player that has the highest jumping reach going to the role assigned to the "1" and the one with the lowest being assigned to the role for "10", instead of assigning roles by player position. This way, if you substitute a short player for a tall one, you wouldn't need to be reshuffling all set piece formations for an optimal tactic. A drawback of my suggestion would be that you many end up with, say, a short fullback as the advanced player when defending a corner kick, which usually wouldn't be ideal. But I believe this drawback is much easier to correct manually than having to reshuffle the entire set piece positions every time we substitute players. I imagine programming this into the game is difficult, but I'm floating the idea because having to micromanage set-piece formations, or else risk conceding easy goals, is one of the things that I don't like and takes a lot of time.
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