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  1. Incredible start and good to see you moved up to a professional team. I keep bouncing between semi-pro teams in my own career (FM18 as well). Still going with a 4-4-2?
  2. Best of luck! Salisbury still looks like a real menace. By the way, I envy how you cope so well with coming up short of promotion. I play lower league in England as well (in FM18 also) and by the time the long season is finishing, I'm so ready to leave the division behind that if I fail I have a hard time coming back. I enjoy reading about long careers where success is hard to come by, but I can't play a save like that without rage quitting. Maybe I should starting a career thread and see if it helps.
  3. In that tactic what the AMC is doing is helping buildup and occupying defenders, so that the wingbacks, winger and inside forward find opportunities to exploit space. If you want him to get more involved in buildup I suggest AP(s), and if you want him to be much more aggressive and even score a goal here and there maybe try AP(a). However, given how this ME works, the AMC usually struggles to make a difference in 'normal' tactics. That is because defenses are very compact and narrow most of the time, offensive players very rarely attempt short forward passes, and off-the-ball movement from strikers is incredibly stale. That means the AMC doesn't get the ball often in a dangerous position, and if he gets it, he rarely attempts through balls or a dribble into the penalty box.
  4. NEVER make a sub or change the tactic when the opposition has the ball. They will score before the change is even made. A common mistake is to change into a defensive tactic just after you scored a goal to go up. It is better to wait until you recover possession, or else they will score on their first play from kick off.
  5. AMC won't work because short forward passes almost don't exist in the game, so players in that position really struggle to get the ball or do something other than kick it to the side when they do get it. The MC position throws a TON of long ball passes no matter what your tactic is, so someone with high passing, technique, vision, and decisions like Messi is bound to do well. Since the game has no advanced central play whatsoever, Messi's poor defensive attributes should not hurt him either. Nice finding you had there
  6. @Josh Brimacombe-Wiard I will be providing examples with ME 2026 when I leave work, but one last question. I see a huge problem with players going for bad long passes to no one when there are options for short passes and the player is not even under pressure. This isn't only affecting defenders, but midfielders as well, and happens in around 50% of possessions. Would you be interested in a report highlighting all of this (with time marks of course)? Or are you only looking into this problem with central defenders?
  7. @Josh Brimacombe-Wiard Does it have to be on ME2026? Because I uploaded pkms with several examples in previous editions, and everything still works the same. My posts were usually ignored.
  8. Who is complaining about not instantly destroying teams? Don't go around building straw men. The people complaining about the number 10 role have actually provided some evidence about things not working properly.
  9. Can you upload the save to google drive or something and point me to a few games where you are seeing goals from through balls and play through the middle? My goals all come from crosses and long balls from the defense, so I would like to see how to achieve numbers similar to yours
  10. Hey @Weller1980 and @Johnny Ace if the next ME edition (hopefully released before Nov 19) has the same problems with the AMC position, I suggest we collaborate on a thread in the ME bugs forum to raise examples I hate how hard it has been to have an "Enganche" style AMC create goal scoring opportunities with through balls to central forwards or wide forwards cutting inside diagonally. I also feel there are not enough runs through the middle trying to create chaos before a through ball.
  11. You probably need to be asking the board to improve youth facilities, youth recruitment and junior coaching. I don't know if hiring more/better coaches for youth teams would work as well.
  12. SI staff have confirmed that this behavior is a bug and will be corrected in the full release day patch
  13. Are you fining players for poor performance or warning them for playing badly? Are you selling a lot of players and bringing in new ones? It is not common for players to revolt over nothing, But if you are fining players, or interacting with them angrily after bad games, maybe that is what's killing morale, especially if your man management and level of discipline are low.
  14. In that dynamics page, if you go to "happiness" the game will tell you exactly how players feel about the different things they can be unhappy about.
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