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  1. 1 hour ago, Mr U Rosler said:

    I will when i'm not at work......

    In the meantime it would be good to know what's been changed and what hasn't, contradicting reports on here. 

    Agreed - Would be good to know definitively if the recognised issues with Central Play etc, have been specifically addressed?

    That is stopping some people from even loading the game, not myself, but will be clearer for customers who are = more potential sales for SI and retention of customers

  2. 35 minutes ago, Novem9 said:

    Is it still private info about the nearest plans of SI? I mean are you planning to release an update ASAP or it will be classic update with update database bundle?

    I believe, this being clarified would be helpful, either way 

    The post made by Neil Brock, suggests unlikely before the new year and we are in that period now, which I believe SI are working on asap . However, that could also mean waiting until March, which could be an additional 2 months 

  3. 16 hours ago, RageMaster said:

    @TottenhamBoi90 Still a decent season there and some positive stuff to build upon. Hopefully you can get in the players you need. Aarons and Chilwell was both excellent for me. Sancho is a player I wanted to buy but was out of my price range. I'm not very good on tactics really but something that does work for me from time to time is to change it up slightly and have a 2nd formation to use for say 4 or 5 games and then switch back to the previous formation. You could even try maybe playing a much higher tempo if you are playing at home against a bottom half side to see if that makes any differences to your attacking. Maybe deploying Dier as an anchorman or half back and putting Dele into CM as a B2B with n'dombele as a Mezzala could be another option. One thing for sure though, is that there are plenty of different options with this squad and different ways to play rather than being shoe-horned into a specific style.

    @Connor Intering choice with Thiago Silva! Most people go for wonderkids straigh off the bat but I like that you've gone for some experience. Should bring in Ibra too! or maybe Cavani ? Decent start for you though and hopefully onwards and upwards.


    I haven't got round to starting my save yet. Still debating what to do really. I'd like to try and replicate Mourinho's early tactics with Spurs but I'm not to great with tactics on FM and not sure if it's entirely possible with the way the ME is.

    I thought after selling Alderweireld to Liverpool, Thiago Silva for 7.5 Million was a decent experienced replacement for a season or two.

    The team report does highlight that the team lacks leadership

    His wages of 205K a week, over his 2 year contract, actually make the deal around 28 Million, so not sure if it's a sound buy... we shall see

  4. On 01/12/2019 at 15:48, RageMaster said:

    So I've taken a break from my save that I started on the BETA. I will be starting again shortly now the full version of the game is out and we've had a couple of hot fixes although I'm also tempted to start with AS Roma. Decisions Decisions!

    Anyone else still playing with Spurs and how is it going?

    Started my Spurs save after full release, currently 7th with a game in hand after 9 games.

    League: Won 5, Drew 3, Lost 1 (Away at Liverpool)

    Champions League - Look set to qualify in 2nd in my group

    Carabao Cup - Into Quarter Finals

    Playing more direct for me, seems to suit Harry Kane better, but it's a work in progress

    Sold - Alderweireld to Liverpool: 34 Million, Erikson to PSG for 70 Million

    Bought - Thiago Silva from PSG for 7.5 Million

    Stand out player so far - Ndombele in a DLP (S) role


  5. Hi All

    For some reason, I cannot any longer on FM20, see within Team/Scout Reports the section, where it directly compares my stats v the opponent - The squad comparison screen

    I have previously been on that exact page in this version,  but now on the comparison page it literally only shows me the opponents compared to the rest of the league as per attached screenshot (and not my specific team)

    Any help would be much appreciated (as doing my head in)

    Capture Squad Comparison.PNG

  6. Hi all

    I have bought FM20 which is the first version I have bought since FM17

    When in a match, I notice when viewing your teams - player stats, relating to in game, that the view has changed and that there are multiple views (general, defending, attacking etc)

    However, I much preferred seeing them all in one scree, showing all passes, tackles, shots etc, is there anyway to get that in FM20?

    Many thanks in advance for any help

  7. Hi All

    Starting my own thread as have had two crash dumps, post updating to v 20.1.4

    I have deleted preferences and cleared cache and reverted to using an original skin, so will see how I go.

    Out of interest, I have the dump files which I will upload, but am unsure how to open these myself? (in terms of what app) - perhaps this does not matter and I just need to upload and SI can take it from there?

    Many thanks

  8. 6 minutes ago, forameuss said:

    I'm not missing any point.  You want updates and ETAs.  I explained why that is either pointless or just not possible.  Explained it from a position of actually knowing what I'm talking about too, from being in that very position.  

    And again, if you have any issues, feel free to report them.  Otherwise...well, what I said.

    Your position of "actually knowing" what  you are talking about, sounds like you maybe are the guy that fixes issues, rather than a user experience. 

    So in this scenario you would be SI and I ( would be the user) - this a consumer situation (as post sale) and that's probably why given the issue, my experience in customer relations, would be a useful opinion to consider, as well as yours also

    I don't need to report any of your posts as I can challenge your points respectfully, as like your own opinions, other opinions need to be respected also (as long as they are made in a constructive way)

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