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  1. saintrainhard

    FM17 Performance Benchmarking Thread

    Try for next FM 2018 benchmarking. Hopefully threadripper ripped them all
  2. saintrainhard

    FM17 Performance Benchmarking Thread

    Threadripper with 16 core not topping the benchmark? Maybe FM 2017 not use all cores?
  3. If you use laptop, sometimes it depend on your power option settings. This setting Balanced or High performance. Default setting of power option are different when your laptop plugged in or on battery. This affect how FM read the rating for your laptop
  4. The answer just find what you like to do with the game. Set some rule how to play and how to build squad if you want to have fun. Example : I have a vision of my squad are the no touch pass. Then build the tactics maybe with some possession and structured, then find the suitable player with passing, positioning, teamwork , first touch above the average. Or I want to be a team that created Berlin wall and only create goal from set piece. Tweak you set piece, find great set piece taker and improve all the set piece preparation. Build a team with most of player defending. Build a very defensive tactic such as 4DEF -3DM-2MC -1, with contain maybe some kick and run style. Where the striker are the Uasin bolt type runner but with great first touch and positioning. This game more about to apply what your vision , even a crazy one and simulate it.
  5. saintrainhard

    Wonderkid star rating FM2017

    Yeah thats true, but it is just like some prospect that i bought with 4stars PA are false positive as they are actually only 3 stars afterall, and some of them maybe 2.5 stars. I hope for leading player (based on what i scout in game), instead only getting good squad players. FYI the scout team for my club are the best in the EPL , and i rely on 2 scout report (1 with 19/19 and other with 17/20 JCA/JPA) to scout the player till full knowledge This make the feel that star rating for CA / PA are misguided for most cases. And the scout stats for high JPC and JPA are not helping though. Because the star rating are not really that truly true and consistent I think it is better if the star rating show the player current ability / potential ability compare to the other players in the world. I don't care if all players in Vanarama are shown as 1 star player in the club, because that is what they are. And you will be blessed if there is a player with 2,5 rating want to join you in Vanarama. That is like a decent Skybet championship or Leading League One player are bossing in Vanarama. Maybe he is unambitious enough to play in high level so he play for fun in lower league. But how to distinct wich one better than the other with all vanarama player rating with half and 1 star only. Then, it is about the spread of ability rating. If you want to distinct more, adding more depth for rating are the solution. Maybe with 10 stars rating, 5 silver rating and 5 gold rating. So you can find player with pretty high gap if they are currently 1,5 silver star current ability and have 3 star potential ability. But Then come the issue, this will make the player CA/PA value more predictable in the game, because with 10 stars, it will be 20 level. And with 200 as max every level count as 10 point.
  6. saintrainhard

    Wonderkid star rating FM2017

    The issue is I am hoping for a 4star GK but ended up only 3 star GK( because of his potential ability shown 4 stars without the black star when I bought him). We only have potential rating as guideline to know how this player will develop in the future. It is irritating to having condition that the player that actually 4 star are rating 3 star because you have other superior player in the team and the other player must look inferior to him And If I compare my GK with 4 star GK (more established player) statwise the other GK are only slightly better. Maybe if I bought this GK for large sum of money to have 4 star GK in my squad. When he joined the club his star in 1 season will be decreased too.
  7. saintrainhard

    Wonderkid star rating FM2017

    to know what your player ability compare to other player in your club and in your league. to know their potential ability, the gap how this player can develop further. These are the real purpose of star rating. But sometimes, I as a manager tend to look to sold low star rating player and find more apropriate one. And sometimes what happens are, I sold 2,5star players with same potential (in this case my GK). Then I bought replacement GK scouted as 3.5 star CA and 4 star PA (statwise this player slightly better than my current GK and more potential ), he improved , play almost all match that get us pretty good position in league. But now this GK only 3 star CA and 3 star PA. He just not look like exciting prospect anymore and this just happen in one season. Without the wonderkid in the team maybe he will still be rate as 3.5 star CA and 4 star PA. This wonderkid condition like a big fish in a small pond
  8. saintrainhard

    Wonderkid star rating FM2017

    But they are not rated lower when we enter EPL (this case for "relation to the rest of league" effect). I know that some player are not capable with their rating drop after we promotion. But most of my players are still in the same rating in 1st season and 2nd season in EPL. We even claimed for UCL spot in 2nd season. This make the feel that the players are capable in EPL. I know that even their star drop their stats/ability are not really drop because almost all of the player are with green arrow in individual training. These are the sign that they are improving. My feeling will be better if the logic adding half star to this wonderkid than cut half star from other players. And the logic can't do that because this kid are not 21 years and he still has 4yellow star and 1 black star. So his current ability cannot exceed his potential ability. Maybe it will be more clear when he reach 21 years old when his "real" potential ability are known
  9. saintrainhard

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Looks alike ASUS ROG Strix spec for laptop. Instead ASUS ROG Strix come with core i7-7700HQ. I know this because this is my wish to have laptop
  10. Anyone having this situation ? I am using Fulham in one of my save and in my 2nd season we promoted to EPL. The team are pretty solid with player with current ability star rating 3 and 3+half. Most of them with 4 and some with 4+half potential ability. We got position 7th in first season in EPL. Then I recruiting a wonderkid (my 2nd season in EPL) with 3 star current ability and 4+half potential ability. This player tuned very well within the team and starting to contribute a very good performance. And we finish 4th and get through to UCL group stage after beat BMG in UCL qualification. The problem are after 1 season this player current ability surpass all my key players and first team player(currently he is with 4 star rating and 4star+1black star potential ability) . But suddenly the star rating of other playeand their potential ability are drop. 2 or 3 players drop 1 star and some drop half star, for almost every player. Some of the player are dropping star rating in their peak age. It is not they are detoriated, but the squad feel unbalance with this situation. My feeling that this is because they are so much inferior than this wonderkid. So it show their "real" ability and potential star rating comparing to this kid. What i feel after this happen are my team only with 1 wonderkid and bunch of mediocre. And this feeling are frustating. It will take to much resources to build team around this wonderkid but I dont want to lose him.
  11. saintrainhard


    It is not Normal. It is Neymar hahaha
  12. saintrainhard

    How to Make FM18 Run Faster?

    I will take this as my important to do list My laptop type are ASUS A43T series with AMD A6-3400 M as processor and Radeon 6520G as GPU Today I use vacuum cooler (only 6 USD) and max only 83 celcius with average on 70ish core and GPU temp while playing FM Tomorrow I will take my laptop to be cleaned and hope that will boost the laptop performance
  13. saintrainhard

    How to Make FM18 Run Faster?

    Is it normal for CPU Core temperature to go at 97 degree celcius at max while playing FM ? I am really afraid this game burn my laptop
  14. saintrainhard

    [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    Everton doing pretty great so far, we only lose from Liverpool and Man Utd. Stanley's old team, Walsall are magnificent under guidance of Jose Mourinho. They lead the table with 8 wins and 2 draws. It is very ecxcited to face my old team with their new system
  15. saintrainhard

    [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    Everton start this season in high with 3-0 convincing win against last season winner, Arsenal. 3 goals in only 10 minutes seal Everton win in the first half and the great things here are we are capable to keep the clean sheet. The task now is to keep the good form and morale high to get the result With 3 wins from 3 matches, we are currently in 1st. Walsall in 2nd position with same points but lower goal differences. It looks like Walsall becoming one of the great club of EPL now. And guess who appointed as manager at Walsall now .... Jose Mourinho, win EPL Coach of the month award following by Stanley in 2nd position. And yeah, Jose Mourinho appointed as the new manager of Walsall. And he beat his old club Man Utd who fired him in 2022. A nice sweet revenge from Jose FINANCE After our profit from transfer activity, we have a healthy balance and we succeed to lower our expense in player wages. We currently only spend 1,2M+ and our finance are projected to have profit around 7M at the end of this season. Great !!