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  1. I currently play Newcastle, my 1st target is Pavon. I get him for 4.4 mil Euro. I think, I sold Mohamed Diame for 11.75 mil Euro first to increase the budget
  2. Cristian Pavon (22 year old AMR from Boca)
  3. Danny Loader (left wing) , Jack Clarke (right wing) Ryan Nyambe for wingback
  4. Mason Bennet from Derby Get McTominay, Ben Woodburn/Sam Gallagher on loan
  5. Signed him for Derby after promotes as Championship winner 1st season. He are very versatile, he can play anywhere in middle area, so far I use him as central midfield or attacking midfield because I have Tom Lawrence on the left and Mason Bennet on the right I think he best playing as Inside forward because he has cut inside PPM, especially on the left, the problem is I have Tom Lawrence there on fire and Danny Loader as subs
  6. Check This out https://www.footballmanager.com/the-byline/creating-youth-pathway-wednesday-wisdom
  7. How about acquire Akira Nishino (his former manager) as your U23 manager maybe
  8. I usually play with simplicity of squad building where as the formation often does not using any winger Mainly the formation are 4-3-3 narrow with variant 4-4-2 diamond narrow, 4-3-1-2, with this model 20 players squad build are possible Maybe this approach seems old school where currently people mostly using 4-1-4-1 DM Wide , DM as stability for transition from def to attack or more attacking 4-2-3-1 wide, with 2 midfielder supporting 3 AM and 1 striker
  9. I recommend Slough in Vanarama National League South (VNLS) The team with lowest Stadium capacity and still semi professional
  10. https://www.goal.com/en/news/barcelona-sold-drunk-ronaldinho-deco-to-protect-messi-hleb/y1vv88zv9o8x16lncm8s2twfo Even Barca sold drunk Ronaldinho and Deco to protect Lionel Messi. This prove how club dynamics is really there in the real life and have impact to your youngster
  11. First of all you should apply positive / attacking mentality. The team also playing with so much fluidity Play out of the defense, shorter passing, with some of the midfielder given the instruction for risky passes (will work great if they have try killer balls PPM, high vision, passing and decision) Higher tempo, higher defensive line, counter press if the enemy have the possession
  12. Obviously the sword, I usually using it when playing create a club mode with English club that I give name : Excalibur FC
  13. When I use this system, it work best with DLP (def / support) in DM, 2 Box to box tireless, hardworking midfielder for CM position, for both wing, usually I give role and PI to cater the best out of the players
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