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  1. FIRST QUARTER 2021/22 We started the pre season very well as our new player really do not take much time to integrate with our system. With our great form we started the season really high by winning almost all of the games until 30 September 2021. We only draw once against Leicester. We break a record for high scoring games with 8-1 win against Norwich in EFL Cup. In EURO, we still on 100% record where we beat Panathinaikos 3-1 and Partizan 5-0 Christian Capone and Roger Bennhage are our leading topscorer with 12 goals each in all competition. Olufela Olomola come in 3rd with 3 goals Because of our great form so far, we sit in 3rd position with 19points with Arsenal and Man Utd in 1st and 2nd only lead on goal differences FINANCE 20M+ in profit so far this season will increase as we show a great form in EURO Cup. If we can go far in EURO Cup, the TV money will significantly improve our balance. And can't wait for our new stadium which is mean more income from ticket
  2. @tastaiwan Finger crossed
  3. Ludger Schade move to Tottenham for 49,5M and now his value is 55M
  4. Thanks for the info Yeah, our only threat is Fiorentina, our player are certainly improving. The important things are to achieve the target (2nd round of EURO) and we'll see what we can do after that
  5. We get Fiorentina, Panathinaikos and Partizan in EURO
  6. Ok, I will try it. Thanks Keano16
  7. Great start, keep updated about your journey. Hm, I want to know how do you post the image in full width of the post... because when I post the image, image option seem make restriction just for around 500 pixel
  8. Technical issue, my laptop just restart in the middle of the game. And my last save are on 22 August 2021. Just before the game against Watford in EPL.
  9. The tactic of Walsall that Stanley Lawrence used can be downloaded here
  10. I create this tactic for one of my save that I share in FMUC. As the team playing really good in low league (straight promotion from League one to EPL). This tactic are made based on standard 4-3-3 narrow that available in default tactics. This tactic will utilize the sideback when have the possession. And because the team instruction are build to retain possession, therefor using this tactic the team will get more hold of possession. And more of chances too FORMATION : 4-3-3 Narrow Team Instruction To improve effectiveness for this formation, it is important to have player that meet this criteria : SIDEBACKS : PASSING, MARKING, TACKLING,STAMINA, ACCELERATION & PACE. They need good stamina and more quickness because they need to comeback quickly when we lose possession. PPM : Get forward whenever possible is good, avoid PPM Run with ball CENTER BACK : Usual stats for good defender, TACKLING, MARKING,HEADING,JUMPING and PASSING MIDFIELDER : Ball winning midfielder for more defensive duty (the middle one), playmaker role (advance,deep lying/ roaming) for MCL and MCR. Box to box midfielder can be used to for MCL and MCR. ATTACKER : Complete Forward are the best option as they usually have the stats for Advanced Forward and Deep Lying Forward too. PPM : Move into Channels and beat offside trap will be great This tactic emphasis of playing with ball from feet to feet, retain the possession and the attacker will move to open space for another striker. As for training use this until familiarity is full, and after the squad familiar with tactic use Attacking movement as Match Prep Here are the tactics file : 4-3-3 Narrow_23360CCF-023C-45E1-B8EA-14A0A0E959B4.fmf
  11. TRANSFER MARKET 2021/22 We offload almost all of our midfielder such as Josh Cullen, Mario Piccinochi, Manu Garcia, Sadou Diallo. Joe Gomez also gone to Everton, as they meet his release clause fee. But we get some great purchase such as Lewis Cook, Guillaume Ousfane and Moses Odijer for midfield. We get Anton Rudiger and Simon Richardson for defence to. Overall we get more income from transfer than we expend this season MAJOR TRANSFER
  12. Board already set target for 2021/22 season :
  13. Finally Stanley get his Continental A License and already take the course to complete his badges With his contracts just left for 1 year, the board proposed new 3 years contract worth 20k p/w until 30 June 2025
  14. Another defeat for Stanley Lawrence by Vincenzo Montella. And even if we get 100% win, once again the award goes to Montella who has 100% win too for May 2021
  15. James Snodin win Sky Bet League One Top Goalscorer. Stanley think his progress are really good and we will observe more to decide if we will keep him as backup or loaned him out again to gain more matches.