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  1. This actually can relate to the request about the financial advisor, and I mention about the ability to set salary structure based on player role If that is happen then DoF, normally will conduct his negotiation based on the salary structure (within that allowed range). But in certain condition when the transfer is urgent, there is some exception that can be made However, it is not the job of the manager to restrict the role of DoF, because DoF structurally have bigger power than manager. But club policy like salary structure is something else. It is govern how the club runs so they
  2. I usually buy the mentor (a 30 year age+ players with great personality - Model Citizen) does not care his ability and have some general traits that good . The personality search is work like magic here LOL DEF - Mark opponents tightly MID - Try Killer pass and dictate tempo ATT - Places shot This mentors will be on my U18 dont care they are happy or not, as they usually not really great in ability so their status is backup or emergency backup And put all def in U18 with the DEF Mentor, mid + amc with MID, wing and striker with ATT and let the magic happens
  3. yeah, you will hate something like this frequently happen to your prolific youngsters Maybe, just maybe, there is an option like the "disaster option" in Simcity, so players can choose how frequent this kind of event happen and I will choose second to none LOL And yeah, the issue about the real players too, so this can only happen on regen
  4. #1 you can use the fewer break and the auto continuo option (instant) With instant you can continue and let it go till the next match except if there is some news that need to be respond. I usually use the 2 second continuation, because sometimes I want to look out certain things and still have time to cancel the force continue. but when I only want to fly between match, I change to instant continue For #2, I don't think this in need certain traits, but it can be done based on combination of certain attributes in the logic of the declining players (natural fitness, stamina, amb
  5. Formation based stat analysis : showing pass completion rate from one player to another (you can checklist the combobox for players that you want to show) tackle , interception rate with the best rate will getting more greener idea (the idea is the same like the role suitability in tactics[prediction] - but this shown based on their stats [the real stats]) give insight (not all the stats, but the most useful and what needs to be highlighted Performance Analyst team will have more role in how depths this information We can see where the goals coming/against from,
  6. I don't think we need this just as news, this deserver another tabs. Maybe the improvement of the current projection tab And add to that, the ability to setting the salary structure in the same mould like the "conduct fine". and that DoF/ or certain Financial Advisor can help to built the right structure based one the most fairly amount that used by the club in the same stature with our club
  7. Maybe put this in Player individual instruction but manager can instruct that specific player to ignore some of team instruction to make sure what he follow the right instruction (instead of player confused about the team instruction vs his individual instruction) Like when theam instruction showing team fallback and regroup when not in possession, manager can instruct a pace attacker to ignore that and waiting for counter to arise Individual instruction to define more of the kind of passes that players should do (short pass, long pass, crossing, direct pass) because direct pass is
  8. Agreed instead of position this should be based on the jumpers, because when you put a tall MC as jumper, while your subs MC is a midget LOL
  9. I tought the same at first, but that is not the condition it seems, he currently on the way to fulfill his max PA now , currently he is at 171 CA. And I believe he can get the full PA Back to the question, why it is the same rating ? Because of his reputation ?? He came from my youth intake after 1 year game when we freshly promoted to League One But at least with same low reputation with 130 PA player, he need to have some disticnt in Potential star rating as he has an enormous 180 PA (way off than 130). It will command at least 1 star different I think
  10. Both players not in mentoring, but getting develop new traits don't know from who or how Alan Scarrot even a players that currently come on trial LOL
  11. I finally found the culprit, it is the on highlight suggestion, the flow : 1. Klik "Do It" for assistant suggestion about substitution (the one on the below left side when there is highlight [pop up]) 2. It is showing that the subs already done in the player panels (players with green and red arrow) 3. But in tactic screen the players still like before the subs have been made 4. After some highlights still no changes in the tactic screen, then I do the same subs manually from tactic and subs menu 5. With this action the subs process will be count as 2 subs already happ
  12. There is option to show (1 week reel above or button that can show a pop up window) the weekly / monthly training schedule + match to show how hectic the week is , so it will be easier to set the training intentity based on the schedule
  13. I want to know that weather effect is affecting the match engine ? IRL Sometimes when the rain pour hard, the pass is not connected because ball stop blocked by water. Or players fall down and slip when running
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