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  1. Current system that show who players in need of rest is just a sudden message of players need of rest with rst status I think it will be better for manager in doing the rotation if there are a fatigue scale, be it on percentage, or gradient like morale This scale is the result of some element of the game such as : players stamina, players natural fitness, tactics > how far (in km player runs), the intensity of pressing, etc, the adding gametime above current level of fatigue Currently we have risk injury level, but fatigue level is different thing, it can added to risk injury And there is an option to hide this info , by preference
  2. This what you should do, make the Sunderland new board regret they kick you out. Just like in my current save, when I get kicked out by Fleetwood at League Two, get another job at Leyton Orient on League Two too After 3 years back to back promotion, I am currently in second season in EPL, avoid relegation in final day of my first season in EPL and made Man United relegated at year 2053 (pos 19th) Fleetwood are still in league 2 currently
  3. He beat the man repeatedly to get the crowd going. Thats how football works
  4. As I can see, you have 3 team leader in alessandro Plizzari, Filippo Melegoni (Team Leader) and Nicolas Nkolou (Highly Influential) 1st group : Plizzari - Resolute (S) Leo Ostigard - Ambitious (A) Luca Ranieri - Fairly Determined (L) Matteo Mertens - Fairly Ambitious (L) 2nd group : Fillipo Melegoni - Resolute (S) Carlos Boza - Balanced (L) Ryan Gravenberch - Balanced (L) Kevin Mier - Balance (L) 3rd group : Nicolas Nkoulou - Resolute (A) Ivan Sunjic - Resolute (A) Steven Sessegnon - Faily professional (L) Or you can change all the group member of group 2 and 3 That is my groups looks like, please note this is just an example. It will be better if the group and member are the same categorical position. I usually put this category position : GK = Goal Keeper CD = Central Defender SD = Side Defender CM = Central Midfielder SM = Side Midfielder AT = AMC and Striker
  5. First pick in what division you want to start, then user Pick a team for me feature and commit for whatever club the game give you first time in that division. this is my trick to choose club if I dont know what team to play Example, I want to start in VNL, then I just pick team until the game give VNL club and that is the club
  6. First of all have squad personality, I usually pursue Profesional and Determined squad personality At 15-18, I put <2 stars in U18 and 2stars++ in U20/U23 (this based on your reserve age team, in england using U23 in Italy using U20) At 19, I put them in First team squad for mentoring to improve their personality, so their personality can change from balance to fairly pro/fairly determined etc. If they cannot breakthrough the 1st team put them on loan to suitable league with their ability (and make sure only accept loan that give 1st team squad for your players). this player already has better personality to improve their development even on the loan. Other thing that I will check is their reports, consistency is important. Consistent performer is the best, so if I have 2 players with same ability and potential stars rating. I will keep the more consistent one. Than I will check their injury record, if they get injured every time, then that is a must sell
  7. What if Konami bought SI instead of SEGA years ago ? We will have FM with PES graphics yeay
  8. Traits is important for him, AMC usually have high technique, passing, first touch, vision, so if he can try killer ball he can deliver great ball to final third My favorite traits is Look for pass rather than shot, this because he will usually give great pass for our forward/ winger to finish Play one - two is another good traits because with this he can get into opposition area, especially if he has >15 finishing If he has great dribbling,flair,stamina and quicknes (acc,pace) then Run with ball through center is great addition too Along with that, make sure improve his Decisions through training
  9. To encourage more people to involved, this must be from developer. SI should develop 1 click benchmark inside the game, the concept itself like CPU benchmarking, then give summary / result score for every PC user involved And if the user is online, they can compare their machine with all machine data gathered based on benchmark result gathered from this feature. Furthermore, SI can give suggestion what to improve from your machine to get more convenience in playing FM, this can be source of income if SI collaborate with pc part provider and get commission fee from their recommendation
  10. This fickle personality is very dangerous, even more dangerous if he is one of your best player. In my Frosinone save, I have a fickle personality player and he is one of the team leader. Everything seems so fine, as sometimes fickle have better attribute too. Until the time his contract near expiring,he ask to extend his contract and complaint as it can show in dynamic as he is unhappy. I try to give him contract, but he asking so much clause (% raise), min fee. Because he is one player that I want to keep, I refuse all the min fee and dont give % raise to but give him more $$ in salary and apperance fee + goal bonus. And suddenly he reject the contract, and make all the squad angry, all player from excellent morale or atleast very good become abysmal. The dressing room atmosphere from around 70% green become more than 50% red To improve this, I promise to give him another contract. After weeks he always rejecting my contract offer. He finally open with negotiation and looking for amount that cannot afford by club. And finally the only way for me is to sell him. Some players disappointed when I sell him but I promise to bring replacement and luckily I get Perfectionist player to fill his boot
  11. Why mentoring in reserve and U18 only showing light relationship ? With @godzilu experiment, then we can say if 1st team squad filled with highly determined and professional players. And plus mentoring it will boost young players/ new players (low influence) to becoming more professional and determined too ? I tried in FM 2019, bought 2 model citizen,1 perfectionist, 1 professional for 1st team. And put them in mentoring, and the effect is huge (maybe from squad personlity + mentoring boost) Now the lowest determination is 13 and I think it still improve. As my first squad are 22 players (2 players for each position), as this post only left me 3 players with Balanced personality (because they are already high in hierarchy (long stint as I am in charge too, but their determination is improved) . Some of other balanced players becoming fairly professional and find some players improve becoming resolute (some of them already resolute before)
  12. For mentoring, if we have significant, average and light in 1 group how they influence each other? Are Significant influence average and light. then average influence other average + light.
  13. Is there any difference in loaned out to Loaded League to non Loaded League (assumption both league in same reputation, players play in same amount of game) in term of player development ?
  14. Can anyone show the formation you have that have the most green link ?
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