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  1. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    Everton doing pretty great so far, we only lose from Liverpool and Man Utd. Stanley's old team, Walsall are magnificent under guidance of Jose Mourinho. They lead the table with 8 wins and 2 draws. It is very ecxcited to face my old team with their new system
  2. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    Everton start this season in high with 3-0 convincing win against last season winner, Arsenal. 3 goals in only 10 minutes seal Everton win in the first half and the great things here are we are capable to keep the clean sheet. The task now is to keep the good form and morale high to get the result With 3 wins from 3 matches, we are currently in 1st. Walsall in 2nd position with same points but lower goal differences. It looks like Walsall becoming one of the great club of EPL now. And guess who appointed as manager at Walsall now .... Jose Mourinho, win EPL Coach of the month award following by Stanley in 2nd position. And yeah, Jose Mourinho appointed as the new manager of Walsall. And he beat his old club Man Utd who fired him in 2022. A nice sweet revenge from Jose FINANCE After our profit from transfer activity, we have a healthy balance and we succeed to lower our expense in player wages. We currently only spend 1,2M+ and our finance are projected to have profit around 7M at the end of this season. Great !!
  3. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    Here our target for this season. All target are very achieveable looking our current squad. We are more lean and energetic squad after rebuilding process. We sell some star because they ask for that and Stanley don't want to risk the squad unhappy and lower our morale. We have so much profit from our transfer activity and this is good so we can improve our infrastructure and invest in young talented player. Stanley actually want to retain Cody O'Donnell services, but we have gentlement agreement with him if Tottenham match our valuation to him which is 39M then we should accept this. Everyone involving happy for this transfer. We hope the best future for Cody, and we welcoming Christian Capone, who deemed surplus in Walsall and put him in transfer list. A little reunion with this mafioso, . 75 million profit from this transfer windows are more than enough to cover our finance for 2 to 3 years Major Transfer in EPL
  4. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    EPL so far are dominated by Arsenal and Man Utd with Liverpool and Walsall come as surprise winner in 2018/19 and 2022/23 Serie A seems more competitive, Juventus domination are break by AC Milan (seems so unreal) Spain La Liga are the most unbalanced where it seems only 3 teams compete there, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. Real Madrid show their supremacy with 7 straight winner for La Liga.
  5. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    Portugal win EURO 2024 after beat Spain 1-0 in final. Even if England already eliminated at early round, Harry Kane still listed as top goalscorer.
  6. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    England defeated by Spain after extra time with a goal by Denis Suarez. England dominated the game but can only find one goal from Marcus Rashford
  7. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    England will face Spain in 2nd round of EURO 2024. Spain will be a tough opponent with their quality players. These are another match for 2nd round of EURO 2024
  8. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    EURO CUP 2024 England get 100% win in group stage EURO 2024. Harry Kane are the star in every match with his goals TABLES
  9. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    We lost in EFL Cup Final, but our form are improving and Stanley position as Everton's Manager safe and we will rebuild, decrease payroll and rejuvenate our squad We finished in 13th position for 2023/24 season, the important things are we safe from relegation and Stanley job safe for a while. Walsall finished in 6th position this season. They get 70M from Man Utd who bought Elton Pereira, and it clearly decreace their attacking force. We get cash injection and this can make our finance health and secure
  10. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    We have a great youth intake this season, top 3 players in our youth intake are winger but they all can play as striker. So my intention are to keep them and convert them to be deep lying forward
  11. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    We are not in a good form, but we will face Man Utd in EFL Cup Final. We are certain cannot achieve our target for EURO spot. Just hope the board not sacked me and give another season to rebuild the squad Our position are worse than when Stanley takeover the club. Everything seem not good for Everton right now. It's very hard to improve the morale of the team and Stanley position are currently insecure Everton finance are really bad, they have so much player with high wages and big cleraence will happen if Stanley still in charge for next season
  12. AI Manager Impact

    Almost all of the team in EPL using 4-2-3-1 based formation for years. In one of my save 16 of 20 teams using that formation in 1 year.And next year after that 17 teams using that formation. It just like there are no other formation in this world. It just seem that the AI manager lacks of creativity I think it is better if there are evolution of tactical approach in football, the more willing to experiment from manager in their formation.
  13. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    Who can be certain about the life of a football manager, sometimes a new challenge are needed in order to improve and broaden Stanley's horizon. When the board are not sharing the same ambition in order to keep the team as its best, then maybe parting company are the best way, And as excited I am for new journey, I am excited how Walsall perform without me. I hope they are still a force to be considered in EPL for years
  14. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    WELCOME TO GOODISON PARK Stanley will get one unit in those condominium with the view of Merseysid Everton have high tradition and great history. We are ready to bring back the glory to The Toffees Everton currently in 13th position with target to EURO Cup spot, 17 points difference with 17 matches to be played. We will take our step matches by matches and try to improve from last matches to be a better team before we get some new blood next season
  15. [FM17] Stanley "The Dreamer" Lawrence Journey to the top

    New journey, salary raise, low transfer budget but it is ok and pretty high payroll budget. Will use this winter transfer to sell some high salary players to reduce payroll and get some youngster to suit my approach