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  1. The progress chart is to plain it needs more additional info 1. average ability for players in same position based on league division so the chart will looks like this (and instead of stars, maybe it will be better using the real current ability, but with certain misjudged based on the JPA) and his potential is showed by 1 dot or star in the chart, because if the left axis is ability so we want to know where his potential is, and based on judgement he is based on average players is categorically in what level. Like I can say Peter Jones is great Championship players but still not quite enough a decent Premier League player, but has the potential to become a decent premier league player (average) based on the charts below 2. The option to compare him with other players , like I want to compare Peter Jones with Harry Kane, and this graph can show where they are, as long as the scouts already fulfill the scouting. But still there are the misjudged so this is just a report that can be right or worng based on coach/scout number jpa 3. option to show event that happen during that time (injuries, called up to NT, getting award, etc. If this is checked then the line will become a timeline of what happen to this player
  2. this is my take for 4-2-3-1, using 2 CWB and 2 Mezzala it is easier for me to maintain the depth in small squad Using AMC with shadow striker(attack) role. And for me the important thing to consider when I buy players is their physical (acceleration and Pace) then stamina and natural fitness, especially stamina 4-2-3-1 QA.fmf
  3. Zaniolo as shadow striker (attack) will make him on beast mode, and give him tackle harder instruction. If you get an opponent play with 4-3-3 DM, let him mark their DM With 2 players in CM play more conservative role Zaniolo in attack role will give more threat to opponent
  4. I found this youth training method from some FM blog, but could not find the source now (maybe someone can help me to find it again) Credit to : Guido , this is the link of original article It is basically to emphasize the youth training in 5 aspects : 1. Attack 2. Transition 3.Defending 4. Possession 5.Tactical This training regime work really great for youth improvement, I usually setup this youth training for U23, then put all the non first teamer in U23. Then put those who U18 to be available for U18 matches This is the training intensity : Youth - 5 aspects.rar
  5. I use SS(Attack) with AF(Attack) SS with tackle harder and speciafically mark the DM if opponent using 4-3-3 with DM AF with take more risks, shoot more and dribble more
  6. SI need to make the additional comments matter as real information for the counterpart AI manager As for right now, I reckon this additional comments is just an accessory for the press release. Like what I posted in this posts, when my players has release clause, I can say he is not for sale but if you match the release clause you can have him. So if the additional comments can be understood by the counterpart they can do some reply accordance to my additional comment. Like when they are not interested, Heinze can say Duncan is a great player but he is not worth that release clause amount in his press release This will make the game has more vibes and improve the interview part level by fold Plus this can improve the conversation in social media for Sevilla's fans, like they shout for Heinze to match that release clause. As for Fulham, they will ask maybe remove that clause or divided opinion that agree that the player is worth every penny of the clause This is just an example, but if this can happen for every aspect it will be great And yeah, SI need that text process machine to make the AI understood
  7. The ability to pick certain schedule for certain condition and apply them from date between date Instead of put the schedule one week by one week, managers can make costum schedule and put that in template with condition - if 1 match use this schedule - if 2 match use this schedule - if no match use this schedule - apply from 1 june 2021 - 31 july 2022, process The schedule will automatically applied based on what costum schedules you pick Or based on schedule template, so the manager can create 1 month or 2 month model and apply that that between period The condition for 1 month that have 5 weeks (half week above and half week bottom is repeat the template So it will be schedule 1-2-3-4-1 (month 1 ) 2-3-4-1 -2 (month 2) 3-4-1-2 (month 3) 3-4-1-2 (month 4) etc People can apply the schedule start from date x but with no end date too (so the template will be applied until the last schedule of the template) This will be great for pre season template (it can be 5-6 weeks) so the manager will only need to apply this premade preseason template start from like say 24 June With this people can make a rest template to erase all the schedule he choose between certain date too (so there is no need for reset schedule ) because people will have that ability So people can do things like : 1. applied rest template to clear all the schedule to make sure there is no schedule this year 2. applied the pre season template 3 applied the costum template that keep repeatedly applied from the day he choose (1 day after the end of preseason) to end of year With this in mind setting the calendar for youth U23 and U17 will be done in no time. right now I really hate to set for youth schedule because the process is repetitive and boring My solution currently is to put all of my U17 in U23 (then set them available for U17) as their schedule is basically the same, because I feel to lazy to repeat the setup for U17 If I can make a template consist of like 5 costum schedule to be repeat for whole year (physical, attacking, defending, possession, tactical) those will only need to repeat for whole year I will glad if I can generate that for a whole year calendar so the calendar will be weekly using schedule 1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5 and so on til the last match of the season * Because of my jobs as HR consultant for few years back, this is common practice to setting employee rosters/work shift, we only need to set weekly or biweekly template, and generate the schedule for a whole year
  8. This actually can relate to the request about the financial advisor, and I mention about the ability to set salary structure based on player role If that is happen then DoF, normally will conduct his negotiation based on the salary structure (within that allowed range). But in certain condition when the transfer is urgent, there is some exception that can be made However, it is not the job of the manager to restrict the role of DoF, because DoF structurally have bigger power than manager. But club policy like salary structure is something else. It is govern how the club runs so they are not deficit financially
  9. I usually buy the mentor (a 30 year age+ players with great personality - Model Citizen) does not care his ability and have some general traits that good . The personality search is work like magic here LOL DEF - Mark opponents tightly MID - Try Killer pass and dictate tempo ATT - Places shot This mentors will be on my U18 dont care they are happy or not, as they usually not really great in ability so their status is backup or emergency backup And put all def in U18 with the DEF Mentor, mid + amc with MID, wing and striker with ATT and let the magic happens
  10. yeah, you will hate something like this frequently happen to your prolific youngsters Maybe, just maybe, there is an option like the "disaster option" in Simcity, so players can choose how frequent this kind of event happen and I will choose second to none LOL And yeah, the issue about the real players too, so this can only happen on regen
  11. #1 you can use the fewer break and the auto continuo option (instant) With instant you can continue and let it go till the next match except if there is some news that need to be respond. I usually use the 2 second continuation, because sometimes I want to look out certain things and still have time to cancel the force continue. but when I only want to fly between match, I change to instant continue For #2, I don't think this in need certain traits, but it can be done based on combination of certain attributes in the logic of the declining players (natural fitness, stamina, ambition, professionalism, consistency, determination ) > different combo will result in different terms of declining) and the better scout can expose it in his strength [the green icon that show players has great fitness stature and still can play on the highest level])
  12. Formation based stat analysis : showing pass completion rate from one player to another (you can checklist the combobox for players that you want to show) tackle , interception rate with the best rate will getting more greener idea (the idea is the same like the role suitability in tactics[prediction] - but this shown based on their stats [the real stats]) give insight (not all the stats, but the most useful and what needs to be highlighted Performance Analyst team will have more role in how depths this information We can see where the goals coming/against from, what need to improve to adjust our tactics Manager can choose how many games use for stats (all season, quarterly, monthly ,even certain match) The idea is to getting the insight what is worked Like when we beat strong opponent with like say 3-0, we know what working from this analysis Or this can used by restrict the minutes like only show players with more than X minutes If more than one, then put them like the depth structure
  13. I don't think we need this just as news, this deserver another tabs. Maybe the improvement of the current projection tab And add to that, the ability to setting the salary structure in the same mould like the "conduct fine". and that DoF/ or certain Financial Advisor can help to built the right structure based one the most fairly amount that used by the club in the same stature with our club
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