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  1. So, I am in charge of individual training for all my players. But, in my U18 Team, regularly, my WB(L) and WB(R) position training keeps getting changed to D(L) and D(R). As you know, 75% of the time, the youth candidates coming into the system aren't properly trained AND I don't use ANY D(L) and D(R) in my tactics ... (which begs me to question why the candidates aren't at least accomplished at the position when they're brought in) ... But, it would facilitate their training if they can just be trained in the training I assign them. Yes, I have verified every time that I am in cha
  2. Nope I was just checking into it. I like using subs that are trained in the roles. But, I currently use a BBM with a DLP and it does work well. I would like to use a BWM with him but theyre currently picking up too many cards and i decided the DLP is better suited to my style.
  3. I like how the BBM helps the overall team. 1- Does anyone see any effectiveness from using 2 BBM's side-by-side? because currently I use a BBM with a DLP (midfielder) and the tactic tells me the roles aren't suited for 2- BBM's. and 2- What midfielders do you use (ie; Roles when using midfielders) 3- You can see my "Positive" tactic and how I use my players, you think any other Role would be better in this tactic vs what I'm using?
  4. @Smurf And this is why your smurfiness is absolutely smurfy! I support your recommendations
  5. @HUNT3R I find your reply rather ridiculous. I think, a moderator would simply moderate. I appreciate support going to groups that need support. awesome. I am fine, not offended, just not interested in the material. I will tell you that, in the USA, if you overheard someone discussing sex, you could prosecute for sexual harassment. I will leave it there. Good luck everyone! I'm off this thread
  6. @prot651 abosutely agree with you there and @HUNT3R i disagree with ridiculous argument because : https://www.desafiomundial.com/soccer-players-with-criminal-secrets/?view-all
  7. So everyone who has an opinion on my mental state...I am retired Army. Anyone who has an opinion on their own personal sexual preferences keeps it to themselves. you show up to work, you work, you go home and do whatever you want. When you address someone in reference to significant other, its spouse, not wife or husband. My 2 cents. Every manager can obviously approach things how they want. Do you think bill parcells goes around getting involved in their players sexual preferences? nope, hes super professional. you can be a casual modern openly whatever manager you want. its not
  8. Is there a preferences toggle to turn off reports like this? I consider this inappropriate. I can fully embrace the "don't ask, don't tell" mentality. How does a report like this enhance user experience? Did you think some managers might throw coming out parties in their house? Now, before EVERYONE starts trolling this post, I don't care what a players' orientation is...I'm saying, I don't need to know, nor do I care to know. If a player came up to me and said that he was gay, I would say go be gay elsewhere.
  9. @Smurf or allow it to be added to contract negotiations of a required 2 weeks notice. Technically, a contract is a written agreement to serve a specific time frame right? I don't allow a release clause in my contracts so... with players you have the option of allowing time for a replacement player... Anyhoo, I feel like we've beaten this into the ground long enough that I will sign off on this discussion. Great stuff @Smurf and I look forward to other discussions with your input. happy holidays
  10. Lol, can you offer anything constructive? I know they're offered a job. finding quality staff is easy. In fact in 2020, its way easy. Clubs keep poaching my staff. Did you read where I said once the contract is accepted by a coach to another club, there is no time given to replace a staff member such as a 2 week notice?
  11. @Smurf Nice points all around, I could add that I have not had 1 single staff say anything other than something to the effect of "i'm not going to let you influence my career". I find that odd, since i have demonstrated awesome results, have world wide notoriety. @FrazT you're welcome to take this and move it into bug/wish list forum. I'm really not interested in furthering it more since, if @Smurf is right, nothing will be done OR others might pipe in on the bug/wish list forum.
  12. @FrazT nah, ill just come here and dump my stress. then get back to coaching my team.
  13. @FrazT No, not on holiday. yes compensated. yes i knew he was being looked at. I am saying, once he accepts, there is Zero time between acceptance, and move out. Maybe, someone could say, hey boss, i'm going to accept this contract and move out in a week, while the movers come and pack up my house...or whatever...I am absolutely positive, that as long as a coach/manager/etc. is on good terms with club, the club would be in on the time frame at all times throughout the process. ... Like, coach, xyz was offered a contract... coach, xyz is going to accept the offer... coach you've got 3 days to f
  14. I get back into the office and find out, my assistant manager cleared out his desk, no 2 week notice, not 1 day notice, nothing. Every time some team poached my awesome staff, there is ZERO notice that a job was accepted and zero time for replacing absent a coach...I absolutely support a coach/asst manager/etc moving up in their career...but ZERO notice of contract acceptance to leaving? And, there should be some mandatory payback for team covering coaching qualifications if you quit your post early.
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