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  1. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    After watching the finals outside with a few mates, slept on it, then viewed this thread, I'm actually surprised you lot thought that was a boring match. Does every 0-0 in 90 minutes constitute as boring? Because everyone in the place we watched it was very entertained by that final. The funniest thing was when Eder came on for Sanches, every single person in the room laughed so hard. When he scored, everyone laughed even harder and cheered everytime Eder came on the screen. And now he's probably the most popular player in Portugal
  2. Semi Final 1 - Portugal VS Wales #PORWAL

    I'm sure there are a few Sporting defenders coming through the ranks somewhere. But damn a combined age of 137 for only the CBs is worrying.
  3. Apart from the 98 final, has to be Ronaldo Nazario.
  4. IWWROCKS Vs Scott1892 - IWW's attack wins it Noob21 Vs managerdude_66 - Just way better. Especially the midfield. Citizen Kane Vs Gorando - So close, but my hearts goes to Gorando's team. Andyh21 Vs darren1983 - Last minute Long screamer in extra time. Harryseaess Vs Hodgy - Midfield is solid. No one will get past Kante and Khedira. adhikapp Vs RickyButton - Actually think this is the first game where I think my team will have a tough time. Leave it black as per usual. Baptista_8 Vs Bliss Seeker - Big fan of balanced teams. Whoopy D Vs Cougar2010 - Wish I got Radja, my team would look so much better.
  5. Hodgson Steps Down

  6. Hodgson Steps Down

    I know this is late and people won't agree at all with me, but FA should have appointed Redknapp instead of Woy 4 years ago. Woy was the reason why both Ferdinand and Terry retired from international duties. Redknapp wouldn't care less about the drama. While Redknapp might be worse tactically than Woy, he's definitely a better "manager" of egos and personnel. And obviously, there's no way Arry will ignore the West Ham contingent of Noble, Antonio, and Carroll - It's West Ham. Also, he has the media behind them all the time even when England will under perform as it takes the pressure of the whole team. After Woy's disaster with Liverpool, I'm surprised someone still wanted to hire him at all.
  7. You mean the Paulo Bento who managed Portugal in 2014? Never knew he was teammates with both Quaresma and Ronaldo at one point.
  8. Girls of Euro 2016

    edit: An infraction... Never thought I'll get one. Always tried to be well mannered. Well, there's always a first for everything.
  9. Baptista_8 Vs IWWROCKS - The Ledley-Milner pivot is underrated. kris0710 Vs managerdude_66 - I've said it before in the past two threads, I really don't rate that Liverpool midfield, but somehow I rate them enough to beat kris' side. Bale the deciding factor. Citizen Kane Vs Hodgy - Capable wingbacks wins it, although this would play out like a chess match, waiting for the opponent to make the first mistake. Whoopy D Vs AdyTaylor - HRK to score a winner via a tap in set up by Lewandowski. Harryseaess Vs craigcwwe - Kante-Payet will control that midfield. Anti Spiral Vs Scott1892 - So weird that it just might work. Someone should try his formation with the exact players on FM.
  10. Gorando Vs Noob21 - With the right service from KDB and YFC, Zaza would finish opportunities even Cech might not save. RickyButton Vs stotty1982 - 3-0 thrashing with this one georginho_juventusygr Vs Cougar2010 - Classic smash n grab this one Reddiablo Vs Andyh21 - Not sure why, but I like that midfield four. Seems balanced with flair and work rate. given1legend Vs Bliss Seeker - Very-very close darren1983 Vs adhikapp - Not biased again, I think I win this one. Darren's attack will be nullified by my defence and I have the players to counter his weaker defence. But again, voting for yourself if frowned upon.
  11. Impressive Players

    Nolito was poor in the first game. Kept getting offside. Actually surprised he started the second game and he actually played well.
  12. Italy - Euro 2016

    Why don't Conte play ElSha and Bernardeschi? Pretty much a waste if he brings a few wide forwards and play a 3-5-2.
  13. Impressive Players

    That Kleinheisler guy from Hungary actually impressed me in his two games. Never heard of him before but he didn't do bad at all. Was really impressed with both Rose and Walker. I mean I've seen them with Spurs a lot this season but I was wary how they will do for England. Woy doesn't seem to like Clyne at all but Walker lately has been great, and Rose has made me forget that they're missing Shaw.
  14. Euro 2016 Prediction League - Round 3

    Sunday 19th June 2016 Romania 1-1 Albania Group A 20:00 Switzerland 0-2 France Group A 20:00 Monday 20th June 2016 Russia 1-3 Wales Group B 20:00 Slovakia 0-2 England Group B 20:00 Tuesday 21st June 2016 Northern Ireland 0-2 Germany Group C 17:00 Ukraine 0-1 Poland Group C 17:00 Croatia 1-2 Spain Group D 20:00 Czech Republic 0-1 Turkey Group D 20:00 Wednesday 22nd June 2016 Hungary 1-2 Portugal Group F 17:00 Iceland 1-1 Austria Group F 17:00 Italy 2-0 Republic of Ireland Group E 20:00 Sweden 1-2 Belgium Group E 20:00
  15. Pepe vs Austria - 20:00GMT

    For a team considered to be a potential "dark horse" by many people, Austria has been very disappointing. They got soooo lucky today that Ronaldo was having his worst game ever.