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  1. I thought Ozil was good in Euro 2016 but yea sure lets exaggerate a #10 for his tackling dating back to 2014 to prove a point. Hoeness is a joke.
  2. Lol De Bruyne probably only had like 2.5 good games
  3. As long as they're performing and scoring goals, they can w*nk off by the corner flag for all I care. Love me a bit of Pogba and LIngard shenanigans.
  4. I doubt anyone would deliberately handle the ball in the box unless your Suarez vs Ghana 2010, but that was a penalty no doubt. The more I've seen the replays, the more I'm convinced it was an obvious handball. Harsh, but I would've given it if I was the ref.
  5. If quarter-finals were considered the most realistic expectations, than Allardyce would've gotten par for the course. Southgate obviously overachieved. You got to take some irony into the fact that England was most effective through set-pieces, Sam's bread and butter. Allardyce would've met the same concerns with Southgate - no decent CMs, and lack of depth on the wings who aren't Sterling or Rashford. How Southgate solved this problem was to not play a CM at all and overcome the lack of quality CMs with three ball-playing defenders, a DM, two AMs, and wing-backs. The Big Sam Way of solving this would still be playing a back 4 of most likely Walker-Smalling-Dier-Bertrand/Rose, forcefully shove in Wilshere/Shelvey next to captain Henderson, Alli as a #10 with Rashford on the left and Sterling on the right. Kane of course would be up top. Hart and Rooney might still find their way into the squad as "experienced veterans". Walcott and Carroll might get last chances. Trippier would be on the bench because Walker plays his position. Likewise for Stones, but could see start over Dier in an Allardyne team. Guys like RLC and Trent won't get near the squad. The team might play better football and tactically more stable and familiar, but that team would be all sorts of unlikable, but might still end up limping into a semifinal. What England needs is Southgate to study about tactics more. His heart is in the right place, but his decision-making could be worked on a bit.
  6. Oh come on. Just because this squad - player for player - aren't as good as previous World Cup squads, doesn't mean they were better teams. That 2010 had Upson & Heskey starting FFS, and Capello somehow managed to fit in Stephen Warnock and Shaun Wright-Phillips. Sure this 2018 side exceeded expectations. As much I love Lingard, he would get nowhere near the 2002 or 2006 squad, and he's a key player. But just take a look at the 2006 run. They barely scraped it against Paraguay and Trinidad, drew against Sweden, only 1-0 against Ecuador, and a quarter-final loss to Portugal. This 2018 team battered Panama and were unlucky to not score more against Tunisia. Kept composure vs Colombia in the shootout, cruised against giant-killing Sweden, and generally on top against Croatia in the first half at least. Not gonna count the two dead rubbers vs Belgium. I wouldn't expect squads of 2006/10/14 to have the mentality of having a run to the semis like this. Southgate isn't perfect, and there's a bunch of things to criticize him for this World Cup. We all know he could've done better, but history suggests that managers of higher caliber and experience have done awfully worse. Credit where credit is due, he got an underwhelming star-deprived England his predecessors couldn't do with better tools at his disposal. Capello, Eriksson, and Hodgson would've chosen Hart to start, Cahill-Smalling in defense, Wilshere in midfield, and possible still have Rooney somewhere in the squad. McClaren wouldn't even get this World Cup.
  7. Stones/Maguire and Kane/Lukaku were pure coinflips. There weren't many standout leftbacks this tournament, so I gone for Vertonghen who played there for 2.5 games. Not exactly impressed by Lucas Hernandez either, so I didn't put him in. Feel bad that I couldn't fit in Cheryshev or Ronaldo, but Hazard outperforms them this tournament despite scoring less. I really want France to win so all the Pogba doubters could finally shut the eff up. Modric to win the Golden Ball regardless if Croatia wins the World Cup or not. Mbappe to win the Young player award, unless I'm missing someone glaringly obvious. You could also make a case for either Pickford/Courtois/Lloris/Ochoa for the best keeper, and I won't begrudge you. It's just that Subasic has been absolute key in winning 2 shootouts and keeping England at bay in the semis.
  8. The Japan vs Senegal match is like a storyline from a comic book, and was an amazing game to watch. The clash of two footballing styles from different footballing cultures meeting each other in a group game, it was exactly as advertised. Sure you got the Portugal vs Spain and France vs Argentina match as probably the best matches in this competition, but this one for me was just as good. It really showed that Asian teams are technically capable and African teams are more than just their physicality. It was just a great match all-around. There was also only one match that did not produce a single goal in 90 mins/120 mins (Denmark vs France - thank God I chose to watch the Australia vs Peru match instead). Every single neutral were being well-fed for goals all summer. Drama, upsets galore, bangers, own goals, VAR implementation, you name it. Granted I've only started watching from 2002 but this is the best World Cup in my lifetime. Proceeding World Cups have a lot to do to top this one.
  9. I don't know how reliable this is because Mexico didn't even reach the quarters.
  10. Maybe that's where the "diversity boss" comes in. You never know what girls (or guys - not judgin) out there who enjoys the view of fat old bald men.
  11. In a thread like this, no one should blame you.
  12. Southgate is definitely going to change the formation for Euro 2020*. The team relied on too many oval pegs in round holes in that 3-3-2-2. Henderson didn't play as well as he used to, which resulted in England playing poorly in the second half.
  13. Deschamps can't seem to have a different tactic to "hoof it up to Oli". With all the players France has, he builds the team around Giroud. It could be worse, at least they're in a World Cup final.
  14. Alli is a bit more clinical isn't he? That's my only reasoning to why I think their roles should be swapped as they would link-up in similar places anyway. Just starting positions and slightly differing responsibilities could be massive imo.
  15. Yea, what I meant by "pressing the defence" is defending from the front. Isn't it what it means? Also not being funny but English isn't exactly my first language Basically with Sterling, Alli, and Henderson, you have players that understands the press under coaches like Pep, Poch, and Klopp, respectively. Add Lingard to that, who will work tirelessly, and knows a thing or two on my definition of "defending from the front" from Mourinho, you have players that are essentially irreplaceable in Southgate's system. When I saw RLC and Delph play against Belgium in the dead rubber game in the exact same system, both players most of time were almost always by Dier's side instead of roaming forward and making the cute triangles Alli, Lingard, & Sterling usually does. Maybe it was microtactic management by Southgate, idk, as every ball England got that day were always punted long in the hope of either Rashford or Vardy to catch it. It's insane how different the chance creation once Sterling and Lingard were rested. Alli was really good in the first half vs Tunisia before he got injured and forced his way to play. and thankfully for England that Alli wasn't really needed against Panama. He wasn't that good against Colombia or the first half vs Sweden, but picked it up a bit the second half of the quarters, even earned a goal. These inconsistent outputs from Dele makes him look both overrated and underrated at the same if it makes any sense. I just wonder what will happen if Sterling and Dele swapped places.
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