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  1. - Only 25 Players named. He did this at too at the World Cup, eventually adding Marcus Thuram in the end. - Lucas Hernandez injured - And KANTE! Who would've thought that?
  2. Pretty sure it means at least 3 GKs instead only 3, I may be wrong. In the last World Cup, Iran, Switzerland, and Tunisia named 4 GKs out of the 26 squad players (or in Iran's case - out of 25), and all of them are listed as GKs.
  3. Seems like Nagelsmann will call all 4 GKs and one of the outfielders (likely unfit Sane, Koch, or maybe Beier) will get cut. Surprised he couldn't fit in Adeyemi in there but I guess Undav has had a great season.
  4. Yea I can't imagine the announcement of Joshua Kimmich or Jamal Musiala will be a surprise inclusion, but they can do some crazy gimmick like have Kimmich's announcement on the back of a random Mercedes, or Musiala's name on the side of a small kayak floating in the Rhine river, which makes it slightly more fun
  5. I like the creativity in this, but I like the classic way of just announcing the whole squad at once on a later date better.
  6. Think @Gizzycovered this and said it wouldn't be ideal for me to cover you and you said that when it was 1 AM for me as well!
  7. how will that even work? but yea i'm down trying something new as long i still get involved in gizzys footy drafts
  8. I'M IN edit: oh my bad didn't realize it isnt official yet
  9. please do add me to the reserves thanks giz!
  10. Is there anyone dropping out that I can replace?
  11. goddamnit not another one i missed
  12. Had a nights sleep but yea 9 seems appropriate. The only thing not making it a 10 is because I know the media will be milking this tournament for all the Messi articles they can churn. As much as I love Messi, I know it'll get annoying quick. Also, Qatari's sportwashing has been a major success in that regard. If Qatar managed to play slightly better, than it could probably be a 10 too.
  13. Top 5. Can't argue with that. Matchday 3 and QFs ruined my score but thats Fantasy Football for you.
  14. Xhaka-Torreira didn't work for Arsenal and it shouldn't work here. Scott wins it for me.
  15. Not saying Haguey's team is bad, but I'm surprised he managed to get into the semis. My votes for Cartman.
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