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  1. Had a nights sleep but yea 9 seems appropriate. The only thing not making it a 10 is because I know the media will be milking this tournament for all the Messi articles they can churn. As much as I love Messi, I know it'll get annoying quick. Also, Qatari's sportwashing has been a major success in that regard. If Qatar managed to play slightly better, than it could probably be a 10 too.
  2. Top 5. Can't argue with that. Matchday 3 and QFs ruined my score but thats Fantasy Football for you.
  3. Xhaka-Torreira didn't work for Arsenal and it shouldn't work here. Scott wins it for me.
  4. Not saying Haguey's team is bad, but I'm surprised he managed to get into the semis. My votes for Cartman.
  5. I'm guessing you're AnneFranksDrumKit? Seems like youre doing really well
  6. Yassine Bounou and Dominik Livakovic are my PotT candidates
  7. If the leaks were true however, maybe Southgate should've probably bought Tomori in hindsight...
  8. Makes no sense if Ben White was 'struggling to mix with team-mates' like hes a new player and knows no one. He was in the Euro squad AND he's from Arsenal, so at least has his Arsenal teammates like Saka and Ramsdale in there. Doubt the FA would use language such as 'we are with the player' for their post when he flew back to England if he had a bust-up with Southgate. The media should just lay off Benny Blanco.
  9. Golden Boy's team is slightly better for me. Courtesy vote for Gunman as well but he'd probably get my vote anyways even if it wasn't against my team.
  10. I've swallowed my words. Henderson was amazing last night. He'll probably need to play against France now to help press the Griezmann-Rabiot-Mbappe triangle on their left.
  11. All the teams rotating for the third matchday ruined my score so bad
  12. Yea ive lucked out of the groups and now I'm up against Gunman who drafted well
  13. Ooh I like this question and I don't see anyone try to answer this rhetorical answer so I'll give it a go. First up, since England's 26 man squad is lacking a left-back, so I'd have USA's Antonee Robinson in for Conor Coady. 1/26 Then, England's midfield options aren't the best because they're either out of form, or not fully fit. I'd take all of McKennie, Adams, and Musah (the latter was an England youth player) over Phillips, Gallagher, and Henderson. 4/26 Also, while I do rate Callum Wilson, Iran's Mehdi Taremi has been very prolific for Porto, and has scored a few in the Champions League. They're both the same age too, so that won't be an issue. So I'd have Taremi over Wilson on this one. 5/26 In terms of squad depth and versatility, I'd want Ben Davies in my squad. Someone who could play LB, LCB, and LWB. He'll probably be in my squad for Ben White. While very good and very inform, he plays in a position where England have other better options for (RB, RCB). 6/26 Probably would've tried to squeeze in Aaron Ramsey & Gareth Bale but they're way passed it and wouldn't have been picked even if they were English. Weah, Pulisic, and Reyna might have a shout, but England's got one of the best forward options in the tournament. So those are my answers. At the very least 6 players from the 3 teams could make the England squad, but there is possibility for that number to be bigger. I don't know what the point of that was, but it was fun to work out anyways.
  14. If I was to go through, and I get to have replacements... are the players eligible of from teams that were eliminated in their group? or all teams are up for grabs?
  15. Japan is a very system-over-players team. They got through the groups without staring Tomiyasu, Mitoma, Minamino, and Asano (where all of them has established their European careers to varying levels). Kubo has been in-and-out of the XI, and Furuhashi & Hatate didn't even make the squad. Granted, they rode a lot on luck for their comebacks against Spain & Germany, but they are effective. Even in the Costa Rica match, I thought they were comfortably the better team. Looking at the draw, anything above QFs will be an overachievement.
  16. 32 is already the sweet spot for a World Cup honestly. It's just very symmetrical. 4 groups of 8, halved for the knockouts. Plus 32 countries is already a logistical nightmare in its self. And we have a good mix of powerhouses & dark horses, that even the worst teams can still look pretty decent. Probably the slots for African teams could be higher, but overall 32 is perfect as it is. 48 is just too many teams. I don't like the idea of some countries bringing 23-to-26-man squads to travel a World Cup and only getting to use them for 2 matches. Plus 3 nations per group? That's silly. There's one team that won't play each matchday, and thats way too few teams to call it a 'group'. Even when playing the 48-team World Cup on FM, I think it's kinda boring until the at least round of 16. If FIFA wanted to add more teams, 40 should be the max number, and make it 8 groups of 5 countries so the competitiveness still be intact. If they wanna be more greedy, make the 48 go into 8 groups of 6 so there can be more matches to create revenue from.
  17. Only voted for pompey over bdcuk because he actually drafter a keeper
  18. Maguire doesn't play at all for his club and he's basically untouchable for Southgate. SI forum defo needs a clown emoji cause I need one to describe Gaz here.
  19. This is Southgate we're talking about. Mount will play the whole 90 minutes against Wales with 500 sideways passes. I'm usually a Mount supporter but he was bad last night. And with someone like Foden on the bench, it makes no sense. Southgate couldn't tell his left hand apart from his right.
  20. Can't believe I stayed up until 4 am to watch Maguire and Stones pass the ball to each other like 10000 times. Can Southgate be sacked mid-tournament? Also, why tf did Foden stay on the bench? And why did Mount not get subbed off? Southgate is absolutely brain-dead.
  21. https://play.fifa.com/fantasy-classic/join-league/5D9RQLT8 unique league code is: 5D9RQLT8 For anyone that still wants to join Current standings
  22. Don't worry, I keep the werewolf hate only in werewolf. You're a clean slate here until all the attackers you took with bdcuk that ended up with me having to pick Junior Hoilett
  23. I'm always going to vote against Pompey and bdcuk for taking all the attackers out of pure spite
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