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  1. Sorry, I don't understand. We believe this to now be working. Please contact us if you find an instance of it not working.
  2. This is not a league specific issue. Please post about this in the transfers & contracts bug forum. Thanks.
  3. Thanks sorry for not replying before, I have logged this.
  4. I previously raised this early in the cycle, and unless there has been a miscommunication, what you describe is working as intended. The two groups are separate and you need to fulfil both quotas.
  5. Neither of these issues you have reported are happening in our regular builds. There are 24 teams in 2019/20, 23 teams in 2020/21 and 22 teams in 2021/22. Are you using editor files or third party content?
  6. This minimum wage specifically requested by the Chilean HR. The figure is slightly incorrect in game at present but we have now fixed this to the amount the HR specifically requested, which is not the figure you quote. What is your information here? You have posted the same issue in a number of places for different nations. Can you let us know the following things: - Is this a new issue you have noticed following the update that was not previously an issue in previous versions of FM, before this update? - Can you link me specifically to an article saying that minimum wages for professional footballers are the figure you have said they are in each place you have reported this issue?
  7. This is a known issue and we are working to fix it at the earliest opportunity. This is only affecting the old DB and does not affect the new DB.
  8. Please post about this in the editor forum - https://community.sigames.com/forum/722-pre-game-and-in-game-editor/
  9. How does this issue happen please? Are you using any editor files or third party content?
  10. Hello, sorry that the issues you raise have made you upset. I have some questions and points to make though to try and best resolve these issues: - You seem to be suggesting that there is a deliberate lack of respect or a lowering of standards since we lost the licence for Brazil. I can assure you this is not the case. It is also not the case that we see European competitions as more important. There are a huge amount of active competitions in Brazil in-game and you must understand that some mistakes will be made and some things will be missed. This is why we have the public forum, for users to raise these issues when they occur. - You mention that "not even the most traditional state championship (Rio de Janeiro) is the same as in real life", but you don't mention what you think is wrong with this competition. The implication in what you say is that none of the state championships are correct. I don't believe this is the case. If this is the case then we haven't had these issues raised to us. If you have issues to raise regarding any of the state championships then please let us know what they are so we can fix them. - Regarding the Northeast Cup issue, this was raised previously by a different user but unfortunately appears to have not been dealt with yet due to human error. This will happen from time to time and I apologise for this. I will get this issue looked at and fixed. - "Propably because of a bug that doesnt allow brazilian teams in continental competitions" - I don't understand what you mean here, what is this referring to? - As our head researcher Paulo suggests, if you have free time to offer, I'm sure the research department would be very happy to hear from you. Please get in touch with them if you'd like to help out with the research for your area of Brazil. Thanks for your input and hopefully we can get everything resolved.
  11. Is the Chinese league inactive in your save? I.e. you did not load any Chinese leagues when starting your career? If so this is an issue we are already aware of, but is actually a quite complicated gameplay (rather than rulegroups) issue at the root of it. This is a complicated fix which affects multiple areas of the game, so it won't be fixed until FM21. Sorry if this is currently affecting your enjoyment. FYI, this shouldn't affect teams from active leagues.
  12. This isn't an issue for this area of the forum and I don't believe it was raised here? If it was I should have directed you elsewhere, so apologies if that was the case. Sounds like it might be a data or transfers & contracts issue?
  13. If you have further questions please post in the China thread in the data issues forum, thanks.
  14. Have checked and for some reason Craig Armstrong has a second job as U18s manager in the DB. I definitely didn't set this myself. Will check in with Pete and get this changed. Thanks.
  15. Hello, as the Chinese transfer window is still open, we are waiting until after the transfer window closes to do a full data update for China.
  16. We've already picked up on this issue which was unintended but has occurred due to some very late changes we made to get a new structure in for Chile. We are looking to get this fixed at the earliest opportunity.
  17. It's not low. And he has definitely played enough first team football to warrant a fixed PA now. Don't want to be talking about exact PA amounts in a public forum, but what I have set allows him to become a star Premier League striker if he hits that PA. Can we please stop comments on this now, this is a bugs forum. What I have set as Martinelli's PA is not a bug.
  18. Thanks for this, but we have already covered it. If you start a game in 2020 in Singapore with the new update which has just gone out, you will find Lion City Sailors and Tanjong Pagar United FC in the league.
  19. Yes, it should be. If it is not please let us know and provide a save but everything should be working.
  20. Ken Gillard is 100% U18s manager in the final file I submitted. If that's going wrong I reckon something weird is going on game-side rather than this being a data issue unless for some reason this has been changed in the master DB. Finances would be a question for Pete to answer.
  21. This was passed over to the UI team and as far as I am aware a fix was put in. Can you explain the issue again please?
  22. I can't tell you an exact date, sorry. At present we are not planning any changes connected with the issue you raise.
  23. Think this is an issue for our match team. Not for us, anyway. Post here please https://community.sigames.com/forum/739-match-engine-ai-and-tactics/
  24. Thanks for the input. As you say things are complicated, changeable and not fully clear regarding the rules. As far as I am aware though everything you have raised in these three posts has been or is being fully and carefully considered ahead of FM21.
  25. Which player is this? Can you provide a save? Some players will not count for this rule even if they have Hong Kong/Macau/Chinese Taipei nationality due to a rule to do with where their first professional registration was. I realise this isn't very clear at the moment. We already have a plan in place to make this system clearer and better for FM21.
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