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  1. Sorry, missed this at the time. This is a gameplay issue, but I think it is already known about.
  2. I have noted it down to get the Scotland head researcher to provide us with full information as to how we should be determining teams for the Scottish Cup before the next edition of FM.
  3. This is not an issue for this forum. This would be a transfers & contracts issue.
  4. We can't give time frames I'm afraid. Once we have logged it in the system (which includes determining the relative priority, which in this case hopefully you can appreciate is low, all things considered) there isn't much more we can do.
  5. These won't appear in FM21 due to the game start date unless I have misunderstood what you mean.
  6. Hello, I don't want to get into a drawn out argument but to respond as briefly as possible to these points. Nketiah - I've watched him since he was 17 in the youth teams and also pretty much every first team appearance he has made for Arsenal. The kid is electric. He hasn't been prolific for the first team, far from it, but this is also a period where Lacazette and Aubameyang weren't scoring either, the team just wasn't really creating much or scoring goals in general. He definitely still has the potential to come good as a Premier League regular (certainly elsewhere if not at Arsenal,
  7. Hi, thanks for your feedback. Always welcome to post opinions like this as it is usually helpful to read and consider, like in this case. Will say that I disagree strongly with some of the stuff you've raised and I guess this is reflected in what I have set in the data, which I'll reiterate as always is carefully considered, though can never be perfect in everyone's eyes. Gabriel - I think he is accurately rated. Many Arsenal fans on here were complaining he was vastly underrated before this update. His passing isn't "near flawless", he has a passing attribute of 13 and a vision attri
  8. There is probably a lot of gameplay code at play here and in-game context that is shaping this outcome, so I'm not convinced there is any bug here. Odegaard is a loan until the end of the season with no option to buy included so he will be disregarded from longer term calculations. Similarly Ceballos is a loan and will primarily be shortlisted as an MC, not an AMC. Willian will almost certainly be being primarily shortlisted for the squad as a wide player. Smith-Rowe on the other hand is a natural AMC and has a high CA for his age and a very strong relative PA. So I don't think it is unus
  9. Can you check your reserve team fixtures and see if they are being entered into this competition? Also could you provide us with a save game? Thanks. https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015264418-How-to-upload-files-for-support
  10. I'm afraid the U20 minutes issue you raised wasn't something we could alter for FM21. We will reassess this situation with guidance from our head researcher for a future version of FM. Regarding the issue of the scenario of a playoff being played / not played - this was something that was tested by one of our team and was verified to be working. If this is not the case in a save game you have created after the update we released in December, then it would be very helpful if you could provide us with such a save game. Thanks a lot.
  11. - Arteta has mainly been using a formation using a number 10 this season. - Now Ozil has left the club, Smith-Rowe is now, I would presume from what you are saying, Arsenal's best rated number 10 in-game all things considered, so the game is setting his squad status as that. - Smith-Rowe has been starting most games since before Christmas in real life, so to my mind, the situation you find in game accurately reflects real life. - Smith-Rowe now has competition from Odegaard both in real life and in game, though he is obviously only a loan until the end of the season. - Saka
  12. This is an issue for the database & research forum, thanks.
  13. Can you provide us a save game with this issue present and (ideally) a save game from before the issue occurred? Cheers. https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015264418-How-to-upload-files-for-support#text
  14. Hi there, I believe my original reply is correct. If there is a "starting eleven" rule, this cannot by bypassed, you have to fulfil it. If it is an "[amount] in match squad" rule, that's where you can leave spaces on the subs bench. I do agree that perhaps this is not clear and that what is displayed in the UI does make it seem like you can bypass the rule. I will look into this and log an appropriate bug report for future action. Thanks.
  15. Hi there, this has previously been raised by another user. I think this is being looked into by Seb who is the QA in charge of Australia issues. Have a look in the Australia thread, thanks!
  16. This actually needs to go in the Europe thread I'm afraid Third time lucky!
  17. Leaving spaces on the bench only applies to match squad rules. If a starting 11 rule is in place, you have to follow that rule.
  18. Hello, this is not an issue for this area of the forum. Please post about this here: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/826-training-medical-and-development-centre/
  19. Not sure about the last bit, but Tierney will be getting reviewed in line with his excellent performances in recent weeks.
  20. Are you using any third party add ons or using a custom database? If you could answer this and also provide us a save game then we can potentially look into this. Thanks! https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015264418-How-to-upload-files-for-support
  21. Might be worth posting about this in the Germany thread on the Database & Research forum as I think TV revenue is set database side. At very least the Head Researcher is more likely to see your post there and will be able to take action if this seems wrong to him. Thanks!
  22. The correct registration windows are showing on the rules page so I'd say this is likely to be a display issue with wherever that initial string is showing (is it the transfer offer screen?). If you can actually sign the player and register him OK, then this is a bug for the Transfers & Contracts forum.
  23. This would be one for the All Other Gameplay forum. Thanks.
  24. I'm afraid I'm not sure exactly what you are asking here. What exactly is the issue? Are you saying the FA Cup winners in China and South Korea should be qualifying for continental competition but are not doing so?
  25. Can you post this in the Australia thread please? I think it will be something specific to Australian clubs.
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