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  1. I disagree with a fair amount of this, but as it is opinion vs opinion, then I won't get bogged down by arguing it out. Busy time right now at SI! Some of the things you requested I have already changed and a couple of things on top of this are decent suggestions that I will change in my next update. Thanks a lot! Also one thing to add is the roles and role scores aren't set in the database. In terms of how these are scored, I only set the player attributes, which in all players I have carefully considered, then the roles are scored by the game based off the player attributes. If you
  2. This is highly likely to be an issue to do with the Euro Cup II and/or European qualification rather than the Greek league specifically, if indeed it is an issue at all. If you post the same message in the Europe Issues thread, then you will get an informed answer. Thanks!
  3. Hello, please send me a private message explaining exactly what your issues are, or feel free to explain them here. Sorry you have had a negative experience. To be fully clear, what you have quoted me saying here is that a long break of fixtures is not a bug - Ukraine has a winter break in real life where there are no fixtures for a few months in the middle of the season - this is meant to happen. We did have some minor scheduling issues where the fixtures weren't spaced fully realistically in some future seasons toward the end of the season where the league was changing format year on year
  4. Ukraine has a winter break in real life, so the long gap without fixtures is normal. Scheduling for Ukraine wasn't perfect in FM20, but has been looked at already with fine tuning in mind ahead of FM21. Thanks
  5. Romanian Third League is active but you cannot manage in it. This is deliberate. It is the same for the French National league. If AI teams are not replacing their manager when sacked, then that is an issue for the transfers & contracts forum: https://community.sigames.com/forum/742-transfers-contracts-and-staff-responsibilities/ Thanks!
  6. Thanks, I have this noted down to get her added to the DB. Just need to make fully sure her exact role at the club is one that we cater for in FM.
  7. Good to see Michael Thomas still schooling Liverpool over 30 years on
  8. Hi, sorry about this. As you can imagine our support for FM19 issues ended a long time ago. I was not working in this area of the game at the time so I was not previously aware of this issue and I'm not sure what the cause of this issue is. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to alter this in your particular save. I can assure you this issue was not present in FM20. Does the rules page now say that the league will go down to 10 teams for the next season? If not and the league remains on 12, then my hunch is that this is actually intended behaviour and was a reflection o
  9. Hello, I'm a bit confused here. What database are you using? Are you playing FM19 rather than FM20? The Greek league in real life was reduced from 16 to 14 for the 2019-20 season via the method you describe (so what you describe is actually working as intended, so no need to worry, I think?), though in FM20 with the 20.4.0 database you should have 14 in the league every season anyway. If this still sounds like there's something going wrong for you, then please upload a save to our cloud service and I'll take a look.
  10. This article is over a year old and mentions she was part of Unai Emery's backroom team. Do you have any evidence she remained at the club and is still there now, even after Emery left? Will definitely add in if so. Thanks.
  11. Regarding the U23 issue, I've made some enquiries and this is one for our gameplay team. Please post about this in the All Other Gameplay forum. Regarding the Serie C issue, like I say, a fix was put in before the last update went out and we were not able to reproduce the issue in house since, but it does seem if a user brought this up in May it may possibly be that it is still happening on rare occasions then. Sorry about this. Regarding the loan issue, I will look into this and get something logged to be fixed ahead of next version. If you could upload a save demonstrating the i
  12. The first issue regarding the overpowered U23 team isn't an issue for this area of the forum. Not entirely sure where it would be for, potentially a match engine team selector issue, or it could perhaps be fixed in the DB to set something that says the U23 team doesn't pick senior players or something along those lines. Regarding the loan system, like I say I've only just taken over responsibility for Italy. If you could message me exactly what you think the loan rules should be I can check these in game and approach the head researcher for his opinion. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I have looked further into this. It appears that a fix was entered for this before the last live update went out for FM20 and we have not since had it reproduce in-house in Italy. Plus it seems it was a very rare issue to do with an unlikely scenario in the Serie C playoffs in the first place. This is something I will make sure is not occurring ahead of the next FM release. I can't guarantee 100% it isn't happening in FM20 still, though it seems unlikely that it would.
  14. I have only recently taken over responsibility for Italy league specific stuff. I think you're referring to an issue to do with third party files? If so, you might get help on the editor forum or in the modding area of the forum but I can't personally help from here.
  15. Yep this is definitely one for the transfers & contracts forum if you need any further info.
  16. This is one for the transfers & contracts forum. Might be that he's already signed a pre-contract agreement with the AI club, but Ben would know more. Wouldn't have thought this was specific to Italy.
  17. Can you upload a save from shortly before this occurs to our cloud service please?
  18. The EU accession date issue was verified fixed in the latest live version of FM20. Are you using an old version or a custom DB or any third party add-ons? If you have an example where it is not working it would be really helpful if you provided it to us as we believe this issue is fixed in the official default version.
  19. Hi there, this isn't the right area of the forum for this but I'm sorry you have experienced these issues. We do have something logged in our system regarding club vision issues in Argentina but your passionate example will be helpful in getting this prioritised, especially if you provide a save with an example of this happening. Please post something similar, ideally with a save uploaded to our cloud service, on this forum https://community.sigames.com/forum/745-club-vision-and-performance/ Thanks!
  20. This is an issue that is known about and been discussed before. Nothing to do with leagues or Germany though. If you feel strongly that this is affecting your enjoyment of the game then feel free to raise this on our feature request forum, but if you are someone that otherwise enjoys managing a club and international team at the same time, be warned that one of the solutions to this would be to stop joint club/international management altogether.
  21. Hi, what season was this in? I know there were some issues with fixture congestion in the 2022/23 season due to the 2022 World Cup in FM19, though I wasn't personally working in the competitions area then. As you can imagine we are no longer making changes for FM19, nor indeed for FM20. I do know that lots of work and testing was done to make instances of fixture congestion a lot rarer in FM20, but in isolated situations it can still happen, much like in real life. I'll be making sure that there are no avoidable instances ahead of our next release.
  22. I'm saying this not as an Arsenal fan - I'd be saying this were you describing a player from any team, even (or perhaps especially!) Arsenal - I'm saying this as a researcher and an employee of SI - I don't think you can be realistically expecting the Spurs researcher to be raising Son's CA by 10-12 points if he's previously deemed him to be at the level he's at as recently as our last data deadline in February, when there's only been a handful of games since then. Fine to have an opinion and you've been very detailed in your reasoning, but in general we need to be assuming that a player's CA
  23. Which of his attributes would you put down to allow this change?
  24. We implemented a very complicated series of changes for Argentina for FM20 which were extensively tested. In our internal builds we can't seem to reproduce this issue. If there are problems with the live version of the game that are happening every time from the latest official DB with no edited files or third party content then we apologise and will make sure we look into this in detail for the next version.
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