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  1. I responded and explained my response so saying we are ignoring or dismissing these posts is neither true nor fair. I'll repeat what I said and try and add an extra layer of explanation. - We do have code in the game which will not, unless in essential circumstances, allow the scheduling of games with just a one day gap. If there are examples of fixtures being scheduled at the beginning of a season with just a one day gap, this is a bug and we will be very grateful of reports of this so we can make alterations. This is why we have this section of the forums. - Obviously in game, and also in multiple examples in real life, if, due to teams unexpectedly reaching the latter stages of cup competitions, or previous fixture postponements, there will be occasions where there is a fixture pile up towards the end of a season which nothing can be done about due to lack of available space for the fixtures to happen. - This is even more of a problem in game than in real life - as in real life it is far easier to respond to unique or unprecedented situations. But even in real life we have seen examples in the English Premier League in recent seasons of Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal, Man Utd and probably others all being forced to play two fixtures in three days due to there being no sensible way to reschedule the fixtures. This is unfortunate, and I believe in every case the manager was upset by the situation, but it was an unavoidable situation and they had to deal with it. I'm sorry you are upset by the situation and I hope this goes some way to explaining? As I say above, if anyone experiences in FM22 initial scheduling at the beginning of the season where there are fixtures with just a one day gap, then please report this and we will look into it. If you experience fixture pile up as the season goes on due to success in cup competitions and/or fixture postponements, then we are doing our best to mitigate these situations, but there will unfortunately be situations in game where there is fixture congestion. This is inevitable in certain cases and also happens in real life.
  2. Hi there, I have been informed with certainty by a member of our Swiss research team that the rule whereby a player makes an appearance then leaves, either on loan or permanently but has previously been registered, they cannot be replaced. So could I just ascertain whether you have 8 players that this applies to, if you say you should be able to register 21 but can only register 13? The bug is you are being told an incorrect number of vacant spaces, which we have now logged to be corrected ahead of FM22.
  3. Hello, this is not an issue for this area of the forum, we deal with competition rules and structures here. It sounds like this may be something to raise on the match forum.
  4. Under normal circumstances what would happen here is the affiliation is cancelled and you are promoted, but we will need you to provide us a save to work out why that hasn't happened in this scenario. Thanks!
  5. Hi there, this is a decision we made by design after consultation with our Head Researcher for Africa. While in real life the games may not be billed as "B" internationals, the nations are restricted to only selecting players that play in their domestic leagues, plus the matches do not count as full international caps. So we decided the best course of action was to have the competition contested in FM by the nation "B" teams. Hope this explains.
  6. Can you provide us with the save where this issue is occurring please? A save from before the point it crashes would be very helpful. Thanks!
  7. Sorry, but this is an irrelevant rant that isn't for a league specific forum or even bug specific area of the forum. Yes of course there are some situations with fixture congestion in rare situations - much rarer than "99% of users" as you say - where there has to be multiple fixtures played in a short space of time in FM. We've seen that this week in real life with Man Utd. What I meant was, in situations where there isn't an essential need to squeeze fixtures in, the game won't allow situations of two games in two or three days, the code will attempt to move the fixtures. There would also be issues with our AI team selection and conditioning - though this would be for a different area of the forum if we needed to make changes here. So what I was trying to ascertain was whether in Northern Ireland there are deliberately fixtures on consecutive days - which to be honest I'm still not clear on! If anyone could answer this then please do. It seems to have been suggested above there is a Steel & Sons cup game on Christmas Day and a league derby on Boxing Day, though perhaps I have misunderstood.
  8. I can't answer that definitively. I think that this is purely an issue to do with the information displayed and that having spent his entire career in Germany he should count as an EU player in Italy. So in that sense I don't think there is anything wrong happening. However, I do appreciate there is an issue with this not being clear and I don't know the exact reason why. So I will look into this further. Would it be possible to provide us a save game please? https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015264418-How-to-upload-files-for-support#text
  9. He's homegrown in Germany so counts as EU. I also think Chinese players cannot have dual nationality if their primary nationality to begin with is Chinese, but I don't think that is even relevant here. Either way, no bug here. Cheers for raising though!
  10. Thanks for the info here, but I'm still unclear on everything I asked about apart from the Sunday fixture getting moved to the Monday. When you say "Steel & Sons on Xmas Day morning except Sunday when it moves to Xmas Eve" - our game mechanics won't allow matches to be played with a one day gap, let alone on consecutive days, so can you explain exactly what you mean here? In real life do clubs really have fixtures on consecutive days most seasons? If not, then which fixture gets moved? Can you answer the above questions and the following questions? If not don't worry, but just say you aren't sure. - When a team is relegated, does whichever team comes up take the relegated team's place, even if it is the other side of the country? Or is there a re-jig of the "derbies" at all? For instance - say in a hypothetical situation a few years down the line half the teams from the original derbies have been relegated - how would the new "derby day" look? Would it be re-sorted so that teams nearest to each other play each other, or if not, what would happen? At the moment the only option seems like setting the derbies from the official fixture list from the first season, then attempting to play those five derbies each season where it is possible, with all other fixtures (taking into account relegations and promotions) being random. - Is it random who the home team is each season? So for instance could Linfield play this fixture three seasons in a row at home? Or would they always alternate home and away each season? If we're going to set this, we need to make sure we consider everything before we set it. Thanks!
  11. Hello, we have a head researcher for Peru and he tells us what to set and we set this. The changes we made for FM21 were deliberate and requested by the Peru head researcher.
  12. Hello, we are looking at the possibility of introducing this for the next FM. Can we have some more information? - What happens if Boxing Day is a Sunday, when does this round of fixtures take place? - When a team is relegated, does whichever team comes up take the relegated team's place, even if it is the other side of the country? Or is there a re-jig of the "derbies" at all? - Is it random who the home team is each season? Please feel free to respond to this if you know the answer, even if you are not the original poster! Thanks
  13. Sorry I'm confused by the screenshots you have posted here. Unless I am misunderstanding, you have posted a screenshot of the semi final second leg showing it finished 2-0 in the first leg and the second leg. Then you've posted a screenshot of the "semi final first leg", which appears to be happening after the second leg! Did you play three games? Looks like it might have gone to a replay after the second leg finished tied? This isn't in the regular format, but are you using a custom DB, any editor files or third party content?
  14. This is a gameplay issue, please post about this on the All Other Gameplay forum. Thanks.
  15. Probably want to be posting this in the Switzerland thread on the Database & Research forum to see if this is something the research team meant to set. Thanks.
  16. Sorry, missed this at the time. This is a gameplay issue, but I think it is already known about.
  17. I have noted it down to get the Scotland head researcher to provide us with full information as to how we should be determining teams for the Scottish Cup before the next edition of FM.
  18. This is not an issue for this forum. This would be a transfers & contracts issue.
  19. We can't give time frames I'm afraid. Once we have logged it in the system (which includes determining the relative priority, which in this case hopefully you can appreciate is low, all things considered) there isn't much more we can do.
  20. These won't appear in FM21 due to the game start date unless I have misunderstood what you mean.
  21. Hello, I don't want to get into a drawn out argument but to respond as briefly as possible to these points. Nketiah - I've watched him since he was 17 in the youth teams and also pretty much every first team appearance he has made for Arsenal. The kid is electric. He hasn't been prolific for the first team, far from it, but this is also a period where Lacazette and Aubameyang weren't scoring either, the team just wasn't really creating much or scoring goals in general. He definitely still has the potential to come good as a Premier League regular (certainly elsewhere if not at Arsenal, though I believe at Arsenal too, under the right circumstances) and definitely deserves his current CA and attributes, though I will fully review specific attributes in the next phase. I was using his scoring rate at youth level to back up my own opinions after watching him a lot over the past few years, not the other way around. Of course I know Francis Jeffers exists and am familiar with his unsuccessful career after joining Arsenal, but I also know Harry Kane exists (how many first team games did he play before really blooming?). Not drawing direct comparisons in terms of physique or playing style with either, but I'm fully confident that Nketiah has the potential to be a top Premier League player. Bit confused why you'd be arguing so vehemently otherwise after a handful of mainly non-consecutive first team appearances in a generally underperforming team? Partey - I'll be fully reviewing his attributes for the next research cycle, there isn't anything I can change at the moment though I will take your opinions on board, thanks. Ceballos - Again, I'll review him at the end of the season. Like I say, he has been hit and miss and I have already reduced his CA and altered some attributes.
  22. Hi, thanks for your feedback. Always welcome to post opinions like this as it is usually helpful to read and consider, like in this case. Will say that I disagree strongly with some of the stuff you've raised and I guess this is reflected in what I have set in the data, which I'll reiterate as always is carefully considered, though can never be perfect in everyone's eyes. Gabriel - I think he is accurately rated. Many Arsenal fans on here were complaining he was vastly underrated before this update. His passing isn't "near flawless", he has a passing attribute of 13 and a vision attribute of 12. Holding - Again, don't think he's overrated and I also think in certain FM scenarios (or certain real life scenarios as could have happened where he was a regular for the entire season) that he makes the England squad. Just because it isn't happening in real life, doesn't mean it should never happen in game. Is his pace too high? Possibly very slightly, but I think his top speed warrants 15 and the fact he perhaps isn't visually quick to many observers is covered by his acceleration rating of 13. Bellerin - don't agree here. PSG and Barcelona are looking to sign him in real life. I did drop his CA this cycle as well as bring his pace and acceleration down. He is accurately rated in my opinion. Nketiah - again don't agree at all. He has scored for fun at youth level for both club and country. He is the England U21 record goalscorer. While he hasn't fully taken his chance at first team level this season, he has not been offered the same opportunities as some other young strikers due to circumstance. I think if he had had a full season starting games at a team like Brighton, then the in-game scenario you describe could well have happened. In fact, he is the sort of player Brighton have been crying out for this season. He is definitely a better player than Benik Afobe, who himself was a very good player who has been hugely unlucky with serious injury in his career. Will Nketiah ever be a top level striker in real life? Who knows. But does he have the potential to be a top striker? Absolutely undoubtedly. Smith-Rowe - good feedback and I will review his PPMs for the next research phase. Ceballos - been difficult to rate as he hasn't had a consistent run in the team and I'm always wary of changing too much in a scenario like this when the player is on loan. Saying that I have brought his CA down quite considerably from when he entered my file as well as making various attribute changes. I don't think he is rated inaccurately, though I will say he is one of the few players I am a little unsure about. Partey - the "racial profiling" comment is unwarranted and unfair. I haven't drastically altered Partey from what I inherited from the Spain researcher due to the stop/start nature of his time so far at Arsenal due to injury, but I think the alterations I have made are accurate. Leno - again, I'm fully happy with what I have set for Leno. Some Arsenal fans on here were complaining that he was underrated and/or performing badly in game earlier in this thread and I haven't changed him much this research phase, though did actually I think drop his CA slightly and alter some of the attributes you mention downward. If he's performing above reasonable expectation in multiple different save games then this might be a general match engine issue with goalkeepers, I don't know. But remember when asking for players like Gabriel and Leno to be altered downwards that Arsenal have the 3rd best defensive record in the league this season in real life. How are they doing in your game? Saka - I think you mean right foot? His right foot was always weak at youth level and he avoided using it, but I do think this is one of the many improvements he has made since he has stepped up. I'll keep an eye on this. Odegaard - he does like a killer pass but it wasn't my place to change anything for this research phase. Will review him for the next one. Chambers - he has barely played this season due to injury. I don't think he is inaccurately rated based on previous performance. Balogun - you really don't like Benik Afobe, do you? Young Folarin has stacks of potential and is a tidy striker already who I feel could really kick on quickly if given a first team opportunity somewhere. Has been set back a bit by the unfortunate contract situation. Played well in the Europa League games he featured in, especially when considering it was his first proper taste of first team football. Don't write him off yet. Guendouzi - had multiple fans telling me on here that I'd been too harsh on him, you're telling me the opposite. I'm happy with what I set before the season started. The Germany research team will be taking care of him for this phase (and would have done for the most recent phase). Saliba - again, never seen him play a competitive first team game at Arsenal, so this is not my place to set.
  23. There is probably a lot of gameplay code at play here and in-game context that is shaping this outcome, so I'm not convinced there is any bug here. Odegaard is a loan until the end of the season with no option to buy included so he will be disregarded from longer term calculations. Similarly Ceballos is a loan and will primarily be shortlisted as an MC, not an AMC. Willian will almost certainly be being primarily shortlisted for the squad as a wide player. Smith-Rowe on the other hand is a natural AMC and has a high CA for his age and a very strong relative PA. So I don't think it is unusual that after a few months of progress given the competition at the club, he wants to be considered a first team player for the AMC slot in contract negotiations, as, I would assume he'd be wanting to be guaranteed a starting berth at Arsenal given the lack of direct competition. As I say, this also reflects real life pretty well, for what is a fairly difficult scenario to balance in-game. While you might personally disagree with what is happening in-game due to personal preference / opinion, I really don't think there is a "bug" here that needs a universal code change for all users. Regarding Saka being a "squad player" - this is a separate thing which isn't connected to Smith-Rowe as Saka plays a different position where there is more current competition in the Arsenal squad, so their expected squad statuses should not have a direct comparison drawn. I guess if there is a "bug" or rather a feature request, it is that for situations like this, there should be a player interaction available for Smith-Rowe where you can explain to him why you don't consider him an "important first team player" despite the lack of direct competition for the AMC slot. Whether that be that your plan is to bring in a more experienced player to rotate with him for the AMC position, or that you plan on using a formation without an AMC but still want to use him on a rotational basis as a winger, or whatever the reason is why you as an individual manager don't consider him an important first team player. Then the game code could work out whether the player wants to accept this and alter his demands as a result.
  24. Can you check your reserve team fixtures and see if they are being entered into this competition? Also could you provide us with a save game? Thanks. https://support.sega.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360015264418-How-to-upload-files-for-support
  25. I'm afraid the U20 minutes issue you raised wasn't something we could alter for FM21. We will reassess this situation with guidance from our head researcher for a future version of FM. Regarding the issue of the scenario of a playoff being played / not played - this was something that was tested by one of our team and was verified to be working. If this is not the case in a save game you have created after the update we released in December, then it would be very helpful if you could provide us with such a save game. Thanks a lot.
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