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  1. I got mine from greenman for £24.50 with a 30% off voucher, because I purchased FM13 from them last year.
  2. I downloaded the patch with great expectations yet came away with disappointment: 1. Several things that has been done well in 13.1 has been thrown out of the window, notably: The AM strata suddenly does not defend in 13.2 unless a very defensive tactic is used. TBH, the defending of the AM strata in 13.1 has been one of the best improvement and I just can't understand why it's thrown out. You can have a hard-working AMC with 18 work rate and team work instructed to close down often, yet he will just stand there passively watching the opposition plays past him. This is wrong, unhelpful, and unrealistic. 2. The amount of long shot from weird positions from wrong players is just absurd. A Full back with 5 long shot, instructed to shoot 'rarely' let it rip with a piledriver from 30 yards again and again is extremely frustrating to watch. It is like watching my 3 year old son playing Fifa 1998. It's poor. This aspect of the game is really good with 13.1 and this is yet another big step backwards. And before someone jumps on me for 'it's my tactics'. No, I'm not ranting because I'm struggling. I'm ranting because the match presentation from the current ME looks very poor and a big step backwards compared to 13.1. /rant over OK, having calmed down after the rant, I fully understand that the ME code is a huge piece of work and I really appreciate the developers working during holiday time. A big happy new year to you and I hope you get this fixed soon.
  3. Just a guess. The increased amount of injuries was caused by the improvement in the amount of tackles flying in?
  4. Barcelona paid 100Million for one of my regen midfielder.
  5. There's a few things I'd like to comment: 1. I agree with wwfan about Torres. He's not really suited as the lone forward especially in a 4-5-1/4-3-3 formation. As he needs to hold the ball up and wait for the support from the MCa and wingers to catch up with play from defensive positions. His attributes has gone lower and lower ever since FM11 and he also does not have the required pref moves. I might get some sticks for this but I think even Bendtner will be a better lone forward than torres in your system. He has better height, better off the ball, and the 'come deep to get ball' attribute. If you have the money (you should do with Chelsea), you can try to grab a better all-around forward as he's the focal point, an incredibly important piece of your attacking play. I was also trying to set up a lone forward formation for Arsenal (to incorperate Carzola) but you can imagine how much I miss Van Persie. Van Persie is probably the best all-around DLF in the game. 2. I find that you play a 'rigid' system but by definition, that system give players small creative freedom and roaming. To get better attacking play, you can give your forward players (2 wingers, forward, and the attacking midfielder) more creative freedom and more roaming. They don't contribute that much to defensive play anyway. 3. I think Ramires is more of a BBM where Lampard is the MC/a. At this age Lampard is no longer the all-action midfielder he used to be but he's still more useful forward running into the box than Ramires. I think Lampard scores more goal in 1 season than Rameris can do in 5.
  6. I can also confirm that wingers and wing backs are finally hugging the touchline and bombing down instead of trying to cut inside onto their weaker foot and doing a (fail) C Ronaldo impression,
  7. Defending appears to be better, and some annoying bugs of player 'unaware' of a pass or ball is much improved. On the other hand, I just beat Aston Villa with Arsenal 5-2 where 2 of the goals are near-post corner header by my center back. I hope that is just a one-off.
  8. There's no need to get wound up about a game. It's a game, your million pound job isn't really on the line. My guess, you are managing your favorite team and you are taking it from a fan's perspective instead of a manager's perspective. Football managers has to deal with the problem you describe, IRL, all day, every day. And unfortunately for them they can't blame IRL physics (although they quite often, erm, blame the referee or accusing the opposition of playing 'anti-football'). Just take Chelsea's route to the CL win for example, against Barcelona, they scored three goals from three shots on target, had 15% of the possession and played a 11-0-0 formation for 95% of the time. In contrast, Barcelona had a ridiculous amount of chances including a missed, Messi, penalty. In the final, Bayen had 70% of the ball, created all the chances, missed a Robben penalty, and Chelsea scored via a, guess what, near post corner. If that has happened in your game against you in FM you probably will have thrown your computer against a wall.
  9. I don't think it's his tactics if he's continuously outplaying his opponent. Although I do question his man-management of not finding out why/dropping the guys that are missing those chances. On the other hand, I still strongly believe that in all past versions of FM, chances were being created yet wasted too easily. I think it would be easier to swallow if fewer chances are created but those that are created are converted.
  10. I won't say it's a 'tactical' issue if you are creating the chances and outplaying the opponent. But there's definitely an issue with your man management. Who's been missing all these so called 'clear cut chances'? Is he naturally a good finisher? If he's not why are all these chances falling to the wrong person? If he is why is he not performing up to scratch? How about encourage/criticize him followed by a 'expect a performance'/no pressure team talk? How about dropping him and give somebody else a go? Unfortunately you didn't provide any information, OP. If football is a game where having more possession and chances equates to victory, then Barcelona would've won 99.9% of their matches. But that clearly is not the case. Liverpool played decently both last season and this season, frequently outplaying their opponents yet frequently ended up on the wrong end of a result. OK, with the current ME, due to the 'final third closing down' bug, smaller teams do get a slight 'preferential treatment' by the MM but that applies to both you and every other big teams. Well, I know you probably won't believe it, but the ME can't even distinguish the difference between an AI and a human team as the 'human' player can easily take over every single team in the league if he wishes to.
  11. You know what happens when a player rebel against me? I create a special training schedule for him, where he receives zero training (all sliders to minimum, LOL, enjoy your rest), and he will be thrown into the U18 squad (where he's ineligible to play) so he will totally rot with no training and no match practice. Oh, you decided not to turn up for your 'training session'? Too bad that's 2 weeks wage mate. I wish we can do this to the real overpaid idiots IRL.
  12. Is the current matchmaking which relies a 1-20 scale of player attributes nearing its limit? I've followed it every year but the ME always leaves me wanting more every year.
  13. Thanks for your reply mixmkz, I have a few questions: 1. Do you get into trouble trying to play ball out of defense against high closing down sides? That quite often happen with me which forces my defence to boot the ball forward to carzola to try to win a header, :S Is this when Walcott comes into play? 2. Mertesacker caught on breaks often on high lines? Or would you just put in Kocielny instead? Anyway thanks for your suggestions.
  14. Hi all tactics gurus, I've so far managed to get a decent 4-4-2 tactics working with arsenal, sitting 2nd in the table 2 points behind leaders Man City with 10 matches to go. But time and time again I see the AI plays the 4-2-3-1 formation against me which outnumbers me in midfield and prevented me from getting upper hand in the possession even against the so-called 'lesser sides'. I'm trying to develop a standard/control based 4-2-3-1 system which currently works as follows: Balanced philosophy: I am looking to create a short-passing tactic therefore, frameworks that allows close player interchange is preferred. Rigid, Vrigid and Fluid will have fairly split mentalities compared to Balanced or Vfluid but Vfluid is just too much for this particular side I feel. Starting Strategy: Control(Home against smaller sides, Standard (Away against decent sides, home against other big sides) FC (attack, poacher, podolski) or FC (Targetman, support, Giround) AML (Adv. plmaker, support) AMC (Adv. Playmaker, support), AMR (Winger, attack) MC(BWM, DEF), MC(DLP, Support) DL(WB, Attack), CD(cover), CD(Stopper), DR(FB, Support) But I just get this tactic to function as well as my 4-2-2 at least result-wise. The biggest issues I see are: It relies heavily on the defense in passing the ball out of defence. Yet not a single one of my defenders has a creativity/decision/passing better than 13 WIth Giround up front, we lack people running in behind the defence from a central position, with Podolski up front, I lack a focal point up front which means everything has to be short and to foot, which brings me back to problem 1 At the left back position, both Santos and to a lesser extent, Gibbs, are hopeless defensively. in a 4-4-2 they are covered better with a ML support. The AMC, Carzola, who I think is played in his natural position, actually performs worse compared to being a MLR in the 4-4-2 as he is always crowded out. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  15. The three biggest issues with the ME I see: 1. Closing down. What usually happens, is that a defender closes down an opponent, forces him to give up the ball, then immediately afterwards leaves him alone and free just to receive a passback at exactly the same spot. In reality, the defender will keep tight to the opponent and forces him to retreat to a deeper position before he can get the ball again. We are not seeing that, or put it more nicely, enough of that, in the ME. The reason why Burton Albion is knocking the ball around like barcelona in FM2013 is caused by this very bug. Obviously, even a sunday league side can knock it around if the opponent is totally inept at closing down like it is in FM. 2. Goalkeeper seems to be able to make impossible saves from long shots by starting to dive before the shot was made. Surely all human beings has a reaction time of at least half a second? Also, there dosen't seem to be any shot that are catching the keeper by surprise. I still vivdly remember the Ronaldinho goal against Chelsea in that memorable Champions League group match where Cech was totally rooted to his spot. 3. Freekicks is just totally useless at the moment. Even the best freekick takers with 18+ freekicks and techniques simply tamely pass the ball back to the opposition goalkeeper.
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