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  1. Yeah, our defence really isn't great. Good teams will 100% score at least 1 against us, no way will we keep a clean sheet against the likes of France or Germany. Watching them though, I haven't thought their defences have been amazing so we should be able to score against them too if we can finish our bloody chances.

  2. Is making passes equal to incisive or decent passing? Knocking the ball sidewards or (as in the last few minutes) backwards when there are other options doesn't = good passing.

    Maybe I made up the numerous set pieces hit straight at the first man, as well as the number of crosses that were hit way over everybody's head. I don't know.

    Both Henderson and Wilshere were poor and should not have been in the first XI.

    We're probably just never going to agree on this. I thought most of his passes were forward thinking and as incisive as any other player on the pitch. The backwards pass in the last second made no sense, I'll grant that. And I've already said his set pieces were **** so at least we can agree on that :D He did overhit a couple of crosses but also played a brilliant one to Alli who should have scored.

    Not advocating Henderson starts other games but I'm happy with him being in the squad if suspensions/injuries mean it's necessary.

  3. What did people make of Vardy? Actually thought he had been subbed off, because he was completely missing in the 2nd half. Lively in the first, but when there isn't room to exploit, he's much less effective.

    Quiet second half. His game is about pace and when teams play as deep as Slovakia, it's very difficult to use his best asset.

  4. Likewise, let's ignore the dreadful passing he made as well. You're actually using a through ball for a cross as an example where he was good, yeah? He gave the ball away, he hit the first man at every set piece, he over hit every single cross he had. But yeah, I'm the one ignoring things.

    I reiterate, he offered absolutely nothing that I would expect from another player in his position at his best. At his worst he was appalling and couldn't deliver even a half decent ball.

    73 out of 80 passes is not "dreadful" passing whichever way you look at it

  5. Is nobody going to point a finger at Sturridge?

    Man what a greedy ******. Lost possession so much tonight and only passed if it benefited him.

    To say Henderson, Clyne, Sturridge and Lallana all play club football together, there is zero understanding between them.

    As Mr Adam has pointed out, the linking up between Clyne and Henderson was the main source of threat until they brought on an extra left back to counter it.

  6. Despite some of the hilarious over reactions in here, I think we will be much, much better against better teams. We are very poor at breaking down teams that sit back, but will be decent on the counter. We just haven't had the chance to counter.

    The one time we properly countered, Sterling blew the chance (vs Wales) We sorta half countered a couple of times vs Russia but kept slowing it down (Sterling again mostly :D)

    Agree overall. This isn't some massive crisis. Not saying there's not criticisms to be had but people are really massively overreacting. My Facebook feed is just impossible to look at atm. Any team other than Portugal from Group F is likely to play the same way though and we'll come up against the same problems. Still don't think teams massively want to play us though.

    And I'll join in the bemusement at the Henderson complaints. Utterly dreadful at set pieces but other than that he did well. More than happy with him being a squad player.

  7. Henderson and Wilshere showed signs of not being match fit but I thought they played ok, Henderson in particular. He clearly shouldn't be on set pieces and overhit a couple of crosses but other than that I thought he played fine. People don't like him and pick out every single wrong thing he does whilst ignoring anything good he does (like that fb pass to Clyne in the first half)

  8. Well they've improved a lot since England last played them (think that was a 6-1 win, with Darius Vassell scoring twice and Ian Walker in goal). Anyone expecting a walkover will be sorely disappointed. A draw in normal time would be pretty likely if England don't have their shooting boots on.

    To be clear, I would not be expecting a walkover at all. But if we went out to Iceland I would be very disappointed.

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