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  1. they just need police that engage with the fans' date=' be helpful etc. and it needs to start from as soon as people arrive in the cities. Even now you can see that there is absolutely no communication between police and fans nor does there seem to be any form of planning or co-ordination. going back to the Russia game, the fact the police presence inside the stadium was minimal and there being no proper police segregation between the fans speaks volumes.

    The most worrying part is that the police seem to think that inflicting physical harm comes before ensuring the safety of people in the city, it's just a bizzare approach.[/quote']

    Was watching BBC Breakfast a few days before the tournament and they were talking about, think they had the head of some kind of fan group on. He said he and members of British police have repeatedly told the French police the best way to go about it with engagement with fans etc like you said. But they constantly ignore the advice and just tear gas a load of people at the first sign of any trouble, and sometimes that "trouble" is just drunk people chanting daft songs about Jamie Vardy or whatever.

    I'm sure there have been plenty of dickheads misbehaving who deserve to be arrested, but the police approach doesn't help matters in the slightest. And they've been told time and time again it's an approach that doesn't work.

    It would be pretty annoying if England got kicked out as that would distract everyone from how poor the team is playing.

    It's been one game and in that one game we played pretty well?

  2. I'm all for hooligans fighting, so long as no innocent bystanders get hurt.

    Bit of nationalism is good, be proud of the homeland and the history. Have a bit of a scuffle, it's good for toughening you up.

    Sick of you left wing social justice warrior weenies always complaining about everything lol.

    This post :D

  3. Stay safe Pukey :thup:

    We got out quickly and had sorted a taxi back after a metro ride so we're safe in our accommodation and have avoided any trouble, just saw it kicking off for a couple minutes before getting the hell out of there.

    So yeah, we're absolutely fine :thup:

    Appalling crowd management there, Pukey. It does seem that football crowds are not give the same protection as similarly large gatherings & unfortunately I'm not surprised by what you've posted.

    It makes me appreciate the way it's done in England. I've seen things start kicking off at games in England but all gets dealt with quickly.

  4. Were you in an official England section, if not did it appear that the locals had no idea what could happen by having rival fans so close?

    Good to hear that you're safe & well.

    We got tickets through the ballot so wasn't official section but we were with England fans, didn't see any Russians in our area.

    Saw England fans seated near the Russians in their area and I thought it was odd but assumed there was police in and around but clearly weren't. Can only assume they didn't have any idea. If they did know, why didn't they do far more to prevent issues (like having a police presence ffs) and if they didn't know, how on earth could they not?

    It's really, really disappointing. Me and my group are safe but feels like we could very easily have had it worse. First time I've ever felt unsafe at football.

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