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  1. I was saying the same thing with a relative before I saw this. The Italians reactions and German's lack of reaction influenced the ref.

    Muller has been poor once again. It is only because of his reputation why he has not been dropped.

    I think Boateng standing with his hands in the air for no reason probably influenced the ref more tbh

  2. To be a penalty it has to be "deliberate handball" and no-one can seriously suggest thats what it was:

    Yes, but referees have to take into account whether the player's hands were in a natural position or not. Boateng's hands are clearly not. You could have players all the time doing that and blocking ball but hiding behind "oh but I totes didn't mean to!!!!"

  3. Its that he has his hands up to show the ref he isn't holding the man then ball to hand from such a short distance (12 inch maybe).

    Just feels like such a soft penalty that wasn't anywhere near intentional.

    He doesn't need to have his hands up at all, it's his own stupid fault. He may not have "intentionally" done it, but he's put his hands in an unnatural position where there's a good chance the ball will be flicked on to and hit his hand, as obviously happened. Referee has no choice at all.

  4. I actually think in 2014 we didn't play too badly and lost 2 close games that could have gone either way to 2 good teams. Costa Rica was a write off as we were out already.

    This we should have beat Russia, should have beat Slovakia and should have beat Iceland but, even if we had good periods in two of those games, we were tactically poor and got what we deserved (well, deserved to beat Russia but the other games we didn't deserve to win at all)

  5. There's a decent future ahead imo. Some good young players, first halves against Slovakia and Russia were good. Iceland are a hell of a let better than people give credit for (still shouldn't lose to them ofc)

    However, his substitutions were poor. Even the Wales game it felt like he just threw all the strikers on and hoped for the best with no genuine tactical thought. Someone said he seemed to set up for the diamond and bottled it and went for 4-3-3 which I don't disagree with (though I didn't rate the diamond in the friendly games) He was putting square pegs into round holes and it didn't work at all. Think if he set up based around the players we'd have seen better results.

    I still think this was better than 2010 though :D

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