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  1. I don't really get the drift towards Portugal here. They're favourites now. I don't buy it

    Came in to post the same. Croatia have been the most impressive team so far, Portugal have looked dodgy at the back. I don't see them winning this.

    Have a Wales/Croatia double. Also have £1 on 2-1 and same on 3-1 to Croatia, and Perisic to score first and Croatia to win 3-1 at 135/1

  2. Milik has missed about 6384 open goals so far this tournament. Looks such a good player other than that.

    On the other side' date=' seferovic is awful[/quote']

    He seems to lack composure, fluffs his lines at easy chances. But yeah, other than that I think he's been really good in this tournament. Some of his passes and movement have been brilliant. That dummy for the goal was great too.

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