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  1. I'm playing LLM in England 99,99% of the time, as I am fascinated by the English Football Pyramid and the immense number of levels & teams it has. I am amazed to find teams with 120+ years of history and I just love reading about them, I've also find myself doing this. I am also checking out the opposition town & stadium when " travelling " to away games. Sometimes this has a bittersweet feeling - as I would have loved to grow up supporting a small team in an idyllic small English town. Sometimes I look up players pictures online for those in my team that do not have and y
  2. I've just discovered this forum & challenge and god.. you guys are great ! You are dragging me into this madness . I will start a save when I will get home from work. Quick off-topic question : I've seen a lot of strange nick names for your players and I'm pretty sure there is something good behind them so : What's with all that : john doe 30c , john doe yp19a17 ?
  3. I second this. If I may take it a little further, we need a quick way to switch set pieces during the match - safer or riskier or whatever. Now we have to go Tactics -> Set Pieces dropdown -> Free Kicks / Corners - > Load etc. And it doesn't always work, as @glengarry224 mentioned. It's great we have a "Team Instruction Pop-up" with auto-pause during the match. How about another tab there ? In Possession / In Transition/ Out of Possession & Set Pieces. Maybe we can have split sections in this new tab with Set Pieces / Corners / Throw Ins , each with the cu
  4. There are soooo many crossing attempts in a match, player & AI teams. Sometimes there are more than 1 cross/minute combined !! I gave up on roles that have "Cross more often" hardcoded because I just can't watch the endless action of "let me wait for the defender to close down so I can attempt a cross into his foot" .
  5. 10 games in December. And the next stage of FA Cup is not drawn yet.
  6. What's going on with Season Preview changing from matchday to matchday ?! Is this working as it should ? I understand there is a bug with media prediction showed on Club page - which is not fixed - but I though you can rely on season preview !
  7. 1. Not from the start. 2. Yes, but the strikers are close with 4 and 5 goals behind each. Anyway my IF is a dum-dum : 19yo with very good dribbling 16 , good finishing 14.. and concentration of a toddler 4. He has very good games and a lot of decent and bad games. Also I am facing a lot of teams with 5 defenders ( 3-5-something , 5-3-something) or teams with 2 DM and I am not tweaking the tactics correctly every time to make space for him. But at the start of the season this was my plan : create on the right and in the middle, finish with IF on the left and TM/P in the ce
  8. These 2 I use most of the time as starting point. My IF is the top scorer of my team. Sometimes I start with balanced mentality, sometimes I start wider from the beginning - depending on opposition and their formation. If opposition has DM ( one or two ) and I am playing 4-2-3-1 I set the AM to roam from position and maybe on support duty. Sometimes I set the TM to S and AMC to A. Sometimes my striker is playing Poacher instead of TM. If I am taking too many long shots I set up work ball in the box. Sometimes I tweak crosses, sometimes I tweak crossing target of wide
  9. I have also noticed this.. There is a relation between tactics & roles & duties that affect player ratings, which sounds logical but is not quite obvious somehow. Players will do good in the system and positions that will fit them. Maybe I am wrong, but have a look at this: I am top of the league, a little past half season in National League with Hartlepool United. I am playing 4-3-3 DM Wide or 4-2-3-1 . I've managed to understand what I want from my tactics and my players in respect of their roles and duties ( with the help of some threads in tactics forum) and things h
  10. I generally see my team having a lot of lesser chances ..mostly misplaced headers. I am wondering how can I improve on that ? I am watching the games on comprehensive highlights and usually I see we dominate possession as intended, but with less clear changes as I would love to see..
  11. Unfortunately set pieces ( FT, FK, Corners ) are a disappointment year after year, and SI should be embarrassed by this. I remember playing an NFL game in the 90s , you could design your own plays : drawing lines , setting passing options and runs .. IN THE 90s!!!! Free Throws are a total disgrace .. I have a panic attack every time I see a throw in in my own half ! and the mess of offside play from the throw in near the corner flag it would be funny if it wasnt just sad. I have 2-3 per game , mine or AI. And it's a comprehensive highlight ! We need to be able to set free throws a
  12. Are there extra ( hard coded ) differences between Deep Lying Playmaker role and Central Midfielder role with the PI from the DLP ? Thank you.
  13. Setting up Opposition Instruction : "Closing down Always" on opposition wide players defeats the purpose of Defensive Width :" Force Opposition Outside " ?
  14. Oh I'm really far away from recommending anything... I am still learning and trying to understand FM tactics. I am genuinely interested in this tactical approach, as in my current save I've just took over Hartlepool United in the second season. They are packed with good Central Midfielders and they have a very good Left Winger and I am trying to figure out how to play 433 DM wide .. like your system.
  15. Can I ask about the first tactic posted .. Who do you see providing protection / cover on the left flank ( as the FB is on attacking mentality ) ? The Anchor or the BWM ? I always imagined the Anchorman not leaving his center area of the field in front of the defense , and the BWM on Support sometimes wandering away trying to get the ball back. Is this working because of the positive mentality and the Higher Defense Line so the " pitch is smaller" in a sense that BWM and/or Anchorman can and will move quickly to cover the left flank ? Thank you.
  16. Does the passing directness & tempo directly affect the counter attack phase ?
  17. What I have noticed ( maybe I am wrong and need more testing ) is that some shouts are not good to use for the "entire team": " fire up", "focus", "calm down". They seem to have some effect when used on one or two specific players , when it's needed: "fired up" doesn't look like it has a positive effect on defender for example. Again, maybe I am wrong. " Praise " , " Encourage" , "Demand more" are safe bets for the "entire team" with 9,10 positive results.
  18. Hi, Somehow I've managed to break something, I dont know what. Even with the default skin, the icons are colorless . Can someone point me into the right direction to correct this ? I've extracted the icons folder from sitoolkit, copy it to /graphics/icons.. but it's the same. Thank you.
  19. I had the same issue : same trigger with opponent player injury... clicked the pop up , got stuck on opponent tactics screen. I had to take the pep talk for both team, witch was amazing : I was so proud of opponent players loosing to my lower division team, with a late goal in the 94min ! GG Eastleigh. Waited a lot on " awaiting media .." , clicking and moved forward. Glad it didn't crashed , was a hard worked win in the cup.
  20. Hi, Is there a way to interpolate the value of the url widget as a static + variable value ? Something like "www.google.com/search?q={City_Name}" ? I was thinking that would nice to have a link on the club overview panel that would open the default browser to a google search. I have seen the url widget in the news panels but I cand figure out how to set the value out. <widget class="url_text" id="urlt" auto_size="vertical" size="xlarge" colour="secondary" alignment="centre_x,top"> <string id="url_tracking_category" value="feature_news_item_url_clicked" />
  21. Seconds this. It's tedious to set up staff responsibilities the same way every new job. A save/load ( like the save / load leagues configuration at the start of a save ) would be perfect.
  22. This a very annoying aspect of the ME: while watching the game on comprehensive highlights it feels like a lot of highlights start with the wide player WAITING for the defender to block the cross. Maybe is a poor way to express " hey here we have a corner ", or maybe there should be skipped somehow from the highlights - I don't know , or maybe there is a real issue with the ME - but seeing that wide player going dumb with the ball is tiresome. Also there are other glitches that are in same annoying category : offside after throw-in near the corner flag - I have this 2-3 times a game , off
  23. Actually I don't think it has to be, as you can set anyone from the analyst pool. This is really strange. Did you get a message like this ?
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