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  1. I don't think the issue is related to custom editor files... I've noticed the issue : 1. with an ongoing save since the moment of the update with no editor files 2. with a new save : 2.1. with a edited database 2.2. with default database There is a general drop in ratings values with major impact on defensive players.
  2. I was looking forward for this days between Christmas and New Year been on vacation and planning to play FM, but this ratings thing is so annoying... I really really don't feel like playing right now
  3. UI stuff : I would love to be able to customize the flow of the screens/ panels, ( i.e. "pre game" I want to be able to select the following flow: opposition report, squad view, tactics, go to match .. ) Also, drag and drop widgets .. Let me customize my screens how I like them, not with fixed sizes and finite selector items. I think I've spent more time modifying my skin than actually playing the game
  4. Hi, You can change / add this into the settings file of your skin ( [skin name]\settings\[skin_name] settings.xml ) : <colour name="title" value="rgb(255,255,255)"/>
  5. Hi. I did it like this... Place this modified "stadium overview panel.xml" in panels\club. stadium overview panel.xml
  6. Pressing "Cancel" button on trait training doesn't stop the trait removal .
  7. What's the problem ? No stadium image ? Or you cannot resize the panel ?
  8. Don't worry. I was lost a couple of weeks ago, too. I am not an expert - far from it, but I've grinded through the info found on the forums, so things are getting clearer- at least a little . 1. So first of all, you need the base skin. Check this topic by @michaeltmurrayuk : Base Skins 2021 . All the basics are there, including how to install one of them. After you've got one of the basic skin in place, you can modify it without worries of messing with the default one. 2. Go to the skin folder you've just installed. In the "\panels" folder create another folder ca
  9. @pezzyhawkins @EnigMattic1 what's the issue? You cannot make it work with the "club overview stadium panel.xml", or the size of the image ? I will try and help if I can.
  10. Don't mention it. Glad to be helpful. I've seen your "club overview panel.xml" now. It looks like you have added the stadium picture widget directly in this panel. What I've seen others do - more skilled and experienced with fm skinning - they do keep things separately as the devs intended ( separation of concerns and all that ). So, there is a default file witch is named "club overview stadium panel.xml" that does this - encapsulates the stadium info to be used by "club overview panel.xml". In this file we've added the stadium picture widget, so if we want to see the s
  11. The stadium picture widget is nested inside a container, along with stadium name widget and city name widget, assuming you are using the club overview stadium panel.xml that is similar to the one I have. <container class="bordered_box" appearance="" > <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="top,extend" layout="-1,-1,400" offset="0"/> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" apply_to_children="true"/> <!--stadium name--> <widget class="client_object_label" size="13" style="bold" id="bbbb" alignment="
  12. Glad it worked. I suggest you lower the value of default_height property from the stadium picture widget. Play a little with some values, see what works for you. Good luck.
  13. Full screen 3840 x 2160 , 150% zoom. Also, could I ask what xml files are those for in between highlights panel and tablet panel/widget ? Would like to have a look at them. Thanks.
  14. There are some UI choices that feel strange, imho. 1. Team Talk screen : User's eyes are all over the place in this screen.. players and their reactions are left , top , right. One has to go over every individual player widget to see reactions / rating. A list was perfect for this as you can assess immediately what has changed. Even a list of widgets, but they should be all in the same place. Individual Team talk, again moving from bottom left to top right of the screen to check boxes. 2. Match screen Play / Pause button is on one side of the screen , Skip replay
  15. These are 2 screens I have modified on the base dark skin using inspiration from various skins - rensie, newton, royal - and some posts from around here. I cannot say I will release this, as there isn't much to release and some panels are scaled for my resolution ( I think ) - as I am kind of old and my sight is not so good . Anyway , I would love to add some stuff from here and there, mod other screens maybe.. but there is such a tedious job to try, test, retry in order to identify xmls, widgets etc.
  16. Hi.. If you didn't solve it, here is my suggestion. I think you need to edit "club overview stadium panel. xml" and add the picture widget <!--Stadium picture--> <widget class="stadium_picture" id="STAp" priority="1" image_alignment="centre_x, centre_y" keep_aspect_ratio="true" default_height="400"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="objt" /> </record> </widget> I have tested your "club overview panel.xml" and it works with my own edited
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