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  1. There was a part when they were looking at some scout report and I didn't quite understand what they were saying : something about the quality of the report ? Did anyone get that ?
  2. I have a strange kind of opposite situation, that I think is a bug ( or some form of bad tuning ) and reported it . There is no acknowledgement for 10 days now. I am playing in lower leagues in England and in National League, National League North/South ~30% of the managers are newgens with continental A/Pro licenses ~33-35 years old. And oh, I am in 2024 - just 4 seasons in.
  3. My Scouts are nicknamed like this: " [Job] Name Axx Pxx" . ex: CS Paterson A15 P14 - from chief scout Paterson with Judging Player Ability 15 and Judging Potential 14. GM Jones A13 P12 - general manager etc. Recently I've noticed from some guys into the Youth Academy challenge forum that they are using a notation system for youth players so I've adapted to something like this " Name YA[year][personality] " ex : Mike Jones YA21b - Mike Jones Youth Academy player from year 2021 with a balanced personality. Sometimes I'm using a * at the end to remember that this is an interesting player to keep my eye on. I like this one.. I am going to steal it shamelessly
  4. I think it would be nice to have some form of official help/guide regarding skinning .. an official wiki of some sort. Guys from the "skinning hideout forums" are amazing, and there are fantastic docs maintained by @michaeltmurrayuk - but working with the game xml files - try and fail until you get it right, it's just horrible.
  5. Should we dare to hope ? "Don’t mistake this upgrade for a simple lick of paint – our drastic staff interaction overhaul is anchored by the all-new weekly Staff Meeting."
  6. I think we could have a form of realism ( and implicit immersion ) and a level of "gameification" without conflict. If someone feels the need for immersion via let's say "geographically aware" stadiums, light, altitude, grass quality - let there be some form of variety. Let there be some form of behavioral variety for owners, reporters, fans. Let there be a form a behavioral variety for players also because for now lower league or premier league - they are all the same. If someone else just want's to play his text base game and watch a 2D stand-less representation - by all means, let him disable all of the above and enjoy his way of playing. Maybe for someone realism means long interviews, press pression, nagging questions about discontent players- let him toggle it on. But let there be variety and options.
  7. There should be improvements under the hood with every iteration, as they are selling a new release each year.. so I don't think these improvements could be the "headlines" for a new release. Changing the way the stamina is accounted into the pressing logic it's a very good thing, but at the end of the day why wasn't it taking into consideration till now? So it's a correction to a flawed implementation . It's an improvement - an important one -but you know .. it's not a feature Nobody wants empty shiny stuff. But the way the " new staff meeting " , " boom! doomsday ! " sorry.. "deadline day" were presented .. they are just shiny stuff.
  8. I thought that was a feel good video.. like " hey , this year we are better - we know how to work from home better , we've change to agile " etc. Even in the first video he said they finished the game earlier. Anyway... I could go for an " this is a fix year : we've solved 90% of bugs and here is an database update " for half the price. " See you next year for a full new and much improved version". It's 55euros on Steam. ( 49,49 pre-purchase ).
  9. I do agree that we didn't see the full game yet.. but as you also said they would make a big deal out of it- if there were any improvements regarding AI off the pitch. So most likely nothing is changed. Hope I am wrong, hahahah...! fingers crossed and all that. I understand this aspect as there are so many voices and so many opinions and obviously it's their product and at the end of the day they could do what they want with it and we can buy it or not. But I think a decent conversation starting with some basic roadmap of what's ahead could be a start. And yes there are fans suggestions that are polarized - some want feature X or Y, some don't - but I do think there are some aspects that a vast majority would like to see improved : set pieces, off the pitch AI, on the pitch AI. Going to the suggestion forums - and the bugs forum by the way, cause there are bugs that are inherited from older versions - we could build some kind of "must be improved " list that most of us agree with. Then a conversation with devs could at least give us some kind of clarity - are they on the same page with us ? The roadmap is close to what we are looking for ? This could help them also..
  10. It feels like there is a bit of a disconnection between the devs/company and the users and maybe there should be more transparency and/or better communication regarding the developing roadmap, future plans etc. There are gaming companies that are releasing regular dev updates, they have public roadmaps regarding their products etc. Customers have a lot of info and there is a lot of feedback. We would know that we could expect feature X,Y or Z in version 23/24 etc.. Maybe we would see that some of our suggestions are taking into consideration down the road - or NOT. There is nothing of that sort with Football Manager. We only have news around the release date, and the improvements are not quite what they should be. As others said, what use do we have for the suggestion forums when there is no consideration for it ? Set pieces, AI improvements, UI & QOL improvements, editor improvements, immersion etc. Here we have a product that releases yearly with almost top AAA price, and the incremental added value it's not quite on par with full price. I think that ME improvements, AI improvements on & off the pitch are kind of implicit ( not to say mandatory) if SI releases a full price product every year. I mean .. the core aspects of the game should improve every year and should not be promoted as new headline features - unless is a ME rewrite or something. But the main story with this 2 videos are the (implicit) ME improvements from the first one. I do think that passing and pressing updates are interesting, but come on - this should be implicit. " We have enhanced the ME with this and that" - good. does it worth the full price ? Because that's it basically. There are no AI improvements - on or off the pitch, as others said - what use do we have of a deadline revamp if the AI trades as bad as always ? What use there is for a "staff meeting" if the AI advice is as bad as it is now ? I think there should be some open discussions with the product owners, feature designers .. civilized and respectful of course, where we could find out more about the development plans. It's really frustrating year after year to see that we are looking in one direction and the company just goes somehow the other way.
  11. I say this video is a bit disappointing, considering the first one. An UI revamp for the "staff advice" and a "boom! scare ! the deadline!" - which no one uses by the way - doesn't strike me as "new features headlines". Looks like the good parts were over with the first video. Silly me - hoping for a set pieces rework.
  12. Uploaded save file to cloud : "Florin Petrescu - Blyth.fm". Thank you.
  13. Hi. My save is in 2023 now, managing Blyth Spartans in Vanarama National League and I've noticed 8 out of 24 teams have generated managers at their first job ( most of them ). All of them have continental A or Pro License and pretty decent attributes. There are other occurrences of generated managers in upper or lower leagues, but I dont know how to filter/search them other then by hand. It feels pretty early - in 2023 - to have so many managers generated. Thank you.
  14. I know, right ?! I'm also hyped about the stamina changes and pressing .. and dribbling and passing (in)accuracy . Oh man, oh man ! Can't wait. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for a set pieces revamp! It could be a massive release it it happens !
  15. THIS ! The lack of stadium diversity between countries ( regions ) - and even in the same country between leagues - is killing the immersion. Let us feel we are playing into the depths of the football league. Let the stadiums be on the edge of the town, small and rusted - people standing near the field. Let us feel we are improving when a shack in the corner is replaced by a small stand. But please don't let the English small town football field be the same as the opened oval South American stadiums. I would love to be able to edit the stadium.. it will be a step in the right direction. Let us mod them, I am sure we will do an amazing job with the stadiums. Hell, we are fighting the xml madness of skins every year - we would handle modding the stadiums. And the fans. Fans are crazy everywhere, but in some regions you'll have fireworks and confetti - and in some other places you don't. And in really lower leagues sometimes you have some uninterested guys having some beers making fun of really bad players. We need the diversity.
  16. This is very interesting, I feel silly now thinking I've never reacted to opposition morale drop.
  17. Considering the teaser, I think there will be changes to the staff relations & transfers. Will there be major changes as the community wishes, or just some fluff over bizarre UI changes - like this year's team talks/ interviews ?! We have to wait and see the full new features breakdown. I personally hope for an improvement of set pieces - I think a complete new logic and a new UI panels are needed for set pieces, but I will be grateful for some improvements and bug fixes in this department. I am scared by the new WCB position - new additions to tactical aspect of the game will bring more bugs. More bugs means more time to wait for a fix and I'm afraid the game will be kind of bad for a couple of month - like the FB/DM rating issue from last winter, key stats issue at release. I hope it will not be the case, but I am afraid after the FM21 experience.
  18. I am trying for some time to figure out the city pics .. and for the love of god, I cannot make them work as I want to. I have a pack with city pictures that imports them like this : <record from="club_id" to="graphics/pictures/club/club_id/background"/> The moment I have the city pics folder into the graphics folder - my backgrounds are changing... kind of expected, but unwanted ! Anyway this I can tick out with " allow display of custom background pictures" option. So far so good, the pics are ok. But I want to show them as little pictures in my custom Stadium Overview Panel.xml via Stadium Overview Info Widget.xml I am trying to use them like this : <widget class="background" file="backgrounds" id="bgnd"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="top" inset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="left" offset="0" gap="0" /> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="bgnd" /> <integer id="set_property" value="file" /> </record> </widget> I do believe I should reference them some other way but everything is so confusing.. Every skin is handling backgrounds a little bit differently and I am tired of "try and fail" . Thanks in advance for any help. stadium overview info widget.xml stadium overview panel.xml
  19. Yeah, I feel your pain too. I've seen the dafuge challenge or youth academy challenge completed by others, and I just cannot improve after a playoff promotion from VNLN to VNN. I took Blyth Spartans to VNL, managed a decent 14th place in the first season in VNL - and I am looking depressed at others back to back promotions. I just cannot find decent players to improve. Low club reputation, a lot of rejected loans.. I Just lose my enthusiasm seeing all the contract/loan rejections.
  20. I've noticed a couple of days ago I've reached the 1k hours mark playing Fm21. So a feedback could be appropriate.. This is quite an achievement for me, as the only other game I've got 1k+ hours in was Crusader Kings II, and I do think some hundred hours are my wife's doing, conquering the world as Byzantine Empire . Fm21 is the greatest escape I had this year and really, really helped me mentally.. So you guys at SI - you should know that beyond criticism and moaning ( my own included) your work is helping me, bringing me escape and joy. Another interesting thing- for me at least, is that I didn't manage a top tier team in this 1k+ hours. I had A LOT of fun in the lower leagues. There were some disappointments - one was my dafuge challenge with Gosport Borough as it wasn't successful after 4 seasons in VNL South. But on the up side, I've just promoted Blyth Spartans to VNL from a 500-1 promotion odds - predicted to relegate. My striker was the top scorer with 40+ goals, I had the top assists guy in the VNL north - manager of the year etc. I've played a 4-4-2 counter attack that I've always failed to make it work, but this time I've done it ! I've won promotion through the playoffs on penalties last shot of the series .. it was glorious ! This year I've spent a lot of time putting together my own skin in November & December - working from home & lockdowns did let me with a lot of time on my hands. This was fun but also tedious - fortunately there are a lot of helpful guys in the skinning forum. Some UI improvements are needed - as sometimes our eyes are all over the place, clicking bottom left corner then top right corner etc. There are suggestions in the suggestion forum, couple of them my own so I'm not going into details here. But I would like to add that skin modding is really tedious and maybe, maybe you will look into that. Match Engine.. I am a slow player as I do like to watch the start of the game in full detail 10-15 minutes ( and every now and then when I feel is needed ) looking to see if things needs to be adjusted - as I've learned from the masterminds in the tactics forum. Beyond this I'm using comprehensive highlights . What I'm trying to say is that if the tactics / position/ roles are set correctly the football presented looks beautiful, so the ME visual presentation is pretty **mn good this year! But there are some things that should be improved, because for example after 1k+ hours of seeing throw-in offsides near the backline, things can get really annoying . Also there is a little bit of an issue when players are running for loose balls - mostly in set pieces situations - when it looks like the the visual presentation is a bit off - players moving slowly, or not moving towards the ball. Anyway it feels wrong & equally frustrating. Talking about set pieces .. dear lord. Not going into that as I ( and others ) have already did in other posts. This is a constant complain from a lot of people and it should be a priority for the next installment. By the way, I've just noticed ( I know ! after so many hours .. ) that loading a set pieces collection during the match doesn't work. Not cool ! considering the amount of clicking needed to change every set piece. Player ratings philosophy has changed- xg orientated, analytics & player stats shown only during the half time and at the end- I don't know what to say about this. Sometimes I want to know why my FB has a 6.3 rating in the middle of second half at 0-0. I have no idea really. I can speculate based on my game experience ( but it's kind of cheesy ) - lots of uncompleted crosses and lots of lost headers. But how about tackling ? How about passing ? What if I am playing on Key Highlights ?! The Key Passes/ Headers stats release issue & the December patch FBs & DMs ratings fiasco... that was horrible ! For the amount of joy this game brought me this year .. there was a considerable amount of frustration that FM21 inflicted on me during last winter, waiting for the January patch . Anyway.. with good and bad I'm having a lot of fun with FM21 close to the end of the cycle. Cheers.
  21. Gosport Borough FC Season 4 2024/25 - National League South 17th Final Notes: I give up. I didn't managed to improve the club at all. No investments, the players are subpar and my tactics are bad most likely. Maybe I will come back to this challenge this year or the next one.. but for now I need some wins to get back the joy I had playing this game. I'm in awe of people here who can get promoted after 1 or 2 seasons. Chapeau !
  22. Gosport Borough FC Season 2023/24: Vanarama National League South - 11th Season Sumary: We played.. badly. I had such high hopes for this season and it just.. bleah. We've started really bad with 4 loses in 6 games... and it was a constant struggle trough the rest of the season. The only upside of this season was the fact that we've played some young guys from the academy and they played really well. League Table: Table Transfers: Nothing out of the ordinary .. Here are the 2 kids that impressed this season : Carwin Smith and Iwan Davies. Tactics: We've played a 4-4-2 formation, trying to control possession but our midfielders are so bad.. Notes: I have lost my enthusiasm and I don't think we'll ever escape National League South.. The board doesn't want to improve anything because there is no money. We cannot attract quality loan players, we cannot find a parent club for god's sake ! We need some wins in FA Cup or FA Trophy, maybe we will increase our reputation and get some money in.
  23. Hi, Sometimes I miss some notifications from the Assistant Manager as they do not " pop out " with a different text color / font / style. It would be nice if we could set up color codes for opposition changes mentality, etc. Thank you.
  24. Hi, Pretty much as the title says, it would be a little nice QoL improvement as the player will have this info in the opposition report without going for some clicks to find out if the pitch will be wide, short etc. Or maybe just a little link that will take you to the stadium info. Thank you.
  25. Season Review Gosport Borough FC Season 2022/23: Vanarama National League South - 10th Summary: After a short vacation IRL, we've finished the second season on a better position than the previous one.. but it was unpleasant. We cannot score even if we are 1v1 with the keeper. The board is disappointed with us failing to play attacking football. Well, we are trying to score - but we are a little rubbish in front of goal .. On a positive note we managed to score some goals from set pieces - corners and free-kicks . Not on such a positive note: we've missed a lot of penalties. League Table: league table Transfers: The biggest hit was our GK Lo-Tutala leaving for a "bigger club", which in his mind was the newly promoted Cray Wonderers. You finished 16th Lo-Tutala , 16th! :)) We've signed a lot of players but none was truly important. We've even managed to get a loan player as no one wanted to come play for us up until the second half of the season. Key Players: Other than our team leader and captain CB Matt Casey ? None. Yap. I want to trade them all Tactics: We've tried to play possession football - and the board says we've managed to do that - with a 4-4-1-1 formation and a positive mentality. But it was boring ! Notes: We have to improve. This 10th place feels like a miracle. We will change our tactics to a 4-4-2 with a TM and a Poacher. Let's see how it goes.
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