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  1. Game kinda encrypts the names of players. Try ctrl+a and then ctrl+p. If there is so many players try to narrow it down
  2. Looking forward to see the tactic. I think CB's do dribble when there is no FB or WB.
  3. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Let's say Mbappe is injured for 2 years. His potential should be 195 in FM23 as it is in FM21. It should not change. And let's say this injury collapsed him mentally. So he can't reach 195 CA but we seen his potential 2 years ago. My point is PA shouldn't be affected by playtime or ratings etc.
  4. He means attacking movement under individual training.
  5. Only thing i can think of removing work ball into box so Slimani can get more crosses. He is tall enoguh to score some headers Also you are using defend-cover partnership in defence and offside trap at the same time.
  6. Very very good and in-depth analysis. Looking forward for the replication. Possibly, you checked out other's replications so can you compare yours with them. Not in terms of success but movement and chance creation etc.
  7. I know HOYD affects player type that you get but i'm not sure about coaches. I don't think your coaches should be on the same page but personality always helps.
  8. I think its just a visual bug. It should not effect his in game movement
  9. I think there is a link in the game but it isn’t visualised in the tactic creator.
  10. Team talks are present in the game for nearly a decade. It isn’t added this year. So it was present in the beta as it is in the full game
  11. That 1 CB tactic is the most fun tactic i've seen in this game. You can put DM's as inverted wing back's. Its better defensive and also in the build up phase
  12. Here we go. I hope structure is correct. I choose Karşıyaka. We can say that its kind of a fallen giant. No need to upgrade stadium
  13. I agree. Also this is dependant on the player. For example if you have 20 work rate winger you can put him on attack, this lowers your solidity on analyser but he will track back more so its fine. I made 2 tactics with and underdog team solely based on the tool and i won my last 3 games so its pretty good for beginners
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