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  1. Ratings are related to your squad. So if you scout that player with Liverpool he will have a 2 star potential max.
  2. You can use ıwb-s on the right to cover cm-a and also it provides numerical advantage in the middle. There is a winger already who stays wide
  3. @Tiger666 Yes please share it. I think he is related to Pep Guardiola or Bielsa
  4. Why balance? Because he needs to be on his foot while shooting.
  5. Off the ball is vital imo and then composure,balance,acceleration
  6. No not yet, but it is a good idea since Klopp is working with a throw in coach. You can make a topic in suggestions.
  7. Of course. I don’t know which attributes Has effect but anticipation definitely helps
  8. I don’t know about preferred tactic or style but personality makes a difference. I look at attributes and personality. If i have a model citizen that means i’m never replacing him.
  9. I don’t know french but Af-a lacazette two if-a Box to box fernandes two wb-auto probably bpd-d Sk-s Felix and de jong both of them should be ap-su because they are on the same role and duty
  10. 4-2-3-1 DM Narrow So we ended up with this formation. St was dlf-S but with three cm's on attack they were stacking up so i changed it to af-a. Narrow formations is so hard to build (for me at least) because cm's and dm's are stacking up. Even though the mezzala's staying wide. Would like to see what can be done by other players. I should've tried 2 vol 2 mez and cm-d because there isn't any penetration We overachieved by finishing 7th but only scoring 34 goals Also we got knocked out on qfinals on Euro cup .We won 1-0 most of the games. Not much open play goals mostly from corners or rebounds.
  11. This is one of the weirdest formations i've ever used. It is great for possesion but not enough penetration we will see what happens. I can change the mentality to attacking at some point
  12. What did you change and how did it perform? retain possesion is gone did you go for shorter passing or extremely short? And i maximized pressing (6 second rule)
  13. My first observation is there isn’t movement in midfield. Try volante-s on the right and maybe wb-a on the left or fb-a if you don’ Want him to drrible etc.
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