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  1. What did you change and how did it perform? retain possesion is gone did you go for shorter passing or extremely short? And i maximized pressing (6 second rule)
  2. My first observation is there isn’t movement in midfield. Try volante-s on the right and maybe wb-a on the left or fb-a if you don’ Want him to drrible etc.
  3. In the tactics screen there is quick pick which is actually ask to the assistant. This can be changed into “ask to the assistant”. My main idea for quick pick is we should be able to line up players in a tab similar to squad depth screen who plays where when i press to quick pick. For example i will sort players for aml spot and number 1 spot will be selected if he is fit. Not a big change but speeds up the game.
  4. I do it with common knowledge. If you are successful bigger clubs chase you so i think proposing team would be better in terms of reputation. And i generally try to go to better leagues.
  5. All of the tactics in the first post. Top one usually the better one at least it got the most points in testing.
  6. I would say treq or enganche cause i assume his physicals got worse. And Place him centrally not on the wings imo
  7. Bu konudaki 2. Taktiği indir. I helped him in our native. I hope its not against the rules
  8. You know there are playing styles. He created one and named like that. Its just a set of team instructions
  9. I think they are playing with the ball more around the box and trying to get a set piece obviously. Encourages the physicality maybe?
  10. It's due to match engine. Since there isn't a way to tell them play quickly apart from higher tempo, you can't do anything about it.
  11. I always wondered why doesn't he have a one topic in which he posts everything.
  12. https://www.guidetofm.com/tactics/roles-duties Check this out
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