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  1. I found a major bug when buying players. When your bid is accepted you let your DOF negotiate with the player. And then you go into change contract but you just offer it without changing anything. Buggy part is if you limit your wage budget to minimum , your DOF offers the player funny wages like 150k euro per year. So when you go into change contract offer , the player just accepts it. You can buy a player for just a 100k who normally wants 10m euro wage
  2. If you have good dribblers and pacey players then its a good instruction. Everyone tends to go for these players while making transfers so every tactic has these.
  3. These are different tabs and there isnt a way to merge them. It looks like there is a bug. Normally Player search tab shows you the players that you know exists. It depends on your world knowledge but you should be able to see leroy sane etc.. Lower your scouting packages and raise them again.
  4. I’m gonads definitely learn python during quarantine. Thanks for the code btw
  5. There is an update for fm12 but the creator sells it i think. It is not available for download.
  6. You can buy fm 2013+ from steam but since you can’t buy older games you have to download. And you can find squad updates from google if there is any.
  7. Ratings are related to your squad. So if you scout that player with Liverpool he will have a 2 star potential max.
  8. You can use ıwb-s on the right to cover cm-a and also it provides numerical advantage in the middle. There is a winger already who stays wide
  9. @Tiger666 Yes please share it. I think he is related to Pep Guardiola or Bielsa
  10. Why balance? Because he needs to be on his foot while shooting.
  11. Off the ball is vital imo and then composure,balance,acceleration
  12. No not yet, but it is a good idea since Klopp is working with a throw in coach. You can make a topic in suggestions.
  13. Of course. I don’t know which attributes Has effect but anticipation definitely helps
  14. I don’t know about preferred tactic or style but personality makes a difference. I look at attributes and personality. If i have a model citizen that means i’m never replacing him.
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