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  1. Very very good and in-depth analysis. Looking forward for the replication. Possibly, you checked out other's replications so can you compare yours with them. Not in terms of success but movement and chance creation etc.
  2. I know HOYD affects player type that you get but i'm not sure about coaches. I don't think your coaches should be on the same page but personality always helps.
  3. I think its just a visual bug. It should not effect his in game movement
  4. I think there is a link in the game but it isn’t visualised in the tactic creator.
  5. Team talks are present in the game for nearly a decade. It isn’t added this year. So it was present in the beta as it is in the full game
  6. That 1 CB tactic is the most fun tactic i've seen in this game. You can put DM's as inverted wing back's. Its better defensive and also in the build up phase
  7. Here we go. I hope structure is correct. I choose Karşıyaka. We can say that its kind of a fallen giant. No need to upgrade stadium
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