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  1. When you say baden powell do you mean google docs ? If it isn't can you dm me
  2. There is no change in ME other than player ratings. So all of 21.4 tactics are fine. You can still use it
  3. That 1 CB tactic is the most fun tactic i've seen in this game. You can put DM's as inverted wing back's. Its better defensive and also in the build up phase
  4. Here we go. I hope structure is correct. I choose Karşıyaka. We can say that its kind of a fallen giant. No need to upgrade stadium
  5. I agree. Also this is dependant on the player. For example if you have 20 work rate winger you can put him on attack, this lowers your solidity on analyser but he will track back more so its fine. I made 2 tactics with and underdog team solely based on the tool and i won my last 3 games so its pretty good for beginners
  6. It may be bad form but also match engine changed, so that may be the reason as well
  7. @Skubek He is working on it so stop spamming please. @r00t With underdogs i suggest change mentality according to matches. Cautious was strong on the beta maybe you can try it.
  8. There isn't any PI's right ? Now i see it can't delete sorry
  9. Improve weak foot is now related to technique. You can't tell player to improve it. He does it by himself if he wants to. Rashidi said this
  10. Yes. Training’s not changed @Mr.Robot It means tactic is tested with Manchester United.
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