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  1. Not without investing a lot of time to edit it yourself. Usually you can find new data sets for last year's version and occasionally the two year old version in some online FM communities. Anything older than that is typically left behind.
  2. I had the same question a while ago. I was told it's normal expected behaviour, which made me want to run out and buy a dedicated graphics card. I do wonder why rendering simple menus is using GPU that much, though.
  3. The problem with this argument is that you can play the game for 500 hours and then at the end you might wish you hadn't played at all because your overall feeling and memory from those 500 hours was one of frustration and maybe even regret. I spent a lot of time playing FM20, far more time than I did playing FM19, but the frustration eventually got to me. It's probably worse that I spent more time on FM20 than FM19 because I walked away from both versions feeling a bit disappointed. If anything, the fact that this game is so incredibly addictive puts more pressure on it to leave a good impression. The people debating whether or not to buy it next year are keenly aware of the opportunity cost associated with playing the game that goes far beyond the price of the game itself.
  4. I love this formation, but it can be precarious if your striker is in poor form. This is especially true if you give him an AF(a) role. If you do this, make sure your striker is in good form. If in poor form, play him out on the wing until he scores again, or better yet, save him for a cup competition. For wingbacks, I like using support duties because it gives you much more opportunity to customize their behaviour. If you don't want them crossing or dribbling as much in a particular match then give them those specific instructions. If you use attack duties, you are stuck with them dribbling/crossing as much as possible. I like an HB(d) for the DM. He positions conservatively, which is what I want with forward-moving wingbacks out wide and he does a solid job of recycling possession. He doesn't even need great vision, and he will still regularly find overlapping wingbacks with key passes because the opportunities are so obvious. Ahead of an HB(d), I like an aggressive combo of RPM(s) and CM(a). The CM(a) provides much needed support in the box for your lone striker and needs good finishing, acceleration, and mental attributes. The RPM makes himself available for the ball in a more dynamic way than an AP and keeps the formation fluid. The other point of consideration is what to do with the front three. Many modern implementations would involve two inside forwards and a support duty striker, and that's perfectly valid. But be careful with this because if your striker is focused on support, he might go a few matches without scoring, and then the "poor form" factor kicks in to make him struggle in subsequent matches. I like using a PF(a) in this spot, with at least one of the wide forwards on support. A winger isn't a bad choice, but then I'd be more likely to use an FB(s) or IWB(s) behind him.
  5. For FM20 purposes, I would tell the AML/AMR and DL/DR to cross to the far post. I would also manually set the front three to close down more, tackle harder, and mark tighter.
  6. My feedback on your screenshots would be: I'm not sold on Zirkzee in FM20 due to his lack of pure pace and his low work rate. You could find more joy with a much better forward. Spamming corners and free kicks is good strategy, but you need an excellent set piece taker on the field at all times. Also, make sure you have the right routines in place. Some of the defaults are a bit weak. If you want your wingbacks to get forward then you should probably give your DM a defend duty role (AM or HB are great). If your AP(s) isn't taking over quite like you had hoped, try an RPM(s). I usually see more dynamism and results from an RPM than an AP. Saka and Bellerin have great speed and will be able to deliver countless crosses, but their skill at delivering them is questionable. You might see better results with better crossers. Of course, your results already look excellent, so you might want to resist changes unless/until you stop winning.
  7. I would go with this tactic in FM. Some things I might consider changing: Dropping Firmino to AMC. In truth, Mane and Salah are playing at least as advanced as him, but an F9 in FM should be close enough. Changing one of the BBMs to CM(s), maybe even with a hold position instruction. I do think of them more as BBMs, though, especially Henderson/Keita. Using attacking mentality. Either way, you need more direct passing and a higher tempo. You can get there with positive or attacking mentality. I thought about using a DM, but the midfield three spreads out better in FM this way, which is more representative of Liverpool. They rarely drop a player next to Van Dijk and instead rely on VVD to cycle possession.
  8. In his last 8 matches, my AML (Gabriel Martinelli, inside forward role in a 4-3-3) has 44 tackles, 39 headers, 0 goals, and 1 assist. The leading tackler in my save's EPL so far this season is Felipe Anderson with 8.02 tackles per 90 minutes (he's a strong tackler in real life, but still only averaging 3 per match). The list of top tacklers is flooded with wingers, inside forwards, and wingbacks and the numbers are way too high in general. I hope FM21 shifts some of the play from the flanks back into the middle of the pitch.
  9. Once your striker gets on a roll, you can beat anyone in FM. Similarly, once you start winning some matches, each subsequent match becomes tougher to lose. I've found 3 at the back to be incredibly stable defensively in FM20. Playing with just two wide players gives you huge advantages on crosses that you have clearly used to your benefit. You should be vulnerable against good teams playing a 4-2-3-1 against you, so it's strange to see you beating so many good teams. That might be a temporary blip. The game is easy and you really just need to manage your squad selection sensibly to overachieve. Overall, I agree with you that your results are suspiciously good, but that's overwhelmingly the expected result in FM20. What is truly surprising is how strong your central midfielders have been at providing goals and assists. That's impressive and not necessarily typical. You're on to a winning tactic.
  10. After being promoted last season, the media keeps asking you about whether or not you can stay up, but the only answer options you are given are weak maybes. Can the game not give us one option that implies confidence? This becomes especially grating after you've started really well and are clearly not a relegation candidate.
  11. I believe it means how likely a player is to perform to his peak level. Higher consistency means more likely to play their ability. Lower consistency players have more frequent bad games.
  12. It's frustrating. The good runs feel as jarring as the bad runs. I can go ten matches without conceding a goal and then with the same tactic lose four matches in a row in hopeless fashion. It's obviously a form/morale issue that snowballs out of control (positively or negatively). It's never felt realistic to me. Yes, a good manager gets his club through the highs and lows, but let's not pretend that the game throws you the same odds of winning after three consecutive wins as it does after three consecutive losses. You know that every woodwork bounce, penalty call, and offside decision will go against you after some losses.
  13. When an unhappy player who is desperate to leave the club is transfer listed by request then rejects the contract offer from the only team trying to buy him. Way to tank your own career!
  14. Tactical moves that have worked well for me: Using a front five (either 4 AM + 1 ST or 3 AM + 2 ST) to fill passing lines and press more comprehensively Dropping my defensive line and using a cover duty central defender to protect against long ball counters Playing for set pieces, forcing the play out wide, using good dribblers to draw fouls and win corners, then relying on an expert set piece taker to deliver threatening free kicks and corners My team building is now based on this as well, with the following priorities: Get 1-2 great set piece takers Get 1-2 aerial beasts (even 35 year old Fellaini did the job for me) Get 1-2 dribbling beasts Fill out the rest of the team with players possessing high work rate, pace, and acceleration Two tactical ideas that don't work well for me: Shooting a lot - When the opposing GK stops a few shots, his morale and disposition improve while my players get frustrated and anxious, leading to more misses Standing off opponents and encouraging them to move forward - They don't do it
  15. This happens many times a season for and against me. Defenders are incredibly slow to react and unable to keep position between goal and attacker. Very frustrating.
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