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  1. I like variations in outcomes because it tells me that in-game happenings can and do overcome any pre-match form and morale effects. At times, I think FM has been guilty of being too form-dependent and not as reliant upon talent and the inherent randomness of only one match to determine outcomes.
  2. I love it. The disagreements with the board actually give me more game immersion because it feels so realistic. Consider it a great challenge to overcome and go prove everyone wrong by finishing Top 4 under budget constraints.
  3. My two suggestions: When using a 4-2-3-1, I would assign a defensive duty to at least one of the midfielders. A DLP(d) or CM(d) would be really helpful in protecting against counterattacks, especially since you have given your fullbacks a wingback role (i.e. they'll be positioned up the pitch on attacks). Neymar is such a good attacking player that I think you should give him an attack duty. Free him up to focus on scoring goals. The other thing I would think about is why you are telling your team to slow down the tempo when you have so many attacking players high up the pitch. You are giving your opponents a chance to set up defensively and pack the box against you, which is going to lead to a lot of blocked shots, blocked crosses, and less space for your incredible wide attacking midfielders to run around in. Slow tempo can work well when you are technically gifted and can pass through tight spaces, but it can also produce the frustrations you have seen. You should have a Plan B if that happens, and that Plan B might involve sitting deeper yourself, leaving more space ahead of you, and running onto some longer balls and counterattack opportunities in a 4-1-4-1 type of setup.
  4. If you want aggressive wingbacks then you should consider 4-1-3-2 with HB or A role at DM. That might be a nice counter option as well because you can hit long balls to the two forwards, one of whom can act as the target man, either holding up the ball for the onrushing midfielders or playing a through ball to his forward partner. I like using a 4-3-1-2 if my team is much better than my opponents. If they aren't then I can run into real problems, especially if my opponents are using wide attacking midfielders (very common). Flipping back and forth between the 4-3-1-2 and 4-1-3-2 makes sense to me. I'd still want a third option with four wide players, though (ex. 4-1-4-1), just in case a good team is crushing me down the flanks.
  5. I do something very similar. I have weightings for each attribute depending on the player role selected. I find this gives me a better indicator of the role suitability of each player.
  6. I keep a minimal squad. I have about 5 guaranteed first team players who I start whenever they are fit, another 10-12 who I rotate depending on form and fitness, and 3-6 backups who I only trust in lesser competitions and injury crises. The only time I get problems is if I sell players at the end of a window instead of at the beginning of the window when I can't follow those sales with purchases.
  7. Man Utd was using a 5-3-2 WB formation. I think Juventus was in a 4-1-2-2-1 (Wide) formation. The match was at Old Trafford, though, and they had bought Dele Alli in my save. Alli and Pogba have been a bit scary to play against.
  8. I agree. There is a snowball effect in the game that makes it really easy to succeed with good morale/form and very difficult when in poor form. Similar to the OP, I just simmed the same match over 30 times. It wasn't a match involving my team. I just wanted to prevent a Champions League Final from being English team vs. English team. But after 30+ sims, Juventus still could not knock off Man Utd. Even if Man Utd had more talent and were in better form, they should not be "winning" a simulation 30+ consecutive times. The simulator needs to involve more in-game variance rather than pre-game morale/form/team talk dependency.
  9. I had a similar experience with a different retailer. They sold a "Global" licence to the game, but it was instead region-locked. Very annoying. I wish SI would stop altering prices based on location, especially locations where cost of living is so similar that a price discrepancy is nonsensical (i.e. UK/Europe vs. USA/Canada). I guess I should have just bought directly from Steam for C$60, but that seemed like such a silly price when FM-ers in Europe were paying <C$50 for the exact same game.
  10. For 17th place? Hopefully the OP aims a little higher than a relegation scrap, although those are pretty fun too. Sorry Newcastle fans!
  11. Same with Canada. I was looking at buying FM18 because I have a craving to play the game this month in anticipation of the new version. It was somewhere around $15 for an EU-licenced FM18, but it was priced around $50 for a non-EU version. That's an outrageous price differential.
  12. Exactly. This is actually a great example of where an artificial simulation can improve upon the real thing. By editing out the delay, FM can streamline VAR into a 5 second dramatic event. If it's real-life slow in FM then I'll be editing VAR out of my leagues in the Editor.
  13. I didn't buy the game last year. I planned on buying this year's version, but that purple skin is hilariously bad. I'll still buy it, but I question why more than one person said "Yes!" to that colour choice. Really strange. As for this thread's topic, the features I would want from this game each year are pretty simple: Comprehensive player and team data updates (this is the biggest reason I buy a new version of FM). Match engine realism improvements, with a focus on proper goal variety. AI squad building improvements, which generally means I hope for AI teams to actually make player transactions rather than sit around and wait for one of my own transfer offers before submitting their own. They are generally way too passive in the market. Just as important for me is the feature I don't want from a new game: More clicks and tedious maintenance just to get through a typical season.
  14. I love hearing that there is loan activity, though. Past incarnations of FM have been plagued by AI managers refusing to develop their youth.
  15. I think the tactics are alright. The only thing "too elite" about it is the use of obscure (at least to me) names for player roles. But that's a very minor grievance, and more comical than anything else.
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