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  1. I had a similar experience with a different retailer. They sold a "Global" licence to the game, but it was instead region-locked. Very annoying. I wish SI would stop altering prices based on location, especially locations where cost of living is so similar that a price discrepancy is nonsensical (i.e. UK/Europe vs. USA/Canada). I guess I should have just bought directly from Steam for C$60, but that seemed like such a silly price when FM-ers in Europe were paying <C$50 for the exact same game.
  2. For 17th place? Hopefully the OP aims a little higher than a relegation scrap, although those are pretty fun too. Sorry Newcastle fans!
  3. Overmars

    Cheapest place to buy FM19

    Same with Canada. I was looking at buying FM18 because I have a craving to play the game this month in anticipation of the new version. It was somewhere around $15 for an EU-licenced FM18, but it was priced around $50 for a non-EU version. That's an outrageous price differential.
  4. Exactly. This is actually a great example of where an artificial simulation can improve upon the real thing. By editing out the delay, FM can streamline VAR into a 5 second dramatic event. If it's real-life slow in FM then I'll be editing VAR out of my leagues in the Editor.
  5. I didn't buy the game last year. I planned on buying this year's version, but that purple skin is hilariously bad. I'll still buy it, but I question why more than one person said "Yes!" to that colour choice. Really strange. As for this thread's topic, the features I would want from this game each year are pretty simple: Comprehensive player and team data updates (this is the biggest reason I buy a new version of FM). Match engine realism improvements, with a focus on proper goal variety. AI squad building improvements, which generally means I hope for AI teams to actually make player transactions rather than sit around and wait for one of my own transfer offers before submitting their own. They are generally way too passive in the market. Just as important for me is the feature I don't want from a new game: More clicks and tedious maintenance just to get through a typical season.
  6. Overmars

    Strange Loan Moves

    I love hearing that there is loan activity, though. Past incarnations of FM have been plagued by AI managers refusing to develop their youth.
  7. I think the tactics are alright. The only thing "too elite" about it is the use of obscure (at least to me) names for player roles. But that's a very minor grievance, and more comical than anything else.
  8. Overmars

    Favorite FM Series

    Player roles are something I really appreciate about the more recent FM versions. It's just easier/quicker for me to assign a role than to mess around with individual player instructions, sliders, and so forth when making a substitution or adjusting a tactic. My big frustration with the latest version(s) is with how much more clicking seems to be required with no discernible increase in fun factor. So in essence, I feel I have to do more work for the same reward. Orchestrating set pieces, scouting players, offering contracts, and setting up a backroom staff are tasks that used to be quicker. For me, the FM15 version of the game was about the right amount of fussing/clicking. From that point on, I wanted developers to just refine the match engine so that we get a nice variety of goals and gameplay and to update the data. That's it. I would have kept buying the game in perpetuity, but alas, each year seems to incorporate some new feature that sucks some of the streamlined fun out of it for me.
  9. Overmars

    Favorite FM Series

    FM15 was lovely, but it did suffer from having too many goals scored. Each matchday, I would see 5-4 and 4-3 scores from other matches, and it would remind me how unreal it was.
  10. I find it frustrating. Thanks to AI mismanagement of player fitness, I always end up with dead tired international players showing up to play internationals or injured international players returning home to my club. The one major benefit, though, is that it adds to the immersion factor. It forces me to look around at other players and see what is happening in the rest of the game world. Without international management, I really become very self-focused.
  11. Overmars

    Favorite FM Series

    I have spent a good chunk of my life playing FM11 and FM15. I guess that makes them my joint favourites. For me, the only reason to play a newer version is for the data update. I typically dislike the new features and changes.
  12. Edit his vision to 20 in your game database.
  13. Overmars

    Can't decide who to sign.

    I am a bargain hunter, so I scrounge for unhappy players seeking first team football and buy them at a discount. Only once I have built a world class club do I ever pay full price (or more) for stars. The main problem with bargain hunting is that I often have to retrain players to new positions or adjust my formation to accommodate them. By the way, it's good to see that you are already reinvesting that Van Dijk money into the club.
  14. For my own curiosity, did you try this same formation/tactic on prior versions of FM? I always found this formation and a possession system to be quite sound defensively on prior versions. I have not tested it on FM18, though.
  15. How good are your central defenders? They need to be excellent in the air and very quick in order to deal with the counterattacking threats you will face when your wingbacks are up the field. A halfback role might help, but ultimately, you will need star defenders to be a good defensive side with only two of your back four on defend duty. Without that, you end up playing a lot like the real-life Liverpool does, with Klavan, Matip, and Lovren coming under fire nearly every match.