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  1. The loan clauses attached to players you want to loan are still ridiculous. It's completely unrealistic for a parent club to be so particular about a loan that they demand he be played in a poacher role. How would they even know he has such a role in my tactic? It's such a meta requirement that it doesn't make sense in a simulation. The only clauses that should be applied to loans are minimum minutes per available match or anything else with respect to playing time. Roles within a tactic should be off the table because there is no objective way to measure that in real life.
  2. I think morale should impact the game, just not quite as much as it does. My suggestion would be to set training based on a percentage of available time method (ex. 20% physical, 15% tactics, 10% possession, 7% corners, etc.) as opposed to scheduling three sessions per day everyday. Setting training would require so much less micromanagement, especially with fixture schedule changes, and it would make the game feel like less of a chore. I would also like fewer contract options. Bonuses are cool and all, but we're at the point where it's a clickfest to negotiate a contract and the mat
  3. I think FM has been getting Scotland just right the last couple of versions. When I play as a non-Rangers/Celtic club, it's a very difficult challenge to beat them, and Celtic tends to prevail most seasons when I'm not playing Scotland (as has been the case for 10+ years now).
  4. LSPlaysFM simulated a save 1000 years into the future, and AI-controlled Bodo/Glimt in Norway had a single-match attendance record of 800,000 people. There were numerous other clubs drawing over 100,000 people in matches.
  5. Yeah, it's hilariously specific while still being vague enough to omit names. I like it because it's so ridiculous and yet does exactly what it's intended to do: Make me excited about the fact that we're getting new players. Also, every time they tell me it's a Golden generation I get a good laugh.
  6. One additional driver of attribute decline is if you teach a player a new position. Their attributes then drop, often because one of his stronger attributes is much more important for his new position (ex. taking a midfielder with excellent marking and training him to be a CD) so the game needs to balance him out to keep in tune with his CA.
  7. My reactions: With only two wide players, I don't think you can afford to give one of them a defend duty. At minimum, I would use a WB(s) on both sides, but I'd be much more tempted to use CWB or WB(a) roles if I had the right players to do it. That DM is crying out for a DLP role. Even a regista or RPM would work. With a back three behind him, that DM doesn't really need to be saddled with a defend duty. Overlap left/right doesn't make sense given the formation. Counter-press feels out of place in a bottom-heavy formation, given the roles and duties are telling the pla
  8. Agreed. Also, without more urgent pressing, higher lines, or aggressive mentalities it's going to be tough to force the issue against conservative underdogs, of which there will be many.
  9. I'm good with the percentages, even if the precision could be reduced for realism. In real life, I would want to see statistics such as: Minutes played over the past x days Minutes played over the past month Training sessions over the past x days Training sessions over the past month Days lost to injury over the past month Info like that in this game would be really helpful, but providing a heart icon or percentage saves us doing the algorithm to determine match readiness. I'm fine with that because ultimately there isn't a ton of fun in that sort of thing. Th
  10. I think approximations of annual bonuses get included in the spending totals.
  11. Tracking stats and ratings properly are baseline features in a predominantly spreadsheet-based game. Excel would never be as popular as it is if it sometimes miscalculated formulas. Baseline features have to be right.
  12. I agree with the variety of development arcs suggestion. Even just more uncertainty would be great. I agree with you that the big reason why this is so important is because it would open up different optimal squad building ideas rather than an endless pursuit of wonderkids. A good example of a late-prime developing player is Jordan Henderson, whose situation in Liverpool encouraged him to progress from good to very good. If Henderson was on some mid-table team in the EPL, he probably would not have reached this peak. Conversely, we are seeing what a team like Chelsea is getting in terms o
  13. Improved player mentality. By that I mean players wouldn't be nervous in friendlies, complacent in the first few minutes of the biggest match of the season, or angry at me for praising their performance.
  14. I think it's relevant to discuss other versions to see how this has evolved. I'm currently testing the development in FM20 since I am now back to playing that version until the next update to FM21.
  15. That's for FM19. I recall being able to develop players into their mid and sometimes even late 20s in FM15. The situation changed in FM20 from what I can tell. Now it seems you need to have a high reputation league to eek anything out of 20+ year olds, and even then, you're not going to get the same development you did in older FMs.
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