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  1. Or maybe Nicolai Jorgenson ? He is a player from Feyenoord.
  2. Hello connor, thanks for you're comment. I just uploaded my save. I also asked to my friends if they can see my name. But they said they can't see my name either. And thanks in advance.
  3. If i look at Rangers or Wigan then i see the manager that is in real the manager but i can't see who is the manager on fm20 even if i have him on my friend list at steam. This is what i see: I was first looking at Wigan and saw paul cook is the manager at wigan. It may be due to the settings of my game, But a buddy of mine also can't see my name as a Feyenoord manager. Somebody else has this problem ? And i also put a screenshot from what i see at Feyenoord here in the topic. I see my own name but not the name from an other manager...The one who is managing Wigan at
  4. I cannot add partnerships to current partnerships. I did try it several times but it didn't work...Like you see it on the picture. I type a club like FC Bayern and he don't find the club himself...And the same with the other clubs.
  5. It's kinda funny too see that Inter Miami has no game schedule for the MLS or an other Competition and that you can only train and play practice games. Or buy players what they don't need because there not in an competition...I'm thinking off what ( David Beckham ) would say about this haha...
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