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What effect does "Is Institute" have


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18 hours ago, animal31 said:

If I were to press the button what would it change about the team?


For instance, would it apply for schools, such as highschool or university?

Institute clubs are academy-like clubs 'designed' to develop and sell players mainly (like INF Clairefontaine)

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Haven't done any tests so don't know if it works as intended, but probably they can/could sign some released youngster to make a profit on him later. These are normal amateur/professional clubs (depends on how they are set on db), so they pay 'normal' wages with normal contracts.

I think they are hardcoded as well (to some degree) so we can't see what's really behind the curtains them in the game itself.

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It's for teams that act as youth training squads. For instance, see 15055151 (FFA Centre of Excellence), 65024997 (South African School of Excellence). Existing teams in the database usually have an age limit for this reason.

Academy clubs don't seem to have 'is institute' ticked on - e.g. 67278480 African Talent Football Academy, 20500262 ANB Futbol Academy etc...

As far as I can tell it stops them buying players, and otherwise there's not much difference to a normal club. They sack managers at the same rate as everyone else, which seems silly to me considering they're development squads.

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