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  1. Can a fictional nation host a continental event (without the event being rebuilt), or are the host nations hard-coded to be only the existing countries?
  2. For transfers the headline shows which player joined the club, but it's frustrating that you have to click into the story itself to find out what club they've transferred from and how much the deal was worth. There's got to be enough space to include the basics of the deal in the headline and save a click. See also records. If you can tell me X club has set the record for defeats with 50 in a row in the headline and I don't have to click through that would help the game flow better. Also on the social feed: - Would also appreciate a shortcut to go back to the social news menu in
  3. You can set what salaries/transfer values/sponsorship dollars are valid for each band of reputations in the pre-game editor, but then if a nation becomes more successful or every team in the competition has big money in future years they're unable/unwilling to increase how much they spend. Would like to be able to alter this in the IGE.
  4. If you create a custom continental cup (in my case rebuilding the African Champions League/Confederation Cup), does it affect changing competition reputations? I see in my game that the European leagues are still going up and down but in Africa my custom league and South Africa both have blank competition reputation graphs. It's not the end of the world but it would be annoying if the game didn't pick up the significance of clubs winning high profile competitions.
  5. Same with Asian regens. At the moment every Asian in the game from east, west, north and south comes from the same African style face.
  6. Agree 100%. Just let us save a configuration like we can in other areas of the game, then if we open the same leagues again we can load it.
  7. But not if you're unemployed. The journalists will just endlessly ask you if you're interested in every job from Manchester to Maidenhead and there's nothing you can do to convince them you've got no interest. I tried to throw them off the trail by setting my national as Seychelles and answering the first 'are you willing to work abroad?' question as no but to no avail.
  8. There are a couple of other files merged in (transfer prefs, weather etc...) but you'll be able to see the general ideas. Westminster - 27 December.fmf
  9. Sometimes you want to watch what's happening in a game without going on holiday or getting endless questions from journalists. How about an option to auto-reject all questions from journalists/updates on suitable jobs?
  10. I don't understand why the league position history graphs don't show for view only leagues. The league tables are saved like a playable league but without the graph or the option to show a list of the team's seasons it's hard to work out how a side has done over the years without looking at their milestones or highest league positions - which mean nothing if the side hasn't been promoted or relegated. See also the Competitions > Domestic Leagues option. The team's cup performances are all listed but no leagues. If this is going to create performance issues for people with view only lea
  11. Could have an option to generate fictional photos. I'm sure everyone will have a facepack to cover big name players, but I'd be happy with fake pictures for obscure lower division players rather than a blank.
  12. When unemployed I'm getting questions every day about whether I'm interested in managing Championship sides, despite setting myself as no coaching qualifications and a Sunday League background from the Seychelles. The only connecting I have to England is that it's set as a playable league but I keep getting these annoying media questions as new inbox items that have to be scrolled through. Firstly, surely somebody from an obscure country with no serious managerial history, qualifications or playing career shouldn't be getting questions about interest in jobs for the Championship? Secondly
  13. This may be the most pedantic bug I've ever reported but here we are. See last paragraph. Career stats show six games, zero goals at that club.
  14. Have worked out that if you use the 'Team Pool' method of getting teams for the continental cup it helps to turn off all the continental cup qualifying rules in your created league's advanced rules. Still doesn't help with getting the correct runners-up if you end the season with a champions playoff but it does work for getting the right teams into the desired cups in a first past the post league. The only downside is that it doesn't show the continental qualifying positions on the league table but I can live with that. I have had both set on before and it didn't cause an issue but this m
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