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  1. Bah. Just saw the other thread on the same topic. Fortunately there is a fix in there that has solved the issue.
  2. Didn't do anything crazy, just opened the same edits I've been working on for days and: Clearing the filter of the name search just changes to 10000 records found and still nobody shown. I uninstalled and reinstalled the editor and tried to search in the base database with no editor data attached and the same thing is still happening. All the other database fields are showing, just not people. Started a new game and it worked fine so I know all the data is there, just not showing in the editor. Will just have to live with not editing people for now but something has gone wrong.
  3. Just had another one right then. $5.5k transfer fee and instantly a free agent. Tried to move him to a different A-League team in the in-game editor and it didn't take. Sent him to an NPL side instead and it was fine. You can edit them to the A-League team's NPL side and that will work for at least having them under contract to the right club. Update - also just had a player signed by Newcastle for $23k, free transferred on the same day then signed by Melbourne City the same day.
  4. I've noticed A-League teams buying players for low prices then instantly releasing them on free transfers the same day. I know this isn't conclusive because there's no dates but take my word for it. I'm playing with an edited database but there have been no changes at all to the A-League or its rules. So I thought I'd just add him back with the in-game editor and without even clicking forward a day he'd been dumped again Might be related to the issue reported above. It doesn't make any sense because Adelaide only have one senior goalkeeper and are now fielding a greye
  5. Instead of just the top appearance/capped player and most goals that have been in the game since CM2, what about a top 100 of both for each club and country? You wouldn't even have to save the full profile of each person, just their name, their years with the team and appearances/goals. This would be fantastic for immersion in a long save. For an example from a similar game, see Out of the Park Baseball, which has all-time leaderboards: ... and top tens in categories for each team. To reduce the amount of data saved it could be restricted only to nations set as playabl
  6. Would like to be able to bias the chance of a foreign manager for a club or an entire division and allow me to set a club to favour managers from a particular country. Each could have a percentage to allow better control. Also, can we get a division setting for likelihood of player/managers? It would be zero for the Premier League but higher at lower levels. This would be particuarly good for custom leagues or databases that go lower in the pyramid.
  7. Do friendlies still schedule for AI teams when the first issue happens? I've just run across it for 2022 and notice a lot of national teams don't have any fixtures booked for the season.
  8. Seems odd that you can't set a manager/player of the month award in the editor. Feels like it's been left out as there are existing monthly awards that you can copy and they (sometimes) get handed out. The alternative is to set copies of the award to be handed out every month but this seems unnecessary when there could just be a drop-down setting.
  9. I have a league where the third bottom team plays the third top team in the lower division for promotion/relegation. Two years in a row one of my 'of the season' awards based on average rating has gone to a player from the lower division side who had a great playoff game. This is despite the minimum percentage of games played setting being 70%. This wouldn't be an issue at all if the 70% rule was followed, but in any case the award should only be going to a player from the right division side. UPDATE - The playoff sides are also counted in the news item about highest/lowest sponsorsh
  10. Further update on this from a few years into my observer game. The regens continue to be overwhelmingly UK & Ireland derived names (except where I've set cities with a different region, then the names correspond to that region) but probably 50% of journalists and new managers are being generated from the Oceania name set - either getting an Indian first name or surname if not both. Bit weird when the pictures being generated are of blond white people but I can live with it. Strangely while the first generation of chairmen had Indian names they're starting to sell to English names.
  11. How do I assign a list of grounds - or at least get it to pick them at random - for all potential host nations of a tournament. I'm trying to play 8x4 groups over one week in the same country before the tournament reverts to two leg home and away games. That's all fine, but whenever I set a host it tries to schedule all the games at the same random stadium, blowing the schedule out. Tried putting 16 stadiums and a city in the stadium pool but it kept sending everybody to one stadium. Clicking "Host Stadium Pool" > "Stadium Pool" under Stadium Rules > Host Nation just asks for s
  12. Can you set a group stage of a competition to be played in one city/country? I know you can do it with a competition itself (with mixed results as I've discovered) but can't see an option to do it for just a stage.
  13. Something else I've noticed - while my UK/Ireland region country in Oceania created grey players and staff with 'Oceanian' names, when the first crop of actual regens turned up they were probably 95% names either Anglo-Saxon or clearly influenced by the Australian database with only a handful of what the game considers Oceaniac names (e.g. Mohd Azani Ali). This is a great result - I can put up with the first generation of staff having names that are completely different to the players if I know that regens are going to come out with the sort of ethnic mix I was hoping for from the start.
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