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What are the risks of selling a player who is popular with the fans?

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So I have a striker who has been decent over the years, but he is on the older side, isn't getting any better and is eating up a big chunk of payroll and so I want to offload him, but I read the Assistant's report and noticed that "the fans really like this player."

I didn't even know this was a thing the game kept track of so I am curious: How will the fans react if I sell him?

Also, are there any benefits to a player being popular besides shirt sales?

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In the short term the fans may be unhappy, but if the deal makes financial sense to the board and you continue to have success on the pitch, the unhappiness will go away without you needing to be too concerned about it.

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It's not usually a problem but it can form a build up of a death by a thousand cuts type scenario. 

You always have to be mindful of the general mood and recent results. 

I rejected 2 players requests for new contracts, refused a transfer offer for another and then gave a harsh team talk after a loss. This resulted in a few players being upset, three bad results followed. I tried a team meeting, that backfired and a lot of the dressing room kicked off about the atmosphere in the squad. Luckily we scraped the title on the last day and it smoothed it all over, but I think if we hadn't won the league I would've struggled to keep the dressing room.

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I slowly stop playing them in the hope that they request a transfer for a new challenge. As a Leicester fan it was hard to do this to Jamie Vardy but he is now sunning it up in Valencia and almost off my payroll. I'm still throwing £50000 a week at him

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