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  1. If you have done it in previous versions, have you tried loading one of those edited databases into FM21s editor?
  2. Only before you start a new game can you select for it to not be used
  3. Good morning fellow editor, I'd like to change the flag of my edited nation. I took Gibraltar as my nation and renamed it Leicestershire, I can run the game fine but the flag is the one for Gibraltar and I know the flag can be changed but I can't think of how to find the solution on here. Anyone have any tips or a link to the answer? Cheers
  4. Can you upload a screenshot of the details screen within the editor? I've never had this issue
  5. I slowly stop playing them in the hope that they request a transfer for a new challenge. As a Leicester fan it was hard to do this to Jamie Vardy but he is now sunning it up in Valencia and almost off my payroll. I'm still throwing £50000 a week at him
  6. Stantoner


    It only needs to be an outline of the nation and two dots as to the stadiums location. Obviously I don't know how hard or the cost would be
  7. Stantoner


    Would be a dream come true wouldn't it 😂. Surely a deal can be done with a map company of some sort, as you said it would be more immersive
  8. Sweet, I was just looking through the forum for something like this. I feel Africa is left out a bit on this game when a good number of Africans play around the world. Next time I start a save I'll be giving this a go.
  9. Stantoner


    I have been a member with different accounts over the years and have mentioned I love maps to be integrated into the schedule screen. Being English even knowing where Welsh or Scottish teams are based i have no idea, I wouldn't mind knowing the kind of journey the team and fans go on. All I request is a map and mileage showing the home and away teams stadiums. I'd even do it for SI if I knew how to code.
  10. Sorry for the bad photo. On my touchline Tablet I like to have Body Language and General Info on screen when I play but when I play the next game both are General Info. I'm only mentioning as I think it's a fault. The previous games never reverted anything I'd set up. Playing on a MacBook Air 2017, macOS Mojave version 10.14.6
  11. i like the way he was born in Newcastle in 2002, before you went there as manager, lol
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