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[FM17] USA Real Life Expansion

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I just wanted to say that this is amazing, thanks.


I attempt my fair share of modifications to FM and have never been able to figure out how to disable the superdraft and get regens that weren't all screwed up and tied to an academy.  I've finally given up and accepted the MLS and its hardcoding and rules must exist for USA to work right, so this is a good mod to use for that.

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On 2017-11-12 at 10:35, mine said:

An issue brought up in this thread about starting a save in 2017 season and trying to keep the US league added after starting the save.

The problem with a load of "fake" players added to US teams in MLS and others when the league eventually are to start in 1/1/2018 has nothing to do with this Expansion. I've tried without and even with other Expansions for US and the terrible thing of getting hundreds of fake players added when the 2018 kicks in is something SI hasn't been able to fix in their "last" 17.3.2 fix.

It's a bloody shame since in the past (2015 for sure) you could add the US leagues directly "After NewYear" without getting this. Having a game with an option of starting all other leagues in the second half of a normal European Leagues season (that's start in 2017 in FM2017) should work even with US league. Not sure if they fixed it in FM2018 (lets hope it, haven't bought it yet)

Talking about licenses is just crazy since starting in "normal" period makes the US league kicking in for that opening after New Year without problems. It's only if one keep the US dormant for that first year and then add it as a playable league this fill-up of players kicks in.

If someone has come up with a solution to the problem I would like to know. (And that is not starting the save during the summer or fall). 

Uncle_Sam might think of setting the off-period (holiday) for US a little different so that teams are not in holiday-mode when the new year kicks in. That might make the teams to understand they have enough players on their rosters and NOT add the fake players. Just my 2 cent of thought.


I must add this that not ALL MLS team get these "fake" new players, 5-6 teams doesn't even if they have all theirs on holiday, so the bug isn't about holiday but unknown. Same goes for teams in the lower leagues. One can accept those since some players do pop up without having too much of "history" in lower leagues, but the MLS should be "clean". 

Anyone know if SI fixed this for FM18?

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