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  1. So, as the title says I want to attempt to have a save with the 3-6-1 formation. I bet you're wondering where I got the idea from. Well I got it from listening to the podcast series "American Fiasco" by Roger Bennett (one half of the Men in Blazers), it is a story regarding the rise of the USMNT in the mid-late 90s and the failure to capitalize on positive momentum in the 1998 World Cup in France. I urge everyone to listen to it weather or not they are a fan of the USMNT, it is a fascinating and gripping series. Here is a link to listen: https://www.wnycstudios.org/shows/american-fiasco
  2. good luck with this. Toward the end of FM 17 i started a youth only in tier 3 with Joinville! I am having so much of a blast with the save that I have not bought FM 18 yet cause of it! Some of the depth of the intakes are outrageous, you will love it!
  3. there are two ways to get players (to my knowledge): 1. you sign players UNDER the age of 23 on free transfers either as free agents or from other nearby schools etc 2. on January 1st every year you get a random number of players that "sign" for your school that come from the various academies around the USA. In my experience with my current NCAA save this number ranges from as little as one to as high as five
  4. Its actually not that bad. I am finding that the only teams that can actually sign my players on a free are the USL or NASL pro sides, any of the amateur sides won't be able to because its the same contract as they are on at the NCAA level. Otherwise I am losing around 5 players a year to the superdraft and on January 1st I get around 2/3 new ones from the random academies across the nation
  5. It is not in either of those places, luckily I found it. It is in the history tab of the MLS screen!
  6. the draft in December is the expansion draft and its only a one time occurrence. The super draft happens in the second week of January every year
  7. hey @Makoto Nakamura i am playing on this save file as well, third year at saint joes in the A-10. I have been trying to find a way to look at where my players get drafted. How did you find that in the game? KUTGW!
  8. i am 3 yrs into my save with Saint Joes in the A-10 and I can answer this for you. If you are in the first year and you start in the winter you will NOT be able to register your players for the spring season 2016. You can play them in friendlies but not the spring group games. Starting August 1st 2016 you can register players for the actual regular season conference and non-conference games. However, once the season ends and you sign players in January to replace any that are too old, got drafted etc they will not be registered to play in the spring season since the August registration per
  9. Ignore the spring games. Those are just friendlies to get the squad gelling and have no bearing on the fall season and ACC teams. The fall groupings are different every year (I am already in my second yr) and they are for non conference games. I assume it helps gaining an at large bid should you not win the ACC title but finish top of your non conference group
  10. I have just finished the 2016 season and got to the 2017 spring season. I had 2 random kids (18 yrs old) join my NCAA team on January 1st, 2017 so I am unsure how that has happened (not complaining though), one of them came from the Sounders academy. There is no notification for any of your players declaring for the super-draft so I just checked my tactics until it happened and 3 of my players got drafted on January 12th. Also I can use my own players and not greyed out players for the spring season since the registration from August 2016 carries over to the spring 2017 season so it
  11. I have just finished the 2016 season and got to the 2017 spring season. I had 2 random kids (18 yrs old) join my NCAA team on January 1st, 2017 so I am unsure how that has happened (not complaining though), one of them came from the Sounders academy.
  12. I have not signed anyone younger than 18 or older than 22, it is not allowed per the transfer policy. There are no transfer windows so you can sign players and register them as necessary since your players can leave on a free at any time due to amateur status (max 30 players registered). I also have not gone far enough to see if they get a youth intake or not
  13. I am in september with St Joseph's University with no issues
  14. I only had one crash and that is because I accidentally clicked 'competitions' like the doofus I am. Otherwise I have not had any problems at all. Make sure you keep an eye on the age of your players, I signed a player who was 22 in May and turned 23 in early August and could not figure out how he became ineligible after successfully registering him. So once they turn 23 they can't play any games. It is a great database
  15. this was the same for me at the spring season, I holidayed to august to play the first of the fall and during the holidaying I was asked to register players. It seems we just cannot register for the spring matches, which is not a big deal because I just scheduled friendlies the day after the spring matches to get some fitness and team gelling together
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