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  1. Just to the next. Or, for example, the "Brazil 6" in Campeonato Brasileiro wins the Copa do Brasil, they put for "Brazil 2", and the 4th place of Campeonato Brasileiro puts into "Brazil 5". In Brazil, we have a possibility to qualify for example, 14 teams for continental competitions. If all these teams played in Campeonato Brasileiro, only the six worst teams don't qualify a continental competition.
  2. I think this link helps you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Copa_Sudamericana Read "Brazil 8". That rule change on 2017 Copa Sudamericana. Since 2016, the champion of Copa Verde has qualified to the round of 16 for Copa do Brasil for next year. Example: The champion of 2019 Copa Verde qualified into the Round of 16 of 2020 Copa do Brasil. Unterstand? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Copa_Verde PS: Sorry for my porr English. Cheers.
  3. The reason to jump off Quarterfinal in Brazilian Cup in board pretensions is the champion of Copa Verde jumps for the Round of 16 in Brazilian's Cup in next year, since 2017 or 2018, I think. In the old days, the champion of Copa Verde receives a invite to play in Copa Sudamericana, and a Copa Verde champion begin the campaign of Chapecoense on that competition in Copa Sudamericana 2016. They have played versus Cuiabá (Copa Verde 2015 Champion) on Second Qualifying Round on that year. Cuiabá 1 x 0 Chapecoense on Mato Grosso; Chapecoense 3 x 1 Cuiabá on Chapecó.
  4. Wow! Liège too? Amazing! I write my story on Brazilian FM Forum (FManager), on FM17, claimed "Le Matricule 4", a reference of de inscription of Liège on Belgian Football Federation. And a important info: Actually, the Bosman Law begin in a case between a player for Liège on 90's, so a tip to challenge this is DOSEN'T sign any player with Bosman, for remember the case with club and Dunkerque. Toon Janssen had a pretty solid second midfielder. That's the link for my save, if you gonna read, next week I am gonna update with the third part of 2nd season (on Portuguese): https://www
  5. Hong Kong FC too, on Asia. And First Vienna did come up do 2.Division in Austria with holidays a season too. Good luck, and I tell your story in 'Saves and Challenges' on FManager, the brazilian forum on FM. Link here (in Portuguese). Cheers!
  6. A question: Why don't play with Albion, in Uruguay? I think the team are on Segunda Division or, put a season in holiday, as possible to play with them? Amazing challenge! Move on, Odd! Cheers!
  7. Someone upload the graphics again, please? The link are broken. Cheers!
  8. After a short, but very strong pass from India, now we have a new destiny: TRINIDAD & TOBAGO! And that is a Stadium from Defence Force FC: the Hasely Crawford Stadium Competitions We have SIX COMPETITIONS to play this season, all counts for the challenge. TT Pro League is a National League. Trinidad and Tobago Cup is a National Cup. The Classic Trophy of Trinidad & Tobago as a League Cup. The Digicel Pro Bowl, the First Citizens Cup and the Goal Shield Trinidad & Tobago has played for 10 teams, the minimum for the value of cups in a 70 Giant Challenge.
  9. I understand that. Now I am in a new club, so far from India. And I win 10 trophies so now. The I-League has the number #10. And my next challenge took me the opportunity to take six trophies for the challenge. You gonna take update the first page. Cheers from Brazil.
  10. Now we gonna see the evolution on India! Fixtures (Durand Cup and AFC Cup since I come to Shillong) Fixtures (I-League and Federation Cup) League Table Squad (Stats from I-League and Federation Cup) The Durand Cup Final The AFC Cup Final Key Players: Fabinho - A beast. Best Player in AFC Cup, I-League Top Scorer and Best Player. Shahbas Balan - A Youngster with very personality. Seven goals and Nine assists. Pierrick - Out of position, the Camerooan player has take seven goals, plus six assists. Season | Team | Country | League |
  11. I have a question, @TheEarl: I have play the I-League with Shillong and the season ends in April, but, if I won the season on March and receive a propose from other country, the I-League title count in 70 Trophies Challenge or not I need to go until the end of season?
  12. Hello, @TheEarl. I understand that the part of competitions is not necessary the continental division, but I do so because of planning itself. For example, in the case of India, I believe that it will remain until March, in the best scenario, since the three competitions (AFC Cup, I-League and Durand Cup) happen during this period, since the Durand Cup counts for the cups for having more than 10 teams (12, in this case). Anyway, thank you for the encouraging words. We are close to reaching 10 trophies, which is pretty cool. Cheers from Brazil.
  13. After almost one year, a new challenge, this time on India! The stadium of Shillong Lajong FC: the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Fixtures They are on quarter-final on AFC Cup. Yes! We have a possibilty to won a Continental Trophy on Asia! Competitions: I-League only begin in January. Durand Cup has to play in August 2020. That's a National Cup. Federation Cup is on play only in August 2021. Squad Key Players: Fabinho Pierrick Thoi Laithazuala Season | Team | Country | League | Pos | Achievements --------------
  14. A fast two months play in a New Zealand team, with only one mission: Win the Chatham Cup. The stadium of Miramar Rangers: the David Farrington Parkyr Fixtures Squad (Stats of Chatham Cup) The Final Match Key Players: Hamish Morgan - Three goals in final matches Lewis Jackson - Score two goals on competition Ronald Bala - The only foreign player, with very solid defense matches Season | Team | Country | League | Pos | Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. The first six months in Vanuatu is underway, with a final match in Oceania! AMICALE Fixtures: (First Phase / Finals) Squad (Stats of OFC Champions League) The two matches: 1st leg / 2nd leg Key Players: Ernest Damlip - Two important goals vs Hekari United and Auckland City Osea Vakatalesau - Two goals on 1st leg vs Auckland City Carlo Polli - The man are score the title goal Season | Team | Country | League |Pos | Achievements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17|Port Moresby
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