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  1. I first posted this in the editors forum but now I think it's more a bug than anything else. When I'm playing as the main club (in this example the New York Red Bulls) and I want to move a player from my feeder club (New York Red Bulls II) to my main club, I have to pay a transfer fee. There shouldn't be a transfer fee. In previous versions all I've had to do was submit a transfer bid of $0 and it would be accepted. I checked in the editor and the option "Players Move Freely" is selected, but the game isn't doing it.
  2. I've noticed the affiliation with MLS teams and their USL club don't work properly. I'm trying to fix it in the editor but can't figure it out. For example, I'm playing as the New York Red Bulls. I have a second team in the USL called New York II. There's a player on New York II I want to promote to my squad. In previous versions, I make a transfer offer for $0 and it's accepted. Now I'm having to go through a normal transfer and being asked to pay a transfer fee by New York II. I looked at the affiliation in the editor and it has "Players Move Freely" and "Same Board" checked. Oddly enough, I can't check "First Option to Buy". Anyone know how to setup an affiliations where a transfer of $0 is automatically accepted between clubs? I thought it was just "Players Move Freely" but apparently not. Hamami Update.fmf
  3. I admit this is a little nitpicky, but I don't understand why it's happening. I've created two lower divisions in the United States. There's one thing I edited in MLS that's not working. The way the game is coded, there's no team selected as the champion of MLS. The team that wins the playoffs is named the champion of MLS Cup. In last year's game, I deleted MLS Cup and had the winner of the playoffs be named the winner of MLS. It was really easy. This year there's one minor thing wrong. On the screenshot I included, at the top of the screen under the name of the league, where it says "Defending Champions", it's listing the wrong team. It's listing the team that's won the Supporters' Shield. I'm not sure how to change it. The game is naming the winner of the playoffs as the champion of MLS, yet under Defending Champions it's not changing. Also new to this year, on the league dashboard, on the right side where it says "Past Winners", it's listing 4 teams: the playoff champion, Supporters' Shield winners, East Conf winner, and West Conf winner. Anyone know why this is happening? Hamami Update.fmf
  4. Greetings Everyone, Apologies if I'm breaking rules by making a new thread here, I read the 'FM 18 Links Thread' and saw no threads for MLS or Toronto FC Long-Time Player of FM but new to FM 18. Being from Toronto and TFC being in the midst of a playoff run, I started a game with them in July 2017 (and no transfers in first window) along with the Canadian National Team. Now it’s January 2018, I managed to win the Supporter’s Shield and MLS Cup. I’m looking into bringing in some players. Lost Cheyrou (CM/DM), Moor (CD) and Beitashour (RWB). Brought in Juninho (CD) from Tigres and Stephen Eustaquio (CM, Canadian) so far. My Transfer Budget is $10M US/8.3M Euros/7.4M Pounds. All DP slots are used by Bradley, Altidore (who I received a $10M offer from Everton for. Should I reject?), and Giovinco. Priorities are: 1) Central Defender, Ball Playing Defender 2) Right Wing Back 3) Advanced Forward Since I’m also the Canadian National Team Manager, Ideally I’d like an uncapped player from a big nation (E.G, Argentina, Brazil) who will be able to play for me for 3 years then get their Canadian Citizenship. Any help would be appreciated, Tips for playing in the MLS would also be nice! Thanks
  5. 30th December 2016 Gene collapsed into an armchair in the living room of the small flat he had just bought his mother, in Smallingerland, and switched on the tele. He sighed... the last few weeks had been a whirlwind. Gene had been a sensation of Dutch football, snapped up at a young age by German giants Bayern Munich where he'd burst onto the scene as a 17 year old, and some even dared to whisper his name in the same breath as the legendary Johan Cruijff. This was to be the man to revolutionise the Dutch national team, which had seen an incredible decline in recent years. He made 15 appearances for his country, scoring two goals from midfield, but a horror injury had ultimately ended his career aged only 20 years old. The football world was fickle, he'd already been forgotten, and now he was back where it had all started. He looked down at the picture next to him, the only photograph his mother had of who she said was his father. He chuckled, and then sighed again. Growing up, she had told him that this man was 'Scott McBride', captain of the Scotland team that lifted the World Cup trophy in 2058. As a child, he had been fascinated by stories of this mystery man from the future. As an adult? He realised to his horror that his mother actually thought it was true. Regardless, the story had inspired Gene. It had driven him to a career in football himself, and he had always held a special place for the Scotland team in his heart - even though the first game of football he could remember was Holland's 6-0 drubbing of the Tartan Army in a European Championship playoff when he was only 6 years old. Therefore, the news that Gordon Strachan had left his position as manager of the current Scottish national side was an interesting prospect for the young Dutchman. The press were saying the job had to go to a Scot, that it should be someone with experience, but what the hell. Gene registered his interest. The job was never going to be his anyway, and he'd already had several positive meetings with Greg Kerfoot and Rachel Lewis at the Vancouver Whitecaps about taking their vacant position, he had nothing to lose.
  6. [FM 18] The American Dream.

    LOS ANGELES FOOTBALL CLUB. BACKGROUND Los Angeles Football Club is an American professional football team based in the Exposition Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The team plans to begin play in Major League Soccer (MLS) starting in 2018. The team was announced in October 2014. The ownership group is headed by venture capitalist Henry Nguyen, entrepreneur Peter Guber, and former National Basketball Association executive Tom Penn. The ownership group also includes businessmen Ruben Gnanalingamand Vincent Tan. In addition, the club has a further 21 named investors including Magic Johnson, Nomar and Mia Hamm-Garciaparra, Chad Hurley, Tony Robbins and Will Ferrell. John Thorrington was hired as executive vice president of football operations. The ownership sought input from fans to decide the permanent name and logo. On November 7, 2014, Nguyen expressed a preference for the name Los Angeles Football Club being permanent, describing it as "timeless" and saying, "in the world, football means one thing. Maybe it speaks a little bit to our own vision and our own aspirations." On September 15, 2015, the club announced the placeholder name, Los Angeles Football Club, would be the official team name. STADIUM On May 17, 2015, the Los Angeles Times reported the team chose the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena site at Exposition Park to build a new stadium. The Banc of California Stadium will have 22,000 seats and 140,000 square feet of open space, costing US$350 million. The group estimated the project would create 1,200 temporary construction jobs and 1,800 full-time jobs, generating $2.5 million in annual tax revenue. The environmental impact report, arena demolition and stadium construction are expected to take three years and delay the team's debut to 2018. The seating capacity of the stadium will be 22,000. The stadium's seating will be at 34 degrees, which makes it among the steepest in MLS. The closest seats will be 12 feet from the field and every seat will be within 135 feet of the field. It will include 125,000 square feet (11,600 m2) of walkways and plazas open to the public. The stadium will also feature press box suites with a swimming pool. The roof will be covered with 190,000 square feet (18,000 m2) of ETFE film. The field will be 86,000 square feet (8,000 m2) of improved bermuda grass. Five percent of the stadium's parking spaces will have electric vehicle charging stations and 20% electric vehicle ready infrastructure. The stadium will have 440 planned parking spaces for bicycles and a bike path to the stadium as part of the My Figueroa Project. The stadium will be a LEED Silver certified building. CAREER GOALS YEARS 1-3 Hire Staff/Finalise Squad Establish The Team In MLS Start To Establish A Youth Seup YEARS 4-6 Challenge For MLS Win MLS Cup Have 20% Of Starters Come From Youth Setup Post End Of Season Profits YEARS 7+ Win MLS Win Champions League Win World Club Championship Have Starting 11 Produced From Youth Manage USA Qualify For World Cup Win Confederations Cup Win Copa America Win World Cup
  7. Hello, my issue is concerned with player promise and cancelled transfer. Michael Carrick wanted out, so I promised I would sell him. Offered him for free, 3 clubs from MLS made an offer, I accepted all 3 but eventually the transfer was cancelled because "Seattle cannot have more than 3 Designated Players in the squad". After the transfer was cancelled not because of me, Carrick got angry that I blocked the transfer, even though I didn't. I then offered him again, and accepted offer only from the other 2 MLS clubs, but the situation repeated. I really don't think this should be happening. Why do the clubs make the offer if they can¨t sign him? And why is he angry that I didnt keep my promise even though I did? Here are some screenshots to make it clear. Thanks for you answer.
  8. Issue: Manager fails to keep promise to win the league in 2019, as LAFC, immediately upon player's arrival at club. Description: Promised player that LAFC would win the league by 2019 during pre-contract negotiations with agent. Player negotiates contract and agrees to terms. Upon confirmation of the deal, the manager immediately fails the promise to win the league in 2019. It is displayed in the My Promises tab as broken with zero days remaining to complete. Reproduction: Load the save "upsettingshorts-MLS_promise_not_kept.fm" Attempt to sign Cirilo Saucedo (GK) to a contract, agree to his agent's pre-contract Promises. Negotiate the contract. Confirm the deal. FTP filename: upsettingshorts-MLS_promise_not_kept.fm Speculation: The promise might be broken because LAFC does not join MLS until mid-December, and that causes issues with promises related to performance in MLS. Consequently, this bug may also belong in the specific league subforum, or even---since it is likely limited this year just to LAFC--Other Issues.
  9. [U.S.A.] (Official) League Specific Issues

    The implementation of GAM and TAM being used to buy down contracts and signing TAM level players for the MLS saves needs some work. I'm sure MLS saves aren't a major priority to most but I'm curious if the rules are too complicated to put into the game engine.
  10. I hope this is in the correct place, I wasn't sure where to put it. Is there a way on FM18 to search for players that have declared for the MLS Superdraft. On last years game you could filter so you could see the players, but I can seem to find any way of doing that this year. I really don't want to have to click on them 1 by 1 to scout them.
  11. Greetings SI! I was thinking about things involving FM and the USA/MLS. One of the things that's happened a lot in the real world is the amount of clubs seeking legislature for tax money in their communities to be used to upgrade/build new stadiums (take the Columbus Crew SC situation as the most recent example) and I would be interested to see if things like that and elements of the US Soccer culture could be implemented into at least the MLS side of things where if you need money instead of it just coming out of the board that you ask the board to submit paperwork for tax money to be used. Thanks! Can't wait for FM 18. <3
  12. Please give some attention to the function of managing in America, and how the youth system works there. With the financial restrictions that are present when managing in the MLS, the only way to really sustain long-term success and growth is through a good youth program. But in FM17 there isn't a whole lot that you can do with that. There are no U18 or U20 leagues and no real way to develop youth players other than playing them in the first team or loaning them out to a 2nd or 3rd tier American team that FM won't even simulate games for. There is also the issue of the U.S. Development Academy, which is seemingly the only way to find American players under 17, but you cannot sign players from the academy, it is just locked.
  13. USA Expansion File Have you ever played an MLS save and wished that you could see highlights of players that you loan to your USL affiliate? Have you ever wanted to observe your Academy prospects? Have you ever drafted a player from a PDL club like the Mississippi Brilla and wish that it was from an actual NCAA collegiate program like in real life? Have you ever wanted to take control of your local amateur side, like the Knoxville Force, and try to beat your archrivals and win the league? That’s what this file is for. As much as possible with the limitations of the editor, we have tried to recreate a real life FM experience for the unique structure of the sport in the United States. All-in-all, there are over 600 playable teams in 8 levels of competition. Major League Soccer - This file adds Los Angeles FC and David Beckham’s Miami franchise (Inter Miami) to the 2017 expansion. Also added are MLS Rivalry competitions for NYRB-NYFC, LA Galaxy v. LAFC, and Orlando City v. Inter Miami. MLS teams will also prepare for the season in one of seven preseason exhibition tournaments (ATX Pro Challenge, Carolina Challenge Cup, Desert Diamond Cup, IMG Suncoast Pro Classic, Las Vegas Pro Soccer Challenge Cup, Simple Invitational, Walt Disney Pro Soccer Classic). North American Soccer League - Adds the announced future expansion teams in Orange County, CA (California Athletic FC) and San Diego (San Diego Waves). The league format is at it is in real life, with a Spring and Fall season. The two winners advance to the Championship semifinals, joining the top two qualifiers from the overall table (three if the same team wins both spring and fall). United Soccer League - Includes expansion side Nashville SC and Austin Aztex off hiatus. The league is split into two conferences (as in real life), with each conference having an eight-team playoff whose winners compete in the USL Cup. All 24 MLS clubs have affiliates in USL, so this is a chance to keep a better eye on developing players. NCAA Division I - 206 NCAA teams have been added. The format is as close as possible to real life. There is a spring season where teams can get a look at their players heading into the fall. The regular season consists of 9-10 non-conference matches to go with their conference schedule. As in real life, 21 of the 24 conferences will have a tournament that is set up to reflect the real life format. Each conference will send its champion, along with 24 at-large qualifiers, to the NCAA Division I Championship tournament to compete the national title. The MLS SuperDraft will draw players from the NCAA, as in real life, so MLS clubs can scout for future talent. Premier Development League - The PDL is set up as in real life, with 10 divisions that feed a 22-team championship tournament. The teams play a 14-match schedule during the summer. National Premier Soccer League - Also set up as in real life with 4 Regions divided into “conferences”. The four region winners advance to compete for the NPSL Championship. The teams play a 12-match summer schedule. United States Soccer Development Academy - The USSDA is divided into 7 Divisions. In all, 32 teams qualify for the USSDA Championship tournament. This is as close to how it functions in real life as possible, with the only difference being the schedule. It is impossible to run the league on a Fall-Spring calendar, so it runs a 30-match schedule on a Spring-Fall calendar. All MLS clubs have academies in the league, so if you manage in MLS you can see potential prospects from you academy. USASA Amateur Leagues - Six of the more prominent amateur leagues in the US have been included. The American Soccer League, American Premier Soccer League, Southern Premier Soccer League, Premier League of America, and the United Premier Soccer League are all represented as close to their real life format as possible, competing to earn a spot in the US Open Cup. Additional Add-Ons I have also included downloads for Club and Competition Logos, as well as Club kits. This will give every team logos and kits, and logos for every competition as well. (Included in my file are MLS kits that were originally created by kifla6 and downloaded from here: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/32059/usa-mls-ss2017-new-070517-not-sskcc-yet. Those kits ARE included in the download below, with permission from the author) Download (for version 1.3) - http://www.mediafire.com/file/atrsao41ao54jdh/USA_Expansion_Graphics.rar Update - Latest version 1.2 CHANGE LIST -Bug causing teams in the NCAA and the USSDA to send their players on holiday before the Championship Tournament has been fixed. The USSDA Championship stages will not only be visible in the USSDA Divisions, but the history will be viewable in the USSDA Championship Competition. -The USSDA Championship is now set up even closer to real life. The Group Stage will take place entirely at the large Grand Park facility in Westfield, Indiana. The Quarterfinal will be played at the club sites, with the Semifinal, Third Place Playoff, and Final played at the StubHub Center practice fields. -The recently-announced USL Expansion team Fresno FC has been added. Fresno FC and the 2 NASL expansion teams will now enter the US Open Cup in 2018. -There have been some changes to update some club and competitions graphics. The graphics are now in one file. Update - Latest version 1.3 CHANGE LIST -Fixed an issue where the NCAA teams weren't able to register players for their competitions. Now there is no registration required and they have a maximum team size of 30 -Adjusted the MLS league and playoff schedule to reflect real life -Adjusted the US Open Cup so that the regional draw is more accurate (not perfect, but MUCH better and closer to real life). I was also annoyed that the draw was occurring the day that the round was played when it should have been the day after, so I fixed that. -Added the new Las Vegas team to USL. They haven't announced their name/logo but there is a movement to revive the old Quicksilvers so that's what I went with, inspired by a concept designed by Raysox at SportsLogos.net -Added several rivalries to try and spice up the lower leagues a bit Disclaimers I cannot guarantee that this file will function properly with any other third party DB editor file. I use it with some and it works fine, but I have not tested it with every other file available. If you use a file that includes created competitions and/or clubs, then it will affect the graphics download and they will not work properly. Furthermore, if you use a file that fixes the names of competitions, then you will probably need to manually adjust it so that it doesn’t alter the names of the competitions in this file. I have a file that I fixed, but I cannot post it here because even without looking I’m sure it’s against the rules. I will post the file at other sites where I upload this database. Warning It should also be noted that if you select an NCAA team, the game will crash if you click on the competitions tab. This is likely because the NCAA D1 Soccer competition has 206 teams in it. Unfortunately this is a limitation of the game itself and cannot be helped without damaging the overall experience of the game. USA Expansion 1.3_90EDD1D6-0000-4DFB-9314-9B31364516F7.fmf
  14. I'm currently running my first MLS play through, but I don't seem to understand how to buy players from within the league. When I attempt to trade a player for General Allocation Funds the game puts a hard cap of $500k, despite having over $40m in the bank. - pictured here. I've also gone through and edited players away from my team to free up cap space, although this did not appear to impact anything. Am I misunderstanding how the allocation funds are to be used or is there something I am missing?
  15. I'm playing a season in the MLS. I've found that sometimes my General Allocation Money decreases over time into the negative, more money being deducted week after week. I now find that my General Allocation Money is increasing week after week. I'm now up to $12M in General Allocation Money. I don't know why it's increasing. I made one trade for GAM early in the season but for a very small amount. I'm pretty sure this is a bug since my funds shouldn't be increasing or decreasing without a specific trade.
  16. I love this game. I would be beyond happy though if I could play with the US national team. Why no concacaf? I've played against the team's while managing England so why can't I be them?
  17. Hi I'm trying to start a new MLS game for 2017, so starting in March 2017. There are only options for 2016 starts. Is there a workaround for this?
  18. I have a little question about the designated players contracts in the mls. A team can have up to 3 DP (designated player) spots. I hade 3 players on that contract sold one and suddenly lost the spot along with the player:S Do anyone know how to get a new DP spot? Can you buy a slot? trade a spot with a different MLS team? Thanks for answering:)
  19. Hi Guys, I created a new competition structure based in the United States of America. I would like to hear your opinion about this league. You can visit the workshop here: Steam Workshop Link I tested a season with LA Galaxy and FC Dallas and I really enjoyed this game set-up. I am going to start a story about this league next week (after my exams). The challenge The American competition contains decent teams with some top players like Dos Santos. Your first season will be difficult due to the limited transfer budget. With the increased TV and price money your financial possibilities improve after the first season. Your goal is the end in the top 5 of the Trump League One. This top 5 compete in a play-offs to determine the overall champion of the league. Try to stay away from the bottom 5 of the league. The bottom 5 compete with the top 5 of the lower league for a chance of promotion. The story The president of the USA Donald Trump decided to change the league structure of American soccer. He didn't liked the fact that Mexico was always beating the American teams. His administration invented a new league structure based on only 10 teams. Competition Set-up 10 teams Trump League One 10 teams Trump Promotions League 10 teams Third Trump League 10 teams Fourth Trump League 20 teams Lower Trump League August start of main competition December start of the main cup January start of the transfer break February start of the promotions competition Trump League One Toronto FC, New York Red Bulls, FC Dallas, New England, Real Salt Lake, Columbus, Los Angeles Galaxy, Houston, San Jose, D.C. United Trump Promotions League Seattle, Philadelphia, NYCFC, Portland, Vancouver, Montreal Impact, Orando City, Sporting Kansas City, Chicago, Colorado Cups Most of the Trump Cup matches are played in December. The Trump Super Cup is played on 1st of August.
  20. MLS & Drafting

    Hi guys, I'm quite new here to this forum, but i'm kinda familiar with editing. I made several fantasy leagues in previous databases but one thing i always wanted to add to these leagues was the MLS system. With this i mean the different conferences, east and west. and of course the drafting. I would like to know if it is possible to add the drafting system for youth players inside a fantasy competition. I want to make a world league again where the teams on different levels need to draft their youth products instead of one date where all the new regens are taken in to the youth squads. By adding this drafting system i hope to make the competition between different teams more equal on the long run cause the every team can pick quality talent to strengthen their squad. I hope you guys can help me out on this one! PDD95
  21. I realize FM is mostly undocumented, but finding how to manage MLS sides seems particularly difficult. I know enough about the complexities of MLS rules to at least know I am not an expert. Three times I've run a team to the point when registration needs to be completed but I cannot get designated player designations or resolve other player classification problems. The messages in FM that suggest where to go to fix problems don't seem to match options in those screens. But wth the lack of FM documentation in general, it's easy to see how an option can be buried somewhere unexpected. Perhaps the goal of playing MLS is just to get past registration ;-) but that does make for short games/careers. In spite of the impressive modelling within FM the game this aspect of the interface is really detracting from the game and my rating of it for MLS is crashing. Any comments or suggestions on where to find out how to meet MLS requirements in FM? Cheers,
  22. I started the Injury Crisis Challenge on FM Touch 2017 (PC; 17.1.2). Set-up with MLS and picked Columbus Crew to manage. Rock bottom at take over and Board said their expectations were to avoid relegation (sic). Finished the season mid-table and won the MLS cup... Failed the challenge for not meeting Board expectations.
  23. Haven't played the game in a couple of years and was thinking about buying FM17...but first, I need three questions answered as I exclusively play MLS: 1. Does the salary cap increase with each year? The reasons I stopped playing the last game (14 or 15?) was due to the fact that the league's salary cap never increased, which ruined the desire to embark on any sort of long career with the game. 2. How does the game do with regards to Atlanta and Minnesota entering the league? Everything still work as it should, or do the new teams cause problems/errors/crashes? 3. Any terrible bugs/problems that I should know about? Thanks in advance!
  24. America to UEFA

    Hello, everyone. This is my first post and I am fairly new to FM and it's community. I have restructured the MLS and the leagues in the U.S.A in FM Editor so they act more like European leagues. The league works well although I would love it if I could play in CL and EL instead of the North American Champions League. I do not want to mess with country's coefficients and I am okay with my custom league entering UEFA with a coefficient of 0. Also, I simulated 20 years into the future and no lower league team established themselves in the top division. I know 20 years is not a long time, but if there is an obvious thing I am missing as an first time user of the FM Editor let me know. Please let me know how to fix these problems. Thanks!!
  25. All NHL / NBA / NFL / MLB Franchises added to the USA & CANADA (inc. new MLS Franchises (LA/Miami) and the Vegas Golden Warriors) USA Info in BLUE / CANADA Info in Red / BLACK=BOTH SETTING UP A GAME All 3 files MUST be loadad1) Make sure you tick - 'add players to playable teams'2) Make sure you un-tick - 'Do not add Key Staff'3) Using the advanced rules to add all Canadian and US players is advised NATION INFOSeason dates - Are inline with the European League. (10th Aug - 15th May) Season End Date - 20th June Season rules - as per England - No draft, No Designated player etc.Canadian Players are no longer classed as Foreign in USABoth have been slightly boosted in youth rating/nation terms to match England (USA) /Scotland (Canada) TEAM INFOAll created teams should have the correct Name - City - Stadium - Nickname - Some Clubs Legends - Derby Matches - Rivalries - Feeder Team All teams are Main Squad & u23's (All B/II/Reserve/teams are now extinct) DIVISION LAYOUT / REP / MONEY NOTE: Level 8 is made up of the 'Academy and Soccer School teams' Signing age limit <18 yr old. - This level is playable but not sure how it pans out, for those who wanna be an Under 18's coach. League rules are as the olympics under 3 over 24 players in the match side. CUPS Super Bowl - NFL Teams only - Groups into Knockout style cup Stanley Cup - NHL Teams only - Groups into Knockout style cupWorld Series - MLB Teams only - Groups into Knockout style cupNBA Finals - NBA Teams only - Groups into Knockout style cup MLS CUP - MLS Teams only Groups into a Knockout style cupUS Open Cup - All USA teams in an FA Cup style knockout Main teams are fed into the draw at later stages. Open Canada Cup - All Canada teams in an FA Cup style knockout Main teams are fed into the draw at later stages. Tier 6-8 will have a CUP & ACADEMY Division also have their own knockout cups. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=834567031 All additional graphics for default can be found at sortitoutsi or fm-view