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FM 2008: The Stadio Olimpico - Home of the Romans


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Full name Associazione Sportiva Roma SpA

Nickname(s) i Giallorossi (the Yellow-reds) La Magica (The Magic) i Lupi (the Wolves)

Founded July 22, 1927

Ground Stadio Olimpico Rome, Italy,

Capacity 82,307

Chairman Franco Sensi

Head Coach ?

2006–07 Season Serie A, 2nd, Coppa Italia Champions

Associazione Sportiva Roma, commonly referred to as simply Roma or the abbreviation AS Roma, is an Italian professional football club from Rome. Founded by a merger in 1927, Roma have participated at the top-tier of Italian football for all of their existence apart from one season. For their 56th season in a row, Roma are competing in Serie A for 2007–08.

Roma have won Serie A three times, first in 1941–42 then again in 1982–83 and 2000–01. As well as winning eight Coppa Italia trophies; on the European stage Roma won an Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1960–61, but have had come close to success finishing as runners-up in the European Cup in 1983–84 and the UEFA Cup in 1990–91.

Home games are played at the Stadio Olimpico, a stadium they share with rivals SS Lazio. With a capacity of over 82,000 it is the second largest of its kind in Italy, only the San Siro is bigger. Currently AS Roma are the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana holders in Italian football.

Playing Staff

1 GK Gianluca Curci

2 DF Christian Panucci

3 DF Cicinho

4 DF Juan

5 DF Philippe Mexès

7 MF David Pizarro

8 MF Alberto Aquilani

9 FW Mirko VuÄinić

10 FW Francesco Totti (captain)

11 MF Rodrigo Taddei

13 DF Marco Andreolli

14 FW Ludovic Giuly

15 DF Antunes

16 MF Daniele De Rossi (vice-captain)

18 FW Mauro Esposito

20 MF Simone Perrotta

21 DF Matteo Ferrari

22 DF Max Tonetto

25 GK Carlo Zotti

26 MF Adrian Piţ

27 GK Júlio Sérgio

29 MF Ahmed Barusso

30 FW Mancini

31 DF Samuel Kuffour

32 GK Doni

33 MF Matteo Brighi

77 DF Marco Cassetti

Usual Formation


GK - Doni

Rb - Cicinho

Lb - Tonetto

Cb - Mexès

Cb - Juan

Cm - De Rossi

Cm - Aquilani

Amr - Taddei

Amc - Perrota

Aml - Mancini

Fc - Totti

Areas to strengthen

Defence and Upfront, lacking a real out and out striker

Areas of strength

Midfield, both central and on the wings

Key Players

Totti - Obviously the focal point of the team, much of the play goes through the Roma Talisman

De Rossi - Key figure in the middle of the park

Mexès - Important part of the team in the weak defence key to future success

Ones To Watch

Aquilani - Future midfield great, deserves first team slot but key for the future

Andreolli - Future of the Italian backline, can play full back and central defence


So far in the demo I have played with a 4-4-1-1 with Vucinic upfront with devastating results, with plenty of goals from both Totti and Vucinic

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I played without signing anyone, except Capel on loan, but only really to see what he was like, to see how the squad would cope and was pleasantly surprised.

The team is much stronger despite the departure of Chivu, but still a bit lacking.

Juan and Mexes are a beast of a pairing.

I also play Curci in goal just because I don't trust Doni and his howlers.

Esposito is a super sub often coming on and scoring and very versatile and useful.

Antunes was also a surprise, his stats starting of poor but soon picked up and got signed for 500k bargain for the way he currently looks.

Finished the demo top of the league scoring many goals but will need to strengthen the defence as the squad wouldn't cope with a injury crisis.

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  • 2 weeks later...

How's every one's games going?

Mine 1st season was exceptional, mainly due to Totti and Vucinic, managed a clean sweep with only a few investments.

Amelia came in just before the season started as he was listed, managed to get him for £5mill, out went Doni in Jan for £8mill.

Brought in Menez and Jovetic for around £15mill combined. Also samba came in for only 500K which is a bargin for a defender so good.

Esposito was my supersub often killing off teams in the last 10mins.

Mancini however left in the summer as he wanted a new challenge, managed to get £30mill for him and replaced with Quaresma, who so far has been in amazing form.

At the back brought in Zapata, who is beginning to look like a rock in the 2nd season.

Only place which is possibly weak could be upfront as Totti is ageing and if Vucinic gets injured could be fatal, looking to bring in either Aguero or Vela.

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Just finished 1st season with Roma and won the league after a inconsistent start went unbeaten in the league from january play the tactic roma use ii real like 4-2-3-1 with totti as playmaker in amc position. Bought Banega and Ronaldo from Ac Milan.Did crap in CL and Coppa Italia. Got Zaccardo and Gasperoni comin in on free transfers

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After winning the league in 1st season i am half way through 2nd season and am really struggling i am 9th i the league table only 12 points off the top though i play 4-2-3-1 with attcking and quick tempo this worked for me in 1st season but i am struggling to score goals in 2nd season ive played 18 games and only scored 29 and conceded 21 heres my team

GK Doni

DR Zaccardo/Cichino

DL Pannuchi

DC Andreoli/Juan

DC Mexex/Ferrari

MC De Rossi/Perotta

MC Banega/Barusso

AMR Taddei/Gasberoni

AML Mancini/Vucinic

AMC Totti/Aquilani

FC Aguero/Ronaldo

Any ideas why i am doin so crap in 2nd season?

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Hi, i am looking to start a new game with Roma. I will be keeping the same 4-2-3-1 formation. On first inspection the team looks a bit weak in defence and seems to be lacking enough quality forwards.

I want to keep the team as italian as possible. Can you reccomend any players, The main positions I want players for are DR, DL and ST/FC. I was thinking Zaccardo for cover at DR and DC, who else? Thanks

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thanks, i am in the process of trying to sign them, though im not sure if i will get amauri, who else is there, is pazzini any good? also i would like another cm/amc, how much could i buy montolivo for or dessena or cignarini(sp)? from parma.

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this is mental but i'm tottenham in 4th season and roma offered me the job with a 65 million POUNDS transfer budget!!!

They are the fourth richest club in the world, so that is surprising. Anyway they were 5th in the Serie A, i was 1st.Naturally, I declined.

But that's a whole lot of moolah.

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ive just stared a game as roma. not sure wot formation to play i do like playing with a 4231 but the assistant manager thinks the team will strugle so i might go for a 4-4-1-1.

brough in

jimmy braind 11mil, saviet and wijnaldum(sp)

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Doni turns out to be good in this game patch 802, just like in real life roma need another striker vucinic is an average player , and left full back , perrotta and taddei seems to be underrated to this game , their PA are very2 low

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I gave up with my previous Roma game and started with liverpool but I want to start again with Roma now.

I am using patch 8.02 and I have started the game without any transfer funds allowed at the start, so I am planning for January and the summer transfer windows.

I am using a 4-2-3-1 formation.

The line up when all players are fit will be:



.....Aquilani..De Rossi......



There are a few areas that seem to be a weak, mainly left back and striker. The squad also seems to lack depth.

I would like to keep the squad as Italian as possible as Roma do in real life.

For LB I was thinking of Pasqual or Rubin

For ST I was thinking of Pazzini or Borriello if he is any good in the game?

I wanted to check that a player with -9 PA has a PA of between 150-180 as I checked what Cerci's was these days and its -9.

Other Players i would like include Cigarini, Rosina, Montolivio, Amelia, Quagliarella, from Italy for more squad depth.

Can you suggest any other players for LB and ST, they don't have to be Italian but I don't like paying huge amounts for 1 player until I am happy with the rest of the squad. And any other players you would like to suggest please feel free to do so.

So far I have played several games, its going ok so far. My results have been:

Roma 5-2 AEK

Roma 2-2 Panathinaikos

Roma 3-0 Leverkusen II

Roma 7-1 Bradford

Roma 4-1 Brighton

Roma 4-0 QPR

Roma 2-2 Inter (Lost 4-2 on Penalties)

So I have not played enough games to properly see how good the tactic and team are but apart from the Inter game (which was very close) I have won every game scoring a lot of goals in the process.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ive just started a game with Roma, playing virtually the same team as the above post, but with Giuly and Esposito ahead of Taddei. Ive also got Al-Hawasawi up front with Totti in a free role behind him, although Im not sure if Ill use Vucinic instead. Any tips on how to get the most from Totti? Ive got him with a very high mentality, CF and a free role, low closing down too so he gets more space. Do most people use arrows to get Mancini and the other winger to cut inside? Al-Hawasawi is very short so i dont need many crosses, although Vucinic would probably cause a change of plan there.

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Is anyone else playing as Roma? I finished 4th in the first season, one point behind Fiorentina in 3rd and 3 or 4 behind AC in 2nd. Inter ran away with the title with 97 points, about 11 ahead of AC I think.

Sold Mancini to Inter for £20m in January as he wanted a new challenge, brought in Riki and Armand to give me a stronger looking left hand side. Im not sure whether to move to a 4-4-2 formation with Totti playing alongside someone else, what kind of player does he work best with? Im looking to buy Clerc to give me a back four of Armand, Mexes, Juan/Samba/Andreolli,and Clerc/Cicinho. Midfield should be fine with De Rossi and Aquilani to boss that, with Riki and Taddei/a new signing down the wings. Im struggling to think how im going to overhaul Inter though, with them, AC and Juve all spending silly money on players.

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Just started a game with Roma. I'm looking to bring through youth and only really shell out for quality players - once players return from loan next season, we should have good depth.

Does anyone know if you get more money in your second season?

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second season away to start, finished 3rd season 1, 7 points behind Inter and 2 behind milan. knocked out of champs lge 1st knockout by arsenal.

my team looks like this:

GK- Doni/Curci

RB - Zaccardo (11m end of season 1)

CB - Juan (defender of the year!)

CB - Mexes

LB - Kleber - (15m end of season 1)

RM - Taddei

CM - De Rossi

CM - Aquilani

LM - Menez

ST - Briand

ST - Totti




D Pizzaro

S Sidwell

C Pizzaro

I Klasnic




Have a budget of around 30m left and desparetly need a really good striker, 30+ goals a season. Briand does not seem to be up to the task!

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Originally posted by gio:

Just started a game with Roma. I'm looking to bring through youth and only really shell out for quality players - once players return from loan next season, we should have good depth.

Does anyone know if you get more money in your second season?

I got 65m to spend 2nd season after coming 3rd in league.

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Anyone still playing as Roma? I am, taken over them in 2009 season, squad atm (2011):

GK: Doni/Akinfeev/Curci

DL: Bale/Boka

DC: Mexes/Gonzalo Rodriguez

DC: Garay/Andreolli

DR: Diogo/Eduardo Ratinho

DMC: De Rossi/Bodmer

AML: Van Der Vaart/Durante (amazing technical regen, poor physically though :/)

AMC: Diego/Marin

AMR: Aimar/Mancini

FC: Vucinic/Acquafresca

FC: Balotelli/Okaka (currently out on loan)

Awesome squad IMO, ripping up the CL and league this season after an injury hit last season where we won nothing (Inter were unstoppable)

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OK - into season 3. Won the treble last season, inter ran me close in the league. Beat Barca in the champions league final on pens 4-1. Curci the hero.

Squad looks like this:-

GK - Akinfeev (24m) / Curci

RB - Cicinho / Zaccardo

CB - Mexes / Andreolli

CB - Juan / Forster

LB - Kleber / Sakho

RM - Dos Santos (free transfer) / Rosina

CM - De Rossi / Pizarro

CM - Aquilina / Mihelic

LM - Menez / Taddei

ST - Huntelaar / Totti

ST - Aguero (£45m) / Briand

Club has just been taken over by an Italian Tycoon. He was going to sack me as he 'wanted his own man at the helm'. After canvassing opinion he has now allowed me to keep my job, put £15m in the coffers and upgrading the youth facilities. which is good.

Good start to the season -

Won Italian supercup - Aguero getting the winner against Lazio - always a nice team to beat.

Won Euro super-cup - Aguero again!

Won first six games of the league, so have Inter though.

Beat by Shaktar away in the Champions league though, not too bad a group (Marseille and Spartak too) so should still win the group.

watch this space......

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  • 3 weeks later...

I was wondering what kind of player people go for when replacing Totti, as I'm about to start my second season.

I'd preferably like an italian player, as it's something I've been trying to stick with in my current game.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I've just gone back to my Roma game...

I've signed Quagriarella, co-owned, for £3m. Also signed Wagner, Anichebe and Barnetta on loan. I'm in December, 4th in Serie A, and qualified for the last 16 of the CL. However, I'm not happy at my performance so far at all.

My main problem is that Totti averages just 6.8... and has scored 4 goals in 20 games. I've tried him as AMC and a lone SC, but nothing seems to work. How does everyone else play with Totti?

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