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  1. Stoke City: Premiership and Beyond

    With school and all, im busy too... Machismo? I'll, er, take that as a compliment
  2. Jozy Altidore

    He played well against my Barca team...sped past Pique like he was a wall of bricks...(and Pique was voted best defender in my game). However, his shooting left much to be desired against Petr Cech.
  3. for goalkeepers, i find their best age is around 28-33. For my defence, I prefer them experienced but not slow. Around 24-30. For my midfield, 23-31 is fine. For wingers, they must be fast. From 21-30 preferably. And for my strikers, it depends. I want a young one to partner the older target man. I've got 24 year old Pato partnering 28 year old Briand and it is working wonders.
  4. Have i made a mistake?

    Gourcuff's not bad. But VDV is the best. Get Arshavin! Did you see the way he murdered Holland?
  5. Biggest and best flops.

    Djibril Diawara for Bolton? Winston Bogarde for Chelsea? Did nothing but sit around and then retire... Khalid Boulahrouz. Nuff said. Prunier made a good debut, but his next match was horrendous. never played for United again. Remember Ali Dia? The worst player ever to play in the Premier League...
  6. Daniel Alves or Lorenzo De Silvestri?

    Alves has UNBELIEVABLE stats, he even contained Ronaldo a bit when I played against Chelsea. De Silvestri is more of a right-back, seeing as he has the right stats. But for an all-rounded player, Alves' your man.
  7. £1.85 billion in transfer funds

    calm down people, that game's pretty huge, so it'll take some time. In the meanwhile, just keep checking back every day.
  8. Biggest and best flops.

    For a genius manager, sir alex has his moments: Eric Djemba-Djemba Kleberson David Bellion Juan Sebastian Veron Massimo Taibi Mark Bosnich
  9. Arsenal FC - My weak links

    Would suggest Taye Taiwo for left, Marceloa's more attacking. Taiwo can do both. Enyeama is okay, but Zapata is a bit too young and Henry will get old fast.
  10. After a season or two, most of them on that list will be obsolete!
  11. Samuel Eto'o

    In my game he was past it at 32. Kinda ridiculous tbh. Zidane was still one of the world's best players at 34.
  12. you seem bias towards Scottish people mate...
  13. Er, i dont think they meant it literally, but if they did, well done. It means you're a favoured personnel now!
  14. Petr Cech in my team is legendary, as he's the only one above 30, But im sure when the rest of my team become older, they'll be legendary too.
  15. £1.85 billion in transfer funds

    good luck then.