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  1. The little waistcoat is to die for. So swarve.
  2. Ronaldo's looked pretty fit. Love the hair. Kaka's looked pale and a bit fat. Alonso is the hottest though, such a strong jawline and handsome face. Bond esc beauty.
  3. I take it that Capello is finished now?

    Too easy to blame the manager. People are going to complain about the likes of Green and Heskey in the team. For me the grass roots level infrastructure just isn't there and with such a small pool of talent how is any manager ever going to succeed. Add to that the hyped up expectation in the first place and a set of great players who can't play together. Too easy to lay the blame all on Capello.
  4. 2-1 to England. Rooney at least 1 of the 2. The Germans to outclass us all game but with a fb comeback from us.
  5. The Official English National Football Team Thread

    I can just tell how this tournament is going to head for us. Remember tight rope walking on curbs as a kid? You're never good, shakey the whole way but somehow manage to wobble your way through and fall off at the end. That's us. We'll unconvincinly beat Germany, get given a real test against Mexico/ argentina. Somehow beat Brazil or Spain and the fail epically in the final. I can sees it I tells you! Seriously now. We played well and its down to Capello to get us to keep our heads up and make sure nobody gets cocky. Germany are a very good team and we are complete underdogs going into this. I expect them to win but do think we have a chance here. From his comments earlier in the tournament I expect Rooney to be pumped for this game and have a performance to match. If he's on fire then we can win. It's all up in the air now and I honestly think either team can win it.
  8. If this all does go wrong I want Capello to stay. It won't though...?
  9. Just like the wingless wonders of the glory days. World cup win here we come
  10. 3-1 victory today boys. Based on nothing except sheer arrogant hope. Defoe to get 2, Milner the other. Johnson to be at fault for their goal.
  11. The Official English National Football Team Thread

    Personally I don't want to go into the game too much. We ****ed up and everyone knows that and I'm so drained by that performance I can't be arsed to talk about it. For the next game I'd have a team overhaul: --------------------James------------------ Johnson------Dawson-------Terry-------Cole -------------Barry-------Gerrard------------ Lennon---------------------------------Cole ---------Crouch------------Defoe----------- David James - Proved himself better than green yesterday. Was a bit floppy with the punch but I thought hes distribution was far better than Greens. Hart's too inexperienced for me despite what anyone says and whilst just as likely to cause a mistake I have mre faith in him after last night. Glen Johnson- Played awful yesterday but what's the alternative? Carragaghers banned and we have no other rightbacks in the squad so he has to play. Wish we had a fit Wes Brown now. Dawson- With Carra banned I'd pick him over Upson. He's a bit fresh and I have a feeling he won't be in one of the depressive moods and will add a bit of pace. Terry- Looked Weak but we do still need him and maybe with a pacyer player beside him he could play like the Terry of old. A. Cole- Consistant and for me one of our better players this tournament. Always a starter. Not saying much. Barry- Looked sharp against Algeria and we need him to cover the back four. Needs to go on the attack less as that's when we looked weakest. Gerrard- Limp yesterday but he's our captain for a reason. Hope he can lift his head up and work well with Barry and the forwards in his favoured position. Lennon- Better that Swp for me and looks like he can beat the full backs and get in that killer cross if he has people in the centre. J. Cole- Why he hasn't been starting so far I don't know. Our best winger without a shadow of a doubt and has the mentality to help England out of their glut. Crouch& Defoe- Defoe looked fast and a threat when he came on. I'd make him the main man and I've picked Crouch as I think he can get the best out of Defoe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rooney- Has looked awful in the two games and by benching him I hope that gives him the desire to win. No use putting him in and hoping something happens. Take him out a hope it lights a fire up under his arse so he begs cappello to put him on the pitch. Heskey- Heskey's role is to get the best out of Rooney. The problem is you can't have heskey holding up the ball with the likes of Lampard, Gerrard and Rooney barely turning up. He's played decent througout the tournament but I think it's past the stage where he can be a starter. Lampard- I don't like the idea off Gerrard playing off of Rooney when both are in such bad form. Therefore you just can't play both Lamps and Gerrad in the same side atm. Bench him and bring him on for Gerrard late on. What do the rest of you think? That's my view. I just don't think Rooney sand Lampard should be starting. Joe Cole definantley in th side for me.
  12. The Official English National Football Team Thread

    My post from the match thread pre-match: Heskey played well tbh and was one of the better players in what was a woeful game yesterday. Set up the goal and unfortunatley hit his shot straight to the keeper. Probably due to the fact he hasn't been playing and even then everyone knows he's not a great goal scorer. Played better then Rooney ad I'd play him next game. Green had a bad game. Everyone knows that but i'd keep him in. For too long we've thrown goalkeepers out as soon as they have a mistake; Seaman, Robinson, Carson and if the media had their way now Green. England played poor and it was that that meant we didn't win the game, not Green. He meant we conceded an easy goal but what happened to the goal scoring? We should have been in a position where the goalkeeper could make mistakes. Also, the reason there has been such a debate over the goalkeepers is because they're so close in terms of ability. Would the other two do anything any different or should we stick with a decent enough goalie and put this rule of crucifying the goal keeper after every mistake to bed? It worked the best i've seen it. With Barry out we needed it to work and it did. Now Barry's coming back in we can go to the preferred formation of having a full holding/defencive midfielder.My formation for the next game: -----------------Green------------ Johnson-----Upson------Terry-------Cole ----------Lampard-------Barry---------- Gerrard----------Heskey------------Cole -----------------Rooney----------------
  13. Don't get the squad selection hate here at all. Capello is going with the proven partnership of Heskey/Rooney over a bigger risk of trying out the Gerrard playing off Rooney tactic or anyother less tried one. Which is the better isn't the point he's putting risk against benefit. The Heskey partnership has worked so try it. Doesn't matter if it's not best, try out new tactics on the easier games. As for goalkeeper; James clearly isn't fit and whilst Hart has shown promise its too bigger of a game for someone with 3 games to be tried. U.S.A are better than people are giving them credit for. Green is fit and proven. Like the strike force, experiment later. Gerrard/Lampard midfield. Sure it hasn't worked but do you really want one left on the bench? Or Carrick who had a howler against Mexico to play and oush somebody who's earnt their place like Cole or Milner out? Try it out. Both are world class players so it won't be a disaster. If it isnt working rejiggle to formation a little. 2-1 win for England. Tight game. Usa take the lead around 15mins in with a Donovan goal. Rooney to score early in the 2nd half with Gerard getting the final goal after a formation rejiggle. Media to doubt our chances tomorrow. A poor ref permormance, first of the tournament and the ball to cause some controversy. Off to a mates to watch it in a bit. C'mon England!!!!
  14. The Official English National Football Team Thread

    Reminds me of Roger Federer after he beat Roddick in the Wimbledon final last year. In the interview post-match claiming he knew hat he was going through having lost in the final the year before. Roddick shaking his head the whole time as Federer neglected to mention his countless previous titles.
  15. The Official English National Football Team Thread

    Heskey to get a burst of form and get the golden boot please. For his celebration in the final as he gets the winning goal a massive middle finger to the cameras as his celebration. Heard it here first.