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  1. This is indeed a known issue, already for several years imo. In addition, the reputation of a manager is too influential when AI controlled teams look for a new manager. Whilst in real life it is very common to see young managers getting a chance, the AI teams will most of the time go for the manager who has the highest CA/PA & reputation set and therefore often pick a more experienced & older manager. This is imo also the reason you get a very small pool of managers going from one big club to another. And as soon as the manager fails to deliver he is replaced with someone else. So if Man City for example, a team that obviously goes for the title, doesn't win the league and ends up in second place, the manager will get sacked most of the time. If you compare that to real life, if City would somehow finish second this season in I highly highly doubt they will immediately sack Pep.
  2. Concerning db 19.3.0 ... What is going on with the transfer values in Argentina? The most expensive players within Argentina are now max 2 or 3 million euro's. This doesn't make any sense, the transfer values should have been increased, not decreased.
  3. In various games I noticed that this award is being given to the most strange players. Aren't there some criteria that should be decisive when it comes to this matter, for example current & potential ability rather than average rating. In my current game the award is won in 2018 by Juan Hernandez (Huesca) and in 2010 by Manuel Witzheimer (HSV) based on the goals he scored for the reserve team of HSV. This doesn't make any sense at all.
  4. Cedrik

    4-3-3 Narrow

    I noticed that for some reason when a manager doesn't have a preferred formation set in the DB, it often happens that the AI starts to play a 4-3-3 narrow. This can also happen as when there is no preferred attacking formation set. The problem here imo is, that his formation is never used in real life, I can not think of any team of club that plays (or even has played) with three pure strikers. It's just highly unlikely and in all a very strange and unrealistic formation as it takes out all width from a formation and there are just literally three players in a striker-role in the box. Would be perhaps a good idea to remove this formation from the game in order to prevent it being used by AI managers .
  5. I don't really think it works that way in real life, that players can be categorized according to FM-roles. I think in real life players are much more versatile than in FM where they are often limited to two or perhaps three roles in which they are convincing. Take for example the transition football underwent the last couple of years in which more and more managers started playing teams with three defenders and sometimes wingers where used as backs (or vice-versa). In FM suchs players are simply not capable of playing in other positions than they are assinged to (of course unless you firstly train them for a long time and depending on a lot of factors they will perhaps become capable of playing in that role). The point I want to make is more that is seems unrealistic that there is a role on a position in FM where even the best possible players in the game on that position are rated as 'unconvincing' in that role. I would say that players like Marcelo, Kimmich, Alba, Fabinho, Sergi Roberto and Florenzi should all be more than capable of playing that role in the game. Guardiola also used his backs often in a way that is comparable to what the role of inverted wingback is described to be in FM. But as said, it is difficult to make the exact comparison imo due the fluidity that players have in real life in comparison with the more rigid/fixed positions of players in FM. Yes, it can definitely work. But the game will still state that players are unconvincing in this role.
  6. I noticed throughout the game that there seem to be very little inverted wingbacks, or better said: backs who are seen as suitable operating in this role. Even a lot of the best backs in the game are apparently 'unconvincing' in this role. I feel the role of inverted wingbacks is an interesting one as in the modern game many backs are nowadays asked to contribute to the play on the inner parts of the pitch rather than just running up and down the flanks. Yet in FM I feel the implementation of this can still be improved. What is the actual reason that so many backs are being touted as unconvincing in the inverted wingback role by the game? And is this something that will see an improvement in the future?
  7. Small question about AS Roma. Why is their new stadium not in the game, or did I miss something? I believe the build of the stadium is pretty official, there is even an official site of the stadium.
  8. It is indeed still impossible to change the club colours in game. I first thought I was locked due to licensings, but also in leagues that are not licensed, it is the same issue. Would be great if this could be fixed in some way. Also in the pre-game editor I don't see any ways of fixing this matter.
  9. That is no problem I presume, there is also a separate thread on Leverkusen. This one looks good btw , I would say a lot of people are going to give Dortmund a chance this FM seen their talented squad
  10. No, you can't make a comparison in the way that you did with Robertson. A PA of 170 is simply way too high for Tierney at this moment, of course unless you genuinely feel he can become the best left back in the world.
  11. Red, even with the pre-game editor it is possible to edit the transfer values . Nation -> Transfer values. It is as simple as that. In general you and your team did a great job on the DB , but this can still be looked at. The Dutch research team gave players like Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt a higher reputation, but that reputation is still linked to a certain estimated transfer value that is too low compared to what they would cost in real life.
  12. I agree, but at this moment I think we can say that Robertson has proven himself for one of the best teams in the world, that plays in one of the best leagues in the world. Therefore, even though I get your point, you can't really approach it that way.
  13. With all due respect, Kieran Tierney has a PA of 170. Isn't that a little bit over the top for a player who has only proven himself in the Scottish Premiership? I understand Tierney is very talented, I agree upon this as well, but his current set PA is as far as I can see now the highest of any left back in the game, making him potentially the best left back in the world. Little bit exaggerated if you ask me .
  14. It's all based upon one season. Pléa had indeed a great season last year, but prior to that one he wasn't so successful concerning his goals. I would say 14 is a very decent rating for him now. He also still has room to improve slightly in-game.
  15. Of course, no competition on the market for a game like FM, so why would they really care? They probably feel themselves that this feature is fine or not really that important. If you don't like it -> your problem. This is what they have implemented, they decide and therefore this is what you will have to work with if you want to play FM .
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