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  1. Interesting thread . But how does the whole policy with youth work out in FM? Basically Brentford will not get any youth candidates? I did saw in the editor that the youth rating is 1.
  2. Not the only. Saint Louis FC is also set to join in 2022, but Sacramento not yet which is kind of strange.
  3. Milan should be interesting this FM. However, I feel a lot of the players are overrated compared to their qualities in real life. Should be pretty easy to get a top four in the first season.
  4. It's unfortunately not only his reputation, I couldn't help to immediately take a look in the editor now the game is released. And it's remarkable to see that Viktor Fischer is actually upgraded on both his CA & PA. His CA is now 143, which makes him together with Kjaer, Wass and Yussuf Poulsen the 4th best Danish player in the whole game. In addition, his CA is now 165 which is actually the highest of all Danish players besides Eriksen of course. And Fischer's current reputation is 145, which is the 4th highest reputation of all Danish players. This explains the interest of all the major teams. It's disappointing to see that such ratings are seen as realistic. Fischer is now basically on par with players like Vinícius Júnior (144), Richarlison (CA 146) and Thorgan Hazard (CA 147) I think, as earlier mentioned, we can all agree that Fischer is a wonderful player. But he is not by any means as good as he is currently in FM.
  5. Small question on the DB: similar to previous versions of the game, the DB will after the release not be changed until the winter update somewhere in feb/march?
  6. Exactly the latter, I would say he is especially overrated in the sense that due to his current CA, he is drawing interest from clubs that would never ever go after him IRL. This creates an unrealistic situation. By downgrading his CA, for example to 136/137, he is most likely still the best player in the Superligaen but won't draw the interest of Europe's top teams. In addition, even though Viktor is a really good player, his finishing & off the ball still seem relatively high, even for what he showed in the Superligaen (he's just not a prolific goalscorer) whilst his teamwork can be upgraded a bit. Overall for FCK his now on 80 appearances, 21 goals and 34 assists. Ok, fair enough and I agree that he indeed had that potential when he was younger.
  7. Perhaps this was already raised, but since when is it part of Chelsea's club culture to play possession & attacking football? Same for Bournemouth btw. In addition, is it part of Burnley's club culture to play defensive football, or is this just a preference of Sean Dyche? I feel in some situations there are some misunderstandings between club culture and manager preferences. You can argue for example that for a club like Barcelona or Ajax it is, no matter who the manager is, part of their club culture to play attacking and possession based football. For a club like Chelsea however this is not the case, even though Lampard is currently aiming to play that way. It's quite important to get this right as managers get judged on this, and you will get situations where a managers gets sacked even though performing well, simply because his style of play was in contrast with the club culture. Lastly, concerning Liverpool. Why is Fabinho rated so high on penalty taking (15)? I am actually aware he is good at this as he was Monaco's penalty taker for almost two seasons, but I don't feel he should be the second best penalty taker in the squad. Currently he is rated higher than Salah (14) in this aspect. I feel 12 or 13 would be more suitable for Fabinho, where Salah could have perhaps 15.
  8. HR Estonia Erik Sorga can be upgraded a little bit as he is having an amazing season . Especially taken into consideration he juist 20 years old. Of course his performance must be set in the perspective of the Meistriliiga, which simply isn't that good of a league, however his current ratings are so low he is being placed in Flora's -21 squad. His concentration (currently 5), bravery (currently 3) seem pretty low, I would say that somewhere between 9 - 11 would be a better choice. Especially bravery as he is pretty energetic and present when taking on opponents. Additionally, his strength (currently 5), long shots (currently 7) and decisions (currently 8) could all get a minor increase. For example something like strength 8, long shots 8 and decisions 10. With the right choices concerning his future career, Sorga could become one of Estonia's best footballers, at the moment this is not at all reflected in FM.
  9. As much as I like Viktor Fischer, I feel he is rated pretty generously . Especially when it comes to finishing (14), off the ball (14) and long shots (13). I also noticed that from the beginning of the game he immediately draws interest from some major English clubs which is not really realistic and maybe due to his CA/PA. If I remember correctly, in FM 19, his CA was 140 (?) and his PA 157 (?) which were in my opinion completely over the top. I think Viktor is a really good player, but not for no reason did he eventually fail at Ajax, Middlesbrough and Mainz. This season he is yet to score in the Superligaen and overall has played 27 matches, scored 3 times and managed to get 9 assists. I think this emphasizes that especially in the area of the previously named finishing and off the ball, he is a little bit too good at the moment. I would say that 12 for both finishing and off the ball would be a better fit. His rating for long shots is up for debate, but I wouldn't want to argue he is anywhere near being really good in this area. On the other hand, I feel his rating for teamwork (currently 8) can be upgraded a little bit. Perhaps 10 would be more suitable. Especially at Ajax he was often extremely selfish, but at the moment I feel he managed to sort that out a bit. His 9 assists this season and his 17 assists last season also underline this.
  10. I could see myself manage every team. I mean, there are definitely clubs I don't really fancy irl, but FM is a game and I feel that perspective those sentiments don't really count that much. Same with specific players I don't really like irl, it's not that I would not buy them in FM if they would add something to my team.
  11. Man Utd: - Juan Mata's leadership seems very low with 6, one of the lowest in the squad actually. Especially taken into consideration has has been captain for a couple of times if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Perhaps it was already mentioned here before, but why is Blind more a natural DM than a natural CB? It seems conflicting with how he is played out since his return at Ajax.
  13. The higher the quality of a league, the more difficult it is for players to excel. Morelos would for example most likely have a much harder time in the EPL than he does currently in Scotland. I therefore feel it is important to take the quality of the league in consideration when rating a player, that is the point that I am trying to make. Giving players such high ratings for certain attributes as currently has been done with Morelos and Édouard, creates a distorted picture of their qualities, because if they get bought in the game by a club in a better league, it is most likely that they will completely tear that league apart due to those high ratings. Whilst in real life, it is more likely they would first need to adapt to the difficulty of the new league.
  14. 19 strength for Alfredo Morelos seems a little over the top. Especially for a player playing in the SPL. He is now seen this specific attribute on the same level with someone like Lukaku . Concerning Odsonne Édouard, I feel 17 for finishing is over the top. Obviously he is a good finisher, but 15 would be perhaps a better fit, especially taken into consideration he is still young and could grow in the future. When starting with 17 he could potentially become the best finisher in the game which is most likely a little bit over an exaggeration. So far, Édouard scored 32 in 64 games in the SPL, 4 in 15 in the EL and 5 in 12 in the CL. These are decent stats for a striker, however not exceptional by any means. In addition to this, it is perhaps a bit strange that Morelos has 12 for dribbling, where Édouard has 15. Morelos dribbles less often than Édouard with the ball, however his dribbles seem to be more accurate. In that perspective, I would say both players could have 12 or 13 for dribbling. Lastly, Tom Rogic seems to be a little bit too good when it comes to dribbling (16), finishing (16) and first touch (17). With finishing he is now on the same level of Morelos, which doesn't make much sense for a player that scored 23 times in 110 SPL appearances. I would say dribbling 14, finishing 13 and first touch 15 would be more suitable and realistic.
  15. The Russian transfer & player values seem too low. At the start of the game someone like Fyodor Chalov is worth only 2 million euro's. This whilst his estimated market value is around 15 million.
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