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  1. Unfortunately this does not work. The game still starts in retina. Even when I force it to start in low resolution by editing the Info.plist file, no change. In previous years, the in-game option to switch off the retina display worked perfectly.
  2. Interesting thread . But how does the whole policy with youth work out in FM? Basically Brentford will not get any youth candidates? I did saw in the editor that the youth rating is 1.
  3. Not the only. Saint Louis FC is also set to join in 2022, but Sacramento not yet which is kind of strange.
  4. Milan should be interesting this FM. However, I feel a lot of the players are overrated compared to their qualities in real life. Should be pretty easy to get a top four in the first season.
  5. Small question on the DB: similar to previous versions of the game, the DB will after the release not be changed until the winter update somewhere in feb/march?
  6. I could see myself manage every team. I mean, there are definitely clubs I don't really fancy irl, but FM is a game and I feel that perspective those sentiments don't really count that much. Same with specific players I don't really like irl, it's not that I would not buy them in FM if they would add something to my team.
  7. I indeed stated that, however I wouldn't interpret it as an insult. At most a bit of mockery to get my point across. However, if it was taken as an insult, my apologies, that was not the intention. I would suggest to re-read my post, I say that researchers can at times lack objectivity. The use of the words can and at times should emphasize that it is a possibility that can occur occasionally. You are subsequently stating that I say that researchers are never objective and can't be. This is not true and with that you're twisting my words. There are plenty or researchers who do a wonde
  8. To be quite honest I think it is a bit odd to state that comments like mine are not tolerated. I'm solely giving my personal opinion and in addition I am not using offensive language either. I'm criticizing work from a database, because I absolutely disagree with certain ratings. I think there should be room to do so . Secondly, I don't feel it is a weird thing to assume that researchers at times can lack objectivity. I understand it is probably not what people like to hear, especially not people related to SI. However, researchers are also human beings, and if you have a soft spot for a
  9. Most likely (as usual) loads of teams in the EPL will be hugely overrated making the EPL-teams an absolute dominating force in European competitions. And outside the EPL of course Celtic. It is always funny to see that the Celtic researcher likes to work on the database after having a couple of pints. I always feel SI should intervene with situations like that by talking to researchers about their lack objectivity. Furthermore one team that definitely comes to my mind is Atletico. I feel they should be downgraded massively, some of their players are just too good compared to their real l
  10. This is indeed a known issue, already for several years imo. In addition, the reputation of a manager is too influential when AI controlled teams look for a new manager. Whilst in real life it is very common to see young managers getting a chance, the AI teams will most of the time go for the manager who has the highest CA/PA & reputation set and therefore often pick a more experienced & older manager. This is imo also the reason you get a very small pool of managers going from one big club to another. And as soon as the manager fails to deliver he is replaced with someone else. So if
  11. I don't really think it works that way in real life, that players can be categorized according to FM-roles. I think in real life players are much more versatile than in FM where they are often limited to two or perhaps three roles in which they are convincing. Take for example the transition football underwent the last couple of years in which more and more managers started playing teams with three defenders and sometimes wingers where used as backs (or vice-versa). In FM suchs players are simply not capable of playing in other positions than they are assinged to (of course unless you firstly
  12. I noticed throughout the game that there seem to be very little inverted wingbacks, or better said: backs who are seen as suitable operating in this role. Even a lot of the best backs in the game are apparently 'unconvincing' in this role. I feel the role of inverted wingbacks is an interesting one as in the modern game many backs are nowadays asked to contribute to the play on the inner parts of the pitch rather than just running up and down the flanks. Yet in FM I feel the implementation of this can still be improved. What is the actual reason that so many backs are being touted
  13. That is no problem I presume, there is also a separate thread on Leverkusen. This one looks good btw , I would say a lot of people are going to give Dortmund a chance this FM seen their talented squad
  14. Those regens do not look of Asian descent at all . It's a bit embarrassing, I genuinely still don't understand that this has become such an issue after FM 2017 as it worked perfectly well in the all the FM versions prior to that one.
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