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  1. Do players shield the ball so it runs out of play for a goal kick or throw in? I play 99% of the time with commentary only so haven't seen it on the rare occasions I do play with proper highlights!
  2. Nice one, interesting to see what budgets and stuff are available next season.
  3. I hate the playoffs lost three finals in a row with Crewe on FM11 and it still haunts me today! Good luck!
  4. Flying now! Hopefully secure a playoff spot at least this season
  5. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Ever since that save I've played as them on every FM mainly because as I rose to the top league on game they went and did the same in real life. Obviously a massive tragedy, the team were defying the odds and then this happens truly awful.
  6. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    I've been playing in Brazil while waiting but could turn into my proper save, I've unfinished business with this club from FM13 Hopefully it won't take too long for the leagues to come out!
  7. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    It's a pain waiting for the editor files you want to start a proper save!
  8. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    I've not posted in here in ages, haven't really got into a save on the last couple of FM's. Maybe it'll change next year if I buy the game that is!
  9. Turned into an occasional lurker now all my FM chat is on Twitter nowadays.
  10. He's available for £2.2m at the start of my game.
  11. FM15: Tycoon Saves

    I just check the jobs page any clubs listed as rich just look at their history and landmarks, if they've been taken over by a tycoon it'll say on there.
  12. Yep, I always try to balance it out so I get paid roughly what I spend in payments
  13. That's what I figured, seems quite easy to do I've had similar with a few players. I see people on Twitter saying they don't like monthly payments but if you use them you can get much more for the player.
  14. The way this all works is a bit odd, for example after Southampton were relegated I managed to sign Ward Prowse for my Crewe side for £20m. After a couple of cracking seasons he started to moan about wanting to leave he was valued at £22m, I offered him out for £50m no offers, £40m no offers, £30m no offers, £20m was followed by several offers of around £24m-ish. I then managed to negotiate one offer to £27m up front and £30m over 12 months with a small sell on. Some times all you have to do is hook the AI into a bid at a much lower value than what you actually want and you can negotiate a big deal.
  15. The coffee mug is great Good luck!