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  1. A minor thing but I've noticed that if a player scores a goal where they slide in to get to a cross and score, it's not recorded as a shot on target.
  2. This been missed or is it not a concern because very few people play with these settings?
  3. This probably only matters to a very small group so not sure if there is any interest in fixing it. I play with commentary only and 3D replays of goals, however if there is a goal in stoppage time there is no replay. I have had several incidents where I thought I'd lost but I'd drawn, thought I'd draw but I'd won, well you get the point! Not even sure if this is the right place to post as it's not really a match engine problem
  4. I'd be very curious to see how the default styles with basic roles stack up against the created tactics, bit of a pest to test them all though!
  5. I don't have it any more auto save kicked in day after game, I'll keep an eye on it again and upload if it happens again
  6. The news article claims Figueirense are tipped for relegation and face Avai today for valuable points, they are due to face Avai but in the State Championships where they are top. They're only tipped for relegation in the First Division, which doesn't start for a few months. I think the game media is mistaking the relegation odds of the First Division for States. I know this isn't a big issue but still thought it was worth reporting
  7. I just started another save and we have an assistant manager from the start, the quick pick is still greyed out
  8. It does look busy in here which is nice to see! I've not posted for so long as I've struggled to really play a proper save long term, will read some threads and see if it inspires me to start anything up
  9. How is everyone? Been a long time since I posted in here!
  10. Do players shield the ball so it runs out of play for a goal kick or throw in? I play 99% of the time with commentary only so haven't seen it on the rare occasions I do play with proper highlights!
  11. Nice one, interesting to see what budgets and stuff are available next season.
  12. I hate the playoffs lost three finals in a row with Crewe on FM11 and it still haunts me today! Good luck!
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