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  1. I just started another save and we have an assistant manager from the start, the quick pick is still greyed out
  2. Sorry if the screenshot is too small, I can upload a save with the news item in if it helps? Issue I have is that news item is for the State Championship but the first 5 listed fixtures at the top are for the First Division not the States.
  3. Thanks Ben, some additional information, I had a play with the in game editor, turns out when we hit £5.7 million bank balance we are no longer insecure and are up to okay and can hire new staff.
  4. I see this is tagged as SI need more info, is this right or has it just not been updated since I uploaded my save game?
  5. I just progressed until the end of the year and the new president has said that his first task is to get the club back on a sound financial footing, there really seems like an issue with the us being viewed as having poor finances.
  6. Hi Ben, I uploaded it as Nautico Finances.fm If any request is made for new staff it says we can't have them due to finances, I checked and it still says that on the save I uploaded
  7. I can provide a save for this at some point if needed, I'm just wondering if it's been reported already. I'm currently managing Nautico in Brazilian Third Division, we have £4.9m bank balance, as the balance was going up during the season the board kept putting £40k cash injection to help the club with running costs. Now at the end of the season I've been told I can't have another scout because of the precarious financial position of the club. We're £13k a week under wage budget and have a £500k transfer fund. Is it possible the game is somehow viewing us as being poor? When looking at club we are listed as insecure.
  8. It does look busy in here which is nice to see! I've not posted for so long as I've struggled to really play a proper save long term, will read some threads and see if it inspires me to start anything up
  9. How is everyone? Been a long time since I posted in here!
  10. Do players shield the ball so it runs out of play for a goal kick or throw in? I play 99% of the time with commentary only so haven't seen it on the rare occasions I do play with proper highlights!
  11. Nice one, interesting to see what budgets and stuff are available next season.
  12. I hate the playoffs lost three finals in a row with Crewe on FM11 and it still haunts me today! Good luck!
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