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  1. A minor thing but I've noticed that if a player scores a goal where they slide in to get to a cross and score, it's not recorded as a shot on target.
  2. This been missed or is it not a concern because very few people play with these settings?
  3. This probably only matters to a very small group so not sure if there is any interest in fixing it. I play with commentary only and 3D replays of goals, however if there is a goal in stoppage time there is no replay. I have had several incidents where I thought I'd lost but I'd drawn, thought I'd draw but I'd won, well you get the point! Not even sure if this is the right place to post as it's not really a match engine problem
  4. I'd be very curious to see how the default styles with basic roles stack up against the created tactics, bit of a pest to test them all though!
  5. It does look busy in here which is nice to see! I've not posted for so long as I've struggled to really play a proper save long term, will read some threads and see if it inspires me to start anything up
  6. How is everyone? Been a long time since I posted in here!
  7. The coffee mug is great Good luck!
  8. The only thing that stops me from playing FMC is the lack of an editor to make some more obscure leagues to play in. If FMC did have an editor I think I'd not bother with the full game any more
  9. It may not be true all Warnock said was "I did not feel the conditions of the job were right for me to manage. I wish them well for the rest of the season." I'm guessing we won't ever know for sure
  10. I heard Warnock turned them down as the chairman wanted a say on transfers and who played. Not sure Clough would fancy that!
  11. Going to go watch the Crewe match on Saturday where anything can happen then to my parents to watch the cup final. I expect we'll get hammered but as people like to say "you never know"
  12. I've lost interest in FM so I don't go into GD at all so there's no point being a mod, not that I did much modding at all anyway!
  13. Depends when you started the game, some games started before the most recent patch with Sunday League rep means it's virtually impossible to get a new job no matter how well you do.
  14. They really won't and if you think that then you really do suffer from some sort of mental problems.
  15. That's a pretty stupid thing to say, how would your family feel it's not just you that matters. Are you sure you don't suffer from depression?
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