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  1. haha i was also going to post a strange man city result but i guess i won't........they beat inter 8-0 in my game. @ Anxiietyyy that's a great prics for santos i can't even get rid of him on a free, i would have kept Djourou though he's been a rock for me. i like the look of your second tactic i'm toying with the idea of playing two upfront for my 3rd season. it all really depends on what i want to do with RVP. i've decided he isnt fast enough to play as part of my front 3 and Vela has overtaken him as my 2nd choice striker, the poacher role i use for aguero also seems to work very well with Vela and it alows me to develop Sanogo there aswell. however i am considering doing a Giggs with RVP and moving him into mc i reckon he could do a job there, he's on far to much money not to be starting each week and he's not the type of player i want to offer out.
  2. unbelievable second sesaon!! FA cup final 6-0 win against Fulham Champs league final 4-2 win agaisnt Real Madrid League title and the euro super cup. and then there was this guy............ i've never had a striker score that many goals ever, he was a one man team and i only wonder if he could have goto 100 if he had managed the 9league games and CL 1/4s he missed. all i need to do now is figure out how to win in liverpool and manchester. ill try do another post tomorow (more detailed review of the season) more worhty of this thread tomorow and i have no idea what my plans are for season 3. edit i think ill sell arteta and arshavin and replace them with hopefully one of; Ozil, hazard, ganso (both at man city), sneijder, pastore, marvin martin, hamsik or maybe even gotze, hulk, kroos or muller, ill prob end up going with who ever is cheapest out of all that.
  3. there's some great results and great posts in this thread good work guys. i've just sown up my 2nd league title with four games to go, the rest of league has been poor in my second season unlike last. Got man city in the semi's of the champs league which is looking difficult as they have beaten my twice this season allready and i'm without god(sergio aguero), rvp and verrmaeen and they humped inter 8-0 at home in the 1/4s, but the other side of draw looks good as Real have nocked out barca so i reckon if i can get to the final i can win the CL again and hopefully do the trebble and win the FA cup aswell.
  4. decision to keep him made thanks guys.......i also asked for 36m and they withdrew.
  5. Selling: Player Name: Angel Di Maria Your Team: Arsenal Buyer/Seller: Barcelona Player's Value: 18m Offer: 27m (5m upfront 21.5 24months) Transfer/Wage Budget: 70m/1.4mp/w Patch: 12.1.1 Season: jan 2012/2013 it's a good enough offer as i bought him for 14m over 48months, but i'm more concerned who i could replace him with and why i'm unsure about selling. the other wingers i have are, Walcott, Gervinho, Arsahvan, Vela and RVP as i have aguerro as my ST. thanks
  6. Aguerro is a MONSTER i love him, he's now got 38 goals in 23 games more than any other player got for me in the whole of last season and it's barely december. i could be in a bit of trouble if he gets injured but i'm sure RVP could cover him but he just isnt getting a look in with my team at the moment. Di Maria Gervinho and Aguerro are killing it and the best part for me is, it's alll part of a tactic i've made myself which i've never done. Also i've been wondering and this may be more of a discusion for the tactics thread but seing as you guys know the players and i'm arsenal i was just wondering how many of you. listen to you assistants rating of players and use them. As mine has my best 11 as: Aguerro ST Di Maria AML Cissokho DL Koscielny DC Sagna DR Mandanda GK Song DM Gervinho AMR Verrmaelen DC arteta MC Arshavin AMC RVP is my 13th or with ramsey being 12th. This almost fits my team perfectly except i play wilshere as my main creator at mcl and have mainly had szczesny in goal.
  7. id love to have a laptop good enough to do a season in 8hours a month takes about 2hours on my laptop, it's so slow! i applied for it never got it, 'they' gave it to mcclaren who picked an awfull squad. he ended up with two of those 'grey' players you get when you don't have a big enough squad and played gibbs at cb although it that did make his team more like an arsenal side with walcot ramsey and wilshere in the team.
  8. this almost feels like cheating! After my bad start to the season i decided to make up my own tactic and it seems to be going quite well. i have him set as a poacher in a 433. do take overs happen alot as arsenal?
  9. i'm having a horror start to 2nd season, i haven't won a big game yet. Man city 1-0 Arsenal CS Man utd 3-1 Arsenal Arsenal 4-0 Reading Dnipro 0-2 Arsenal SC Arsenal 4-1 Stoke Arsenal 1-1 Galatasaray CL Fulham 3-2 Arsenal Man utd 2-1 Arsenal LC My solid defence from last year just isnt there, Mandanda is AWFUL and making Varmaelen my captin was an poor choice as well but made sense as RVP is injured again and isnt first choice with aguerro around. Bolton and Rangers up next should win those games hopefully. it's a class midfield.
  10. that tool is cool, i used your methods when i extened sagna's contract got him down from 70k pw to 48k which is was happy enough with. man utd away 1st game of the season, and i just lost the charity shield 1-0 to man city matanda howler and adebayor of all players scored
  11. paying agents more now thats interesting as i try to pay them as little as possible but when you put it like that paying an agent 1m is nothing when i'm paying 16m more in wages. i allways find if i don't get the deal done first time it costs me more then next time like the di maria deal. yeh and that highest earner clause is killing me. aguerro and rvp have it so if i ever offer them any new deals both will get a pay raise.
  12. yet again more injuries for me. i'm 3 games into pre-season and bartley, gervinho and surprise surprise RVP are all out injured only for a mixture of 3-5weeks but still when alot of my squad are at the olympics it's not leaving me many options. currently out of the 8 players i have that can play Striker only one is available and it's some guy called sergio aguero who'll just have to do........ is there anyway to reduce the injuries? diffrent coaches? change training? and how do i do it if there is? any tips, RVP is on 150k pw on my game. i do try to negoiate but i never really get that great a deal.
  13. i can't decide if should by another cb or not, don't really need one but money is burning a whole in my pocket and i've been offered pepe for 20mil. ill maybe wait till jan......infact i might do that it's allways good to bring in a player every window. starting team going into season 2 is looking like: matanda cissokho vermaelen koscielny sagna ramsey song wilshere walcott RVP aguerro my other cb's are djourou and bartley, i never realised how good djourou stats are, he comes up when i do alot of stat based searches. my only main worry is if i have a cb crisis and i have play song and bartley as my cbs in a semi final or something like that. @lone gooner i bought cissokho for 12m and bender for 7.75m and had a pretty good 1st season id also look at adding another striker cavani should be good for 20odd mil, it manily depend on what tactics you plan on using. my main thoughts on what to do in the first season are a couple pages above.
  14. i bought ally cissokho for 12m in the first season he was class for me, or have a look at cheik m'bengue he's just been bought for 8m in my game and he looks pretty good. there's allways baines aswell.
  15. i hate angents, i messed up my deal to sign di maria and it has cost me an extra 15k pw which has put him on 75kpw instead of 60k pw and i had to pay him a 2.8m loyality bonus which i had to reduce my transfer budget 10m to do so.
  16. SEASON 2011/2012 (season1 patch12.1.1) Plans for the season: My initial aim for my first season as Arsenal manager was simple win a trophy and make the CL for next season as it's been far to long since arsenal have won anything and no CL football just isnt good enough in my eyes. After reading the opening post and my own thoughts on the squad i decided i that i needed a replacement for clichy as i didn't think Gibbs or Santos would be good enough and i also felt that another defensive option was needed in midfield as i think as also irl arsenal have been missing this and song will be away for the ANC but apart from that i wanted to try keep the squad as close to the orginal as i could for the 1st season. so no real selling of players either. Major Transfer activity IN OUT Sven Bender 7.75m Aly Cissokho 12m Di Maria -Jan ln fee 1.7m OUT Almunia 2.7m Bennayoun-cancled loan when Di Maria arived My Tactics- i used this 4321/433/451 what ever you want to call it. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/290964-Total-Football-Tic-Tac-PHOENiX i'm not very good with tactics so i prefer to download and tweak them if i need to plus the way this tactic actually plays football is amazing and i think really suits arsenal. my planned starting team for the season was Szczesny cissokho Vermaelen Koscielny/Djourou sagna ramsey song arteta Walcott Gerinho RVP How the season actually went Well to continue on with the thread title life after cesc is good. i won the league by goal difference on the last day of the season in a dramtic fashion i needed to win my last game and man utd need to lose. it had been close at the top all season and for the most part of it i had been trailing man utd by 4points all season i had been top a few times but injuries as i've posted in the thread and some bad results meant that i could never build a lead or stay on top to what was a very good man utd side and the best performance in the league i've ever seen from the AI. I also won the champs league which was amazing, beating r.madrid man utd and barcelona in the final, great achievemnt for me as in many saves i allways find the 1/4s of the CL the hardest and my team often produces games of the season in the semi's as this arsenal team did this year, beating utd 4-1 at home which i was amazed with given how well Sir Alex had them playing. i also got to the semi's of the league cup and fa cup getting knocked out by chelsa and man city respectively. League Table Uploaded with ImageShack.us Fixtures Run in vs Utd Game of the Season The Players My main man..........obviously RVP if only i could have had him fit all season things could have been so different. great return of goals and assists. other players of note: Koscielny: he was absoultely outstanding for me quite possibly even my 1st choice cb. Ramsey: developing brilliantly he'll be my 1st choice cm for next season. Arteta: the main creative force in my midfield he got 30 assists, went off the boil with the return of Wilshere. Arshavin: he was the biggest surprise for me, he turned out to be amazing all season espically with the injuries to RVP Walcott and Gervinho he carried the team alot. my signings cissokho: he was everything i expected him to be solid at left back but he did get turned inside by c.ronaldo and in some of the other big games bender: biggest dissapointed with was that he got injured at excatly the same time as the ANC so the whole reason i bought him didnt work out, still a solid buy and i played him and song alot in the big away games. disapointments of the season All my other strikers when RVP got injured, nobody was able to step up and start scoring goals espicially chamakh and park. Things i've learned from this season and for the first season with arsenal. players get injured alot so make sure you all positions well covered. a new LB is essential for me. Coquelin and Frimpong are excelent cover for song. another striker is needed as i doubt RVP will last the season. and depending on your tactics Mertesacker may not get much game time and it might be worth selling at the start. season 2012/2013 (season 2) brief plan for this season is to sell alot of players and bring in 3-4 more top quality players. As you can see from above i've allready brought in Aguero for 39mil and i've made the Di Maria deal permament for 14.25m. Next move is for a better GK, i'm curently monitoring the Adler situation as everytime i scout him his asking price goes down and also looking at Matanda(sp)? as my scouts have them at 3.5stars and only rate Szczesny as 2.5 and he did make some mistakes in some games when he really should have been keeping clean sheets. Players i've allready let go chamakh 14.25m r.madrid, park 3m, mertersakcer 8m A.C. milian, bentdner 6m everton, Squillaci free to villa. i want to sell santos, diaby and denilson but i can't get any bids in atol and if good money comes my way for Arshavin ill take as he is aging but id like him around for one more season. i'm also looking to develop bartley and vela as i love vela from a previous life as celtic on fm11 where i won the CL with him and lukaku with the same tactics i'm using now. i'm also have sanogo coming in on a fee to be my 3rd choice striker but he'll see alot of the season on the bench as i think RVP will be moved to AML.
  17. haha, thats what i call doing a rangers....(obvious bias from me as we 'celtic' do the same). weaken the other teams in the league buy buying thier best players. try bring in mess. i'm hoping that old tactic of praising a player for a few years. makes you become one of their favored people and then i'm going to try unsettle him, hopefully get in him for the start of season four. doubt it will work but it's a little side project for me and should coniside with the end of what will be RVPs glorious arsenal career.
  18. Problem solved!! I didn't think this was possible. Can't believe i got him ATOL after the amount of goals he scored for city last season never mind for that price. i scouted pretty much every striker in the game after cavani went to spurs and Rowely came back and said city would want around 33mil for him and that he was interested. They wanted 38mil for a tevez. paying him 150k p/w though, which also means RVP is on 150k p/w as well now, but my happiness is worth that price. Uploaded with ImageShack.us i love this crazy game sometimes.
  19. i would 100% buy another striker. i lost rvp for 3months and it de-railed my season. walcott will do a job but i don't rate any of the other strikers talking about strikers do you guys have any recomendations, i want someone who's good enough to force me to play rvp on the wing. i've just tried to sign cavani but he went to spurs. i'm not really to sure who else out there is going to be good enough that isnt going to cost silly money....which i'm just not keen on. my current strikers for my 2nd season will be: RVP, Sanogo, Walcott, Gervinho, Vela Which will be enough but i think another world class striker is my prefered option as id prefer to play walcott, gervinho and vela on the wings along with di maria and possibly Arshavin.
  20. wow!! Just had my best end to the season ever! i won the league on the last day off the season on goal difference. After needing man utd to lose agaisnt newcastle and i had to beat villa. what a game and this was after i thought id blown my chance as utd drew their last game agaisnt bolton and i drew agaisnt spurs. soundboy grats on the CL win, hopefully ill do the same i've barca in the final up next, ill be happy not to get embarrassed. edit yas i just won the champs league final 1-0, duno what happened to the barcelona team but they never had messi, inesta, pedro, puyol, macherano, sanchez and started with xavi and alves on the bench, pep must have gone mad. ill try to an end of report worthy of the thread when i get a chance.
  21. Uploaded with ImageShack.us i just don't think this season is going to be my season. yet again more crutial injuries, sanga and cissokho are now injured which isnt helped as i gibbs isnt fit either. missing 4key players has killed me. i think i'm going to have to put all my eggs into one comp and try win it. still in the semi's off the fa cup(man city) and champs league(man utd) and 4points behind man utd in the league with 6games to go and one game in hand. my four fixtures posted above didn't go to well. lost away to rea 2-1, drew with liverpool away 1-1, beat real 3-0 at home (very flatering scoreling) and got beat 2-1 away agaisnt utd.
  22. Uploaded with ImageShack.us this is not what i need. i've just lost RVP for the season and with walcott and gervinho out and di maria cup tied for the champs league. the business end of the season just got alot tougher. thought id add in my next four fixtures real madrid (a) 1/4 finals man utd (a) real madrid (h) liverpool (a) make or break time in my game can't wait.
  23. thanks guys, how good does myiachi get? id never heard of him when i started the game but i had been fending bids of 5-7m off from man city and man utd, so i figured he must be something good and sent him on loan to lorient(sp) for the season. i could have so many options on the wings without even buying any players as i intend to play vela next year. so that would give me wallcott, gervinho, arshavin, chamberlin, myiachi, vela and ill add to that with atleast one other player. 7players for 2positions is probably a bit much.......but meh and wallcott, gervinho and vela will double up as 3rd-5th choice strikers. p.s. that's a great result agaisnt real!!!
  24. thanks for the quick response, you must be another late night gamer! my game speed is so slow...in the 5 games i've managed to play in the last 2hours, Di Maria has looked class, he's gotten 4 in 5, 1 asst and 2 mom all be it two of those games where against watford and Q.P.R and he also seems to have brought another level to arshavin. He got a hattrick agaisnt fulham and seems to have upped his game. my results where watford (a) 2-0 di maria 2 man city (a) 2-1 RVP 1 Theo 1 newcastle (h) 3-0 RVP 2 AA 1 fulham (h) 4-1 AA 3 ramsey 1 Q.P.R (a) 3-0 di maria 2 AA 1
  25. quality thread guys, haven't read through all of yet but i will as i'm sure most of my questions will be answered in there sumwhere. i'm just past janurary of my first ever season and things seem to going well, i'm using a mix of magick's tactics his attack 4231 for the last game and his standard phoenix 4231 for this years game and all is going great. well apart from my last game where i got put out by chelsea in the league cup semi finals but i'm not to bothered about that as stuck to the arsene method for the league cup playing the kids(subs in my case), chamberlin is allready looking good and him and jenkinson took cole to pieces over the two legs which was nice. lost the tie after torres nicked a 94th min winner in the first leg at the bridge. i'm just wondering if many of you guys have bought di maria as i have him on loan with a future fee of 14.25m and i'm wondering if he's worth it or is there better left footed wingers out there, as my scouts are not rating anyone better than arshavin........or should i buy in another striker and move RVP to amr? p.s. i can't wait untill jack is fit, i plan on playing him amr for the rest of the season then move him into mcl to replace arteta as my main play maker. @ron, a few pages back a few guys said that the either went for keown or bould
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