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  1. Ok, so I've done as you suggest and it seems to be working again, so thanks! I wonder why it happened - could it be a lack of phone storage? I regularly have warnings over phone storage - have plenty on my SD card however.
  2. Hi all, First of all - great to have FMH on Android. It's a good little game - I'd like some more match stats or an "analysis" tab, like on the main FM, would be great given the absence of a complete 2D match engine. Anyway, on to my problem. I had a saved game with Roma that was working fine - only got to mid september. However, now it won't load. It starts to load and then crashes just before it has fully loaded. I thought maybe that game had corrupted and decided to start a new game. However, I get a similar result. After selecting the league etc. when the game setup starts, the game crashes. I've tried restarting the device several times, but it has no effect. I also checked the amount of RAM - and according to my phone there is "144MB+92MB in 12" available. Any solutions? My device is HTC Desire running Android 2.2.
  3. You'll want around 4GB of Ram, I'd recommend one of the new Intel i-series processors (i3, i5, i7) and a dedicated graphics card (basically avoid a laptop that says "integrated graphics"). Hope that helps. I just bought a Sony Vaio E-series. Pretty good value.
  4. I've got a Sony Vaio E-series laptop coming. I ordered about a month ago when prices were slightly cheaper in the UK. Anyway for 600 quid I got: an i5 CPU, 4Gb Ram, 500GB HDD, ATI 5470 (512MB). It's pretty good value - I struggled to find one with the same/similar specs for cheaper. Biggest problem with Sony's though is the delivery time. I ordered on 11th of May, with it due to arrive next week sometime.
  5. I would say you have far too many players on the limited defender role. This just invites pressure because instead of retaining possession, your defenders will 'hoof' the ball away where it will likely be picked up by an opposing sitting midfielder or defender. The defenders you listed above are easily capable of handling the more orthodox 'central defender' role. Another suggestion would be to go 451 with a holding DMC and use the shout 'retain possession' when holding on to a lead. Finally, be careful not to sit too deep, as this also invites pressue. I find a combination of a 'defensive strategy' with a 'push higher up' shout works well. These are by no means sure fire ways to hold a lead, but they have worked for me in the past.
  6. Finally some sense! Who cares what anyone calls it. If we've all read Inverting the Pyramid then we all know that describing tactics and systems in terms of the "4-4-2" notation is inadequate at best. The really interesting thing for me in this thread is the evolution of Ferguson's and other managers systems in response to certain events; not some argument over some rigid and outdated notation.
  7. I know the feeling well! Didn't see he was two footed - looks like a right old player, great spot. Are you able to scout Brazil even though you're in B?
  8. Really enjoying this! Some good signings there, though its a big risk spending that amount of money on a pleyer who won't join for 18 months... Having said that, I think you made up for it with the signing of Molina - strikers with pace always seem to do well in FM. It's a shame you can't add a loan-back clause into transfers as it would have been in everyone's interests in the case of Milite. Good luck in Serie B.
  9. If it's a with ball instruction, then why is it included with other off the ball instructions? It's pretty irritating if true.
  10. Interesting post. On the first point, I don't think it's as strict as defining each instruction as the place between defenders, but rather the percentage area of the field. Therefore a winger who is assigned the instruction "hug touchline" will keep to say the widest 10% of the pitch, while "cut inside" would address the winger to err towards the central area, perhaps in the area from the centre spot to the width of the penalty area. In addition, I'd say that each position has a set of relevant instructions, i.e. "moves into channels" is really only relevant for central players (SW/D/DM/M/AM/S C) and would likely see no change in play if assigned to a wide player (D/M/AM L/R). Similarly, the instruction "cut inside" would likely have no effect on a central player, but would encourage a wide player to move into central areas. Normal probably just means a combination of the relevant instructions and will just jump between them. E.g. a winger given "normal" indtructions will show no preference to going inside or outside, and just do whatever seems the best to the player. The grey area, as you say, is whether it refers to a player's off the ball movement or direction of dribbling. To be honest I think it probably refers to both, or will have different functions for different players. "Move into channels" and "hug touchline" suggest to me it's off the ball, yet "cuts inside" seems more like a dribbling. Really need people with more experience of playing the game than me to comment. I'll keep an eye out for it in the future. Perhaps the way to get a winger to stay wide and then cut inside with the ball at his feet is to have a very high width setting in the team instructions but with a "cuts inside" instruction? Or maybe the combination of conflicting PPMs will achieve this effect (i.e. a winger with the PPM hugs touchline given the cut inside instruction and vice versa)?
  11. As regards to my last point, it's a shame that the AI never really does this. Once a few titles have been acheieved, it becomes too easy to dominate the landscape. Thus the reinvention is born not out of necessity to keep winning and dominating, but the necesseity to keep the game interesting. This is probably the biggest problem with FM at the moment. The AI is just a bit too stupid when it comes to the top level. I'd happily give over new features like a training overhaul etc. to be given a real intelligent and challenging computer controlled foe. I should add, though, that this version is better than past versions, so we should expect the next version to be slightly more challenging again.
  12. How sad that a genuinely interesting and thought provoking topic has been ruined by petty personal issues. Surely if you don't like the tone of the thread or a poster, then PM the member rather than drawing it over 20 odd posts. I realise I've just contradicted myself, but I felt it was worth saying so that hopefully people will get over this name-calling and get back to the topic at hand. Maybe it should come from a mod or respected member rather than some once in a blue moon poster like me. Anyway, I think that, personal commments aside, crouchaldinho and SCIAG do come out with some interesting points. The whole deabte above about why Liverpool have faltered is mainly put down to the loss of Xabi Alonso (a point most of you eventually agreed on). But surely the failure to adapt to the loss of Alonso is where Benitez went wrong. Managers lose players all the time, whether it be to other teams, retirement or injuries. United lost Ronaldo, and changed the system, as SFraser points out, and now have a good chance to win a treble. Benitez has stuck by his guns, identified a replacement for Alonso in Aquilani, but continued to play the same system despite the fact that Aquilani can't fulfill the role of Alonso before him. And this rigid, stuborness has cost Liverpool this season. Ferguson struggled to adapt before, it took United 3 years of development to arrive at the winning formular after the treble side was eventually dismantled. However Ferguson came off the back of reinventing his side a number of times before that, and proved that he was capabale of bringing back success given time and money. Benitez, in his 6 years in English football, has one European Champions League to show for it. A trohpy that has a large element of luck to it, unlike the league, which highlights consistency. I find the OP very interesting. It certainly helps to understand how and why modern sides could have evolved, whether the observations are true or not. It also offers an added interest to FM, and perhaps I'll think again next time I start to dominate and end up getting bored: the key to keeping it interesting is to reinvent.
  13. I'm not a great tactician, but this is the way I see it... I'm a big fan of the high defense line, and the offside trap works best with this. However, it can also be to your advantage to play the offside trap when playing against quick strikers (relative to your defense). For it to work effectively and consistently you need defenders that are particularly intelligent and that have played together for a while. The latter is self-explanatory, however a good indication is given under the assistant managers team talk advice: you're looking for a team that's gelling nicely - try to avoid comments like "some way short of operating as a unit" etc. The key attributes you should look for the entire backline (fullbacks included) are outlined below: - Positioning So that each defender will stay in line, and ensure they are not playing someone onside Teamwork The backline need to play together as a unit, and teamwork aids this Anticipation Each defender needs to be able to predict when the attacker will make his run and when the pass will be made so that the defender times his movement correctly Concentration A key for most defenders, but it is particurlarly important when playing the offside trap as it can be sprung from a 60 yard clearance from the opposition area, thus it is vital the defensive line is always alert and not "sleeping" I also consider decisions, pace, and acceleration to be important. For the latter two, it is only really necessary for a couple of the backline to be quick so that anyone that does break the trap could be caught up and tackled before releasing a shot. The offside trap can be infuriating as, not only does it rely on a talented and will drilled defence, but also the ability of the assistant referees to spot the offside! But it can be a most effective tool if employed correctly.
  14. My editing project questions

    I think he means that every team plays each other regardless of what regional division they are in, but are ranked in terms of their regional division. Take the EPL for example: imagine that instead of the current 20 team EPL table, it's splt into two tables of 10 in a North/South divide. Arsenal would still play Sunderland twice a season, but they wouldn't be ranked in the same table, they'd be ranked alongside their fellow North/South sides. Not sure if that's cleared things up or not... Hopefully you understand what I'm getting at?
  15. Idea for a FM game!

    Deus84's creating a legends database - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=148684 The author hopes to include many great sides from all over the world throughout the ages, and I'm sure it'll include some if not all of the players the OP mentioned...