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  1. Did you choose "No pitch or Gym work", or "rest"? Did you notice if the player's match sharpness or attributes were affected?
  2. That's my understanding: after searching the forums, \i found a post from an SI employee that said recovery and match review/preview don't count as pitch or gym work. So I think if you select your starting XI exemptthem from pitch and gym work, make a schedule like Recover, Review, Match Practice on the day after match day, then the players who didn't play will have an extra match practice, while the selected players won't. Note: I think you can do this automatically: if you go to one of the screens in the training section, there is a section where you can choose when "no pitch or gy
  3. Could you not achieve this by including sessions on the day after matches (in addition to recovery/review) and then right click the players that started the game and choose “no pitch or gym work”? That way the starting XI get the benefit of recovery and review but are exempt from the heavier training. The same could apply to training on the day before matches. It’s not ideal, but it’s a slight workaround perhaps.
  4. Can you give us / SI some more details on why you find it so easy, and what you mean when you say "All he has to do is change his opponent and he's got a chance"? With more details, SI might be able to make the necessary changes to make the game better. If you can upload some matches, SI could help. See here:
  5. Yeah, for sure there have been some examples of that. It's not true in every case though -- I know for myself having lost a few games, and finding some games hard, despite using attacking/ggpress tactics with Man U. It seems clear that there is something going on though, but we can't say for sure what it is, since it would be present in every single save game. At the moment it does appear to be isolated to certain situations/players. There is probably some common element, hopefully SI can find it. BTW, on transfers and squad building -- I think that's a different issue. As others ha
  6. I'm not sure that's completely true. It seems to be true for yourself, but there did seem to be quite a lot of evidence for specific tactics (normally variants of attacking/gegenpress) that were at the root of it. It's hard to know for every case, however, as not everyone who said it was too easy was offering much details. Note that I realise you are experiencing issues around non attacking/ggpress tactics -- it's what makes your case very interesting. Hopefully SI can find the issue. A lot of the solutions, however, are not based on knowledge of the problem. We all think we know what
  7. I guess it really depends on what the issue is. Based on what I have read in this thread, the following are some issues and solutions that have been suggested. a) if Gegenpress is too effective, then condition and injuries should have a greater effect both during and after a game. In the long run, it may also be necessary to look at how player attributes and gegenpress interact (i.e. gegenpress could work at lower levels, but only if you have relatively intelligent, and fit, players), but I doubt whether this could be done in the short term without screwing other things up. b) If it
  8. Were either / both (i.e @CM and @Viking) of you using some form of gegenpress and/or attacking mentality with 3/4 forwards? Regardless, both of your cases are concerning: can I please ask you to upload your save game or PKMs to help SI identify the issue? I really don't want to have a game that feels like there is no jeopardy or that requires little effort! EDIT: Sorry, @CM, I see you already have uploaded your pkms/save!
  9. I've been following this thread for a few days now. I used to play CM/FM a lot, but have not for about ten years (I used to post a little bit here, but it seems the forums been upgraded and now all my old posts have gone ). For whatever reason, I'm back into it again this year, and have already purchased FM21. I'd really like to be able to enjoy this game again, so to any of you that are finding the game too easy, please upload the PKMs and saves so we can get the issue sorted: nothing will change if you don't!
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