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  1. UTT


    We all know who we really need to save drivetime radio...
  2. UTT

    [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    As far as I remember, that's a licensing issue and the separate stadiums is specified by the clubs
  3. UTT


    Not Gazelle's Tony. Gazelle's tend to be nearer 70 at full price unfortunately
  4. UTT

    [South America] (Official) Data Issues

    Was it? That's unfortunate as it seems that the player and his family fell for it also. Thanks for updating me though! Do you have a contact at the club? I'd suggest advising them to try and find out who is illegally representing them! For FM, just set the player as a free agent and he'll end up back with me eventually!
  5. UTT

    [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Jumping is a little bit misnamed, it really means the reach of the player. What that means is that it takes into account height. Icardi is oy 1.81 m tall, so to fit with the guidelines he is in the right ballpark (it could be raised 1-2 points but not a huge deal more than that)
  6. UTT


    The costs that the NHS pay covers more than just the pure drug cost so I think that's a little misleading
  7. Technically, it is correct. The PA should be at the maximum ability that a player reached. If Messi is still in the DB as a player at 50, his PA should always be in the 190's. Of course, usually you wouldn't need to raise the PA to reach this unless it was lowered incorrectly Now, whether Sturridge ever hit a peak at 168 is another debate to have....
  8. UTT

    [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    Can you add a club affiliation between Cagliari (1114) and Ureña (86012640). It was agreed on 16/12/17 and the president of Ureña was a guest of the Cagliari president for the match vs Milan this year. Not clear what type of affiliation this will be yet, although Ureña did send a U15 international to train with Cagliari. As such, I would probably set it as a "good relations" affiliate for the moment, until further information is clearer. https://twitter.com/MundoVinotinto6/status/942160826261262337 http://www.sportsvenezuela.com/urena-establecio-relaciones-con-el-cagliari-de-italia/?platform=hootsuite https://lanaciondeportes.com/noticias/urena-sc-trabaja-alianza-con-el-cagliari-de-italia/ http://www.tuttocagliari.net/mercato/cagliari-si-lavora-per-unalleanza-con-lurena-in-arrivo-due-calciatori-venezuelani-27786 http://www.meridiano.com.ve/futbol/futbol-venezolano/171994/cagliari-estableceria-alianza-con-el-urena-sc---fotos-.html
  9. UTT

    [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    Apologies if I have missed something obvious, but is the club Numantia (1699) named correctly? Their official website is http://www.cdnumancia.com/ - so is Numantia a correct spelling or should it be Numancia?
  10. UTT

    [Colombia] (Official) Data Issues

    The suggestion is the youth teams of Espanyol, which would be Espanyol (not Espanyol B)...not that it makes much difference
  11. UTT

    [Colombia] (Official) Data Issues

    There are lots of mentions if you google "George Saunders" and Espanyol - see the link above, this one (https://www.elespectador.com/deportes/futbolcolombiano/no-me-comparen-nadie-articulo-404053) etc.
  12. UTT

    [Colombia] (Official) Data Issues

    http://www.diariolagrada.com/noticias/futbol-base/george-saunders-perico-ingles-colombia_24748.html Suggests he was there in 06-07
  13. UTT

    [South America] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi cel1234, that "somebody" was me. I'll quickly explain my rationale for this decision. In December 2017, FA El Vigia announced that Ronaldo Rivas would not continue with the club, and that he would would travel to Spain to join a new team. It was later announced on some accounts on Twitter that Rivas had joined the Red Imps in Gibraltar. There were no official announcements by either club (that I saw), however, the news came from a well known radio journalist in Mérida, and was posted under the account of the radio show. Accompanying this was a picture of Rivas holding a piece of paper with the Lincoln Red Imps logo on, thus implying a contract had been signed (see here: https://twitter.com/TDF993/status/954031420267167745). Most clubs in Venezuela don't have up to date websites, and so journalists and twitter is a vital source of information. Further to this, TDF (the radio show) is a genuine entity and regularly has press access to the clubs in the Mérida region (El Vigia, ULA and Estudiantes). Additionally, Rivas's father also retweeted the announcement, giving it further credence. As such, I believed (given the evidence) that this was relatively accurate information. I know that trans-continental transfers are often complicated and fall through, but there was no mention that I had heard of Rivas' transfer falling through. Please also note, that the FIFA window didn't close in Venezuela till March 1st and my data lock was near 6 weeks ago so there is bound to be things that I have missed. Now if this is not correct data then I apologise, but it seemed accurate given what was presented to me. I do find it strange that the club have told you that they have never heard of the player - they either have someone impersonating them incredibly accurately (and you might want to advise them of this so they can stop it) or they are not being entirely truthful (as is their right and perogative). As for Rivas, I have no further information of his whereabouts (although the 2nd division only kicked off this weekend and more information may come to light shortly). For the moment, I am not aware of him being anywhere so if you are certain that he is not in Gibraltar then I would suggest you set him as a free agent. More than happy to discuss things at any time if you have problems, I'm quite cautious with my research and I wouldn't ever set some information unless I thought it was accurate.
  14. UTT

    [North America] (Official) Data Issues

    I don't think that we record U23 caps...
  15. Just downloaded this. Haven't played the past few versions much so going to make an effort. Thinking of starting a 'worldwide' challenge that I saw posted a couple of years back. Win the CL in each confederation (Africa -> Asia -> North America -> South America -> Europe). How does it play so far? Any recommended downloads or have you guys all jumped straight in?