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  1. These should be posted in the North America thread
  2. Hi, can you set Carlos Horacio Moreno (86043382) as NFE? He unfortunately has passed away. Many thanks
  3. Hi @Aljarov - can you make a note of the following for me please? Cristian Cásseres (86055764) - New York Can you add the following as favoured personnel: - Cristian Cásseres (121010) - father (20) - Félix Cásseres (86015028) - relation (20) - Ángel Cásseres (86047813) - relation (20)
  4. Can we look at reducing the Home reputation of Hospitalet's Gabriel Cichero (8829890). He starts the game in the Venezuelan NT but he hasn't really been a part of that for a while and isn't anywhere near the squad these days Malaga Juanpi's (67142869) full name is Juan Pablo Añor Acosta
  5. HR Bolivia José Caraballo (86037755) should be on loan with Deportivo Lara (76004125), not San José
  6. Zenit St Petersburg Yordan Osorio (86043118) - please add his brothers Johan (86016576) and Cleiderman (86063256) as favourite persons. Rating = 20
  7. Yeah, sounds sense. So is the Intel i5 + Nvidia a better combination than the Ryzen 5 + Radeon? Otherwise, the two Asus's are the same shell. I couldn't see a huge amount of benchmarking but it looked like the Ryzen may be better. Couldn't see anything about the GFX card though
  8. Have seen you recommended that one a few times but it doesn't come with an HDD as well (which is something that I really want and don't think I could fit myself). What would you suggest given my awkward need for that?
  9. Hi guys, looking for some advice so am hoping that you can help. I'm in the market for a new laptop, ideally something that will last a while - I know that tech constantly changes but it would be nice to be future proof. It will be used for general browsing, multimedia, office work and some gaming (incl. FM, Skyrim etc but not necessarily AAA titles). I can spend ~ £600. I think I've narrowed my choices down to 2 although I'm a little awkward as I really want a HDD + SSD combo (which is difficult to find). Ideally I'd also have a DVD drive although I'm prepared to be convinced otherwise (especially as there aren't many available) 1. Medion Erazer - https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/medion-erazer-p6689-core-i5-8250u-8gb-1tb-256gb-geforce-gtx-1050-15.6-inc-30027127/version.asp?refsource=ldadwords&mkwid=sszMUkeCO_dc&pcrid=352718152060&product=30027127&pgrid=74001184787&ptaid=pla-437709629036&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3uboBRDCARIsAO2XcYA0I6IcV6IgtoJzTEtK0YantdYsPHGsdzOSnK6BFIVRsyG4wt2Jc8QaAlB2EALw_wcB 2. ASUS TUF FX505 - https://www.ebuyer.com/864957-asus-tuf-fx505dy-rx560x-gaming-laptop-fx505dy-al006t So, which of these is better (or can you recommend something for a similar price). Also, is the second one worth £80 more (I'm not familiar with the CPU or GPU to know if they are any better than intel alternatives and worth the extra cost) Thanks!
  10. Bielsa would create an awesome team that would dominate till Xmas then fall away. He's not suited to long seasons, he works the players too hard Complete fantasy football would probably see Simeone come in but I don't think that it will realistically happen
  11. Just awful. He's like an overactive kid, he cannot decide on a team!
  12. The management of young players at Inter has been terrible for years. No reason to get rid of promising youths like Caldirola, Donati or Benassi and replace them with cloggers. I do like Telles, think he has done well. Mancio has a ridiculous rotation policy that seems to prevent the best performing players getting time on the pitch. I thought he had done ok in his last spell at the club, now I'm not sure he has a clue what he is doing
  13. I don't understand how he spent all summer offering Nagatomo and Di Ambrosio out to anyone that would take them, indicating that Montoya and Santon were he preferred pair. Then in January he ships Montoya out and tries to offload Santon. Ridiculous. Always liked Santon, should never ship him out, even just for the fact he is home grown. I'm genuinely concerned that Mancio will force Icardi out the club, ridiculous
  14. Im in complete agreement but in order to get the wingers tracking back you need them on support duty. This means that the AMC really does need to be on attack. Add in roam from positions or change to a trequartista for more variety of movement
  15. Malcolm MacDonald was another converted player - full back to striker
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