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  1. There are no problems with making suggestions for improvements based on this seasons performances, just don't expect the researcher to have seen into the future!
  2. Just remember - data lock for the code that you are looking at was August/September. So the Luton researcher didnt have the benefit of half a seasons viewing to make decisions from.
  3. Bielsa would create an awesome team that would dominate till Xmas then fall away. He's not suited to long seasons, he works the players too hard Complete fantasy football would probably see Simeone come in but I don't think that it will realistically happen
  4. Just awful. He's like an overactive kid, he cannot decide on a team!
  5. The management of young players at Inter has been terrible for years. No reason to get rid of promising youths like Caldirola, Donati or Benassi and replace them with cloggers. I do like Telles, think he has done well. Mancio has a ridiculous rotation policy that seems to prevent the best performing players getting time on the pitch. I thought he had done ok in his last spell at the club, now I'm not sure he has a clue what he is doing
  6. I don't understand how he spent all summer offering Nagatomo and Di Ambrosio out to anyone that would take them, indicating that Montoya and Santon were he preferred pair. Then in January he ships Montoya out and tries to offload Santon. Ridiculous. Always liked Santon, should never ship him out, even just for the fact he is home grown. I'm genuinely concerned that Mancio will force Icardi out the club, ridiculous
  7. Im in complete agreement but in order to get the wingers tracking back you need them on support duty. This means that the AMC really does need to be on attack. Add in roam from positions or change to a trequartista for more variety of movement
  8. Malcolm MacDonald was another converted player - full back to striker
  9. I've taken to trying this now. 4-2-3-1 on counter setting with the aim of getting my team to use the ball well. Don't want to make it too slow though otherwise the counter attacks won't manifest
  10. I'm wondering about the home vs away balance on this game - I think the favour is weighted too much in favour of the home team. I understand that the home team will often have more of the game but it isn't always like this. Is this anything that SI are looking at?
  11. Import? ah, that explains it - I was only looking at "load" Cheers guys
  12. Hi, I know this years editor has moved away from the .xml files of 2014 However, I have a few files from last year that I liked to use, so I have 2 questions 1. Can these files still be used without any issue? 2. Is there a way to edit these in the editor? Thanks
  13. Happy to give that a go, but the DLP (S) and the AP(A) seem to crowd each other out That is a fair question - it is the performances that I have seen that are the concerning thing and that is more what I am trying to change. DO either of you have any feelings on the style that I should be looking for (Control/counter etc)
  14. Not got a 4-2-3-1 working in this version but it was my go to on all previous versions. In CM I'd always have a DLP(D) and a CM(D) - that provides a good screen for the defence and has someone to use the ball well. I hate hate hate inside forwards so would get rid of them. The AMC should be an AP(S) - in this role I find he picks the ball up better from the midfield 2. This is even more important if you want IF's as they will look to cut inside and all 3 players are in the same space. Poacher can work - I got Artem Milevskyi the European Golden Boot as a poacher in a 4-2-3-1 but again, I do prefer the AF as he offers more movement
  15. Hi, Just like Juan Manuel Lillo, I usually favour a 4-2-3-1 setup for my teams. This year, I have gone down a different route due to how the ME handles the AMl/AMR. I'm managing Almería in Spain's top division. We have an unremarkable squad which is predicted to struggle. I have a decent number of CM's and I have good physical strikers. My aim is to play an efficient style of football. I want to be reasonably solid at the back with the aim of getting the ball forward with purpose and speed. I don't want to be playing "long ball" football but efficient passing (I'm no fan of tiki-taka or hoof ball so a happy medium) I've currently set my team up as: GK(D) FB(S) CD(D) CD(D) FB(A) W(A) DLP(D) CM(D) WM(S) AP(S) AF(A) I did have a lot of shouts selected but I've taken them all off as I'm not sure they were having any effect. I've used all sorts of starting strategies (counter, control and attack) without finding one that fits. I've been setting the team as "fluid" Currently we are sitting 11th in the league in February. So we are doing better than expectations suggested that we should. Despite this, I think that there is more promise I am having some problems but I am not sure on the best way to solve them. I would appreciate some input 1. We don't really create anything centrally. Almost all of my goals come from the wings to my very tall physical strikers 2. The AF comes quite deep when I want him to be an outlet and stay further up the pitch 3. The DLP and the AP get in each others way. The DLP seems to get quite forward and they occupy the same space. If I change to an AP(A) he gets in the way of the striker. WOuld I be better with another role? 4. My wingers/WM's aren't getting forward often enough. I also don't really like the WM as a duty but I've chosen it for some variety in attack 5. We concede a lot. Only 3 clean sheets in 23 games. I've conceded 37 and scored 39. My CB's seem to be beaten by crosses a lot and we let wingers cut inside and shoot from the edge of the box. I've been unable to solve this with OI's or tackling changes 6. We don't dominate possession at all. Irrespective of strategy. When I use the retain possession shout it appears that the opposition regroup their defence better and I find it harder to create. I don't necessarily mind not having all the possession if we were ruthless with our chances but we are struggling to create any in the first place. As such, not having possession is a real risk I suspect that a number of these are linked to my starting strategy. The fact is that I'm not really sure on which one I should select. I'd welcome some discussion/advice as to how you would set this up? Is my formation a problem or are there glaring mistakes in my player roles/duties?
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