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  1. Jesús Ramírez [75058347] Audax Italiano Missing player history completely. Please see here for data - https://int.soccerway.com/players/jesus-ramirez/412273/. 2017 + 2018 are not listed but was at Veracruz, 0 goals and 0 appearances Please correct debut - actually 20/8/2014 for Estudiantes de Mérida vs Portuguesa FC (VEN) in the Venezuelan Cup
  2. It is pretty difficult to set for Venezuelan clubs - chronic inflation and variability in exchange rates (official and not official). It is blank in the DB until I can get a better handle on it
  3. Hi, I'm not a member of the Italian research team but I will say that valuations on Transfermarkt mean nothing in FM or in real life business so you shouldn't use them as reference. Also, in the UK (where SI are based), the abbreviation of k means thousand. Thus, Bennacer being worth 32 k on Transfermarkt would translate to 32,000! I'm presuming that you mean million instead?
  4. https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/football/football-singaporean-coaches-left-stranded-in-india-as-country-still-in-lockdown This should confirm the above account
  5. Andres Montero left Coquimbo Unido on 2/11/2020 https://twitter.com/AndresMontero10/status/1323315959772385281?s=19
  6. @SoloTitano Can I check, is Hans Hateboer's (Atalanta) wage correct or is there a 0 missing? It is listed as 2800 EUR p/w. Salarysport (although I am uncertain as to how accurate this is) lists his contract at 16000 EUR P/W. Apologies if this is indeed correct, but I am playing as Atalanta and it stuck out as an anomaly (he earns less in game that Francesco Rossi) who is a backup
  7. Not always, as some nations force you to renounce original citizenship if you take theirs (E. G. China) This may be one for @amn to weigh in on, he will have a much better idea of how this sort of thing should be handled
  8. The beta is not the final version of the database so there are likely to be some transfers in the full game that you cannot see yet.
  9. So I have swapped my IFa to an IFs - would you still recommend a creator type striker? Good shout
  10. Glad it isn't just me! I used to find AF brilliant for this system but had no luck this year. Similarly, I've had little success with the DLF or the PF but am happy to try. Oddly though the PF in a 4-3-3 high press system was fantastic I put "be more expressive on" as a way to break teams down - just not scoring enough and I had hoped that would help. With regards to tempo - are you suggesting trying to shift it up or down?
  11. I've given the IW a PI to stay wider. I don't really have an aerial presence in the box up front and I didn't really think that crosses into the box were a great fit for the team, given the preference for a more possession style to I kept away from the winger role
  12. I'll try a switch to an IFs and a FBs. The segundo volante is great, they arrive late at the edge of the box for cutbacks from the IW. The description in game is a bit vague (like many of them) but its been a good role to have
  13. Generally speaking, results have been pretty good - as I said, I managed a clean sweep of the League, Cup and Libertadores. But it was heavily based on a solid defence and goals from set pieces. I want to improve this. Hadn't thought of this. I'll try bringing the line of defence up and dropping LOE by a notch. Yeah, I had noticed that it was congested at the top, I'm barely getting anything noticeable contribution wise from whichever striker that I play. The idea of the players from deep running forward was to help in shuttling the play forward. I had thought that the FB
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