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  1. [North America] (Official) Data Issues

    I don't think that we record U23 caps...
  2. [France] (Official) Data Issues

    @AlienIR "cedido con opcion compra" means that he is on loan with an option to purchase. There has been no mention of an official transfer in the Venezuelan press or by his club La Guaira. The link provided via Twitter merely confirms the loan with an option to buy at the end of it. EDIT : the link from transfermarkt is incorrect. Please disregard it - it doesn't even list the correct manager of La Guaira!
  3. [South America] (Official) Data Issues

    Yes, the issue is that Bolivia in the example you listed only has greyed out players. Greyed out players are always generated with a lower CA (though I'm not sure why). The reason they have been loaded is to do with the reputation of the real Bolivia players being low, which is related to their ability.
  4. [South America] (Official) Data Issues

    @thegrecians402 I think the fact that there are no 'real' Bolivian players in the DB possibly a factor in this. Would be interested in the results if you loaded all of the South American players and resimmed. Controversial point here though - objectively, I believe that Bolivia does well as a result of its altitude, which unfortunately FM can't replicate too well. The only away game that they won in the past year was a friendly vs Nicaragua, even Venezuela put 5 past them at sea level. If we look on paper, I would also argue that they have the weakest squad in CONMEBOL. I only see Moreno Martins and Chumachero getting near any other countries squad. So I'm not sure if this is necessarily a data issue - artificially raising CA's of Bolivians risks unbalancing the database in my opinion. My personal opinion is that this is a weakness in how FM utilises other factors, like weather and altitude in modifying results. Would be interested to hear others thoughts on this - @Gripper do you think this is more suitable for the game play bugs forum?
  5. [Italy] (Official) Data Issues

    That sort of comment isn't helpful. Please take it to the football forum if you want to continue. Please remember this is the database and research forum. It is not a place for fan arguments so be polite to each other. One thing I will say with regards to Skriniar is that the PA of 163 is what it is in your save @saosinfan4 - he could well have a negative PA that is different each save. Nevertheless I'm sure that the Italian team will review your comments and update Skriniar as they see fit in January.
  6. Personally, in that instance I think that Mullins and Sheehan should be downgraded a little (if Potts is 8 I'd look for Sheehan to be 10 and Mullins 11).
  7. [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    I'd like to talk about Adalberto Peñaranda at Malaga please (ID: 86040409) I would suggest the following edits to his mental attributes: Concentration: 10 -> 8 Decisions: 12 -> 10 Teamwork: 15 -> 8 Workrate 17 -> 8 Vision: 10 -> 14 My reasoning is as follows: Penarañda is an excellent player when on song. The problem is that he is very patchy and has a habit of drifting in and out of games. He doesn't offer you a consistent performance throughout (hence the suggested drop to his concentration). He also plays very much for himself and he isn't one to track back his opponent or contribute much to the defensive phase of play (hence the suggested drops to his teamwork and workrate). I also suggest dropping his decisions as he will often take a decision to go alone rather than pass to a teamate in a better position (see the U20 WC final for the evidence of this). That said he can be an absolutely scintillating footballer and I think that his vision can be increased to reflect his ability to create a lot of chances (when he wants to provide them of course). I would also consider adding some rating to AMC (10-12)
  8. [South America] (Official) Data Issues

    HR Bolivia: César Marcano (ID: 86017679) Full Name: César José Marcano Bermúdez Place of Birth: Cumaná Please add Junior Marcano (ID: 86017678) as favourite person, reason: son, rating: 20 Also consider adding César Farías (ID: 5300370) as favourite persons (rating 15) as he has worked with him on multiple occasions as backroom staff. In terms of his managerial attributes can you please set 4222DM (22) as his primary preferred formation and 442 (3) as his second preferred formation. He was known for playing with a reserved/counter attcacking style with Zulia Daniel Farías (ID: 86006537) He has WIlker Ángel set as his brother, this is incorrect. Please delete this relationship.
  9. I don't actually think that 10 would be that extreme for him if I'm honest. However, I'd caveat that by saying I haven't the research guidelines to hand and I don't know how the rest of the club have been rated (I. E. I wouldn't want to overrate his jumping if it would cause him to be overpowered vs other taller players at the club). That said, I'm not the Luton researcher so it isn't up to me (though I do genuinely think Potts is a good player). I also probably should have clarified that I think you are presenting some genuinely useful points in a constructive manner and that I'm not trying to be awkward or obtuse, I'm just posting from my phone which is a nightmare.
  10. I'm sure if anyone can find Potts height listed anywhere it could be updated We should also be serious about the line on the club site - that doesn't constitute any proof of anything. Jones said Jordan Cook was a dangerous player (mind you, he could have been talking about danger to our own sides chances). Finally, let's just think a little about what makes someone good in the air? It isn't just the height of your jump but your position, your timing and your bravery to try and win the header in the first place - other stats also come into play. I'm not convinced that Potts purely out jumps other players, I think he times his jumps well (if you jump top early or too late the ball passes you by, largely irrespective of your height). So to answer your point, yes, you can increase jumping above the guidelines if necessary but I think you need to ask yourself if Potts' aerial ability is solely due to the fact he out jumps his opponent. I don't think it is
  11. Dan Potts is listed at 172 cm on the club official website and 173 cm on Soccerway. Unfortunately, at that height he can't be given a jumping much higher than 8 as per the research guidelines.
  12. [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    For reference: Georges Kabchi is Venezuelan (second nationality of Lebanon). His brother is the ex-president of Deportivo Tachira and is currently part of the management of Boston River in Uruguay. Might be worth discussing with @Kaniko Ramone about whether there should be some sort of agree set between the clubs? (even if just an informal 'good relations'). I'll add that I have been unable to find any data about either of the Kabchi's with regards to DOB so they are not in the DB. Please create them as you see fit (any data I find I will pass on to you!) Edit Spoke too soon https://m.dateas.com/es/persona_venezuela/kabchi-zakia-georges-david-4447765 Dob 18/5/87
  13. [South America] (Official) Data Issues

    Will add those in, thank you
  14. Thread for Italian Football 15/16

    Bielsa would create an awesome team that would dominate till Xmas then fall away. He's not suited to long seasons, he works the players too hard Complete fantasy football would probably see Simeone come in but I don't think that it will realistically happen
  15. Thread for Italian Football 15/16

    Just awful. He's like an overactive kid, he cannot decide on a team!