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A Battle On The Warnow Rostock Resurgence 

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is the largest city in the north German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Rostock is an industrial city which was part of east Germany until the reform in 1989. The city territory stretches about 20 km (12 mile) along the river Warnow to the Baltic sea. Following reunification of Germany in 1989 Rostock lost its privilege position as the number one port in the GDR and the city's population declined to 200,000. However after 2006 it increased again and today Rostock and the Warnemunde are significant tourist destinations on the Baltic sea.




F.C. Hansa Rostock

is a German football association football club based in the city of Rostock. Formed on December the 28th 1965. They have emerged as one of the most successful former east German clubs. After German reunification the last regular DDR Oberliga season was played 1990-1991 Hansa Rostock became the last east German champions and have made several appearances in the top flight Bundesliga. After being in the Bundesliga for ten years from 1995-2005 Rostock have faced a steady decline in 2012 the club was relegated to the 3 Liga for the second time and is now playing there 5th consecutive season.




is the home of Hansa Rostock Ostseestadion translates in English to Baltic sea stadium and is named after the sea that's lies on Rostock's coast. The stadium is located not far from the city centre in the hansaviertel part of the town. The Stadium was newly Built 2001 on the former site of the 1954 original stadium. The total capacity is 29000 but 9000 of this is standing. The Stadium site hosts the training and youth facilities the most notable player to come threw at hansa was Toni kroos who made one appearance.





The Fans

A study published in 2007 by Sportfive reported Hansa's fanbase to be the seventh largest in Germany, involving up to two million supporters.[3] According to another study published in 2008 by Allensbach Institute, Hansa is the most popular German football club in the New Länder and the most popular club of the former GDR in reunited Germany.[4] Hansa Rostock's official anthem is "FC Hansa, wir lieben Dich total" ("Hansa FC, We Totally Love You"), recorded in 1995 by East German band Puhdys. Hansa struggles with hooliganism, estimating up to 500 supporters to be leaning towards violence.[5] The club itself as well some fans' associations are anxious to curtail these in several ways.[6] In 2005, the club successfully sued three streakers who disrupted their 2003 match against Hertha BSC to recoup the 20,000 they were fined by the German Football Association (DFB) for failing to maintain adequate security at their ground.

The Aim

As the title suggests is to restore Rostock to its former glory as a leading east German team eventually to challenge RB Leipzig to become the number one east German team hopefully winning some trophies along the way and beating as many east German rivals as possible and cementing our places in the Bundesliga once again. There wont be any strict rules for the task I tend to look to the home nation or surrounding nations for players as well as using youth development. The club has a great fan base another reason I was attracted to this task lets give these fans something to shout about again.

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In Game Analysis


Not bulging with trophies but the 2 Bundesliga and both the GDR league and cup. You can see the decline of the club here wanting to reverse that graph as soon as possible




A fierce rivalry with F.C. St. Pauli if we can get into the 2 Bundesliga another 2 to give special mention to is dynamo Dresden and Magdeburg both won a good amount of east German titles and cups



Impressive Training and Great Youth very good for this level be looking to the academy for players hopefully can Improve this in time. Great stadium for the mental but loyal fans get the packed out and there can be decent revenue made. Need to improve the junior coaching.



 A fair chunk of debt need to keep on top of this. a lot of wheeling a dealing to be done


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The key Players


Marcel Schuhen


Solid goalie For this level 23 room to improve. need to look at getting a decent back up in.


Fabian Holthaus

Looks like he could be class at 21 still a lot to learn but could be a real threat down the left with that pace


Stefan Wannenwetsch


Going To be my ball winner doing all the dirty work In the middle of the park we have a playmaker also who will play alongside him with a young prospect at half back maybe need to get some depth in. amazingly this club has 7 right wingers so some will have to leave no wonder they cant get out 3 liga


no one I plan on keeping must add here as soon as possible!

Hot Prospect

Johann Berger


Hopefully My next Toni Kroos looks like he could be class he will defo be getting game time.


A decent enough squad to get stuck in with some right wingers need to leave a striker is a most and probably some depth added from the loan market will be looking for a senior affiliate straight away but happy with what we have to get going with 

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The Manager

Stein Bartsch


Lifelong Rostock fan and academy graduate made 320 appearances for the club. A strong centre midfielder who loved a tackle which in the end brought him to early retirement at the age of 28. After the injury he worked on his coaching badges then became and under 19's coach at the club before showing talent and understanding towards the youth players he was given the Rostock 2 job after a 10th place finish last year the board needed change and decided to give the upcoming manager a shot after all his love born and bread Rostock knows the club inside out with a fresh new youthful approach.

Pre Season


mixed bag was a lot of chopping and changing but found I formation that suits



mostly cover and a centre forward and a centre midfielder from our affiliate Dortmund delighted to have tied that down.

Grzegorz Goncerz


Tasty Centre forward matches the formation and style

Dzenis Burnic


Deep Lying Playmaker left food technically brilliant probably one of the best if not the best players in the league.

Jonas Nickel


Young left footed centre half with potential let go from Hertha one to work on

Players out


one of the many right wingers in andrist and a centre half in Hoffman both moaning about game time.

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First Ten Games


Drawing our first east German encounter with Zwickau but the a massive result against Magdeburg


Decent Start happy with that.

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The Next Ten Games


Another good ten league games putting us right in the mix lost our first east German tie to Chemnitzer FC


Although we beat 2 east German teams on the bounce in FC Rot-Weiss Erfur and then Hallescher FC



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January transfer window



Rastko Suljagic


backup/competition for schuhen needed cover badly

Patrick Fritsch


Centre back from senior affiliate Dortmund slotted in nicely when called upon may now be regular right sided centre half.

Tim Albutat


Holding Midfielder or centre midfielder anchor man or half back depending on formation or in the ball winning centre midfield role looks a real capture so far.

David Grozinger


young right winger with good potential maybe paid over the odds but had no cover here after selling 3 of the garbage a had left from the 6 to begin with could blossom under the right guidance.

Christian Bickel


Inside forward on the left to provide competition for janicke solid all-round stats and can take a good set piece

Dennis Geiger


Cover for the immense Burnic got a 600k agreed fee which is his release clause which may be useful if promotion happens and we cant get Burnic in technically gifted player and at 18 could be a class above.

Attila Yildirim


Needed a defensive forward option for our counter/defensive formation though goncerz can play both roles well needed another option no gonna pull up any trees but do a job

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right winger wasn't going to make the grade and at 29 was time to go went cheap but was more worried about getting him of the wage bill.

Hasan Ulker

left winger young lad wasn't gonna make time for him to move on and get some games at his level


moaning about game time so shipped out on loan maybe mad a bad decision as made us thin in attack and upset gebhart now he wont sign a new deal and may lose him which will be a massive blow.


rated as the best player at the club right winger never done the business and at 600k that could be reinvested to the squad along with 4k wages the idea was to use this to get gebhart to sign but was unhappy by the time the deal done.


right winger high wages 26/27 year old not good enough see you. probably should have got a fee but there was no takers wanted him off the wage bill


young left winger not good enough needed to find his level


great player couldn't keep him happy though Burnic has been immense and a injury to Bischoff coupled with burnic sealed his fate in the end and had to let him go.


high on the wage bill and 30 year old striker with no pace doesn't suit our style and tactics


centre half not ever going to make this level an extra 1k in the wage budget and he is away

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The Next Ten Games


Great Form winning 9 of the 10 games inspired form after the winter break beating 3 east German opponents along the way with victory's against Zwickau, Magdeburg and Chemnitzer FC. Goncerz 3 goal comeback against Zwickau the highlight of the 3.




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25 minutes ago, john1 said:

Good luck with Rostock :cool: 

Cheers john started well a long way to go though keep me going to fm18

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The Toni Kroos academy

First youth intake

although we have done some nice wheeling and dealing so far finances are still shaky with 500k in the balance hoping to turn to the newly named Toni Kroos academy for some gems. I may take charge of the 19's in the future to help make them grow but need to concentrate on the first team for now. German rules are strange some 16 year olds cant play so if I do get a star may be some time until he can get in the first team.

Robin Ehlers


for me personally the pick of the bunch

Lukas Biesinger


nice to have a defensive forward come threw definitely has potential to make it hopefully can learn a thing or to from goncerz

Marcel Ernst


centre half hopefully him and Ehlers can strike up partnership

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7 Games

well all am going to say is I have no idea what happened.

Wehen Wiesbaden


I thought at the time it was our worst result of the season how wrong I was. after a 1-1 draw away from home completely dismantled at home.

FC Rot-Weiss Erfurt


Only bit of joy from this 7 game spell a 1-0 away win at east German rivals

Hallescher FC


Considering we were down to 10 men we still created chances our worst defeat of the season for me personally specially an east German and title rival. were in control for the first 25 minutes then a shocking to foot lunge on the half way line no need for it at all game changes completely. 2 week fine for holthaus.


Jahn Regensburg


an own goal cost us everything that could go wrong went wrong.

VfL Osnabruck

top against bottom at home thinking this is the win we need to secure promotion and most likely the title due to the chasing pack drawing when I was winning. wasn't to be


8 minutes in there left back hits a 35 yard rocket long shots 6 finishing 4 how he does its beyond me but that's football sneak back in with an own goal and get ourselves the game by the scruff off the neck goncerz missed about 3 glorious chances bang counter goal laptop out the window.


insult to injury big miss will need to fill his place for next season and there isn't much in the budget.


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The Last Game Of The Season

with east German rivals Chemnitzer FC on 64 and us on 66 it was going to be a tight affair. we faced SC Paderborn at home while Chemnitzer FC faced Holstein Kiel away.

F.C Hansa Rostock v SC Paderborn     Holstein Kiel v Chemnitzer FC

18 minutes on the clock dominating the game ball chucked into the box from holthaus long throw push in the box penalty Rostock!!!! Burnic steps up hits the post nightmare the luck just wasn't to turn for me. 25 minutes Luca Waldschmidt left foot rocket from the edge of the box 1-0 SC Paderborn meanwhile Chemnitzer FC have scored there penalty 1-0 not to worry we have controlled the game chance goes begging for Goncerz. 37 minutes Burnic decides missing a penalty isn't good enough to ruin the title hopes so has a two footed tackle in no mans lad straight red now its uphill. 75 minutes its time to push for an equaliser we have more than held our own few role changes take the leash of young Berger bang 79 minutes the leveller the Ostseestadion irrupts with our goal difference much greater we are looking like the title winners. short lived we sit in and Luca Waldschmidt breaks into the left hand side of the box and beats Marcel Schuhen at his near post 2-1 league is gone 86 minutes again the impressive Waldschmidt with another strike with his wand of a left game set match!! league over except whats going on in Holstein its a equaliser 1-1 Marvin Ducksch becomes a Rostock legend with a late goal!!!!!!




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End Of Season Review

The Club




All in all a successful season won the league god knows how with that loss of form but our form after the winter break carried us threw in the end beating an east german rival to the title. Cup run never even got past the first game hopefully can get a little further next year specially with finances poor could be very handy. Next season the aim will be to consolidate and keep clear of relegation we need to strengthen and make ourselves harder to beat. east german record stands 7 wins 1 draw 2 losses. Team of the year I would agree with two centre backs that were originally cover ended up better than the first choices. burnic was immense hopefully can get him on loan for another season and goncerz goals and all round play was excellent. looking like gebhart is leaving so may move to my usual 532 shape but we will see what the close season brings.

individual awards


was close to breaking the league record of 27 broke the clubs record of 23. Great season best lone striker I have had great all rounder and knows where the onion bag is.


German Overview



Bayern run close by Schalke 04 other notable things RB Leipzig finish 6 and into the Europa league thought they would make the top 4 personally.

2. Bundesliga


1.FC Union make champions by a point which in away is good for us even though i want to be the best east german side i want east german football to grow. Dynamo Dresden survive the drop gives us a big east german rivalry to look forward to along with a fierce historic one with FC St. Pauli.

3. Fussball-Liga


We held on to top spot by the skin off our teeth but happy with the league overall specially for the first season with limited funds and players for my usual tactic and style of play hopefully can help implement this over the close season if we can get the right players for the right price.



Bayern beat Dortmund to get the domestic double in the bag


The champions league seals a memorable treble for the german giants

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Second Season


Board expects avoid relegation happy with that with a few key additions I think this very achievable. I would also like maybe the 3rd round of the DFB Pokal Cup would help boost finances as well as give the fans Some good days out. I would also like to increase the junior coaching got a very good intake last time and shows the potential of the academy. Finances are looking a lot healthier must keep this balanced a big help with this is being Dortmund's affiliate we managed to hang onto Burnic and Fritsch who will be key.

Summer Business

High on the agenda was a right and left winger and solid centre half. A change in shape and structure are in order as we move into the Bundesliga 2 looking to move to a 4-4-1-1 so an attacking Midfielder will be necessary.



Lohkemper comes in as back up for Goncerz as well as Kruger providing competition for last seasons top goal scorer. Pascal Itter gives us a more attacking option at right back with Mockenhaupt coming in as cover at centre half Borner comes in and will be a first teamer solid centre half we needed to partner the classy Fritsch. Arne Maier comes in from Dortmund and will play in the hole behind the striker great young talent Thommy comes in on the left hand side arguably our best piece of business Dardai comes on loan as cover on the left hand side Brandenburger is a young holding midfielder giving us good depth Pledl is a right winger comes on loan and will more than likely be first choice depending on young Gozingers development.

4 Key signings












Gebhart leaves after a great season wouldn't accept a new deal strangely stays in the liga 3 janicke also leaves after a decent season got decent money entering his last year loyal servant turned money grabber good riddance nadeau leaves never lived up to his attributes moves on. Kuqi a prospect both footed centre half 50% next sale and had a poor personality the rest are not good enough and had to be moved on.

New Tactics


the 4-4-1-1 will be most commonly used dropping down to a counter mentality and structured shape as we aim to soak up pressure and hit teams on the break with our quick wingers the second one is where I would like to end up once we are an established side may be a few seasons away. I like the last one aimed at blocking out but still having players to break. 



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Pre Season


Not ideal but brought so money in and we were also going threw tactical change good results against palace and hamburg.

First Ten Games


reasonable start 2 massive victories one against fierce rivals FC St. Pauli in the cup and east german rivals Dynamo Dresden in the league along with a good win at home to 1.FC Nurnberg happy with what am seeing from the tactics so far and the additions have worked well. we also got the junior coaching upgrade and the coaches allowed extended all going well first ten games.


great performance in which is my first fear derby did realise how much hatred there was between these 2 before looking into it! makes the first victory all the sweeter! goals from young berger and goncerz the goal machine Fritsch also showing his class and why Dortmund want 23 million for him.


Could well be the performance of the season already shockingly goncerz never got on the score sheet and centre half borner takes 2 both coming from long throws one knocked on by his centre half partner Fritsch berger grabs a goal again thommy shows his class. I brilliant east german victory all round.


The first ten sees us sitting 12th id be happy with that finish.


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Some quality signings made mate, and great start to the season! I'm really having fun in Germany, nice to read about your journey there, though I would like Kaiserslautern to do better :)

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Next Ten Games


Bad start after the international break with 2 defeats in a row in the league hard one to take against fellow relegation battlers VRF Aalen who followed us up from liga 3 FC Kaiserslautern should be there or there about come the end of the season big side. A splendid double over Düsseldorf in the league and cup 3-1 in each with a solid away draws in between and after against title chasers  Augsburg and SV Sandhausen. VFL Bochum a terrible result at home against relegation rivals 3 back to back home wins follow massive win against the pace setters Stuttgart and mid table 1.FC Heidenheim and a cup victory against 1.FC Nurnberg which we then lose away to in the league.


Goncerz double and young maier with the goals as come form behind to take another skull in the DFB Pokal both full backs with assist's which is nice as we look for them to be key in supporting the counters.


keeper made some fantastic saves to gives us this game its a shame how goalkeeper ratings are worked out in fm could Easly be the man of the match goncerz in the goals again massive victory all and all a good ten games and we are looking decent as we come into the winter break.

Winter Break

The winter break seen our training camp head to Spain to the Balearics hopefully wasn't to much partying in Ibiza


3 good games for a work out in spain before returning home to win a local friendly and our first league game after the winter break hopefully we can put together a run and make our Bundesliga 2 status secure.


The league at this stage is good viewing in my opinion only 7 clear of the playoff spot so still along way to go to be secure they say 35 is the magic points tally so 10 points from the next ten will do nicely.


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4 hours ago, TheJanitor said:

Some quality signings made mate, and great start to the season! I'm really having fun in Germany, nice to read about your journey there, though I would like Kaiserslautern to do better :)

I haven't managed her since fm15 when I was hertha love the german fans in real life think its the best liga in the world for fans atmosphere. only a point between us and Kaiserslautern tho have a game in hand.  

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Winter Window




Big physical ball winning midfielder comes in giving us 3 very strong options in this a very key position in our tactical set up still a youngster by rights but think he will cement that place or will he?




Gutted about losing this lad thing he can go far with the right guidance. the board took it out of my hands and for me a million was good money for a year old but no percentage of next fee is poor.


That will be that plan cancelled no injury history of this very unfortunate  



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The Next Ten Games


couple of defeats in the league in particular rivals Dynamo Dresden but a few great performances and results in particular Eintracht Braunschweig and Karlsruher SC our home for is sensational winning all games bar a heart breaking end to our fairy tale cup run.


terrible result couldn't take our chances Goncerz had a horror show unlike there ever reliable goal machine.


Gutted isn't even the word played the counter excellent and came on done from an own goal from our rock at the back very unfortunate way to go out. very happy with the performance in the game and threw out the cup run.


Great result against top of the league soaking up lots of pressure and hitting them on the break down the flanks paid dividends with pledl getting to assists goncerz hits the onion bag again and tim albutat with an absolute rasper what a ten games hes had stepped up to the mantel after samsons injury.


Satisfied with the result away from home in the fear derby keeps us unbeaten against them goncerz grabs another to continue you his impressive record in a hansa top. Our away form is poor something we need to work on.



cant believe we scored 3 and goncerz had a stinker the midfielder runner showing there class in particular thommy who has been excellent down our left hand side and fast becoming a fans favourite.

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The Business End

With safety from relegation set in stone we set about chasing rivals St Pauli


A fantastic finish to a successful first season in the Bundesliga 2 finishing on a 7 game unbeaten run although there was a was a lucky point against title chasers Augsburg  we win against FC Kaiserslautern away 4-0 our best away performance all season probably our second best result behind the 4-0 home win agasint east german rivals Dynamo Dresden. Came from behind against VFL Bochum after winning comfortably against SV Sandhausen last game of the seen us travel to Stuttgart  points behind fierce rivals St Pauli who are away to VFR Aalen. 3-3 looks a good point but after leading 3-0 its costs us a place to rivals in the table.


WUNDERBAR!!! we finally click away from home great all round performance usual suspects doing the damage would love to make burnic, pledl and Fritsch permanent buys been sensational.


No shots on target and 20 shots at them complete performance showing that out structured shape is balancing our defensive duties and discipline with our ability to attack quick and with great effect.


More than happy with that for our first season our change in tactics worked the trick along with the right additions and some hard work. Exceeding our expectations not only staying clear of relegation but pushing ourselves into the top half. Hopefully we can keep the core of the squad and follow this up don't think we will be ready for a promotion push still some big sides in there but wouldn't have expected a top  this season.

Season Summary and Awards


Agree with the awards fully Goncerz banged them in all season again loves that role. Borner was an absolute rock and good old fashioned centre half no nonsense defending if we lose Fritsch going to need to find someone to suit borner the two complemented each other beautifully  . Thommy outstanding all year long ran that left wing end up the biggest distance covered in the league hard working winger with a great end product bumper deal will be needed to keep him at the club with some bigger sides sniffing about.

Erik Thommy stats for the season


Goncerz stats for the season



another accolade for goncerz top league scorer seasons on the bounce only worry is his age maybe only one more season in the tank!



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sorry for the wait work commitments have really slowed this my first ever career update such as life in oil and gas 12 hour shifts :(

Pre Season

as we set ourselves up for our second season in the Bundesliga 2 a few interesting things happened over the summer. A 6 place finish and a good cup run has brought in some much needed income we will be looking to invest in heavily in the squad and hopefully the backroom staff along with new training and youth facilities and junior coaching. sticking with our 3 tactics from last year but losing Fritsch and burnic will be massive so we must find players to fill there shoes I would love a crack at a top 6 finish again but depends what the mark brings don't think we are strong enough as it stands. a few things that happened so far in the summer an unusual link to a job and a new contract.




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now both or facilities will reach excellent in the new year coupled with the junior coaching upgrades. We have already produced some fine talents but they keep getting snapped up for good fees to be fair but with this step surely we can bring threw some potential Bundesliga players. I May take charge of the 19,s in the future to help get the best out of the players hopefully when our place is cemented in the Bundesliga I can start turning towards a youth development style.

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Our best pre season results to date only the one defeat to split at home. all teams around our level of reputation bar the morale boosters at the end played with all 3 different tactics and been impressed with some of the new boys. if we can take this sort of performances into the start of the season we could make a good go of that top 6 target again still the media tips us for relegation but what do they know!


Both Berlin sides drop down giving us 2 more rivals from above and Magdeburg come up to join us more thrilling encounters on the cards. 1.FC Union won the GDR cup Hertha on the other hand played in the west I believe . we have already had same tasty affairs with Magdeburg will be nice to have them again.

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Transfers In


Boeder is a great free capped by Germany at 19's the ball playing centre half has bags of potential and will be a back up option. Kocourek is a creative attacking midfielder technically gifted and set piece specialist he will challenge Maier for the number 10 role. Burnic signs permanently delighted with this deal been a stalwart in the side in that deep lying playmaker role plays it perfectly expensive buy but we know he is capable of playing in the Bundesliga still a young man at 20. Gokhan Gul replaces Fritsch in the heart of the defence also capped at 19's by Germany he comes in and becomes captain at 19 years old has the potential to make the grade in the Bundesliga also. Zeleznik is a defensive forward with great attributes will prove a worthy option if he can settle fast and challenge Goncerz for the lone striker role. Baxmann comes in on the right will be a battle between him and Gozinger hopefully the latter can keep him out. Kamil Is a left back will challenge for first team place still young with plenty room to grow slightly over paid. Haland I had in Norway great pedigree can play any role up top he can head finish hold up get in behind if we nourish him properly we could have a long term goal machine on our hands. Arp Is a more out and out adavanced forward giving us a nice blend and 4 really good options in attack. Korber has more than enough to make the number one jersey his own cost next to nothing as well. Dzierbicki a left winger cover for Thommy was a late deal as we had no cover cost abit but has potential to challenge in the future.



Gokhan Gul




Transfers Out


Most players here surplus to requirements apart from young ehlers was a star in the making although we got great money it was the boards doing but if he does make it we get 50% of any deal. Albrecht could have made it as well but 500k and 50% I was happy as we have 2 other more promising attacker in the 19,s




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1 hour ago, Sheriff7 said:

Huge club..Good luck..😉

Thank you! started well so far long may it continue. Yes massive club 7th biggest support in Germany really enjoying it 

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Early Season


We make a flying start in a magnificent 2-1 away victory at recently relegated Eintracht Frankfurt. A comfortable 2-0 win at home against 1.FC Heidenheim. Back to back victories against  Arminia Bielefield in the pokal cup and the league and we are 4 from 4 and looking solid at the back at great on the break. A very poor 0-0 at home to SV Sandhausen couldn't hit a barn door comes to mind. Derby double up next as we hammer Magdeburg away in the first east German clash of the season then win the fear derby at home leaving us 7 unbeaten a fantastic start. Up next SV Darmstadt 98 our bogey side failing to beat them in any encounters thus far 1-0 away from home defeat Stefan Kiessling continues his fantastic record against us with a last minute winner and there goes the unbeaten start. We bounce back with a east german win against 1.FC union our first time locking horns delighted with the result and performance. Holstein Kiel were expected to be brushed a side turned out to be a nail biter. Poor 0-0 at home to Wurzburg should be taking 3 points especially after the start we made. all in all our early season from is remarkable and gives us a great platform.

Key Matches


Goncerz carries on from where he left of last year all be it from there keepers howler. Samson comes back after long term injury and grabs a goal been really impressed with big centre mid our Patrick Vieira. Grozinger started ahead of Baxmann and shows why with a assist. Our counter attacking ability shun in this game what we are aiming to do we took our chances and made them pay for sloppy defending keeping there shots from range.


Completely out classed our east German counterparts from start to finish. 3 First half goals killed the game with Samson getting on the end of a Thommy cross. Gul nodded in from Borner flick on after Thommys corner delivery. Kocourek scored a wonderful finish after stealing the ball of Harant  at the back showed class to slide the ball around the keeper. Porath takes man of the match after a 30 yard rocket absolute wondergoal.


The fear derby superb win should have been a lot more convincing had we taken our chances. Early goal from a sublime Thommy freekick set us on our way before being pegged back from the spot in what was a controversial decision that's what the derby games are about. Grozinger fired in the winner after the hour mark and we never looked like losing from that point after sitting in and hitting on the break.


Sickening way to lose the unbeaten record that man kiessling at it again against us. Thought we matched them well away from home both sides never really made any clear cut chances until the 90th minute. They will be up there come the end of the season I reckon so we have to take some positives from the game.


Great encounter for our first battle together. Goncerz fired us into the lead around the half hour mark. They were level instantly after a great move. It was very close until the 69th minute when they went a man down. We upped the aunty and went for it and the pressure told Grozinger giving us the lead and Goncerz finishing the game a brace from him is nice to see hasn't hit the ground running as yet compared to the last 2 seasons.

League Table


3 points of the lead after ten more than happy with that start. karlsruher SC are absolutely banging them 26 in ten games. We have the best defensive record so far hope we can keep it that way. Eintracht Frankfurt have had a horrible start after relegation from the Bundesliga likewise Hertha they are title favourites.


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Halfway Point


We return from the international break with a poor performance at Greuther Furth possibly our worst result so far in the league all be it with ten men. FC Kaiserlautern come to the Ostseestadion and take all 3 points in another sloppy performance never looked like half the team we have been. The cup is a welcome sight after back to back defeats a trip to VfR Aalen gets us back to winning ways even though we rely on a late Goncerz goal. Solid point away at Karlsruher SC a clean sheet which is most impressive against this free scoring side looked like we had turned the corner and were back. A first half thriller came against 1860 Munich all 5 goals in the first half two mistakes cost us and we lose all 3 points. A morale boosting friendly and a tweak of tactic as teams are now wide to our style we go attacking the next game against Stuttgart and its pays dividends master stroke from bartsch 5-1 winners there goal being a penalty as well. 2 rivals follow first competitive meeting with Hertha of my tenure a great point at the title favourites. east German rivals Dynamo Dresden pay us a visit 1-0 leaves us unbeaten on 3 and unbeaten against all east German rivals this season so far. Eintracht Frankfurt at home who are having a disastrous season by there high standards and squad capability we take a point in a hard fought game. The last game before the winter break is a trip to 1.FC Heidenheim tight affair with the other surprise candidates we snatch a 1-0 making a bad start to turned around and we head into the winter break in a good shape.

Key Matches


Samson's early sending off leaves us chasing the game. We are unable to keep the home side at bay and they run over the top of us leading 2-0 at the break we adjusted at half time and had a go for It but the game was out of reach after the hour as they sealed the game the home side deserving of the 3 points. Thommy hit a wonder freekick late on but it was nothing more than a consolation.


Possibly our best performance of the season. We tweak the mentality and have a go as teams start to sit in against us specially at home. We miss an early penalty through Goncerz but he puts us in the lead about 12 minutes later rounding off a great move and Thommy sticks it on a plate for him at the back post tap In 1-0. 10 minutes later he doubles the lead this time from a cross from Gozinger on the right hand side. He completes his hatrick with a solo effort after winning the ball of there full back. Own goal from full back Wittek and the game is well beyond debut the get a consolation from the spot but Borner fires home after a scramble in the box from Gozingers corner. Battering them with 21 shots 14 on target the attacking switch worked immensely.


Not a thriller by any imagination if anything I thought we were going to steal all 3 points in the end we make do with one. Hertha dominated the early stages and took the lead after we gave the ball away sloppily they punished us. we pushed for an equaliser and it came in the form of a rocket from former Hertha man Maier a thundering drive into the far corner. Both teams had chances Gozinger missed late on after being slipped threw buy Gul. Substitute Sidney Sam missed from a tight angle for the home side a point the peace in the first meeting of these old rivals.


East German rivals Dynamo Dresden arrived. we controlled the game keeping them at bay and forcing long shots from distance korber made a great save from Haumptmann from distance but he parried. Goncerz spurned 3 great chances and could have put the game to bed he has had a funny campaign so far very hot and cold. Maier brought home the 3 points with a lucky deflected strike but they all count.

League Table


Head into the winter break 5 points of Karlsruher SC who lead the way. Its very tight all the way down to 6th place with only 5 points in it from second place. Frankfurt are still having problems at the wrong end of the table. Our main rivals FC St. Pauli sit mid table pleasing for our loyal fanatic support to have the bragging rights. SV Darmstadt 98 starting to realise there potential kiessling has been on fire for them at 35 still doing the business the former Bayer Leverkusen man.

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Winter Break


We travel to Spain for the winter break. 3 comfortable victories rotating the squad in each game with some of the youth players featuring. Before we come home to beat local minnows Hafen Rostock to boost morale before heading back into the league.

Transfer window



Comes in on loan as cover for Burnic. Passing needs to improve coaches seem impressed along with the scouts. If he performs may become a permanent addition.



hasn't settled into life at rostock after 5 horrible starts he is shipped out on loan wasn't happy about first team chances either.


Berger goes out for some much needed game time hasn't had a sniff this season.

Quiet window in terms of in and outs but we fight of big bids for 3 quality youth players which was big as the board would normally accept these.

Marcel Ernst


subject of bids of 500k from Gladbach Hannover and Freiburg Delighted with this still has a long way to go but will be on the fringes or loaned out next season for first team experience.

Julian Lange


Subject of bids of around 1 million from Koln Augsburg and Leverkusen delighted we hold onto him as we train him for an advanced forward role. Banging them in for the 19's every reason to be excited great determination and personality have every belief he can make the breakthrough.

Jan Stritzel


Subject off bids of around 800k from Bayern Dortmund Gladbach amongst others. Still very raw at 15 but some key attributes in place needs a lot of tutoring considering bringing in a old head purely for this reason next season to develop his mental stats and personality.


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Facilities and Youth Intake


Work is now complete and both facilities are now excellent exceptional junior coaching also adding to the mix. Cant seem to improve the youth recruitment yet I know there is many factors involved in this. would be nice to buy the stadium eventually but we don't have the financial muscle just now.


Very reasonable intake covic has produced a gem in Pagelow. he also highly rates Bruckner as well.


very suitable position as well to how we play the right guidance he has every chance of being a star.


needs a lot of work but he has the determination do fulfil it.


The man behind the recruitment

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Good try in Bundesliga 2,Karlsruher looks very strong...

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6 hours ago, Sheriff7 said:

Good try in Bundesliga 2,Karlsruher looks very strong...

Yeah there flying scoring goals for fun we however are defensively strong very close league. 3 more games to play then I'll post another update 

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The Business End


Bielefield were up first after the winter break a poor 0-0 draw at home not the start we had hoped for. SV Sandhausen proved to be an easy task away from home a comfortable 2-0 victory. East German rivals Magdeburg share the points with us at home 1-1 a bad result considering our important fixtures ahead we couldn't afford to drop points against bottom half teams. The fear derby and very ugly 2-1 victory on the patch sent the travelling fans home very happy. SV Darmstadt 98 the bogey side finally beaten a fantastic performance and opens up the title race for us. Hoffenheim in the DFB Pokal 3rd round we played brilliant shutting them out to then be out done by a set piece. FC Union away a good point there 1-1 as the berliners pick up form and enter the running. Holstein kiel proved to be a stuffy side considering there bottom off the pack still 3 points on the board. Wurzburg brushed aside away from home in 2-0 victory as the title charge takes serious ground. Greuther Furth a terrible result along with FC Kaiserslautern both relegation battlers sees the title hopes dashed! Karlsruher SC we needed to take 3 points to have any chance of winning the title going into the last 4 games of the season. 2-1 victory in an absolute thriller. We draw 1-1 each in Munich to drop 2 points behind the league leaders but we still have a chance although we have a tough running with Stuttgart hertha and Dresden to play.

Key Matches


A rather lucky result but we will take it. again keeping there shots from long range worked to great affect. 1-0 down after the break but well struck effort from maier brought us level after the hour. Arp stuck us in front after a superb threw ball over the top from maier. the home side missed a penalty inside the last ten minutes much to the delight of the travelling fans whats a derby without a little bit late drama.


The bogey team finally put to bed. Penalty from arp sticks us in front we have missed a few spot kicks threw out the season so was relieved to see the net bulge. Sauer got him sent off in the 22nd minute after a second booking following being booked for the penalty. after this we strolled the game and killed it threw arp just before the hour mark. a nice brace from the man labelled the next oliver bierhoff. Strikers have been very hot and cold all season missing bags loads of chances something we may need to address.


An absolute thriller!! game had everything. We take the lead threw that man maier the Dortmund loanee really starting to warm to his potential may need to look for a pernamnet deal. A well placed finish after latching onto burnics through ball. The game is end to end attack after attack until the 64th minute we looked like we could win it. Gozinger pushes in the box penalty!!! ahlschwede second booking for arguing with the ref the game completely turns on its head. Wober steps up and cool converts leaving us with a lot of work to do instantly we shut up shop to save a point and the chance of the title. 90th minute corner rostock a shove in the box PENALTY!!! Arp steps up and smashes it in the Ostseestadion erupts the title chase is on.

League Table


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The Race To The Title





Our final 3 games see us travel to Stuttgart very tough ask as the also chase promotion we will have to be at our best to win here. Hertha at home massive rivalry also a massive task the berlin side have turned there season around in the second half and have moved into the top 6 title favourites early season form has cost them. Dynamo Dresden it could all be over by then but if there was ever a way to win it against former East German giants would be the way.


Karlsruher SC face Dresden away looking for a favour from our east German counterparts cant see them pulling it off. Frankfurt have got there act together after a shocking start to the season could provide the upset we need but the home sides form at home is great. Heidenheim have had an excellent season if its still on at this game they could well shock the league and give us a shot at the title.



We fail to take anything in Stuttgart leaving the door open for Karlsruher. We were poor from start to finish created very little clear cut chances a poor match all in all and our title hopes are resting on other results well and truly now. We also now look over our shoulder at Stuttgart who could pip us for second.


a great result in Dresden for Karlsruher opens up a 5 point gap and were needing a miracle.


Early mistake from there goalie allows us the flying start we needed to make. Tipping a cross from grozinger into his own net 1-0. Hertha level after sloppy defending from left back holtahus allows esswein to coast in and finish. Haland restores the lead before the break finishing off a lovely move getting on the end of a marvellous cross from grozinger. The game goes back and fourth as hertha pressure us we break regularly but waste chances. eventually the pressure told and heartbreak as that man besuschow sticks another great strike past us fast becoming the new kiessling.


Karlsruher batter Stuttgart and the league is over.


Stuttgart beat SV Darmstadt to level points with us it goes down to the wire for 2nd place and automatic promotion. Darmstadt could sneak in but need goals and results to go to get in.


The Final Game Of The Season




We travel to Dresden. Stuttgart Travel to the capital to Hertha and Darmstadt Host Union Berlin. All 3 of our rivals involved hopefully the berlin sides can do us a favour and we hold up the bargain in Dresden.


A True East German Battle




Both Berlin sides do there job and we finish of Dresden after a wonderful lob from burnic (wish I knew how to gif goals) then arp put us in the driving seat at the break. No shots on target from the home side a truly complete away performance again if only our home from had matched we would maybe be going up as champions.



Promotion is sealed and we are into the Bundesliga!!



we cant waste time though we need major strengthening if we are to avoid relegation as I only see Gul, Burnic and Thommy as Bundesliga players that are ours.




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Final standings

Bundesliga 2

Stuttgart lost in the playoffs fierce rivals St. Pauli relegated to Liga 3



Bayern Cruise to a 7th consecutive title

Fussball Liga 3


all 3 relegated sides bounce back at the first attempt



Bayern win it for the 4 time in a row as the dominate Germany once again with league and cup double

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Player Awards


Fine season from Grozinger thoroughly deserved hope he can make the step up. Burnic goal for me wasn't as good as his lob against Dresden. Korber established himself as number one but don't think he will make the grade in the Bundesliga. Off the best 11 I reckon Gul Burnic Thommy will make the grade for sure. Maier will if he returns. Arp, Gozinger and Borner may possibly but if we can find better we will invest.


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Pre Season



solid pre season visiting Holland for the early season tour feyenoord proved to tough but good draws with psv and ajax so early in the pre season preparations followed up with a 4-0 demolishing of Az. 3 games at home with sassuolo up first comfortable 3-1 Russian giants zenith great 1-1 draw showing great heart to comeback from 1-0 down. Krasnodar 1-0 win with a rotated squad and a few new faces and finally metz as our last real completive game 6-0 doing for the French side at there patch before 2 morale boosting friendly's against local sides .

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Transfer Business 



12 million spend to avoid relegation. Delighted with business every position needed was covered.


Tonnessen comes in at left back another player from my time in Norway at 21 still has space for growth should cement the first team spot.


Grgic back up for burnic in the deep lying playmaker role not the finished article by any stretch of imagination but from what I have seen pre season looks a good addition.


Gaudino replaces maier who we could not agree a permanent deal for the boy looks the real deal after coming threw at Bayern.


Uduokhai left centre half takes over from borner at 21 could become a real star hopefully him and Gul can strike up a great partnership.



lewicki is a great bit of business former Bayern academy graduate becomes the ball winner along side burnic brings much needed experience to a youthful side. 


Regasel comes in a right back injured but should be first team both right backs left so a the youngster strubelt will start there to begin with. 


mousset cover up top but will be looking to get lange gametime.


cadden comes in as back up to Grozinger 



most players just couldn't make the step up bar Bruckner who was a young winger with determination 8 a million and 50% couldn't be turned down.

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Youth Players

Julian Lange


Young forward is promoted into the senior side we will be looking to get him gametime

Leon Strubelt


will be starting at right back due to injuries will bring him on immensely exciting young player.

Marcel Ernst


steps up in to the seniors hopefully can get him gametime and continue his remarkable growth.

Current Youth Team


we hold of after this massive offer from schalke at 15 this boy really could be the next toni kroos still has loads to learn.

Valentin Pagelow


Bulent Yaman


Jan Stritzel


Marcel Gorres


Max Bonig




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Facilities and Recruitment 




really starting to match the other top Bundesliga sides off the park

Current Facilities 




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First Half Of The Season





A great first half of the season some massive results considering its the clubs first time in the Bundesliga for ten years. Big results in the league include 4-1 win at home against Koln a 2-2 draw in Leipzig against our massive east German rivals. 3-1 win in Bremen shows our away form of last season is still there! win at home to Freiburg who we also beat at home in the cup a win against the underachieving Wolfsburg a big result in terms of relegation a battle the 4-2 win over Schalke is the result of the season in the league. Bad results include 1-0 to hoffenheim after a poor first half of the season for them we should have at least tool a point. Bayern demolished us after a decent first half there were positives to take though. We were unfortunate against Gladbach and Dortmund after narrow defeats. Good points picked up at Karlsruher and Augsburg who are fellow relegation battlers.

League Table


Sitting mid table very happy so far but we aren't far from that relegation battle so its key to not get carried away and keep battling. 

Key Bundesliga Results


An Inspired comeback after going a goal behind in the opening minute haland double is pleasing as he looks to claim the lone striker role. 


We take a battering in Leipzig But some how steal a point on the counter attack


Again another battering but we show our counter attacking prowess 


Massive 3 points against relegation battlers should have been more comfortable but Arp had a bad day in front of goal


Korber had some vital saves to keep us in the lead after Arp put us a head early with a brace 3 points again against relegation candidates 


Arp is on fire!! as we put in the performance of the season so far! counter attacking is effective yet again and we take our chances.

DFB-Pokal Cup




Convincing victory which was expected 


Great response to going a goal down dominated the game bar the opening half an hour


Massive shock in the cup at high flying Leverkusen but we were good value for our victory 


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14 hours ago, kidthekid said:

Not a bad start to life in the bundesliga!!!

Thanks man our counter attacking style is working a treat. think I will run out of time to win it with fm 18 fast approaching. Struggling to resist the beta... delighted with this so far getting used to the writing more and more hopefully in 18 I'll have the writing sorted and can get some more comments and debates. Thanks for following 😁

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