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  1. Rostock is the largest city in the north German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Rostock is an industrial city which was part of east Germany until the reform in 1989. The city territory stretches about 20 km (12 mile) along the river Warnow to the Baltic sea. Following reunification of Germany in 1989 Rostock lost its privilege position as the number one port in the GDR and the city's population declined to 200,000. However after 2006 it increased again and today Rostock and the Warnemunde are significant tourist destinations on the Baltic sea. F.C. Hansa Rostock is a German football association football club based in the city of Rostock. Formed on December the 28th 1965. They have emerged as one of the most successful former east German clubs. After German reunification the last regular DDR Oberliga season was played 1990-1991 Hansa Rostock became the last east German champions and have made several appearances in the top flight Bundesliga. After being in the Bundesliga for ten years from 1995-2005 Rostock have faced a steady decline in 2012 the club was relegated to the 3 Liga for the second time and is now playing there 5th consecutive season. Ostseestadion is the home of Hansa Rostock Ostseestadion translates in English to Baltic sea stadium and is named after the sea that's lies on Rostock's coast. The stadium is located not far from the city centre in the hansaviertel part of the town. The Stadium was newly Built 2001 on the former site of the 1954 original stadium. The total capacity is 29000 but 9000 of this is standing. The Stadium site hosts the training and youth facilities the most notable player to come threw at hansa was Toni kroos who made one appearance. The Fans A study published in 2007 by Sportfive reported Hansa's fanbase to be the seventh largest in Germany, involving up to two million supporters.[3] According to another study published in 2008 by Allensbach Institute, Hansa is the most popular German football club in the New Länder and the most popular club of the former GDR in reunited Germany.[4] Hansa Rostock's official anthem is "FC Hansa, wir lieben Dich total" ("Hansa FC, We Totally Love You"), recorded in 1995 by East German band Puhdys. Hansa struggles with hooliganism, estimating up to 500 supporters to be leaning towards violence.[5] The club itself as well some fans' associations are anxious to curtail these in several ways.[6] In 2005, the club successfully sued three streakers who disrupted their 2003 match against Hertha BSC to recoup the €20,000 they were fined by the German Football Association (DFB) for failing to maintain adequate security at their ground. The Aim As the title suggests is to restore Rostock to its former glory as a leading east German team eventually to challenge RB Leipzig to become the number one east German team hopefully winning some trophies along the way and beating as many east German rivals as possible and cementing our places in the Bundesliga once again. There wont be any strict rules for the task I tend to look to the home nation or surrounding nations for players as well as using youth development. The club has a great fan base another reason I was attracted to this task lets give these fans something to shout about again.
  2. RED STAR BELGRADE - PAINTING SERBIA RED So here it is everyone my very first attempt at covering my career story from my save on FM17 which i have chosen to go Red Star Belgrade or "Crvena Zvezda" as they are also known.As many of you know, Red Star was European and World Champion in 1991. After that club didn't have any major (nor minor) European success. And recently arch-rival Partizan has been dominating in Serbia. Well it's time to put them back in their place,and reclaim what is ours. HISTORY: Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) was founded on 4th of March in 1945. It is most successful club in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia. Stadium that Red Star uses is called "Rajko Mitic", former Marakana. Rajko Mitic is best player that ever played for club so finally in 2014, Marakana was renamed. Stadium was built in 1963 and has seating capacity of 55,538.But record attendance was 117,000, in 1975! Club has probably one of the most loyal fan bases in Europe. Fans are called Delije.Delije means Braves,or Heroes and are very passionate about there team.This Ultras group was founded in 1989. Motto of group is "Red Star is life, the rest are small things." Two biggest rivals are Partizan from Belgrade and Dinamo from Zagreb,Croatia.The Derby against Partizan is called THE ETERNAL DERBY and unfortunately there is often trouble.This is how the sold out Delije looks like when its derby time and a bit of an insight as to what this fierce derby is like...
  3. Hello and welcome to this thread. This story will focus on the revival of the fallen giants of Eastern Germany - SG Dynamo Dresden. Dresden is, of course, one of the great traditional homes of German football. The club policy will be one that resonates with the history and tradition of this club: -only players with German nationality are allowed to play for the club -poaching German youth talent from other clubs and developing them -invest in youth development and bring youth academy products through the first team -aim for having a 'club-trained' squad as soon as possible There have been no Eastern German Clubs in the Bundesliga for almost a decade now and if one finds a better candidate than Dresden to hold the banner of a place where German Football was invented than there's a very high chance that would be a misguided and ill-informed gesture. Why? History Support The City of Dresden, capital of the eastern German state of Saxony, is distinguished by the celebrated art museums and classic architecture of its reconstructed old town. With a population of 500.000 and a distinct air of bourgeoisie fueled by sights like these one can't ask for a better suited scene to exercise the romance of football club re-invention The club have made the news in the last couple of years for the hard-core support they get from their fans. The most notable one was the unveiling of a banner which was 450 meters long, cost supporters about €25,000 and took about 2 years to make! Just in case you somehow missed it here’s what I am talking about. This dedication and fanatical support is something that sets Dresden supporters apart from the rest. Regularly supported at home by over 27,000 raucous fans even while competing in the lower levels of German football, a visit to “K-Block”, the 9,000+ all standing section behind the north goal where the Dynamo Ultras stand is as intense an experience as you will get in German football. For the fans of Dynamo “K-Block” is more than just a stand – it’s a cult. Last season saw the club finish the 3.Liga as Champions and the supporters wasted little time to show how they feel about money-pumped, tradition-defying RB Leipzig in the first few matches in the 2nd Bundesliga: "Things can often get heated between rival supporters, but Dynamo Dresden went to extraordinary lengths this weekend when they threw a severed bull's head at German rivals RB Leipzig." - Daily Mail Facilities Dynamo play at the Glücksgas Stadium, which was opened in 1923, originally named the Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion after local track and field athlete Rudolf Harbig. The stadium was renamed Dynamo-Stadion by the East German authorities in 1971, but reverted to its former name after reunification. With an original capacity of 24,000, the stadium was rebuilt in the 1990s, in line with DFB and FIFA regulations, and was thoroughly modernised between 2006 and 2009, now holding a capacity of 32.000. The rebuilt stadium opened on 15 September 2009 with a friendly match against Schalke 04. In 2010, the stadium was renamed in line with its new sponsor, Glücksgas. - Average Training Facilities - Good Youth Facilities - Adequate Junior Coaching - Fairly Basic Youth recruitment So, here we are, with a historic club moving upwards in the hunt for its former glory and a solid foundation to keep doing so. *kudos to Santa Claus and his amazing club guide