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PGC: Going Dutch for FM14

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We're pleased to announce that the PGC is back!

[PGC Badge to go here]

The Premiership Glory Clan was started in 2009 and has run the following games:

FM09 - Prem only game

FM10 - Prem only game

FM11 - LG1/Champ game

We then split for FM12 and ran two games:

a Prem only game

and LG2 game, the latter under the name PGC: the Underdogs

For FM13 we ran a LG1/ Champ game but many members left to setup a new clan the Mongrels Clan, for the first time leaving England behind and being based in Germany in the Bundesliga

As a result of the demise of the PGC and the fact that all the original members still playing FMO were actually in Mongrels clan, we have decided to resurrect the name and to play as the PGC once more! We decided after extensive consultation between members and 2 rounds of voting to play for 2013/4 in the Dutch leagues.


So who's in the clan this year:

Steve - PGC founder

Stuart - PGC founder

Joe - PGC founder

Davie - PGC since FM10

Freddie - PGC since FM10

Jamie - PGC since FM11

Paul - PGC since FM11

Tushant - PGC since FM11

Ali - PGC since FM11

Andy - PGC since FM12

Lee - PGC since FM13

Sean - Mongrels FM13

Dio - Mongrels FM13

Jonny - Mongrels FM13

Luke - Mongrels FM13


Whilst Sean, Dio, Jonny and Luke are new to PGC they are not new to FMO and have been playing in clans for a few years now. With all this experience and we certainly needed and boy have we got one in the Dutch leagues. If that was not enough, then the top 4 managers from the Hall of Fame Rankings on FM13 in Mongrels were all to begin the game in the Jupiler League. As Fred likes to say: "oh boy!"


I'm afraid the clan with 15 confirmed members (although only 14 will begin the campaign) we are full and will not be accepting new applicants for now, especially as there is still former members wanting to return for the new game, but please feel free to PM us if you want an update on the application status. Additionally, and preferably, please advertise yourself in the available players section, as we always check there when looking, and we always advertise ourselves too.

The game is to be played on the same old days at the same old times. Check our website for details: http://themongrelsclan.webs.com/

We have yet to draw sides and we will update you as soon as this is done. The game will start on Monday 4th November 2013, and between now and then we will cram every ounce of FMO we can out of the Mongrels clan game, no that ain't over yet, we're in full flow still and might have 2 seasons left at the time of writing.

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Can't wait !!

going to be some stiff competition from the top players we have on board but that's what every good online player seeks

glad i got on board with you guys its been awsome each and every time and its only going to get better roll on fm14 !!


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A little bit about the dutch teams :)







This team for me have a fair bit of quality within the side being media predicted 11th i think with the right guidance could be much further up the table .





This for me is the team to be media predicted 7th did them on the beta signed no one other than a couple of frees and found it very easy to break in and stay in the top 3

with the right buys / guidance this team are a ready made top dutch side .





This team are **** poor players of very low value and ability whoever goes this club will have to be good at sniffing out bargains and working with very little .





This team are not the best in my opinion they don't have many players worth anything only 2 above 1 million value i think this team will finish between 9th at the most 15th at the lowest .





This team do not have a pot to **** in they offer 30% of deals and you start quite some bit above your wages the squad they have is not bad in comparison to others of the predicted to finish in and around or below but for me this is the team i want to avoid .





This is a good club media predicted to be around mid table they have alot of players whos value is above 1 million wich is rare in this league from MP 5th and below the wages could be better but its not a bad job this one .

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**** poor club Imo over wages nowt to spend some of the players have good star rated players but thats only because their reputation is very low thier players value are pish will take a right good manager to get this lot going .





If you are predicted in the middle pot then you defo want this team !! good squad decent valued players and 200k to chip in the pot wich is decent on my solo this team was in and aoaroud 3rd-6th place all year their a good side .





This team are awfull god help the guy who gets them no money no wages and their only 2 decent players are on loan the value of the playing staff is pooor and its going to be a very very very hard job i predict this team to be rock bottom or not far off.





Now this is a good team how they are media predicted 9th ill never know finbogasson the goal machine valued at 5.75 mill you can use this lad or sell him for 9-12 mill and build a masterfull dutch side !! - this team has plenty of quality and plenty of young potential wich will be key in this league excellent side and it would be a joy to manage them .





This team are pretty poor to be fair but they do have decent facilities and they do have wages to manouver wich is more than i can say for alot of other clubs ofcourse major work would need to be done with these over time but at least u can manouver in the market like i said .

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That concludes the manageable teams for the first division now lets see a couple of the second !!!





This is a good second division side and has more money than probably 65% of the top flight they have a small squad so the money would have to be used wisely were needed but i reckon a good manager should be aiming for promotion with these .





One of the oldest and biggest clubs in the second division small squad and not alot to play with to be honest but still a good club to get your hands on if you can .





This is a very good side and has enough depth throughout to carry you through the season without adding much predicted 4th but the jong sides are 1,2,3 so technically this is the team to be .!!





This is a good side this like willem good depth and has a little wages left over to throw around for freebies wich could prove key one of the big players in league 2 and on my solo game they are the run away leaders so they merit big respect .





they have about 12 players but that doesnt matter cause most of them are good players with sizeable value compared to others in this league media prediction 9th ? no idea why they have 1.3million to burn and under the wages so this my friends is the club to be in league 2 most clubs and i mean 14/18 of the league 1 clubs dont even have that much money if you get in this team buy what u need spend well you could easily run away with it !!!

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Don't think there has ever been a Dutch FMO online game so PGC it's a first!!

As always looks absolutely superb and looking forward to reading all about it.

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The Countdown is on:


We've decided on seedings and here's the pots:

Pot 3 - to be drawing first:

Andy, Davie and Sean

Pot 2 - to draw next:

Paul, Joe, Dio, Jonny, Lee, Luke

Pot 1 to draw last and to start in the Jupiler league:

Stuart, Tushant, Jamie, and Ali.

The system is that we draw names from the pots, 3 through to one. Names are drawn from Pot 3 until empty then on to Pot 2 and finally Pot 1. Pot 2 and 3 being top flight and Pot 1 being second flight. We'll update you after the draw.

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The Selections in the order they came out of the hat:

Pot 1:

Davie - ADO Den Haag

Sean - Herenveen

Andy - Roda JC

Pot 2:

Lee - FC Groningen

Jonny - FC Utrecht

Paul - NAC Breda

Joe - NEC

Dio - Heracles

Luke - PEC Zwolle

Jimmy - still to choose

Pot 3:

Tush - VVV Venlo

Jamie - Sparta Rotterdam

Stu - Willem II

Steve - Den Bosch

Ali - De Graafschap

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All the best with this lads - I'll be keeping an eye on how you get on... and you're lucky I'm not playing as you know I'd obviously be the top manager in the game... if the table was in reverse order that is... :)

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My new side for the season ahead after getting 1st pick i went for ADO DEN HAAG who play at the Kyocera Stadion in the hague capacity 15,000 all seated. If you are thinking about trouble dont bother this stadium is one of the most secure stadiums in europe we have security cameras installed thet record several pictures of every fan and have a systytem that takes pictures of every fan that enters the stadium.

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Rumple Stiltskin - De Graafschap

Last pick in the draw on monday eve, but couldn't be happier with my side. Gonna be a race for promotion from the Dutch second tier, but I'm gonna save face early and pretend consolidation is my aim for the first season.


Pretty good base here in the Dutch city of Doetinchem. Predicted to finish 5th with a stadium capacity of 12600 and accompanied by decent training and youth facilities at this level. The pitch is also in very good condition. Irrelevant considering I like keep the ball in the air, but still it's nice to have.


Good luck to both the seasoned veterans and the new lads.

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Say hello to the new FC Groningen Manager, I'm hoping I can do well with this club, a lovely stadium and looking forward to my move to Holland :)

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Stuart - Willem


So this is my new side for FM14.

The ground is a 14,500 all-seater and is in very good Condition. My gates are around 10,500 so there is a very good fanbase to build on.


Inside the ground


The Loyal Fans



More soon

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We here at PGC are an equal opportunities kind of clan, so may we introduce the newest member of our clan:


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Fred - Fortuna Sittard

Decent team, decent keeper, good defenders, decent mid, decent strikers. Had 2 wingers so had to go with a narrow tactic, hopefully we'll surprise everyone.

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I have decided to have a sex change so from now on everyone should refer me to as Mrs, I'm hoping the flash of my cleavage will motivate my lads into some decent results...

Time will tell...

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Steffen Van der Groot Pik - FC Den Bosch

I've been like an Egyptian swimmer, so far, on FM14. Putting off this evil day when clan would start and hoping that somehow I'd be able to weasel out of my selection (2nd last pick) of Den Bosch. Now the day has come and I can no longer be the Egyptian swimmer and have to face up to reality. I'm at this despicable racist club, the same club who made continental headlines a year ago when their fans were making monkey noises at Jozy Altidore. I had to check the year, yes it was 2012 and not 1972. Yes it was that most liberal of countries, the Netherlands. Please, someone there's been a terrible mistake.

An Egytian Swimmer, what were you on about, i hear you ask? Swimming in De Nile! denial! Get it? Oh nevermind.

So onto Den Slosch as they will be known from now on. Den Bosch means the Forest, so if you hear me refer to the Forest, this is why. What's the club look like:




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Everyone's been keen to show you their stadium. Well here's the apt place for this shower to play, as you can see it holds 8,500. So it's small as well as a dump.


The club is small. It has no real pedigree. The town it comes from is a small town in the middle of nowhere (the forest). It has a small ground. It has no money. It has no investment. It has terrible facilities, even in comparison to other teams at this level. By facilities, I mean training facilities, youth training facilities, and youth recruitment. There is absolutely nothing to work with here in the long term. I'm out of the door as soon as I can (3 years is the clan rule on accepting a new job).

The only bright spark is the squad. We have a decent squad for this level and if I can get them firing immediately, then there's no reason why I shouldn't make the top 5 (which is important for entry into round 2 of the promotion playoffs). The main area to concentrate on is defence and goalkeeper. With no funds to use, I have to rely on frees and loans. I have two bids in at the moment. On my test run on beta I only allowed to sign one of them and so will look to prioritise the goalie.

Here's my key man Barry Maguire:


Here's my hottest prospect - Hasan Kilic:


The reason I have to hit the ground running, is that, as you can see from the first section of my post, my media prediction is 2nd, and my board want a promotion challenge. A slow start will not be tolerated.

Wish me luck, dear readers, as the better I do now, then the quicker I can get out of this nightmare.


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Luke GO AHEAD EAGLES .....very poor side gonna struggle this ear all about staying up and push on next year..havent got a key player everybody is ****!

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Jamie - Sparta

Sparta have a very good youth set up and that's what I will be concentrating on developing this season as well as trying to hit the clubs media prediction of 3rd so it will be a tough task.

In my single player trial run it took until the second half of the season before the team started showing the potential it has but we still managed 3rd place losing in playoff final but I know with the top managers we have in clan I'm going to need to hit form a bit sooner.

Summer dealings

With all my transfer funds 60k transferred in to wages free transfers were the order and I managed to bring in a striker/winger with 4.5 star potential and a 31 yr old rb to cover my injured first choice.

Season start

The fixtures were not kind starting with Ali at home followed by the better ai team Volendam away then Stuart at home.

The game against Ali was tough as we struggled to break down his 5 man defence and his attack was only being kept out by a great performance from my gk 0-0. He also killed my best DM and my new young winger and put them out for a few weeks.

Away at Volendam and we were 2 down within half hour in an awful defensive performance but a few changes at half time seen a great comback to salvage a point 2-2.

After the previous two games I held no hope of anything more than a point against stu and the best team in the league but we dominated game with a 3-1 win.

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Pre Season ... I Managed to get what I needed the plan was just to assess the weak areas of the squad and only fill them slots wich I managed to do my side was set to launch their assault on the league or at least try :p

New Signings ...Hans Mulder (free) Rai (free) Ivan Obradovic (free) Valdo (free) Kone (loan) some ST with a funny name on loan cant remember now :p Glen loovens (free)

Key Men .....Loovens , Wolf Eikerem , Finbogasson , Obradovic !!

Best young talent ....I don't have much at this club but Raitala , Wildshut , Rai should be good

Season Expectations ...I am media predicted 8th and possess a strong side for this level i will be aiming higher I have had a fair bit of practice with these on the beta my tactic is working with them and getting better each time I tweak it I am feeling confident and I have started brightly with 4 wins out of 4

My prediction ...There will be a fair few suprises with the likes of go ahead eagles den hag and others starting well it should be very interesting stay tuned for more .

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Stuart - WILLIE II


Been a hard start to the season for me and my Willem side. First thing I had to do was cut my wage bill before I could sign the players I wanted. After letting players go on a free and sending back 2 loans I then went and sold a player for 435k, Thinking I would get a % from that deal I ended up with nothing but I was able to sign the players I wanted.



Back up RB good cover to have


Powell was brought in to help boymans with 2 powerful Target men i can rotate from time to time.


Lavric will be a first team player and the poacher i was looking for to get onto the end of the flick on boymans and Powell will win.


On Loan from Swansea for the season.

After 2 whole days of the transfer window we got the season underway with a 6-0 away win against FC Dordrecht and followed that up a week later with a 2-1 home win against FC Emmen. My next game was a hard away trip to the butcher Jamie. His Sparta side would have been my 1st pick when the draws were made as they have a very good set up. After 2 wins in a row I set up the same way against Jamie, big mistake as Jamie took me apart in the first half and 2 early goals left me with it all to do in the 2nd. At half time I changed it and went with a 433 with a DM ( formation I should of started with ) and came out with a point to prove , and with our first attack we got outself back into the game with a header from the monster Ruudje Boymans. The game then into a tactical affair with me and Jamie trying to counter each others moves, it was all a wast of time in the end as my full back took a throw in and gave it straight to jamies forward who put the ball into the net with ease GAME OVER!.


The Monster that is Boymans

So 2 wins a and 1 loss at the start is good enough and most managers would take that all the time. Its going to be a long season but I should up there with the side I have.

More next week



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RKC Waalwijk or "The Dutch got some crappie goalies"


Signings = 0

Players sold = 0

Cant buy anybody because i got no money, cant sell anybody because nobody wants my players :).


RKC started against 2 Topclubs. First was Ajax Amsterdam... got hit 6:0. Tactical = not 1st leauge! The 2nd Game was against Feyernord Rotterdam. Again i lost, but this time, after a few changes, "only" 0:2.

The 3rd Game against Luke and his GA Eagles was a reminder of what NOT to do. Got hit again 6:1. I was afraid getting fired after this game... but... RKC seems to get used to it :D.

So i did what every other reasonable Manager would have done. I changed my tactics, tried to finde one more "suitable" for my Team.

4th Game... be or not to be... against the 17th Team: Roda JC by Andy. And finally.. i won! 3:1 and pushing my self on the 15th position!

Looking forward to next week... was this only one time charm? We will see

Stay tuned!

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The team

After a long period of rest, the new season is here! My new task is Heracles Almelo. The long awaited challenge is about to begin and everyone is excited around the club.

This side is kinda healthy regarding finances, no to mention the decent squad. However the chairman Mr Jan Smit refused to make any funds available for this season. With a hefty

transfer budget of 0k and no room for wage budget adjustments little the scouting team and i could do. So the best to do is to focus my squad for the season ahead, find best possible candidates

for the roles i need to be fulfilled (coaches, physios, Assman, scouts) and MAYBE i can sign one or two free agents if we are lucky enough.

The stadium looks in good shape (capacity of 8.500) and everything looks good for the new season 241jxns.jpg

The fans

With almost 6k season ticket holders (5.900), every home game will be a hell for our opposition. During my very first day at the club,

fans of the side told me how important it is to win every single game against FC Twente, Zwolle and GA Eagles! Took some time to read the local press.

Heracles are predicted to finish 14th this season. Well, this was before i come around. I told the squad in the first meeting: ''We aim for a position between 10th and 13th.''

Other than that is now failure but we certainly do have the right to dream. And dreams grow wings!

Took me no long to understand that these fans are crazy. Clearly they enjoy football.2ppkl7d.jpg

The key members

The captain ed3rl.png

The bulldog b9i3wx.png

The brain vr3i1y.png

The asset 34qjn2s.png

The rich fan donation

Not bad! 2rek6pu.jpg


Even though it seems like no fresh talent will join us in the first transfer window, the team looks delighted and looking forward

for the challenge! The opponents are good and in some cases a lot stronger. We respect them. But we fear none. Heracles!

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Steffen Van de Groot Pik - FC Den Bosch

I still hate it here. Nothings changed in that regard. However, I'm determined to make a good fist of it in the Duke's Forest. I've found myself a nice house in the suburbs of a decent city nearby, Eindhoven and I've really settled in there. The Dutch people are really making me feel at home and I do feel that Eindhoven is a cracking city and I'd love to manage there in the future. Although, perhaps I shouldn't have said that to the press, as it didn't go down to well with the den Slosch fans. I told them, I'm determined to get the hell out of their club, to a club more deserving of my vast talents, but they should back me, as in order to do so, I'm going to have to take this club to the top flight, which is more than they deserve. Anyway, I'm a professional so, I'll take that in my stride and crack on.


This club is in the toilet, well and truly in trouble and it'll take everything I have to fend off administration. We're over the wage budget, we have nothing in the transfer kitty, and no one will make a good offer for any of our decent players and no one will take our lesser players off our hands, even for free. It does not help that our best player, Tom Van Weert is out injured for 15 months and yet still picks up £2.6k per week. He's decent so I'll keep my eye on his recovery and try to get his wage down before the end of the season (when his contract expires).


It's been a very busy summer for Forest, but we've a grand total of one deal done. And that was the loan of one of less than hot prospects.




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Pre-season was awful, and I spent most of it trying to teach these idiots how to play football. First game of the season and we got mauled by Fred. Somehow, we were only 1-0 down when I had a piece of magic that saw us equalise before a grandstand finish to the first half and we nicked another and somehow, from a half we were by far the second best side, we went in ahead. Second half, we were much better and defended well, only for Fred to get two goals in quick succession and we had no response. We then beat Jong PSV, which seemed trick after their thumping of Achilles in the first match, before then thumping Achilles ourselves. So after 2 easyish matches, we're back up there, and looking forward to the coming games. we have Tush soon and then a run of tough matches against Volendam, Ali and Stu. we will then know where this side will stack up for the season.


I'd say we have a half decent squad for this league, perhaps top 6-8 but certainly nothing to trouble Tush, Stu, Jamie or Ali.


The Future:

Who cares, I'm out of here asap.

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Continuation of my post to show our star crock, Tim van Weert:


My star man so far, with 2 goals from 3 games, and actually started as sub in the first game as I did not consider him good enough for my first XI!

Benjamin van den Broeck:


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AndyF - Roda JC


I'm not holding out much hope that ill still be in job come this time on Monday,after 4 games played we sit bottom without a point on the board. Things need to change quickly and continue for a while or i will see myself in the Jupiler League in no time. With tensions running high and the West Side Ultras venting their anger at the last match the clock is ticking on my time Kerkrade.


Until Next Time......

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Well played 4 as ado den haag and sitting on 7 points not a bad start thumped utrect(jonny) 3-0 drew with nec(joe) beat vitesse(AI) but got thumped from herenveen(sean) my aim is top halve and to be in the job after xmas :o if i end up in the jupiler league a will never get out of it

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Jan Van Der Golden Hands (Fred) - Fortuna Sittard

3 fixtures in, started well with a good win against Steve, after that everything went to hell and our keeper has performed so badly that I've decided to sell him, he's conceded 3 attempts from distance and 5 set pieces, it's inexcusable. Fortunately he's quite good statswise and has had interest from top division turkish teams (how that's now possible).

In all honesty the moment I get a chance to move to a club higher up in the establishment I'll do so. I can't play the way I want to atm and the squad is far too young to compete this season.

I have decided to give out nicknames after a theme this time around, players that perform well and are to my liking will get nicknames after famous warmongerers in history. Among the worlds most succesful leaders/generals such as Ghenghis Khan, Catherine the Great, Alexander the Great, Wang Jian and so on.

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Joe- NEC

No money no strikers except some random english fella and a crystal palace reject I got on a free loan due to lack of cash and no wins but hey 3 draws isn't awful.

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Ok, so two promotion playoff spots have been secured, already. So here's a quick look at the Jupiler promotion rules.

From wiki:

At the end of each season, the champion of the Eerste Divisie is automatically promoted to the Eredivisie.

Eight other clubs enter the Nacompetitie, a promotion/relegation playoff that includes the 16th- and 17th-place clubs in the Eredivisie.

The following teams qualify for the Nacompetitie:

The club with the best record in the "first period" of the season (after 8 rounds).

The club with the best record in the "second period" of the season (rounds 9–16).

The club with the best record in the "third period" of the season (rounds 17–24).

The club with the best record in the "fourth period" of the season (rounds 25–32).

The four remaining spots are filled at the season's end by the highest-placed clubs that have not already earned automatic promotion or qualified for the Nacompetitie.

So who's taken the first two spots:



Of course, if one of those two sides clinch top, then their place will drop to the next best team in the stage. Once there is a "winner" for each stage, 4 more play off spots go to the four highest sides in the league (overall table) not yet in the playoffs.

Any questions you have about the play off system, please direct to our resident expert / clan brain aka Davie

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Rumple Stiltskin - De Graafschap

What started off as a troubling first few games has developed into a successful first half of the season. Currently sitting 5th after 20 games, with a play-off place within grasp as we currently top the third period promotion race. Draws against Fred and Steve, as well as a big wins against Jamie's Sparta side and Stu's Willem II topped off a very successful wednesday session where we rose from 11th place.

The summer transfer window was as uneventful as they come. No players bought, no players sold and this will no doubt be a continuing trend in the january window. The plan is to acquire a free-transfer or two in the next summer window to sure up my leaky defence. That's providing I actually have some funds to cover the cost of agent fee's and loyalty bonuses of course.

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Jonny Ormerod - FC. Utrecht

I took over F.C Utrecht with a Sunday reputation in their 44th year in existence. I was continued past my debut match in charge which ended in a shocking 0-0 draw with a poor team from Sweden. Morale was damaged and i struggled immensely to get it back up, i was knocked out of Europe to Malmo before id even qualified which was pathetic. I couldn't help but blame what had happened earlier combined with other issues i had which included holidaying past my euro squad numbers and being put on holiday mid contract offer which resulted in that player refusing to talk after a break down in communications. A lack of morale and lack of players saw me have a stressful start and i left one or two games mid losing as i felt it wasn't 100% my fault to why i was losing. Ive got over it in time and manage to bring F.C Utrecht to fourth in the league at the halfway stage. Despite being a online FM veteran I'm adjusting to Mongrel play slowly, with the constant cuts offs I'm unable to sign anyone who's bidded on my shortlist and unable to request things off the board which isn't what I'm used to.

Ive sold over 4 million pounds worth of players including Duplan for 2.1 million and a couple of teenagers with good potential.

Ive spent a shrewd 900k which included Norwegian Stefan Strandberg for 300k, Hamdi Salihi for 60k (now worth 1 million) and the solid South African Andile Jali for 550k who is now worth £4 million alone.

January window is approaching and i shall be trying for a parent club, feeder club and i will be buying some new players to hopefully help me finish fourth at least. My media prediction was 12th but now I'm not in Europe i feel top 6 would have to be a minimum as i don't have the extra games to play which normally affect league form.


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AndyF - Roda JC Kerkrade


As you have seen in my last post I was sitting bottom of the league on zero points come the start of games this weeks games so i was bracing myself with sack if my teams performances didn't improve and would face the humiliation of other clan members of being the first sacked. That honour went to Joe after unfairly being sacked after winning his last game.

So the week started with a home tie against against fellow stragglers SC Cambuur but i need not worried as sizzling 23min hat-trick in the 1st half from Mitchell Donald secured our first points of the season. Loses followed in games against AZ, Ajax and Jamies Sparta in the Dutch Cup I was properly in the **** now out of the cup and only 3pts in the league I was fearing the worst. Then a run of 4 wins and 1 defeat in 7 games brought a valuable 14 points with wins against GA eagles, Feyenoord, Fc Twente and FC Groningen


But with a late injury time goal conceded versus Heracles, throwing away a 2 goal lead against ADO Den Haag (who eventually sacked their manager..Unlucky Davie) which was hard to take after beating the life out of them for 45 minutes when it could easily been 4 or 5-0 to finsh 2-2 and suffering a defeat v Zwolle in a game we should have won things could have been a lot healthier points wise and would of given us that a little bit of a safety net because after losing the next 3 games we are now back near the bottom in 14th place 6 points from last place and again my job could soon be under threat.


So after the end of another week lets hope the board keep the faith and Roda JC pick up again to keep the dreaded P45 at bay.

Until Next Time.......


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Stuart Willem II


Dark times at Willem .After a good start I lost the plot this week but somehow not my job. 16 games this week 6 wins 4 draws 6 defeats. The nightmare came on Wednesday when I lost 5 of the 7 games played

List of weeks games.


As you can see it’s been a rough start but to the surprise of me and my fellow managers I have not been sacked, infact when others are losing there jobs around me the board seem to be sticking by me, This is great news and shows what a great board I have. Thing will have to change and I am try new tactics and new systems as I type this. I have given up on the 4231 and I’m going to try keep it simple with 442 and maybe use 2DM’S from time to time. I need to learn fm14 fast and need to be more pro active with the game than what I have been.

Board showing faith in me.



Next week starts with a home game against Jamie, I hope to have sorted out my tactics by then and be more sure in what I’m doing with my shouts and team talks. It’s could also turn out to be the biggest week of my fm14, if I lose my job I will end up with a very small team with a small fan base and a tinpot ground this I really don’t want to see happen.

More soon



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