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  1. Season six has drawn to a close and after a 4th place finish in La Liga and my rep has increased slightly to a measly 2 stars (or 'decent' as the game coins it). It's another step on the ladder to a club with an active B side so I shouldn't be complaining really. Attributes have increased by 1 point in a selection of areas and the board gave me a new contract to mark the successes over the last few years. The season itself was a fantastic one overall. 4th place and Champions League qualification was an achievement I never expected to reach in only our 2nd season in La Liga. Truth be told, a lot of things went our way, including very few injuries (our biggest crisis was 3 at once) and Pedro's Sabadell operating at 95% rather than the usual 100%. In fact, it has to be said that it has been a great season for everyone in La Liga. Human teams occupied 4th to 9th, with no one really underperforming to the point that their boards were unhappy. Jose Naranjo, a player born and raised at the club (who subsequently left and returned 2 seasons ago) finished the season with 30 goals, 26 of those coming in the league. Jairo Castillo may well have made it to 15 goals in the league, had it not been for his 3-month injury, but his 15 assists certainly shows he played a major part in our attacking threat. Above, you can see the statistical breakdown of my first 11. Our formation has been the most balanced I have seen with these players in the six seasons I have managed. No doubt, that has a lot to do with the increase in quality across all positions, but the attributes I have looked for when signing my players have allowed us to build a functional unit capable of punching above our weight and mixing it up with the big boys of La Liga. Naturally, the board are delighted with the unexpected Champions League Qualifying place and as the seasons go on, they are giving in to my many demands. We are currently in the process of improving our training and youth facilities, having just upgraded our youth recruitment and increased our junior coaching budget. On top of this, the board drop the bombshell that they're building a new stadium. I can't imagine it'll seat many supporters, but if it can be increased to around 40k, then it's not too bad of an investment.
  2. I expect they'll go up tonight as we've only just finished the season.
  3. Well, the first season in La Liga was a success, having struggled for results halfway through the campaign. We started off strongly by forcing our way into the top 7 or 8 positions, before we fell back and began casting nervous glances as the teams in the relegation battle began to gain on us. At one point, we were only 5 points clear of the drop zone, but we managed to pull ourselves out of the rut and pushed on, clinching a top-half position on the final day of the season. At times, I was disappointed with out performances, watching as we squandered chance after chance, only to let the opposition sneak a freekick or counter attacking goal. That said, I can only be happy with 9th in the first season and will look to improve on that in our second season. Transfer wise, we were tied up a little bit with a measly £5.75m spent on incoming players. A few gems, such as the goalkeeper Giefer, but apart from that, we ended up shoring up the side a bit more, plugging some gaps. At 31, Giefer was a bit of a gamble as I knew he'd only be around for a few years. He has served his purpose though, and will remain in the sticks this season after impressing over the last year. As always, I am on the lookout for younger gems to come in and add some much needed quality, but the coming window will be about adding additional strength to the side before we start to invest in youth.
  4. After three seasons in Liga 123, we have finally succeeded in winning promotion to La Liga. It was a hard fought success, having to fight our way past Stu's early pace-setting side, Albacete, as well as Sean's Logrones and a handful of powerful AI sides snapping at our heels. In fact, we were never sitting in pole-position until a 5-0 victory over Stu's side. He had come prepared to face anything other than the 3-4-3 we had on offer. The sheer amount of on-rushing attacking options over-ran his defensive players and they appeared powerless to stop it. After that victory, we never really looked back and, apart from a slight wobble towards the close of the season, we controlled the (roughly) 10-point margin over the ever-changing second place sides. Predictions for the coming season: The main aim will be, of course, to stay in the division. La Liga is where it is at and if I want to push on and take over a side with an active B team, I'm going to need the increased managerial reputation competing in La Liga will offer. Currently, I'm sitting at a measly 1 and a half stars, but I'm hopeful that within two seasons, I will find myself behind the desk of a Levante or Real Sociedad.
  5. After two successive top six finishes (and two successive play-off failures), I have established Recreativo as a solid Segunda (Liga 123) side. The next step is to ensure we begin challenging for the top two automatic promotion places and work our way into La Liga. Below is probably our biggest success story. Jairo Castillo came through the youth academy as a promising striker and has developed astronomically over the last two seasons. I wont say much more on the matter, as I've covered it in my previous posts, but I intend on him becoming the focal point of our attack for the coming season, offering assists for the players buzzing around him and a goal scoring threat. I've made one or two signings that I feel really improve the spine of my side over the last year or so. Last season, Valber Huerta arrived on a free-transfer to sure up my central defense and put in consistently strong performances throughout the campaign. Luca Valzania arrived this summer for a fee of £675k from Atalanta and has already put in some excellent performances, with neat slick passing moves and some stinging shots from long range. Predictions for the coming season: My aim is to win promotion. Whether I do that via the play-offs or the automatic promotion places, I do not mind, but anything less will be seen as a disappointment. As I mentioned above, we have now had two seasons to add to our squad and build a solid Liga 123 side. I now also have some stand out players that I can rely on to provide that little bit extra that I hope can bring us promotion glory this season.
  6. Predicted 21st in my first season in Liga 123, I believed it would be a huge effort to fight off relegation. My board had asked me to 'fight bravely' against going down and had offered less than £100k transfer budget to do so. I stuck by my guns and went for my 'free transfer only' policy. There were no suitable offers incoming for any of my players so I released those I'd deemed not good enough for the new level and started sifting through the scout reports I had gathered on players whose contracts were expiring end of last season. Nothing special worth showing via screenshots truth be told, as our attributes across the board were deemed 'below average' according to the team comparison page. Of course, that doesn't tell the whole story but it does illustrate the limited amount of depth we had in the squad. I had, however, been looking for specific qualities in my players, such as work rate, team work and pace. The latter proved difficult to acquire alongside quality mental and technical attributes but teamwork and work rate were easier to locate. The season started very strongly and, just like last year, we started to scamper away after the first 10-15 games. Then we hit a turbulent patch, steadied the ship for a few matches and finally took a nosedive. 2 wins in 9 or 10 games saw us slip from 2nd all the way down to 9th, with Pedro's Sabadell waving to us on their way past. It was a sickening feeling, but in the end, we managed to pull it out the bag in the last 6 games of the season and secure 5th. Upon reflection, 5th is a very good position to end up in, especially after I'd targeted a top half finish and we could go and enjoy the playoffs, without any expectation of going up. Our enjoyment last approximately 10 minutes, as we were 2-0 down to eventual winners Sabadell, but it was a strong season none-the-less. One particular highlight is young Jairo Castillo who came through the youth setup. At first he looked like nothing much, a bit of a lightweight with no real assets apart from solid work rate. But then in the space of a few months he developed enormously. His attributes rocketed up and within 6 months of being at the club, he had forced his way into the 1st team squad. He had a few starts and a few more appearances from the bench, where he showed one or two signs of a good player, but had limited support from his team mates during a time where our form was patchy at best.
  7. Hall of Fame Points Season 2 (2017/18)
  8. Hall of Fame Points Season 1 (2016/17)
  9. It was a great season for my Recreativo side, securing promotion after success in the Spanish Division B playoffs. The season itself was one that started off very well, stretching out a double figure lead over 2nd place. Things took a bit of a tumble around March, where our form was inconsistent at best as we failed to secure points at home and away. On the last game of the season, we started the match 3 points behind Murcia, but with a better goal difference and a winning head to head. At half time we were losing and it looked as though we'd miss out on that top spot. As luck would have it though, we managed to claw our way back into the game to secure a win, whilst 2nd place side threw away all three points on the 80th minute. That meant that we finished top of the pile in the most miraculous of circumstances. And within minutes, our attention was refocused to the playoffs, as we had been drawn against Sean's Logrones. A side that had lost a couple of key players, but one that had ultimately finished the season well with a 76 point haul. On one side, i was happy to avoid the might of Jamie's Santander and the strength of Pedro's Sabadell, but this is Sean, the manager who has come out as top dog in the last two FMs. I predicted a tough game. Thankfully, our side put in a much improved performance and deserved to come away from the home leg with a win. Luck was on our side as well, as we secured an 89th minute penalty after some blatant shirt pulling in the box. A 2-1 victory would have been a fair result going on the stats below, but 3-1 put me in pole position for promotion. First Leg Stats The second leg was a different story. Sean had a couple of half chances early on, which he missed and we managed to take ours with an own goal from Sean's de Corta. Luck appeared to be on our side again, and just as Sean equalised on the 30th minute, his player Ivan Rodriguez decided now was the time to make a 2-footed crunching tackle, just as we had kicked off from the restart. I will admit, I had to stifle a laugh at this point. Sean was down to 10-men, needed 2 goals to get back in the match and was having a meltdown in our group chat. As it was, my attacking midfielder scored a beauty on the 54th minute and I decided it was time to keep the ball a bit more and take less risks going forward. We ran out 5-2 winners on aggregate. Second Leg Stats Staying up will be a tricky one next season. We are predicted to finish 21st of 22 and have a grand total of £40k to spend. Picking up free transfers will be our transfer policy this window, as we will need to add quality to a side that scraped over the line to win promotion. The board only expect us to fight bravely against relegation, which essentially means my job will be safe if we go back down, but my aim will be to secure our position as a 2nd division side as we hoover up the much increased prize money and tv deals ready for a title challenge in the 3rd season.
  10. We started the season off strongly, increasing the gap to 2nd to as many as 12 points at one stage. Fast forward a couple of months and we find ourselves struggling for consistency, but still 5 or os points clear at the summit. With just 6 games remaining, we have just about reached the play-offs and, hopefully, can hold onto top spot. On the plus side, the board are happy with my performance this season, after they expected us to be somewhere between top-half and mid-table. As you can see, they're are less pleased with our recent matches and this will need to be something I get right in the remaining games.
  11. It's been a solid start to life at Recreativo as we currently sit in 1st position and 6 points clear of the team in 2nd place. It is of course early days, but the signs are looking promising that we will have a successful season exceeding the expectations of mid-table. As you can see from my managerial profile above, my preferred formation utilises a three-man defence. However, due to the players at my disposal, I have implemented a 4-4-1-1 formation and channelled my efforts into creating a balanced system that plays to the strengths of my squad.
  12. And so the long awaited draw is over. The tense build up that has dogged the clan for weeks has passed and everyone appears to be happy with their team selections. Having picked out Recreativo early on, I am delighted with that no-one had selected them before my name was drawn and now look forward to the challenges ahead. I expect to be at the club for a good few seasons as we aim to carve our way through the leagues and into the promised land of La Liga. I'd like to win a trophy or two with the Recreativo before moving on and building a Barcelona-esque dynasty at a club with an active B-side.
  13. Alessandro Jacobo - AS Nancy Lorraine A cosmetic side of the game perhaps, but managerial interest me in the way they increase every so often. It looks as though my man management and motivating have increased dramatically during the 7 seasons of my profile as well as my coaching attributes. Our 7th season started off terribly and after five games, it looked like we were doing a 'Leicester' (or Blackburn as one member put it) and ruling ourselves out of the title race during the opening few games. A slight change in tactics led to much improved results (but a slightly less free flowing style) and we finished the season off comfortably sitting in the Champions League qualifying positions. At one point, we were putting the pressure on US Orleans to claim 3rd, but they proved too consistently strong in the end. Nabil Benali, the midfielder below, has been at the club since the age of 15. He as grown into a very good player during his 5 seasons and last season was his breakthrough with 10 goals and 15 assists in 31 appearances. A quick word on the other lads. Stu: A good season for Stu as he looked a dead cert' for the league title, only to be foiled by his assistant manager. Credit to AndyF though, he had to make up the 4 points in as many games. AndyF: Will be satisfied with his 2 pieces of silverware in the penultimate season as he winds down his duties in preparation for FM17. Pedro: A transfer whizz, Pedro might be a tad disappointed that his OGC Nice team have only been challenging for the Europa League positions over the past couple of seasons. Sean: Great season for Sean, finishing in 5th place, but may believe his team could have challenged for top 4 had luck been on his side.[/img]
  14. Alessandro Jacobo - AS Nancy Lorraine It's been a good 6 seasons since I returned to the PGC. My managerial attributes have risen in a select few areas and the club has finally granted me permission to study for my Continental A Licence. Our 6th season culminated in an unexpected title challenge and a very unexpected league title. 42 points from a possible 45 in the last 15 games was key in our success, which followed the Coupe de la Ligue win a couple of months previous. The only blotch on the copy book was the 3-0 defeat to PSG. They had been my bogey side through the 2035/36 season, knocking me out of the Champions League in the quarter finals and they continued that in the domestic season. Our first cup win in FM2016 online and it was very nearly one of those games that got away. AS Saint-Etienne went 1-0 up and were holding out well until we managed to score 2 just before half-time. Sievers sealed the win with the third on the 89th minute. A quick word on the other lads. Stu: A good season for Stu, despite missing out on the title by a single point. A second Champions League in the bag and a good transfer window, Stu will be itching to return to the top of the tree. AndyF: Started the season strong claiming two of the three minor honours on offer and embarked on his Club World Cup adventure top of the league table. Patchy form from his Bourg side saw them fail to catch up with their games in hand and had to be satisfied with top three. Like Stu, Andy will be back next season. Pedro: OGC Nice have been revitalised under Pedro and with clever work in the transfer market, have built up a strong side full of potential. With only a few seasons left, it remains to be seen whether Pedro can challenge for the title, but expect him to get back into the top four. Sean: Made the brave choice to end his time at Orleans and take over OM, who had found themselves relegated to Ligue 2. Promotion ensued in his first season followed by two top half finishes, both ending in European qualification. Like with Pedro, it remains to be seen whether Sean can truly challenge for the title again, but with Sean's unrivalled ability in the transfer market, his side will improve each season. Jonas: Not had the best of luck in FM16. Despite straightening out AS Monaco's finances and securing them a top-half finish, the board have deemed his efforts not good enough, needing 10 points from his first five games to keep his job. Ridiculous considering the absolute state they were in, but fingers crossed luck will be on Jonas' side this time around.
  15. Alessandro Jacobo - AS Nancy Lorraine After a disappointing third season in Ligue 1, I decided it was time to sell some of the clubs biggest assets. Out went our most valuable player, Gerard Marchal, whose performances had been good, but not spectacular. Combined with good offers for Gert-Jan Brouwer and Rui Almeida, we had built ourselves a war chest of £73m. My board being what they are however, that meant we had about £15m to re-invest into the side. In came David Huack and Momar Seck. Two wingers who would prove to be fantastic players during their first season at the club, playing on the flanks. In the January window, a £7.5m steal for lJui, now the best player at my club, bolstered our squad even further. That final transfer of the 2034/35 season took our total spending to just over £13m. It was a season to remember for AS Nancy. The media had predicted us to be there or there abouts for Europa League qualification, with half a chance of nicking a top 4 place. As it was, we ended up finishing in a comfortable in 3rd place, after the challenges from US Orleans and PSG fell away towards the season's close. The highlights of the season no doubt include the 1-0 victory over AndyF's Bourg-en-Bresse side against the run of play and the 6-0 drubbing of Sean's OM side. Lowlight will have to be the Coupe de France final defeat against Bourg-en-Bresse, who made up for the earlier defeat and punished us by not giving us a sniff at goal. On a side note, the board have decided to build a new stadium, as we are now nearly filling ours on a consistent basis. As the game will end in a couple of seasons, I will not see the benefits of this, but it does show that the club is moving in the right direction.