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  1. Last Season Our first season in the Premier League was a success and this was mainly down to the transfer window going into the campaign. We finished 8th overall, but were knocking on the door of the top 6 for parts of the season. What with higher teams winning the domestic cups and what not, it meant that we qualified for the Europa League preliminary rounds, so that was the cherry on top of what was a great season. As mentioned before, the transfer window was my best one for a long time. Not only did I improve the first 11, I also managed to get every single target I wanted and this was
  2. Last Season Last season's play-off final defeat was a little disappointing, and that seemed to have an effect on the side as we went into the new season. We hovered around mid-table for a fair while playing very inconsistently with no real flow to our attacking play or solidarity to our defensive shape. Moving to a 5-3-2 formation with wing backs seemed to help matters half way through the season, as we ditched the now banned three-striker formation, and we began our climb to finish in 4th place. Despite being in for 2nd place on the last game of the season, I had to rely on Stu bottling
  3. Last Season Despite the season being marred by a play-off final defeat, I have no option to be very satisfied by the campaign as a whole. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was rather cautious in predicting my teams eventual finishing position as we had a poor transfer window where there were no improvements to the first 11. I was concerned that after back-to-back promotions, we had risen much too quickly and were about to pay the price with inevitable relegation. My concerns were alleviated however, when we found ourselves in the top two after ten or so games. From then on, we hovered
  4. League Two I didn't think we could top lasts season's last minute automatic promotion snatch and grab, but we only went and won the league on the last day (with a cup run thrown in for good measure). It was a neck and neck battle between Sean's Stevenage, Johannes' Chesterfield and my Cambridge side all season long, before MK Dons decided to do a Stu and lose most of their last few games. That meant any two of four sides could either win the league or win promotion through the automatic places. It was a tense few hours in game as the top four teams swapped places with each round of games.
  5. League Two A fantastic maiden season in England's 4th division as we sneaked into the top three automatic places. This was at the expense of Stu's Hartlepool side who were predicted to be battling for relegation. The season began fairly strongly, with our side keeping within reach of the play-offs as I missed two sessions due to other commitments. Upon my return, we shot up the table in a short space of time and began our challenge for top three. It was looking likely that we would end up 2nd for a while, as Mike's team began slipping up and we'd already gone past Hartlepool. But then we
  6. Alejandro Santiago - Cambridge United F.C Upon my return to PGC, I've decided to go for my local side - Cambridge United. It was difficult coming into a side that had underachieved last season, knowing that there ought to be a few reinforcements to the squad but lacking that scouting knowledge (and understanding of the new scouting system on FM18) to really plug those gaps. It was a slow search for talent, but we finally managed to bring in a couple of lads who can improve the side. A left back and a goalkeeper, both transfer listed at their previous clubs. The biggest change I made was t
  7. Alejandro Jacobo - Stirling Albion I had quite a successful little game going in single player with this side, so I'm hoping that transcends into FM2018 and our online game simultaneously. I'm probably hoping for far too much (and with the board expecting top two in a league full of excellent, proven human managers, that may well prove to be the case) but I'm excited to really test my skills under the pressure. I've quite often taken mid-table or relegation fodder (Fulham and San Marino spring to mind) with the occasional side that has the potential to push for the title with a bit of luc
  8. Scotland for FM 2018 The PGC takes it's next step in it's European Adventures, as we move across the border into the harsh winters of the north. We begin our adventures in the Scottish pyramid with all members starting in League 2, in what promises to be an exciting (all be it a predictably slow) maiden season. With only semi-professional clubs available to pick from, expect facilities to match the weather. Interested in joining? If you are interested in joining our network game you can message FFCStu1428, or apply using the application form on our website. The game is play
  9. La Liga The usual from my side in the league. A bit of a title challenge, but never close enough to really worry 1st place. There were times when Sean (this season's champions) glanced nervously at our good form, but we never occupied the top position. As I say in pretty much ever post, I will look to challenge for the league next season, but my real problem is my performances against the human lads. We dropped way too many points last season at home and away to every human (except Sean funnily enough), which I have calculated to have been the largest factor in our lack of a serious chall
  10. La Liga Another season without a trophy, but another step closer to the ridiculous talent that is Gilly's Barcelona. It's hard to keep pushing your side to the limit, knowing that the juggernaught above can attract the top tier talent at the drop of a hat, but keep pushing we must do. The league itself was an interesting one. We started off a few points behind 1st and 2nd, as it looked like it was going to be a two horse race for the title between Jamie's Llagostera and Barca. As the season drew to a close however, Jamie's side dropped off, mainly due to a key injury, and we took up the m
  11. La Liga Not much of a post coming up as I was away for most of the season. The assistant manager did a pretty good job of managing the team during my absence, keeping up in the top 4 and several points clear of 5th place. Upon my return, our form took a slight increase and we began to rack up the goals in the league. A late challenge for 3rd (and then 2nd) place became my focus as we crashed out of Europe to Gilly's Barca and had already lost in the Spanish Cup. It was very nearly a 2nd place finish for the lads, but then Jonas turned on the style and came back from 2 goals down during t
  12. La Liga I mentioned in my last end of season post that I 'hoped to buck the trend' when referring to humans challenging for the title and then falling away in the following season. Despite spending £89m on the first team squad, we went backwards in the league by finishing the season in 4th place. It's still Champions League qualification, but we had to rely on Mike beating Real Madrid on the final day of the season for us to sneak in. That particular event caused a domino effect across the league, but more on that later on. Spanish Cup The Spanish Cup was pretty much the same as
  13. La Liga Bottled it. No other way of saying it if we're being honest. Last day of the season, bus parade booked, 2 points clear of Real Madrid in 2nd and we failed to convert that into a league victory. On the plus side, it was encouraging to see my side really go for the league, as we are devoid of any real world class talent. We are essentially a team that is better than the sum of its parts, a well-oiled unit geared up to break at pace with a couple of play makers in central midfield. Our team has been improved in terms of personnel this time around, with players bought in who will (in
  14. La Liga Much improved in the league, despite starting the campaign off miserably. We were 10 points off of Stu's Albacete and Gilly's Ponferadina after just a handful of games as they looked to battle it out for the league title. I knew then that our slim hopes of a title challenge was off the cards, and I concentrated all our efforts on pushing for that top four place and Champions League qualification. I spent time working on my tactics - specifically on formation as my attacking players began dropping like flies. A slipped disk here, damaged spine there, and a couple of ruptured calves
  15. My attributes across the board have increased fair rapidly, with my managerial reputation also enjoying a little boost. Below, you can also see the formation I played through out the season, with the 4 central players creating a delightful quartet when in attack, with slick intricate passing and great off the ball movement. As my side develops, I intend on bringing in or developing a libero to play just behind a centre-back pairing and giving him the freedom to join the midfield, creating a central force of five players. 1st Team It looked to be a great campaign again for Recre
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