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  1. Alessandro Jacobo - AS Nancy Lorraine More to follow...
  2. Alessandro Jacobo - AS Nancy Lorraine Third season in the top flight sees us qualify for the Europa League for a third successive season. We have clearly found our level in this division and consistently reaching the mid-60's points wise. After 6th and then 5th positions in the last two campaigns, we find ourself sitting in 7th position at the season's close. I had hoped to be knocking on the door of Champions League at this point, but we are 10 or so points short of this. The 442 is developing well, and I'm hoping to see an improvement in performances with the purchase of two wide players who, on the surface, look like the types of players I need to play the style of football I want. Our biggest success last season was perhaps our extended run in the Europa League. Luck was against me during our 4-0 drubbing by Shalke, as my assistant manager had to take charge. I think it's safe to say I won't be leaving him in charge very often if I can help it. Aside from that, the result against Wolfsburg was a particular highlight as they are rated as one of the top 5 clubs in the world at this time (2034). To reach the Champions League, winning the Europa League is perhaps the most realistic way of achieving this goal. Whilst we are consistent in the league, we aren't punching above our weight and challenging the big boys as often as I'd like. We are probably similar to the real life Everton under Moyes a few seasons back - where a top 8 place was almost guaranteed, with the odd dalliance with top four reckoning. Transfer wise, I offered contracts to several players who had less than 6 months left on theirs, and managed to secure 3 players. The best of which (below) now has a valuation of £18m, is young and is a natural in 4 positions. His attributes aren't too bad either. My philosophy of signing players cheap and selling on for profit is one that is developing nicely and keeping the balance sheets healthy. The signing of players during last season has meant that my transfer activity for this coming season has been limited. 4 loans have arrived, 3 of which will play every game when possible and several youth products have been promoted after impressing in the smattering of games they played in lesser fixtures.
  3. Alessandro Jacobo - AS Nancy Lorraine The second season in L1 proved to be a stable one and short of anything spectacular. We finished 5th, miles off 4th place, and never looked likely of challenging for the Champions League places. Arguably this is progress, having finished 6th in the previous season with less points, but I expected further developments if I'm being honest. My gut feeling is that my favoured formation, a 5212 isn't quite doing the job now that expectations have risen, especially with 10 draws at home. A system that utilises 4 at the back and explores the width of the pitch with wide attacking players may be what is needed against those stubborn sides who like to sit back and soak up pressure. It was looking like we'd have to settle for 7th or 8th position after 30 games or so, as our performances had started to dip slightly and the very few goals we were scoring were beginning to dry up. I had a little tinker with my player roles and tailored my team instructions to really exploit the strengths that we have at the club - a very high work rate across the squad, along with great passing and decision making. I increased our tempo slightly and played much wider in our home games, which enabled us to really push for that 5th position - by really giving my midfield players more of a chance to unpick those stubborn defences. This resulted in an upward surge in our performances and results that, as you can see above, allowed us to go on a mini run of wins with just 7 points dropped from a possible 30. Financially speaking, we are running a relatively self sufficient shop. I've certainly spent my fair share of cash on transfers during my time here so far, but I've also made sure that we have enough revenue coming in that we never dip into the red come the beginning of the season. Not an easy thing to do in France, where even the big clubs have to sell to buy. This is an area however, that I feel needs much more work. I've identified several things that I will need to implement if I want this club challenging in the next few seasons. My scouting knowledge needs to be improved in areas of Europa such as Scandinavia, or Eastern Europe where good young players are available for cheap prices. This in turn, will allow me to have 'assets' playing first team football that could potentially bring about profit if sold. I need to continue developing my youth academy, bringing through young players (bought from other clubs or otherwise), loaning them out for good monthly fee's and eventually selling them on if I deem them inadequate for my first team. As much as I dislike the sound of my previous sentence, needs must in this league as any financial misstep could see the club falling into hard times. Additionally, it should be mentioned that I have been lucky enough to have my self a tycoon owner over the last couple of seasons, funding my rise to the Europa League from Ligue 2. In the summer, a quick consortium takeover took that benefit away from me, so a focus on financial management for the next few seasons is paramount to our success and subsequent survival. A quick word on the other lads. Sean: Dominated in recent seasons with his US Orleans side. Proven to be a very good manager, especially in the transfer market, and a successful connoisseur of the 4231. He might be a bit disappointed with his return in the Champions League with just the one title, but after winning everything going, Sean has taken on a new challenge in returning OM to their former glory. AndyF: Benefitted from having a rich owner who pumps money into the club, Andy has taken a step up from previous FM's and sees his side consistently challenging for the title. Take nothing away from a superb previous season however, which saw him claim the Champions League crown. Just the Ligue 1 title left of major honours and has a very good chance this time around. Stu: Won his first League title since FM13 with Lyon and has been doing a good job so far. Happy with top 4 recently - that could all change with Sean leaving US Orleans coinciding with an injection of cash and an increased transfer budget. Now Stu, like AndyF, doesn't need to sell to buy. Expect these two lads to be battling it out for the title in the coming seasons. Pedro: An excellent first season in Ligue 1 for Pedro as his promoted side comfortably finished in the Champions League places, challenging Stu's Lyon for 3rd throughout the campaign. His second season will be an interesting one as we wait to see if his side can repeat the same feat again. His work in the transfer market has been very good, buying good young talent with re-sale value. I predict at least a top 6 finish - most probably 4th - behind the three powerhouses. Jonas: Unlucky season for Jonas as the first half put him in a safe mid-table position, but could only watch on as his side's form dipped dramatically during the second half and ended up in the relegation places. Will need to hit the ground running as his board have issued an ultimatum and stated their intent on a return to the top league sharpish.
  4. Alessandro Jacobo - AS Nancy Lorraine Ligue 1 Pre-season began with the daunting task of preparing for a campaign where the minimum expectation was to finish in the Europa qualifying places. Not an easy task for a newly promoted side, but we did have £15m in the transfer budget to play with. In the end it turned out to be a successful season. At one point, we were holding our own in 4th place and looked like securing Champions League football, but our performances tailed off in the last 10 games of the season and we limped over the line, all be it 10 or so points clear of the team in 7th. The highlights of the season are undoubtedly holding our own against the big boys, taking two points off of Stu's Lyon and knocking Sean's US Orleans out of the cup. We ran Fallon's Bourg-en-Bresse side close twice, eventually falling to a 2-2 draw and a 2-1 defeat, despite being up in both games. Cups A decent showing in both cups, eventually falling in the latter stages to two of the human sides. Expectations are greater this season with quarter finals expected in both and the Europa League thrown into the mix. Performances Transfer listed central defender who was signed for my first season in Ligue 1 for £4.3m. Fairly inconsistent at times, but generally solid presence as the back and rarely let his marker go. With a resolute personality, he has been an ideal tutor to my younger players, a select few of which are on the verge of breaking into the first team. George Bayemi - Central Defender
  5. Alessandro Jacobo - AS Nancy Lorraine The Rebuilding Job I spoke a little about the rebuilding job that was needed after this side faced what was probably an unexpected relegation under the hands of the AI. A vast number of key players wanted out and there was no persuading them otherwise. In the the weeks that followed my appointment, a rapid fire sale commenced and several players were shown the door for relatively small transfer fees. Several players came in with my transfer policy focusing on players from the transfer list and the free transfer market. Complete lack of knowledge scouting wise at this point limited my options here. Ligue 2 It was a great year for my side as we ran out comfortable winners at the season's close. The season started well and my tactical philosophy looked solid and functional. We weren't playing amazing football, but we were defensively secure and untroubled throughout the early stage of the campaign. A series of 1-0s took us to the top of the league. From this point in, we never really looked back. With the media establishing us as the favourites for promotion, teams sat back and allowed us to play our game. A 28 game unbeaten run in all competitions was my personal highlight; ended by one AndyF's Bourg-en-Bresse side in the Coup de la Ligue Quarter Final. The only real blip occurred in late September when we drew 5 games in a row. Cups A decent showing in both reaching the quarter finals of the Coupe de la Ligue and the Coupe de France 11th round. Board expectations exceeded. Boxes ticked. Stand Out Players My central midfield maestro, Kamil Versely, pulled the strings in Ligue 2. Rotting in the Man City Reserves side, I splashed out £4.8m and brought him in to rejuvenate what was a physically weak part of my side. 8 goals, 12 assists and an average rating of 8.06 ensured his survival in the first 11 I plan to take into Ligue 1. Kamil Versely - Central Midfielder Another of my summer signings saw the young Dutch wingback arrive on a free transfer having been released by PSV. A pretty good all rounder, he proved to be a key player shuttling up and down the right flank, providing crosses and crunching tackles when needed. Another player I plan on keeping for my first taste of Ligue 1 football. Kurt Van-Brouwer - Right Wing Back
  6. Alessandro Jacobo - AS Nancy Lorraine My return to the French Leagues sees me take over newly relegated AS Nancy in Ligue 2. They're a club with a pretty sizeable bank balance and have given me a healthy £15m to spend during my first windows. I have 7 players who want out, 4 of those being the best players at the club. I'm a little wary about upsetting the morale and squad harmony within the club, as I need to sign replacements for those unhappy players and additional players to fit into my preferred formation. However, needs must if I'm going to have a settled squad going into my first season. The board are expecting that we win the league and no less. It's going to be a tough season, i'm predicting, and simply not getting the sack i'd be happy with. One or two transfer targets I've bought in look to be very good for this level, so fingers crossed.
  7. Someone will contact you soon, if not PM me your email and I'll pass it on. I'm currently not playing FM at the moment. On a side note, winning the league on GD Stu....feeling for you Sean.
  8. Kim absolutely tearing it up over here lads. Is that an unbeaten season I see on the horizon?
  9. I love how Alan sports a new beard every update Looking good lads
  10. Manager: Alveré Jacques Tailler Club: Amiens SC A superficial area of FM maybe, but I am enjoying watching my managerial attributes increase as my experience deepens. My 'player knowledge' has increased by 10 over the last four seasons, whilst 'level of discipline', 'man management' and 'motivating' have all been steadily going up. I'm not a fan of the 'tracksuit manager' that spends his time on the training ground. I can employ coaches to do that part of the job. I believe my attributes are best suited to dealing with the players collectively or individually, whether that be team talks, meetings or responding to issues raised in the camp. With this in mind, I'm a little concerned that my 'youngster knowledge' hasn't been increasing that much. Whilst I plan on hiring and deploying scouts to unmask the attributes of potential targets, I like to have the ability to judge a player before deciding whether to scout or not. Signed this lad on a free during the latter stages of last season. His arrival coincided with an up-turn in our form and we hauled ourselves out of the relegation scrap, eventually finishing around 10 points clear of the bottom three. Our season was an interesting one. Due to work commitments, once again I was unable to play 100% of the time, although this season, I managed to play most of my matches. It was the exact same team that won me the league last season, as I wasn't around to sign any players during the window. That certainly made the season a tricky one, but the players excelled themselves and we find ourselves battling out in Ligue 2 again. I'm not sure what to expect this time around. I guess the minimum I expect is a top half finish, but to achieve that I'll need to overhaul the side. There is some quality here, such as the O'Kane below, but players of that quality a very few and far between in my side. I'm not sure what to expect this time around. I guess the minimum I expect is a top half finish, but to achieve that I'll need to overhaul the side. I'll be relying on free transfers and loans to add depth and quality as our transfer budget is next to nothing. Because of our very low wage however, we are turning a profit each month. Last season's profit registered at just under £800k. That gives me security in the knowledge that we have a self sustaining business model that will last as long as it takes to get out of this league. The board are, so far, pleased with my overall performance. Admittedly, my assistant manager has played a major part in that but there are some weaknesses in his ability. His overall management of morale is something that I believe I can have more success with, which suggests to me that we ought to be competing higher up in the league.
  11. Manager: Alveré Jacques Tailler Club: Amiens SC If you want a job well done, do it yourself...unless your assistant manager happens to be a genius. I'm almost lost for words. In fact, I wish I was as I wouldn't have to write this season summary, despite not managing a single match. I brought in one player, set my tactics up and crossed ever limb in my body that my assistant wouldn't get me the sack. Fast forward a week and a half and here we are, champions of National and about to ply our trade in Ligue 2. I have no idea how it has happened, but I am literally reaping the rewards without putting in the hours. Of course, it goes without saying that I'd rather be here than working, but real life can be a cruel mistress at the best of times. A full update and preview into next season will follow...
  12. Manager: Alveré Jacques Tailler Club: Amiens SC Due to real life commitments, I was unable to start until the the January transfer window. I kept the team the same and we have embarked on a new attacking philosophy: a 424. Things started slow, but after a few games we began to make our mark on sides and subsequently climbed the league table. A late push for promotion was scuppered by a couple of poor results towards the end of the season, but we were coming from a fair way back. In the end, the board were happy with 6th and I'll be looking forward to a promotion push this coming season, providing work allows me to be on for most of the sessions. Only the one signing this window. A left winger who was instrumental in Sean's title winning side, deemed surplus to requirements at the now Ligue 2 side. I'm short in attacking options so I'm hoping he'll slot right in. At first glance he looks like a solid left winger and no doubt he'll get some game time there, but I'm looking for a player that score goals from attacking midfield in the central areas. Whether I end up playing him as an inside forward or attacking midfielder I have yet to decide. I've also re-signed this young striker on loan, who put in some good performances for me when he wasn't on the treatment table. My hope is that he'll come good and lead the line with his gritty determined attitude combined with that high flair attribute. His technique and dribbling will need work to take full advantage of that.
  13. Manager: Alveré Jacques Tailler Club: Amiens SC It's that time again lads. The draft for FM2016 has been done and the boys await our first session on the 16th of November. I was drawn out of the hat with my first choice team still available and therefore, you are now looking at the new Amiens AC manager. The team is in a strong position with a very good midfield and a strong defence, but lacking any actual strikers and attacking midfielders. The obvious downside is that the club is semi-professional and the board don't appear to be entertaining the idea of a becoming professional any time soon. My suspicion is that if (or when) we reach Ligue 2, we will be forced to take up that professional status in order to comply with the rules. This gives us a big incentive to push for promotion from the get go, but with 7 or 8 human managers in the Championnat National, it won't come without a fight. The training facilities here are solid. Not spectacular by any stretch of the imagination, but we have a decent base on which to build. The stadium is in good condition and boasts a modest 12k seats. I've got a plan (fingers crossed it actually works) that I'm looking to implement the moment we become professional. I intend on building up a club which is geared towards playing and operating in a non-financially reliant way. This idea might cost plenty of money in the beginning, but in a short period of time, I am hoping we will be turning a substantial yearly profit, whereby our initial investment pays for itself and more.
  14. Reserved for draft picks. Clubs on offer are those predicted to finish in the bottom six of Ligue 2 and any club from the National League. Confirmed Managers: A. Parrott - Niort A. Fallon - Frejus A. Turner - Amiens B. Santos - USBCO J. Christensen - Sedan N. Michelini - Red Star R. Stewart - Creteil S. Black - US Orleans S. Abrey - Bastia W. Donnelly - ?
  15. About the PGC Established in 2009, The PGC has become one of the leading Football Manager Online experiences. We pride ourselves on community spirit and friendly competition in a structured environment. Since 2009 we have tackled a wide variety of leagues and nations in the Football Manager world, constantly keeping the challenges fresh and distinctive. We make sure our network games run smoothly by using honest hosts with good internet connections, as well as ensuring consistency and fairness in our rules and regulations. All managerial abilities are catered for and welcomed, though we have some managers who operate at the highest end of 'FM managerial ability'. All managers are tracked by our bespoke Hall of Fame points system, which measures our members' successes across each season, dating back to our very first network game. Network Game for FM2016 Nation: France Starting Leagues: Ligue 2 and National How do I Join? If you are interesting in joining our network game you can either message me on here, or apply using the application form on our website. You will need access to skype. This is medium we use to communicate (through type rather than voice chat). Thread In this thread, all our members will be posting their seasonal updates throughout the duration of FM2016.