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  1. AndyF - Espanyol After taking a break I finally returned after 6 months and jumped straight in to take the top seat at Espanyol. Things started off OK with 1 defeat in our first 9 game and then the wheels fell off, a 10 game run without a win which ended with a victory against Valencia on the last game of the season but this wasn't enough to keep me employed at the Catalan club. As I'm sitting here writing this we are in the first week off July and before I take over at a new club I'm waiting on the release for the media predictions to see where Stus Valencia are placed. I'll be hoping for the same as last season in which they were predicted 3rd which would give us plenty off clubs to choose from for the 2029/30 season. Until Next Time ...........
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  4. AndyF - Espanyol After taking a 8 months off im finally back to see if i can put in enough effort without interfering with my work and we find ourselves in Barcelona at the No:1 Catalan club Espanyol.
  5. AndyF aka Alphonso X So I started the 3rd season with a media prediction of 16th and fairly optimistic of achieving the boards minimum requirements of avoiding relegation this year after a brace of 5th place finishes in the previous seasons. Things got off to a decent start as we were always around the top 6/7 in the first half of the season but we were soon to hit a sticky patch are a form nosedived and soon found ourselves sitting 12th in the league. I thought i would be safe from the dreaded board meeting for a while longer due to my MP and the boards expectations but that was not the case as I was soon to be summonsed by the chairman to a meeting so hear could hear for himself on how I intended to turn around our fortunes on the pitch. Unfortunately I would miss out on the meeting and a sacking followed. So a new profile (Alphonso XI) was called for and it was off to Segunda B moneybags Osasuna. We inherited a squad with not a lot of players and not much quality either which wasn't quite ideal due to a lot off the playing squad moving on in the summer window after their relegation from La Liga 123. We soldiered on for the rest of the campaign and finished the season in 7th place. Transfers Plenty of activity on the transfer front with lots of ins and outs by the 2 managers Osasuna have had for the season. Awards With the upheaval mid-term and the appointment of a new manager the supporters still turned out in force to cheer the boys on. We are now into preseason and the summer window and have bought a few players in, im hoping Luka Belic a 23yr old Serbian signed on a free does the business up front and cleared out some of the deadwood out as well. Its going to be tough with Mike and AndyG in this league to get automatic promotion but we'll give it a go and see where we at come the end of the season Until Next Time......
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