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  1. dafuge's FM15 challenge

    So here we go as manager of Dulwich Hamlet... My Profile
  2. dafuge's FM15 challenge

    Seems like there may be a few issues with the rules for FMC, depends on how it's seen as whether it's a major issue or not... things that can't be done are: These options don't seem to exist in FMC, at least I can't find them when setting up the game db While you can set Sunday League Footballer, there's no coaching badges Not sure if any of these lack of options would have an effect on the challenge if I used FMC, but I'll use full-fat FM for the challenge regardless... now to see if I climb out of the Conference leagues at least...
  3. dafuge's FM15 challenge

    So I've seen the question asked a few times during the thread, but not seen a definitive answer to it, so I thought I may as well ask it again... FMC - can it be used for this challenge? Main reason is that now we're at that time of year where I assume we're done with patches for FM15, I figured I'd give this challenge a go again (never completed any of the previous versions or even come close) but due to time constraints, I'd prefer to do this in FMC rather than full-fat FM if it's ok to do so...
  4. Premiership Clan 2015

    So what's happened to me since my last update? Well let's see... I get sacked from Swansea 1 month in to the new season due to a squad harmony issue. This was due to a player saying I didn't help them settle in to the club. That player was Angel Rangel, who has been at the club for 7 years!!! How much settling in does he need??? So after sitting out a couple of sessions due to work, I take charge of Watford, who I quickly learn are already cast hopelessly adrift at the bottom of the table with no hope and only 5 points from their first 20 games and no transfer budget as the previous manager had spent £25m, but at least it will give me a chance to experiment a little before the inevitable happens at the end of the season and I'm sacked again... lol What will next week bring? Stay tuned to find out...
  5. Premiership Clan 2015

    Barry - Swansea Overall ,it's been a mixed start to the season - good in some ways, but poor in others. Transfers This is one of the poor areas... with the clan start coinciding with a week where I had limited participation, this meant that I have signed nobody at all!!! So we are completely reliant on the original squad to get me through to January at least before I can hopefully make some signings (providing it doesn't coincide with my next week of limited participation). Hopefully I can agree a few deals beforehand so at least come the window the players are ready to come in... League League form has been ok, with games split pretty evenly between myself and the assistant so far due to work commitments. Of the 9 games so far, I was in charge for 4 of them and took 7 points out of 12, which included a nice opening day victory over Everton, who have been my bogey team for years in the game. I'd be quite happy in all honesty if I can continue taking that sort of points tally every 4 games for the rest of the season as that'll comfortably keep me in at least mid-table and avoid those dreaded boardroom chats. Until next time....
  6. Unione Triestina - 2014/15 League Table - Playout - Transfers - Finances - Youth Intake A nervy 1st season where the board had an expectation of finishing 18th. Over the course of the season, the team had small patches of good form, but more often than not conceded far too many goals and put me in danger of finishing bottom for most of the season. In the end we finished 19th, 10 points clear of the drop, but needing to win a Playout to survive, with the match beign against a team who had beaten me in both games of the regular season. For some reason, luck finally appeared to be on my side as I won 5-4 on aggregate, meaning I've at least done better than in last yer's attempt by surviving the first season. More worryingly for me is that despite only using half my wage budget, I've still lost nearly £700k this year and unless the club starts to break even soon, the chances of being able to develop the youth facilities seem remote. Also, despite more or less meeting the boards expectations, I'm now shown as Insecure - looks like if I'm to survive a 2nd season, I'll need to get this team winning a bit more. Youth Season 1 Basically due to a lack of players currently in the youth team, and knowing I'm about to lose up to a dozen players in the summer from the senior team through a combination of them not being in my plans and not wanting to sign a new contract, I signed all 16 recommended youth propsects. While not all will stay long term, they'll do for the time being to fill out the side until hopefully some more good prospects come along - who knows, some of them may also develop in to decent players... Out of this year's batch, there were 2 players who literally walked in to the first team on the day they signed their youth contracts, which I guess illustrates the challenge that the original squad is giving me... hopefully they'll hit their potential. Sergio Rigo (YP01i) Luigi Meliani (YP01f)
  7. Figured I may as well give this a go again this year... well I can't do any worse than last year where I was sacked after less than 6 months in my first season. Have decided to go to Italy for this year's challenge and have gone with Unione Triestina, who have just been promoted and found themselves in Serie C1/A. Manager Profile Current Squad - A few loans showing under current transfer obligations, though these all appear to be ending on 30th June, so should disappear from my squad as soon as I press continue... Under 19's Squad - Well there are 9 non-grey players in the squad, so at least there's some players there - can see the first couple of youth intakes all getting contracts based on that Facilities Finances At least with the stadium size, I'll not have to worry about that for a long while, should I be lucky enough to survive that long. Let's see if I can actually make some progress this year with this challenge...
  8. Premiership Clan 2014

    All the best with this Belly... will be keeping an eye on the thread as usual to see how things are going..
  9. PGC: Going Dutch for FM14

    All the best with this lads - I'll be keeping an eye on how you get on... and you're lucky I'm not playing as you know I'd obviously be the top manager in the game... if the table was in reverse order that is...
  10. Premiership Glory Clan 2013

    Barry - Shrewsbury Not much to report on for the frist week, by now everyone knows that very few matches were played and due to work commitments, I have thus far only actually played one match of the four to date, which was a nice 4-2 drubbing of Walsall!! Also, due to not being online much thus far, it means I've gone in to the season with no signings whatsoever, so the players will need to step up if we are to have any ambition in the league this season. How will the team do with a part-time manager this season? Only time will tell...
  11. Decided to give this a try and have headed for Italy and Atletico Arezzo... Manager Profile Team Info and Facilities
  12. The Underdogs

    Some interesting updates here.. and nobody seemingly struggling now that the perennial relegation fodder (in other words, me) is no longer able (sadly) to join you all each week. Suprised to see Andy still in League 1, although reading through seems Gateshead are still doing their "one great season, one bad season" routine - hopefully this'll be the season you go up to the Champ Andy Also nice to see Kim scrapping away in League 2 - it'll be intersting to read how things go there... Keep up the good work with the updates lads
  13. The Underdogs

    Barry - Wycombe So it’s been an interesting time at Wycombe so far, where I've discovered that thanks to a combination of a wage budget cut and players walking out on relegation release clauses, I have a threadbare squad to try to make a challenge of getting out of the Blue Square South. The board are expecting us to make a challenge, yet I once again get no backing... Looking at the players I have, I seem to have 9 players who will play week in week out, but the rest of the players are awful and nobody is wanting to come join the club, nor is my parent team sending some players my way. So far we are just about holding it together, and while sitting 9th, we are only sitting 3 points from a play-off place, so things aren't going too badly. If the team can stay injury free, then we have a change of hitting the board expectations, but my only concern at the moment is that if we get a few injuries, and due to the lack of any decent players, we're stuffed. Perhaps taking this job was a mistake, or perhaps it will be the start of a long climb up the leagues - only time will tell on that one and the jury's still out at the moment...
  14. The Underdogs

    Barry - Newport/Wycombe Well the week started out with my Assistant in charge, due to work commitments keeping me away from the game, with me comfortably expecting him to drag me up the table or at least keep me away from the relegation places. Granted when I had left it the previous week, we were in a dangerous position, but I was confident that the Assistant had the credentials to keep me afloat until I returned... When I return on Tuesday, I log on to find the word "Unemployed" next to my name... chuffing brilliant. It seems that after years of loyal service and some seasons of overachievement, the board weren't happy with struggling once again and got trigger happy with plenty of the season left to go. So I spent the week mainly looking for new clubs, yet despite applying for a host of jobs, nobody wanted me, not even Arsenal . Clearly they haven't seen what a sterling job I've done with all of my previous clubs in this game... Anyway, so having spent the rest of the week in the job centre, I was then approached by Wycombe to take over (again clearly they haven't seen my track record on this game) and while they had just been relegated to the Blue Square South/North (can't remember which off the top of my head ) I figured I'd take the job to keep myself busy.. after all what could go wrong?? Fast forward 3 days in the game, and it seems everything can as a number of their best players walked out under their "leave after relegation" contract clauses... So this week the plan is simple - see who I have left then find some players who are silly enough to want to come play for me. This could be a great challenge or a quick trip back to the job centre as I'm sure the expectations will be to get back up at the first attempt. Tune in next week to see whether I've somehow still got a job or whether I've moved on to my 94th club of the game...
  15. The Underdogs

    Barry - Newport Co Well last season was quite an improvement on the previous with a safe mid-table position attained. While that was a great result for this team, the team has since been decimated, partly due to my own fault for missing a session which resulted in all bar one of my staff leaving out of contract and me only having 15 players on the books across first team, reserves and U18's combined. So most of the summer window has been a case of trying to get staff and players in just to have some sort of squad, while doing so on a reduced wage budget. One good piece of news is that there's been a baord takeover and the debts of nearly £1m have been wiped out, although this hasn't given me any funds to play with and the debts have been replaced with a 25 year loan at £4k a month, which is much more manageable. With the season about to start, I now have 20 players on the books and hopefully will add to this with some loan signings during the remainder of the window. One thing is for certain though, with some of my better players having left, just staying in the division will be a job well done this season... anything higher will be a bonus...