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  1. yeah i picked Pribram as a test and after loading they still didnt have their badge - its ok though, appreciate your help
  2. Thanks for replies, i just want my game to be immersive as possible and with a tiny database its not as good, ive decided to go for 100k and see how it goes, if it's too slow ill try again on say 80k and try to find a sweet spot. Incidentally when you guys set up a new game do you prefer to choose huge database and playable leagues or just one playable league then adding players via advanced? I'm starting conference south so just want to be sure i'll be able to actuallly find players!!
  3. Hello All I've recently been playing FM14 on an old laptop but it was dropped and now broke so I got a cheap refurbished laptop which is i5-3320M with 8GB RAM, trying to play FM16 with 120k players but its slow but I was sure that number was similar in FM14. With the above specs is it likely my laptop will be able to handle more players in FM14 as opposed to FM16 or will it be the same no matter which version I play? Thanks
  4. yeah both downloaded but a lot werre flags and nations and competitions, i am more interested in club badges
  5. all of them, mainly all europe, for example in the above it didnt have Czech ones and when i looked within the files there didnt seem to be much there
  6. Those logo packs don't seem to have all the badges sadly
  7. That's awesome - thanks so much and thanks to everyone else too for their replies
  8. Hi Keysi, Thank you very much for your reply, that's great about the logos. So with kits, am I still ok to download the newer versions or not then despite the colour change? Thanks
  9. Hey, thanks, but there's loads and yesterday I got a virus from one of the downloads, do you know which I should get? Also, why is it that FM19 Logo/Kits would still be fine for FM16? I didn't imagine they would be compatible, thanks Thanks
  10. Ok I might try a small kit pack to test then - thanks, do you know best place to go for them please? Thanks
  11. Hi All After playing FM14 for some time I am now playing FM16 on a new laptop, however I am struggling to find a good source for logo packs and kits, so far a few have had viruses and others seem to charge. My question is, if I was to use later logo packs like fm17/18/19 or later kits, could I still use them in fm16? I need some help please as I can't enjoy the game until the logos and kits are sorted. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks so much mate, that makes sense now as I found that when I removed my cursor from the i it disappeared. One last thing, you mention configuring the shortcut? What do you mean by this? Thanks
  13. Hey mate, yeah I use Snaggy but after hovering over the i button how do you then screenshot just the attributes? That's the bit I don't know how to do, could you talk me through how you do it exactly as I don't want to waste any more of your time. If you could please explain and then I can go away and do it to see if it works, thanks
  14. Hey mate, yeah I know that but how do you then make that into a screenshot like you did above? That's the bit I need help with, I already knew about the 'i' bit. Thanks
  15. Hey mate, I just wondered how do you get these player profiles so small like that? I would appreciate it if you could help? Thanks
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