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  1. I'm curious, did you have any success with Go One Route instead of Pump Ball Into Box? What happened when you tried closing down more? Did they pass it around your defence who were out of position?
  2. I'd love to see how you do with a long ball tactic if you're going to share your tactics? Think I'm going to try and pay attention to some of the more direct tactics on these forums! How would I effectively go about an effective hit and hope tactic without conceding many goals? Is it ineffective to go with more than 1 ST? The counter attacking style makes sense, I feel with sufficient tweaks to that tactic, I could get an effective counter attacking tactic.
  3. These are the two approaches I took to try and get some form of hoof ball football working. The 4-2-2-2 wasn't working as I found the ball was making it's way to the wings but not much happened after that, either they'd waste the possession by shooting or lose possession. I attempted to solve the problem by telling my wingers to shoot less, hoping they'd find my strikers who were far better at finishing that they were. The second approach was a 4-2-1-3 approach where I wanted 6 players back at all times like the first formation but have the wingers essentially moved in and more narrow, using each other as support when quickly breaking and having a CM to pick up any searching long balls headed away by the opposition defence and have the option of launching it back into danger or to nearby team mates in the 2 DMs.
  4. I've tried direct passing style and it's not working. I'm not sure why, got a feeling my DMs are too deep to pass accurately over the top of opposition attacks onto my strikers. No matter what sort of shape, role / duties, mentality and team instruction I use, I've continuously failed to find the winning formula for having effective counter attacking approach where the ball is hoofed up the pitch to my more attacking players whilst the more defensive players stay back and maintain shape to ensure the opposition can't pick out a pass to their attackers easily if they win the ball back. Going to give it a read now. Thank you! Hope it'll help guide me to better performances. I'm happy to keep every player back defending bar 1/2/3 players up the pitch who I want to focus on scoring the goals, that's why I went with a structured approach attempting direct, ball over the top of the defence tactics and stuck 2 DMs in along with 4 DFs to help keep the players back and leaving it up to my 4 attacking minded players to do the damage on the break. My problem is that I'm shipping too many goals (3 - 4 a game against the better teams in the league) and not scoring any (every 5 games or so picking up 1 goal).
  5. I've tried implementing a structured approach every FM and failed to do so every time, resulting with me getting the sack or abandoning my approach and going back to a fluid system which I always have more success with. Can people who have had success with highly structured / structured approaches let me know how you have managed to do so? What is the formation you go for, the player roles and what type of players (in terms of attributes) are key in these tactics? Quite often I found my GKs / defenders / midfielders unable to hit the ball over the top of the defence and it'd just go to an opposition player forcing my team to defend again. I'm not quite sure how to make these type of tactics effective, I want to be able to pump the ball forward, over the top of defences (like the tactical genius Pullis) to the wingers / strikers and just let them try to out pace the defence and score goals like this. In my mind it should be easy to implement, yet I've never been able to do it.
  6. Can someone give me an idea on how to play a structured 4-2-2-2 formation? 2 DMC, 1AML, 1AMR and 2 STs. Seems that I can't score and can't stop the goals from going in. I've tried every single year to try a long ball approach where like Pullis' teams where they pump the ball up the pitch but it never works no matter what I've tried. I honestly cannot see how a structured approach is supposed to work.
  7. [Ireland] (Official) Data Issues

    Yeah that does sound like legend / icon material Thanks for the reply, but I was more searching for how Sports Interactive decide whether or not a player / member of staff is deemed worthy of being included in legend / icon / favoured personnel lists. Also congrats on Cork winning the league! Stephen Dooley was a couple years older than me in school.
  8. [Ireland] (Official) Data Issues

    How is legends / icons decided?
  9. [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    I'd love a skin which is exactly like the original FM ones but just has the signatures and the player name on the kit along with the number. Any easy way to do this?
  10. How Old Are You?

    I'm 22. Think the earliest CM I had was CM4. Played all the FM games.
  11. @TerraMuncher You should really open your own thread so your skin gets the exposure it deserves. Top quality job on it
  12. Youth Cup semi final has been a good watch, 3-0 so far and it's half time. Not sure if it's the Chelsea U18 or U19 who are playing.
  13. Chelsea U21 vs Man U U21 on BT Sport 1
  14. Feel the exact same. Though tbh it didn't matter who we got because out of everyone who was available nobody was exciting me. I hope he's the sort of manager who wont take any **** from the players and will kick out any divas who aren't willing to give 110% any time they step onto that pitch to play for us. Right now I would only be truly gutted if we got rid of a couple of players, the rest I really don't care. Players I hope we keep: 1. John Terry - Captain, Leader, Legend. Enough said. 2. Diego Costa - He shows passion on the pitch, perhaps more so than any other player this season. 3. Willian - Constantly gave 100% under Jose Mourinho and probably was the only player who didn't disappear at the start of the season. 4. Zouma - Will hopefully be in our defence for years to come 5. Azpi - He's been extremely reliable in recent years and is only 26! Don't get me wrong, I wont celebrate players being sold but I don't think I'd get the same feeling I got when Lampard or Drogba left if the rest of the squad leaves.
  15. It's frustrating seeing Fabregas playing just behind the striker as well, he's definitely more effective deeper in the pitch.