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  1. markyosullivan

    Contributing to FMdB

    Just noticed it's in the clubs page as well. Perhaps it should be added in the top right so it's easier to find, bit hidden away in the bottom of both these pages, plus it seems like you can only submit feedback on the first clubs screen and first player screen instead of other areas like honours, transfers, rumours, etc.
  2. markyosullivan

    Contributing to FMdB

    Out of interest, is there any way we can get involved with FMdB by suggesting changes / improvements to the data? Could we have edit submission system where you can submit edits which can be later approved or rejected by other contributors?
  3. markyosullivan

    Fortnite - All the kids are playing it

    PC. Doesn't matter though cause you can cross play :)
  4. markyosullivan

    Fortnite - All the kids are playing it

    Anyone fancy teaming up? MOS182 is my fortnite name
  5. markyosullivan

    Fortnite - All the kids are playing it

    Fortnite is really good fun. Better with a group of people that you're used to teaming up with so you can build effectively as a team and kick ass easier than teaming up with randoms.
  6. markyosullivan

    Job hunting/interview thread

    Great advice. Thank you!
  7. markyosullivan

    Job hunting/interview thread

    I got a question regarding salary negotiations: What's the best approach to them? I know a lot of companies ask for your expected salary during an interview, but if they offer you the job, how can you go about renegotiating the salary? Does the same apply for pay raise discussions?
  8. markyosullivan

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    Yeah I got some before it hit £100, think it was around £90 when I bought some. Was hoping I could buy more sub £100 after pay day.
  9. His death is very sad. His songs remind me of when I first starting going out to nightclubs and my time at University. Was a massive fan of a lot of his songs and absolutely gutted I never got to experience him live
  10. markyosullivan

    The most famous person from your school

    James McCullagh from the Young Apprentice. Was in my year. Stephen Dooley, footballer for Coleraine FC, league winner with Cork City FC. He was a couple years older than me. BellularGaming - YouTuber who does World of Warcraft videos (wont say his real name as I'm not sure if he has it on YouTube), was in my year. ConflictNerd - Another YouTuber called Dylan who was in my year.
  11. markyosullivan

    Inviting Family to Weddings

    If she's going to ruin your and your future wife's big day then don't invite her. It's supposed to be all about you two on a very special day, don't let her ruin it.
  12. markyosullivan

    General Golf Thread

    For all of you golfers who love seeing stats, we released our new performance dashboard earlier this week. There's a full write up about it on MyGolfSpy for anyone curious: https://mygolfspy.com/shot-scope-v2/ Edit: If anyone is wanting to win one, HowDidIDo is doing a give away on their Twitter:
  13. markyosullivan

    Anyone here like UFC?

    He's far more skilled on the fight but will he be overly cautious to avoid the counter takedown?
  14. markyosullivan

    App push notifications

    Out of interest, what type of notifications would you be interested in? What's wrong with the current ones?
  15. markyosullivan

    Cryptocurrency Thread

    Yes. If it goes below £100 I'll pick up 1 LTC. That'll be around $142. Just got to wait the next couple of days and see what happens.