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  1. fm2017 skin

    I'd love a skin which is exactly like the original FM ones but just has the signatures and the player name on the kit along with the number. Any easy way to do this?
  2. I'm 22. Think the earliest CM I had was CM4. Played all the FM games.
  3. @TerraMuncher You should really open your own thread so your skin gets the exposure it deserves. Top quality job on it
  4. Youth Cup semi final has been a good watch, 3-0 so far and it's half time. Not sure if it's the Chelsea U18 or U19 who are playing.
  5. Chelsea U21 vs Man U U21 on BT Sport 1
  6. Feel the exact same. Though tbh it didn't matter who we got because out of everyone who was available nobody was exciting me. I hope he's the sort of manager who wont take any **** from the players and will kick out any divas who aren't willing to give 110% any time they step onto that pitch to play for us. Right now I would only be truly gutted if we got rid of a couple of players, the rest I really don't care. Players I hope we keep: 1. John Terry - Captain, Leader, Legend. Enough said. 2. Diego Costa - He shows passion on the pitch, perhaps more so than any other player this season. 3. Willian - Constantly gave 100% under Jose Mourinho and probably was the only player who didn't disappear at the start of the season. 4. Zouma - Will hopefully be in our defence for years to come 5. Azpi - He's been extremely reliable in recent years and is only 26! Don't get me wrong, I wont celebrate players being sold but I don't think I'd get the same feeling I got when Lampard or Drogba left if the rest of the squad leaves.
  7. It's frustrating seeing Fabregas playing just behind the striker as well, he's definitely more effective deeper in the pitch.
  8. Well that's our season over. If Gus would stop playing Kennedy at LB it'd be great, he's not a LB and you can tell. Defence was shocking bad for both goals, John Terry I'd rate as our second best CB with Zouma being our best atm, here's hoping John will be with us for one final season.
  9. Azpi had a ACL injury. Same as Zoumas.
  10. Whoever decided not to offer Terry an extension is a ****ing bellend and I hope that person gets fired. **** this ****. This is a ******** decision.
  11. He's probably wanting a loan to play first team football before the European Championships. Sad to see Rambo leave, that goal against Barcelona has to be the highlight of his time here at Chelsea. Served us well but had the occasionally moment of seeing red and doing something silly. £25M an extremely good deal.
  12. This is nearly the perfect skin for FM. My only request would be to implement a couple features which are included with Vitrex 2.0, I've ranked these in terms of how important I feel they'd be: 1. Shirt with player name & number, signature below it - This is my favourite feature from Virtrex 2.0 and honestly this alone being added to this skin would make me download it straight away. 2. Show kits on the tactics screen - I like seeing the kits with the player names and showing which player is the captain 3. Real life football news sites for news section - Thought this was very nicely done in Virtrex 2.0 4. Enhanced match engine - They've done a great job of changing the design of the box containing the score and also having in the TV station which is showing the football match e.g. Sky Sports HD, Canal+ Liga, etc
  13. Damn you Mourinho and your negative football....
  14. How's RLC getting on with his new club? Looks like you're doing well in this save, was worried when I looked at how you were doing on the first page