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  1. markyosullivan

    Exporting manager face

    I want a transparent background and just the face
  2. Is there a way you can export the manager face which is displayed on the My Profile section?
  3. markyosullivan

    Can't call up player to national squad

    Is it a friendly you are playing? I think clubs can withdraw players from playing in friendlies I think. Also check your squad size limit or if Hazard has retired from international duty.
  4. Fully agree with this. I too would like to see Japan added. I also feel there's a real lack of African leagues in the game, so added the biggest leagues there would be great.
  5. Would love to be kept up to date with the latest transfers of the players who are in the national pool so I can track their progress over their career.
  6. Never played FMM is there a limit on how many seasons you can play? Also do regens have a generated picture like the full game? Is it possible to do something similar like the full game by downloading files to setup actual real logos for all the clubs and files for faces for all the players?
  7. I don't know why people would complain about more leagues, I bet the same people who are complaining are the type of people who just manage Man City / Real Madrid / Bayern. More leagues is fantastic for anyone who likes doing journeyman career saves. As for the German national team being in the game now, I'm delighted! It's probably the one thing which has frustrated me the most in recent years. Thank you Miles & SI team. FM19 is outstanding! The haters will always be the most vocal sadly so I wanted to make sure I post my thanks.
  8. Imagine it's a licence agreement with EPL
  9. markyosullivan

    Contributing to FMdB

    Just noticed it's in the clubs page as well. Perhaps it should be added in the top right so it's easier to find, bit hidden away in the bottom of both these pages, plus it seems like you can only submit feedback on the first clubs screen and first player screen instead of other areas like honours, transfers, rumours, etc.
  10. markyosullivan

    Contributing to FMdB

    Out of interest, is there any way we can get involved with FMdB by suggesting changes / improvements to the data? Could we have edit submission system where you can submit edits which can be later approved or rejected by other contributors?
  11. I'm curious, did you have any success with Go One Route instead of Pump Ball Into Box? What happened when you tried closing down more? Did they pass it around your defence who were out of position?
  12. I'd love to see how you do with a long ball tactic if you're going to share your tactics? Think I'm going to try and pay attention to some of the more direct tactics on these forums! How would I effectively go about an effective hit and hope tactic without conceding many goals? Is it ineffective to go with more than 1 ST? The counter attacking style makes sense, I feel with sufficient tweaks to that tactic, I could get an effective counter attacking tactic.