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  1. New youngest ever player record for Coleraine - 14 years old: https://twitter.com/ColeraineFC/status/1171755133258129408
  2. Yeah that's what annoys me about most YouTube series - there's literally nobody who goes from being sack in 2 clubs in a row to actually doing semi decent (like me!). I did notice someone did a career update thread on these forums which got off to a terrible start at the start and eventually did well, only to jump ship and not to great.. those kind of careers I love reading about and give me inspiration when I'm doing terrible in my own FM career.
  3. Why? Perhaps if anything it would be a good warning sign for the leagues if FM can predict the next 5 teams which could end up folding for example. We've seen speculative changes to how transfers work in game due to Brexit - I'm surprised these speculative changes weren't blocked for legal reasons.
  4. I'm curious if FM could handle this for mismanaged clubs in the game - would be interesting to see what happens in FM worlds if more clubs end up going into administration and folding. I know FM handles financial difficulties with docking points iirc right now but never seen a club disappear.
  5. FIFA weren't allowed to use their official name and official kits. The license was only granted to PES.
  6. I think I might start off with India again. Surprisingly fun in FM19 and eventually seen one of my former Indian players to go to sign for a top European club (Stade Rennais in French league).
  7. I hope FM isn't having an issue with Juventus like the way FIFA had
  8. "It might have been entertaining for the neutrals but I was far less impressed with our defending"
  9. Why wouldn't it? Stadia's machines will be top of the range and so they'll be able to handle great improvements to the game engine. Whilst I wouldn't expect a crazy difference for FM20, maybe by FM21 or FM22 we'll have a 3rd view which will be 3D+ for high end machines.
  10. Same as me. I think if I got towards 80, I would retire then and start fresh as a new manager, doubt I could start off from the very bottom again, so would probably give myself decent enough rep to manage 3 star reputation teams at least.
  11. Would work the same way as Steam workshop no? Everything there is located on Steam's services.
  12. I really really really hope mods with at least face packs and kit packs will be included. Don't think any word could describe how disappointed I would be if they didn't have kit / face packs Imagine loading all the leagues and it processing immediately. Wow. Add in custom leagues as well and you'll have the ultimate journeyman save!
  13. Don't even have to be a legend / icon for this to happen
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