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  1. India have arguably the worst players in the game. The whole challenge of a save there is you're essentially starting with one of the worst leagues possible (if not worst) and so as you build up your team and your league improves in reputation, you'll gradually see better and better players come through the youth academy. The sell on percentage clause is key, put them on the sales of your top foreign players when the bigger Asian Champions League teams come sniffing around them and hope they get a big move to finance facility improvements for your club.
  2. Heading back to India, had an absolute blast with managing a team there in FM19 and after a brief spell in Singapore in FM20 an opportunity came up to take over my old FM19 club who had just been promoted, couldn't say no! Around 2045 and we've been runners up in the Asian Champions League 4 times, always getting beat by a South Korean / Chinese team in the final, hoping I can win the Asian Champions League before seeing India qualify for the World Cup before FM21 comes out
  3. I think I've read in the past that due to legal reasons they can't alter the kits
  4. Should be able to try it out and if it doesn't get a refund. Here's their refund policy: Source: https://support.google.com/stadia/answer/9598538?hl=en-GB
  5. Incredibly frustrating having an English player at my Indian club for the 6 years required to be eligible and he hasn't ever went and got citizenship so I have an extra foreign space for the Asian's Champions League If it happens in European clubs to allow for them to get around the foreign player rule set, then surely it should be able to happen for my club? Is there no option to suggest for them to adopt a second nationality? Plus he would really help out the national team as well for a couple of years before he retires.
  6. Could it not be added as a patch like the way the January transfers are?
  7. Also wondering this TIL - never knew this was the case! Why has Gibraltar never made it to the full FM release?
  8. New leagues is always a great thing! Delighted to see the Canadian Premier League added.
  9. Look at all the fancy pants manager in their suits / shirts - the hardcore show up in the training gear unless it's a cup final.
  10. Please share a list of what is missing - concerned that this is one of many which will really affect my decision to buy or not
  11. I would love it if somehow the future FM versions end up having a bug in the code which end up letting graphical mods be added to the game... *Hint hint*
  12. Really like this skin however would love the player signature to be displayed
  13. Yeah that's what annoys me about most YouTube series - there's literally nobody who goes from being sack in 2 clubs in a row to actually doing semi decent (like me!). I did notice someone did a career update thread on these forums which got off to a terrible start at the start and eventually did well, only to jump ship and not to great.. those kind of careers I love reading about and give me inspiration when I'm doing terrible in my own FM career.
  14. Why? Perhaps if anything it would be a good warning sign for the leagues if FM can predict the next 5 teams which could end up folding for example. We've seen speculative changes to how transfers work in game due to Brexit - I'm surprised these speculative changes weren't blocked for legal reasons.
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