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  1. Could it not be added as a patch like the way the January transfers are?
  2. Also wondering this TIL - never knew this was the case! Why has Gibraltar never made it to the full FM release?
  3. New leagues is always a great thing! Delighted to see the Canadian Premier League added.
  4. Look at all the fancy pants manager in their suits / shirts - the hardcore show up in the training gear unless it's a cup final.
  5. Please share a list of what is missing - concerned that this is one of many which will really affect my decision to buy or not
  6. I would love it if somehow the future FM versions end up having a bug in the code which end up letting graphical mods be added to the game... *Hint hint*
  7. Really like this skin however would love the player signature to be displayed
  8. Yeah that's what annoys me about most YouTube series - there's literally nobody who goes from being sack in 2 clubs in a row to actually doing semi decent (like me!). I did notice someone did a career update thread on these forums which got off to a terrible start at the start and eventually did well, only to jump ship and not to great.. those kind of careers I love reading about and give me inspiration when I'm doing terrible in my own FM career.
  9. Why? Perhaps if anything it would be a good warning sign for the leagues if FM can predict the next 5 teams which could end up folding for example. We've seen speculative changes to how transfers work in game due to Brexit - I'm surprised these speculative changes weren't blocked for legal reasons.
  10. I'm curious if FM could handle this for mismanaged clubs in the game - would be interesting to see what happens in FM worlds if more clubs end up going into administration and folding. I know FM handles financial difficulties with docking points iirc right now but never seen a club disappear.
  11. FIFA weren't allowed to use their official name and official kits. The license was only granted to PES.
  12. I think I might start off with India again. Surprisingly fun in FM19 and eventually seen one of my former Indian players to go to sign for a top European club (Stade Rennais in French league).
  13. I hope FM isn't having an issue with Juventus like the way FIFA had
  14. "It might have been entertaining for the neutrals but I was far less impressed with our defending"
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