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  1. What affect does better coaches have on the youth players?
  2. @Andrew James would it not be possible to have a dynamic National Youth Rating? With that value being hard coded, it would make it hard for the smaller nations to really rise up and establish themselves as great footballing nations
  3. It will be possible with Google's Stadia and I'd love to see FM on that platform. Would be seriously brilliant using server's to handle the gfx and processing of the leagues. Means I can finally enable all the leagues in the game and have great speeds Plus this would be excellent for whenever I'm not home, I could literally play full FM on my Android phone.
  4. You were born in the 2050's and somehow went back in time to manage in 2018??
  5. There's a couple tutoring tips included here, should they not be removed since tutoring isn't in the game anymore and has been replaced with group mentoring?
  6. I'm opening the player profile from the loan club's squad not from my clubs squad
  7. Also I noticed than issue where my on loan players would be showing up with my clubs kit on and not their on loan club's kit. Slight issue whenever you set a nickname where it uses it instead of their original surname name for their kit
  8. This is a fantastic skin! Not much changed, just the way I like it Curious if there is a way to include more signature fonts? I remember an old FM skin which had about 4/5 different signature types and it'd be really cool to see more than just the one.
  9. Surprised you cannot have generated youth players
  10. Perhaps Austria isn't right for you. Any chance of you resigning and trying to pick up where you left off with one of your previous clubs?
  11. Finally got caught up, fantastic write up. Curious if you could add a summary of what's happened to all your previous employers since you've left?
  12. Having tons of fun managing in India after a disaster start to my management career in Sweden's lowest division. Challenging because you're limited to signing foreign players, so it's good to be quick to spot young promising Indian players and trying to help turn them into league stars. Personal goals of my save: - Win the Asian Champions League - Have one of my Indian players move to a bigger league outside of India (S. Korea / China / Australia would be good.. some of the biggest leagues in terms of rank in Asia) - Have one of my Indian players move to a European league - Have one of my Indian players move to one of the best leagues in Europe - Have one of my Indian players move to one of the big clubs in Europe - See India qualify for the World Cup - See India get past the group stages at a World Cup
  13. That's what I was thinking when I seen it Wonder how SI will integrate the agreement of Stephen Kenny becoming manager after Euro 2020.
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