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  1. We've actually had our SPAM control mistakenly ban a few users and are looking into it. To the OP, if you have been banned for no reason, please send Neil Brock a private message via this account. I'll keep it open rather than ban as an alias given the issue we are experiencing.
  2. Shame you didn't stick with RS. My feeling is you'd struggle to break the stranglehold of Madrid and Barca with this system for 2-3 seasons. With Barca, you'll walk it.
  3. Excellent. To get it started, I'll critique the tactic in your OP. Shape: First and foremost, what we need to do is get the team's shape correct. In your OP, you refer to wanting "the Ball-Winning Midfielder to drop back and essentially form a five-man defence". As others have pointed out, the role isn't the correct one for what you are trying to do. The BWM presses forward to win the ball ahead of the d-line and snaps hard into tackles. With your extra pressing and tackling, he'll charge even further forward. As a result, you'll find your d-line is going to be horribly exposed every time he
  4. I'm happy to get deeply involved in this if you want to give it one more go. I'd need to be sure I'm critiquing the actual tactic you are using though. You'll also have to take the time difference into account as I'll not be able to enter too many dynamic conversations. Is it still the one from the OP or have you made some fundamental changes? There's an awful lot wrong with the system in the OP and nobody has really given you specific feedback on what that is. Happy to do so but don't want to waste my time if you've truly given up.
  5. This thread's become a bit rambling, with tactics and saves chucked the moment things become too difficult. Going to be impossible to help unless you have a clear vision of how you want to play and are prepared to work on it. Going to close it, but would be happy to support a new thread if you want to put the effort in.
  6. Looking at your system, I'd suggest the switch to a more cautious system is one in the wrong direction. Unless you really know what you're doing, you really need more bodies in the back two strata to play effective cautious football, which you don't have. You also want to have players breaking from deep and moving past the midfield, which, again, you don't have. You are playing a pretty bog standard, direct 4-4-2. I would do the following: 1: Get rid of Exploit Flanks. This is going to cause a big hole in the middle of the park, handicapping the AP/s's ability to dictate the game. As you are
  7. I'd give up on the 4-4-2 if you want to play defensive. The first reason is tactical, in that a 4-4-2 doesn't give you enough players in the defensive strata to control the ball deep. You need some DMs. The second reason relates to an idiosyncrasy of the current ME, which stops the deeper forward dropping deep enough or the midfield pushing up quickly enough in defensive systems. While this doesn't matter with the right setup, with a 4-4-2, it leaves a huge gap between midfield and attack. This stops you from a) being able to play the ball out of defence as the ball player quickly runs out of
  8. Nowt wrong with that and actually a suggestion that FM caters for football lovers of all types. You don't have to know what a Regista is to play. You just have to have a vision that works.
  9. I'll try to clear this up a little. Direct passing will, as Cleon says, move the ball quickly through the strata, i.e. defence -> midfield -> attack. Long balls will pretty much bypass the midfield strata, being defence -> attack. The TC works on the assumption that a team playing safer football will try and clear their lines more quickly than a team playing more risky football. Likewise, safer teams will try and play 'keep ball' higher up the pitch instead of looking for risky passes, whereas those playing more risky football will use the defence as a possession base and play ris
  10. Could I suggest those feeling aligned with this thread read the following: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/422021-An-ode-to-simpler-times-Sponsored-by-blue-and-white-hoops It might be eye-opening and reignite the love!
  11. How does the enjoyability stack up with how you previously tried to play?
  12. Might be worth reducing the training to minimal for Xmas and January to keep fitness levels up and consider a more direct game if conditions are bad.
  13. Perhaps the most important paragraph you've written. To be honest, how your are playing is pretty much how I play. I think people assume the tactical gurus make spectacularly intricate decisions every five minutes. We really don't. Your tactical changes pretty much mirror mine. If anything, you are more likely to change things around that I am. Learning to trust the overall system is the key, which includes taking the odd bad performance on the chin and working out how to get out of a mini-slump before it becomes a full blown one.
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