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  1. I couldn't find an answer to this but, when you go on vacation for let's say for 2 weeks ingame, does your ass man apply opposite instructions for games even if you have them set to do yourself in the settings?
  2. Really enjoying this thread @Johnny Ace. Keep up the good work
  3. How useful are the recommendations in the Team Report > Match Analysis tab? Should u follow those with a bit of skepticism if it says things like add work ball into box etc? Is that strictly based on performance analyst's stats?
  4. Depends on opposition. Sometimes the wide players stretch the field and start out really wide.
  5. Welcome back Cleon, you were missed by the community and myself for sure!
  6. IF you manage a big team (Chelsea, Juve, Bayern, etc) is playing narrow detrimental to your attacking or is it simply a way to play through the middle more?
  7. I would try lowering the tempo, mentality and pressing urgency by a notch to start off with and see how that goes. Roles look ok, but to me it's more of an possession based setup so maybe even change passing to shorter? My 2cents.
  8. Great article, enjoyed reading it. Do you use this style in all your games, even when you're heavily favored?
  9. Anyway to disable this from spamming every single game? I've lost count how many times i have to click dismiss button to get rid of this thing... I'm playing as a big team i'm not playing for set pieces... lol
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