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  1. Is it still important to have this on highly structured for it to work? Would mean assigning a few attacking or defending duties to achieve it? (With current setup it's on very fluid in FM19).
  2. So currently this is my setup with Genoa in Serie A at the start of the game. I'm looking for some advice on the striker role as a lone man up top. The 3 strikers that i have on my team are all poacher/pressing forward types, but i'm wondering if i should play DLP on attack instead to make this setup most effective. My concern is that since i'm not counter pressing, not sure if pressing forward is ideal up top. Any other suggestions would be welcomed, and thank you.
  3. Does the position of the strikers (the 3 on top) matter? Like left footed on left side or vice versa?
  4. So this is the preset for vertical tikitaka 442 diamond. Is the setting where the complete wingback overlaps on the left hand side but underlaps for right hand side correct? Seems odd that both sides are not over lapping.
  5. Could someone recommend a good tactical style for Genoa? Predicted to finish 12th in Serie A. Team report says weaknesses pace, stamina, acceleration, natural fitness, determination. Was thinking direct counter preset but not sure if that would work. Thank You.
  6. Wonderful tactic so far Xeewaj. Pretty football and good results in fist 5 games with Genoa in Italy. Well done mate.
  7. Quick question, can you be successful playing the Catenaccio or Park the Bus pre-built tactic for the whole season or are these 2 more of a situational tactics?
  8. Cleon, do you make changes with this tactic ingame? I would like to try to replicate this setup with a team like Arsenal. I tried this with Arsenal in FM17 (without making any changes during games) and i had really bad results. Thanks.
  9. Getting 18.1.0f1039737 (staging) has stopped working and a memory dangerously low box also when i'm processing during the game around the end of August in first season (2017) I can't get past this point in my first save... tried couple of times already. This is ridiculous, please address this SI.
  10. Keep getting the same crash in my save, except the number is 18.1.0f1039737 (staging) has stopped working. Then i get another popup for FM 2018 Memory Warning, dangerously low on memory. It's happening on the date August 31st of first season and i can't get past this part... SIGH. Back to 2017 till this gets fixed i guess. I'm on Windows 10.
  11. I tried to follow this setup with Arsenal in FM17 and got sacked.. lol
  12. One thing i've noticed (and i'm sure many others) is the overall processing speed of the game, including rendering, in FM18 is much slower than in FM17. Is that just because it's beta? I certainly hope so cause it sucks the fun out of the game when it's so slow compared to FM17. Also a lot of choppiness while it's processing, you can see that little circle that's processing being all choppy oppose to being super smooth in FM17.
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