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  1. I have only been seeing it on attack duty (sweeper keeper).
  2. Anyone else experiencing this weird goalkeeping behavior in FM19? World class goalkeeper giving away a goal very often (every few games). I'm really getting fed up with this. Is sweeper keeper on attack duty broken? This was Manuel Neuer in first season. Looking for some opinions.
  3. Great article and updates. How do you apply some of these tactical settings to FM19? Would be nice to see this in FM19
  4. Yes he's excellent on both wings really, his pace is lethal.
  5. This is what i'm kind of leaning towards now, just to get more aggressive offensively.
  6. Thank You for the advice. I did change the midfield pairing to CMd and DLPs as i was finding that my box to box mid was out of position when we lost the ball. I'm still playing around with the top 4 as i find we end up winning a lot of games like 1-0 which seems to suggest we're somewhat toothless going forward. Might be the tempo as well as you suggested or the wingback play.
  7. Was wondering if this is a good starting point for a team like Bayern in FM19. Started a new game and i'm looking for some advice in terms of player role selections/duties and tactical instructions. Planning to play with regular starters (no transfers really in the first season). I think the tactic looks okish, my only concern was the 2 midfielders and the CF up front (Lewandowski). I wasn't sure if my top 4 guys would have enough fluidity in movement. Thank You to anyone that replies with suggestions.
  8. Is it still important to have this on highly structured for it to work? Would mean assigning a few attacking or defending duties to achieve it? (With current setup it's on very fluid in FM19).
  9. So currently this is my setup with Genoa in Serie A at the start of the game. I'm looking for some advice on the striker role as a lone man up top. The 3 strikers that i have on my team are all poacher/pressing forward types, but i'm wondering if i should play DLP on attack instead to make this setup most effective. My concern is that since i'm not counter pressing, not sure if pressing forward is ideal up top. Any other suggestions would be welcomed, and thank you.
  10. Does the position of the strikers (the 3 on top) matter? Like left footed on left side or vice versa?
  11. So this is the preset for vertical tikitaka 442 diamond. Is the setting where the complete wingback overlaps on the left hand side but underlaps for right hand side correct? Seems odd that both sides are not over lapping.
  12. Could someone recommend a good tactical style for Genoa? Predicted to finish 12th in Serie A. Team report says weaknesses pace, stamina, acceleration, natural fitness, determination. Was thinking direct counter preset but not sure if that would work. Thank You.
  13. Wonderful tactic so far Xeewaj. Pretty football and good results in fist 5 games with Genoa in Italy. Well done mate.
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