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  1. Cleon, do you make changes with this tactic ingame? I would like to try to replicate this setup with a team like Arsenal. I tried this with Arsenal in FM17 (without making any changes during games) and i had really bad results. Thanks.
  2. Getting 18.1.0f1039737 (staging) has stopped working and a memory dangerously low box also when i'm processing during the game around the end of August in first season (2017) I can't get past this point in my first save... tried couple of times already. This is ridiculous, please address this SI.
  3. Keep getting the same crash in my save, except the number is 18.1.0f1039737 (staging) has stopped working. Then i get another popup for FM 2018 Memory Warning, dangerously low on memory. It's happening on the date August 31st of first season and i can't get past this part... SIGH. Back to 2017 till this gets fixed i guess. I'm on Windows 10.
  4. I tried to follow this setup with Arsenal in FM17 and got sacked.. lol
  5. One thing i've noticed (and i'm sure many others) is the overall processing speed of the game, including rendering, in FM18 is much slower than in FM17. Is that just because it's beta? I certainly hope so cause it sucks the fun out of the game when it's so slow compared to FM17. Also a lot of choppiness while it's processing, you can see that little circle that's processing being all choppy oppose to being super smooth in FM17.
  6. Playing as Arsenal, control the game, go one up, as soon as i go counter mentality to sit on the lead or close out the game i concede... It's driving me crazy. It's like i might as well play with one (control/attack) mentality throughout the whole game regardless if i'm up or down... The other thing that i'm seeing is the ball over the top, controlled by my center back, tries to pass to keeper, leaves it short for the opposing forward to score.. Never happens to my team but always to AI team. Would appreciate any constructive criticism to overcome these issues.
  7. When i click Staff option on the left hand side i only see Overview, Members, Job Center and Job Security tabs on top. I'm not seeing Staff Responsibilities tab anywhere! Driving me crazy, i even had to look up a fm15 video on youtube cause i couldn't find it. Any ideas? Nvm, figured it out, please delete this post.
  8. What kind of results did you get with Hull? I'm also playing with Hull but haven't used this tactic.
  9. Was wondering if someone could answer a quick question for me. If my playing style is let's say on the counter, with a certain set of shouts, if i go down a goal, and i need to chase, and i need to go more offensive to let's say control or attacking, would i have to scrap most of my current shouts and add new ones on the fly? This is where i'm very confused with tactical approach to the game.
  10. Aquaplex

    FM14 Lewandowski

    Hey guys, i haven't purchased FM14 yet but i wanted to know if Lewandowski is listed as a world class player in the game. Thanks.
  11. Aquaplex

    FM13 classic mode

    Yes, but does the assistant make changes to your match strategy during the game or simply plays your tactic for 90 minutes? If i was playing myself, i would make changes ingame based on what i was seeing on the pitch, was curious if the assman did the same or just simply played out your tactic throughout.
  12. Quick question about classic mode. I haven't really played around with this game mode but one thing i did notice was the ability to simulate games. My question is, the simulation of the games, is it based partially on the quality of the assistant manager? I am curious if you have better assistant manager will you get better results. I want to start a new classic mode game but i want to make sure i get an answer to this question before i proceed.
  13. Cleon, not sure if this was asked in the 14 pages, since i haven't read all of them, but if u find yourself down and you're trying to chase the game, do you change ur strategy from counter to let's say attacking or is it all done via shouts alone?
  14. Aquaplex

    Heavy Defeats

    I play your standard 4-4-2, attacking strategy, balanced philosophy and i destroy teams all the time. Key is getting the balance of roles/duties right and not changing 2 many things all the time. I have yet to get destroyed in 4 seasons playing with Stalybridge out of BSN. 4 straight promotions. People say to play conservatively especially away, but i have found that in FM12 best way is to constantly put opposing teams under pressure, something you accomplish with attacking strategy. It seemed like every time i would play on the counter or defensive i would just leak goals so i went attacking and have never looked back. I rarely lose games and if i do it's usually no more then by 1 or 2 goals. In a 4-4-2 i have found that a deep lying forward and advanced forward as the best combo/partnership upfront, where initially i had targetman and poacher but had very little success. In mid advanced playmaker and ball winning mid work perfect for partnership pair. Wings are wingers with attack duty, and at the back you have your regular fullbacks with couple of center backs on stopper/cover role. As far as tactic option, everything on default except marking (zonal), press more and direct passing. Very simple and for me has been very effective. Currently on a 20 game unbeaten run in league one. Only trouble i had this season was beginning of season when i brought in bunch of new players and had to give it a bit of time to settle the players. DLF(S)---AF(A) W(A) --- ADVP(S) -- BWM(D) -- W(A) FB(A) --- CD(X) --- CD© --- FB(A) GK(D)
  15. I understand i can change this myself, but i wanted to know if leaving it off would diminish the effectiveness of the tactic.