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  1. Great article, enjoyed reading it. Do you use this style in all your games, even when you're heavily favored?
  2. Anyway to disable this from spamming every single game? I've lost count how many times i have to click dismiss button to get rid of this thing... I'm playing as a big team i'm not playing for set pieces... lol
  3. What is your view on changing mentality during games according to situation though. Do you keep the same mentality throughout or change based on what's happening in game, or is this simply a starting point?
  4. Incredible read, thanks for sharing with the rest of us.
  5. So you would get rid of all in possession instructions like shorter passing, potd, bme and just have focus play down the right? I'm just making sure i understand this right. I will try your suggestions and report back what i'm seeing, thank you Z.
  6. Yes. On tactics screen click on player tab on top, then select the position u want to swap from and on the bottom will be swap position with option. Don't need to do it on both players just one, it will auto swap both.
  7. So i'm playing as Bayern Munich, my favorite team and the only team i really enjoy playing with in FM. I think i've started and restarted a new game at least 30 times and i never get quite far because i get frustrated that i can't make my own tactic work. I've spent countless hours tinkering with things and watching games and i swear i feel more dumb now than i did like 500 hours ago... I know i can win with a downloaded tactic but i have this urge to actually try to win things with something that i created specifically designed for my players/team. Currently this is what i'm using and i'
  8. Try this. This guy speaks Italian but there is a tactics attachment. Tactics are very good for the replication you're looking for.
  9. To give players freedom to move around, away from designated positions, to find space, at least that's how i interpret it.
  10. I mean assigning free roles to forward players, like forwards, wingers, amc's.
  11. Great reply @ExperiencedDefender, could you comment on different team instructions for different play styles? Also if you comment on the idea of using free roles in the offensive strata to create unpredictability in attack? Thanks.
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