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  1. Could you give me an example of a tweak ingame? Also if i'm about to play a tough game away from home, would u drop the mentality to balanced or make other changes?
  2. @Experienced Defender do i need to give this setup any PIs outside of just split block? Like IF sit narrow or WB? One more question, how do i incorporate someone like Muller who's an AMR RMD ideally into this tactical setup without unbalancing the whole tactic? I guess i could always play him just as it is with W(a) but he's not very pacey and his crossing is average. Or just use him as a backup to Lewandowski as CF(a)?
  3. I made couple changes especially to player roles and was wondering if they make sense overall. @Experienced Defender i was leaning towards a progressive possession type of a system where i win the ball back quickly (if i understand that correctly).
  4. @Experienced Defender Thank You for your help as always ED. Yes i use a split block press on top 3 and CM(a). Could you possibly comment on what changes you would make from game to game? Do you always stay on positive mentality and just make player role changes? I think this is where i'm struggling the most, knowing how to make adjustments from game to game and during the matches, since i'm assuming you can't have long term success not changing anything.
  5. @llama3 What do you mean by default style? Like one of the presets or no TIs at all?
  6. @Kingofcm03 the results are usually low scoring affairs, like 1-0, 1-1 or 0-1. I'm worried that if i don't play a striker role that drops deep it's going to isolate him, but i can give it a try with your suggestions. It was either Tolisso, Goretzka or was even thinking of putting Coutinho as CM(a) because he doesn't do much on the wing anyhow.. I was thinking either CM(a) or Mez(a) but mezalla is dropping wide and i don't really like that. I'm also having trouble incorporating couple players into the system. Guys like Gnabry are more of inside forwards and ofcourse Muller who's an RMD but then i'm not sure what else i would have to change in the system if i play him that way in AMR. @Britrock That's the thing, from my experience in first season most teams don't really sit deep against me, i'm seeing a bunch of 4231s rarely do i see them playing defensively. Only the bottom teams. I did forgot to mention but yes, i am using a split press on the top 3 and CM(a) already. I'll try your suggestions as well. Results are mixed, i usually start well, either first few games and in some saves it goes well till winter break, but then after everything just comes to a complete halt and even though i don't see teams playing me much differently then they did in first part of the season, strikers are hitting posts instead of goals, everything on the pitch goes against us, morale dries up, loses start piling up. Maybe it's a slight exaggeration but that's exactly what it feels like.
  7. So i want to preface this by saying i'm looking for help with Bayern Munich in FM20. I realize it's a big club but whatever i try, either myself or through reading the posts on these forums, everything just fails or falls apart after few matches. The only time i have any type of success is using plug and play tactics from download section, but i would really like to learn how to play this game correctly. I want to play possession soccer in a 4141DM system if possible. I think most importantly, i want to know/learn how to make changes that would give me success in long term. From what i have seen, (i've started multiple saves with Bayern) is i do okish for about half a season, then everything goes crashing down and i can't score and start losing games all the time. It's just so frustrating. It's deflating when you spend hours having some success only for everything to start crashing down later on in the season when teams "adjust". I've put together tactic which i feel is well balanced, but long term success still escapes me. In my head this is what i envision for my tactic: There are couple things in my "vision" of this tactic i'm not sure about. I'm not convinced about the IW role, seems i can't ever quite get that role to work properly the way i envision it in supporting the striker. Secondly, i'm not sure if DLF is best position for a player like Lewandowski where perhaps he should be the main goal man, but i feel that PF(a) isolates him or is not quite as effective. Anyhow i'm rambling on at this point. Thank You for any advice you can provide.
  8. Was wondering if anyone else is having a problem with this in FM20. It worked flawlessly for me for all previous FM versions but in FM20 i'm unable to take screenshots with ALT F9.
  9. I have only been seeing it on attack duty (sweeper keeper).
  10. Anyone else experiencing this weird goalkeeping behavior in FM19? World class goalkeeper giving away a goal very often (every few games). I'm really getting fed up with this. Is sweeper keeper on attack duty broken? This was Manuel Neuer in first season. Looking for some opinions.
  11. Great article and updates. How do you apply some of these tactical settings to FM19? Would be nice to see this in FM19
  12. Yes he's excellent on both wings really, his pace is lethal.
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