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  1. Yea that could be it alright. Will try it with both man u and spurs again and see if after getting scouts good in France makes a difference
  2. Tried with man utd and Kehrer didn't show up but scouted him and he did then. If that's what touch is like then think il skip it as would miss a load of players if they don't show up when doing a search even with a top club like spurs / man utd.
  3. Ah yea had that a few times alright but I just searched for German CB's rather than individual name and he was the main name missing from search results along with Kehrer. I will start a new game and see if that makes any difference but if search doesn't show up all players then not much point in sticking with Touch as there's bound to players over the seasons that I will miss out on.
  4. Thanks for that but still doesn't show him up. Got it wrong above Kehrer is German (just had it wrong up above had the search right). If I search for German CB's sule doesn't come up either. Both boxes for "interested in" are unticked. Very strange
  5. New to FM touch but have been playing full game version for a while. Started save with spurs last night and noticed that when searching for a winger Jaydon Sancho didn't turn up so even searched for English players in Germany and he didn't show. He is in the game as I searched his name and signed him but strange why he wouldn't show up. Same with Kehrer from PSG, needed a CB on loan so put that into search and he didn't come up but when looking at their RB I saw he was listed for loan so should have shown up. Any ideas why that would be? I have large database and have a top chi
  6. Yea I did think of that one alright but very strange selling a player of that calibre for less that value and refusing anything below 180m.
  7. In mine Real Madrid bought sterling for 70m I'm spurs and tried to buy him but they wouldn't accept less than 180m so missed out on him. Was a very strange one but good to see others are having similar issues and not just me.
  8. Sorry should have said I also have 2 leagues going, Spain & England. Looks like the time it took me is standard enough so. Probably will be able to do it in maybe 20-22 hours but thats still a good bit of time. Wonder what the average is on touch assume could reduce it down by about a 1/3.
  9. This is the first FM I have played since 2012 so I knew it would take me a while to get used to it and figure out all the new elements. Just entered July at start of second season and it took me 28 hours. Not sure how much of that was getting to know the game again but assume 10+ hours was down to that but obviously can't keep up that sort of time for a season so was just looking to see how long it takes others. Im reasonable for hiring and firing staff, buying players (although usually let Daniel Levy do the contracts) organising training (although I use schedules) etc so I prett
  10. Is there a way of setting up notifications if someone bids on someone in your shortlist?
  11. Having a good bit of success with the 23221 formation from knap. 30 games in league won 26 drew 3 and lost 1 (bloody villa of all teams and who look like they could be relegated). Just gave pool their first defeat of season in premier League (still unbeaten in CL). Also into last 16 of CL and FA cup. Will post up screenshots later on but it's a cracking one so far
  12. Are his numbers that good to justify that sort of price and wage over say Haaland? I remember Cavani was ridiculously overpowered in FM12 where he would be top scorer every year, sounds like it's same with Mbappe now?
  13. Was going to start a FM touch game tonight and reading this thread has made me want to get stuck into this. Have never managed them before in any previous FM and I'm very much a FM 20 newbie. Any tips for a novice?
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