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  1. Having a good bit of success with the 23221 formation from knap. 30 games in league won 26 drew 3 and lost 1 (bloody villa of all teams and who look like they could be relegated). Just gave pool their first defeat of season in premier League (still unbeaten in CL). Also into last 16 of CL and FA cup. Will post up screenshots later on but it's a cracking one so far
  2. Are his numbers that good to justify that sort of price and wage over say Haaland? I remember Cavani was ridiculously overpowered in FM12 where he would be top scorer every year, sounds like it's same with Mbappe now?
  3. Was going to start a FM touch game tonight and reading this thread has made me want to get stuck into this. Have never managed them before in any previous FM and I'm very much a FM 20 newbie. Any tips for a novice?
  4. Knap has shown that they work for likes of spurs and Celtic so it's not just pool, they just tend to be his go to team. I'm struggling for time to play FM on full mode, has anyone used these tactics on touch? Been reading up on touch and seems like it might fit better for me at the minute
  5. Can see that being perfect for spurs with son and Lucas on wings with lo celso and Dele in front of ndombele. Thanks @knap
  6. Wow didn't even know there was such a thing and just checked it out, why would you do that?!? I took out Brexit before starting my game which I suppose some could think it was cheating. Anyway I'm using knaps 23221 formation with spurs and going well at end of September 6 wins 1 draw in league, conceded last minute equaliser away to Zenith in CL and just lost 2-1 to pool in league cup but I threw out my second string and still could of got something so not disappointed. Hopefully get through another few months tonight and will post up results but so far it's a cracking one for teams with only one striker
  7. So anyone still playing with spurs? Who is the one player that has surprised you so far from the real life squad? For me so far it's Lucas, has been quality and pleasantly surprised with winks as well who has deputised well for ndombele when needed.
  8. Thanks for that @Impz82if I get him in either in Jan or next season best bet likely to loan him out to get some playing time as Troy Parrott is my project who I try to give as many minutes as I can so can't have too many projects like that early on.
  9. Suppose it would depend on age profile of team. It's no harm having some older heads around the place and a keeper is an easy way of doing that. For my money I would go with oblak as he is an amazing keeper in the game and irl and has been for years so would deem him to be a more realistic brilliant keeper if that makes any sense other than in my head.
  10. Ah nice one cheers for that. Decent stats and if he develops like that in my save he would be good enough for a squad spot which would be great. Might see if I can get a BYGOF when I bid for Bogle at end of season - don't mean to strip derby of its good young players but anyone's better than Aurier!
  11. Really? Would of thought that by getting more game time there then he would with spurs in first season that it would be better to leave him there. Might look to get him in January so if Levy actually gives me any cash to spend 😀
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