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  1. Never managed one but AI teams always get out of severe debt with a takeover from my experience.
  2. Yes. Makes it more difficult when you have a poorly balanced squad.
  3. On FM17 Editor, I tried to make the Copa America 16 teams. However I keep getting an error for the final. It keeps saying "number of teams in final of Copa America should be divisible by 2". I've set it to 2 and it didn't work. Set it to 0 and it didn't work. What's the issue?
  4. Trying to choose between Roma and Napoli for my first save at the moment. Any recommendations?
  5. A Brazilian regen called Diego Maradona popped up in my save. He's quite good as well.
  6. Yeah you will get a couple of players in each youth selection that are the same nationality as the manager.
  7. The newgens at some Croatian clubs are potentially world class, was scouting their newgens and some at Dinamo Zagreb were potentially 150+ one being 180 I think. Anyway, I'd say North Korea, CM ended up displacing Iniesta at Barcelona on FM12. On FM14 haven't gone that far and wide yet, though a good Madagascan midfielder was plying his trade in the Premiership. Forgot what team it was for.
  8. With At. Madrid I think it's over £200m. Its down to £120m right now.
  9. No he's real. Someone even tracked down his Facebook I'm assuming this is the Thai player for Portsmouth right?
  10. I wonder which great player on FM this year won't make it in real life.
  11. Freddy Adu can still make it! Well maybe not, where is he now? At Philadelphia? I'm not sure on the status of marquinhos? There's quite a few with his name but he was godly for me in attack for Newcastle and Inter.
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