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  1. I managed them for a season and won the treble (Europa of course). I played Aubaymeng as a Complete Forward midway through the season and he banged them in pretty much every game. Kagawa was my best player though.
  2. Hate managing in England. Villarreal is a good save, small stadium, good players but not much room to make money due to the population. Have to constantly sell players to bring any in. They're also pretty highly ambitious.
  3. I will do that when I have time, though I don't have a save before the league is over - I save the game after each match. But this isn't just a bug for this FM. I can remember this from past FM's and has been brought up numerous times. FM 14 had Mancini sacked at Inter one week before a CL final, Ranieri took over, won the final which was his first game in charge
  4. This used to bug me in previous FM's and it seems its still in the game. About to play Chelsea in the final of the Champions League (first season) when they decide to sack Jose Mourinho after finishing 5th in the league (won a league cup however). I went on to play a manager-less Chelsea in the final a week later and pretty much destroyed them. Shouldn't the board maybe wait to see the outcome of the final first? Whoever was in charge (they appointed De Boer a day after) changed their tactic completely for the final and it made it a foregone conclusion.
  5. One of my issues over the years on FM is this happening far too often. Just reached the CL final against Chelsea. Chelsea finished 5th in the league and a week before the CL final they sacked Mourinho. Chelsea had no manager for the final and signed De Boer a day after. Why does this still happen!? This was the first season and Chelsea had won the league cup too. They could have at least waited for the outcome of the final before sacking him surely?
  6. Motherwell were set to get one in my save, but he left them high and dry. When it says its rumoured the investor is interested in another Scottish club, does that ever actually happen?
  7. Never play in England, I find it boring seeing I know a lot about the players as it is.
  8. It's all the usual suspects in my save. Norwich did reach the champions league at one point but were quickly dismissed in the group stages. Got relegated that year too.
  9. AI becomes pretty weak over time. Managers can't seem to get the best out of their best stars, they make awful signings and in the end the game becomes incredibly easy after 8-9 seasons.
  10. Does it beat this by an AI controlled player..
  11. Don't get it either. Southampton were relegated, he was offered out for £11.5m. I had no transfer budget so I offered £0m with £11.5 after the first game but only if he was loaned back to Soton. Soton agreed, he didn't. A couple weeks later I see him go to Gremio for something like £2m. I don't even have the Brazilian leagues loaded!
  12. Ward-Prowse has joined Gremio in my save. Only the second season too.
  13. I do out of habit, always the number 1 slot in the subs. But since FM08 I've probably had to sub in a keeper 3-4 times. Once played a defender in goal for 60 minutes and kept a clean sheet.
  14. Ajax had been in the CL for 5 seasons, won the Europa League one season without a manager.
  15. Will Hughes at PSG. Rooney at Wolfsburg where he performed great first season, shoved in the reserves after that. Cleverely at Malaga - where he averaged 6.13 over 3 seasons.